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My Neighbor Totoro

To my lovely sister, Ashley, who's birthday is today! She loves Totoro, so I drew this for her. :D I hope you like it Sis! Happy Birthday!!

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Art by Melody Wang Morigalaxy
Character Totoro© My Neighbor Totoro, Ghibli Studio
You are not authorized to use this work in any way, shape or form! (art trace included.)

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© 2013 - 2021 Morigalaxy
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Totoro!!!! :excited:  This is a awesome piece of art :happydancer: 
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Tonari no totoro, totoroo :3
So beautiful anime 
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I just have to say I have fallen in love with all your works, MADLY!!! xD
I mean, that freakin totoro slumped in peace :iconblushplz: makes me think of the ultimate snorlax position I wanna be in forever for life hehe
those chibi totoros together using the leaf as a flying umbrella also bring on the cuteness overload to another level.xD :iconexcitedblushplz:
I like the way you change focus using the paint, centering it on the totoro characters and leaving the backdrop a dreamy blur ^^
Actually I've noticed a lot of your paintings do this & they all make me feel incredibly nostalgic, like warm & fuzzy inside for some reason =^3^= If you don't mind me asking, what painting techniques do you use? :meow:
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YAY Totoro! This was one of the first films I've seen by hayo Miyazaki.
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totoro is so well done :iconluvluvplz:
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you're welcome :P
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Amazing! Love how Totoro looks as if he's colored in copics! (This is digital right xD?)
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This is ADORABLE! I love it!
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Sad to know Hayao Miyazaki is retiring officially this time. D:

I don't think anyone will be able to tell a story as well he did.
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ermergard that cute fluffy white puff theyre adorable!
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