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Tyrannosaurus rex - updated version



In this piece I tried to come up with an accurate yet reasonable design for our beloved Edmontosaurus hunter (yes, the T.rex is feathered!).

The specimen in case is Sue, the very well known Tyrannosaurus, which has been reconstructed basing on both the skeletal by Scott Hartman, and the skeleton itself (I tried to stay as accurate as possible here, to get the anatomical stance right).

Now, I have to clarify a few things about the concept:

As you can see it displays cassowary-like black feathers, that surely did a great job in helping the animal keep its body temperature. The layers of feathers themselves aren't that long, as they last for just about 30cm from the animal's bulkiness. I decided not to give the head and a portion of the neck feathers, but rather keep them naked, as this would help the dinosaurs during hunting and eating process, allowing to keep itself relatively clean (you can witness this in some vulture species nowadays).

About the Tyrannosaurus feathers matter, check this:…

Head and skin: yet again, I used birds such as turkeys and cassowary's for the neck and some of the head's skin (not to forget the classical bird feet). I also gave it some facial and neck features such as lips, cheeks (where the line of the mouth ends), and a wattle. Now, on the wattle, we do have some sort of paleontologic reference, as there has been found a preserved wattle-like structure on the Asian T.rex cousin, Tarbosaurus. However, when it comes to things like lips and cheeks, we can just be speculative here, as we don't have clear evidence supporting them. I just feel like the addition of these two adds a feeling of natural, a feeling of seeing an animal that could have existed (and here I mean just as I showed above).

Having said that, I truly hope you will enjoy this artwork, and of course, feel free to post your thoughts and feelings about it, but also criticism if needed.

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I think it's been confirmed more-or less that T-Rex was not heavily covered in feathers.