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Christmas Countdown: Day 5

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Posting early again for paexiedust!!

They are just wonderful ; o ; and their art will always be an inspiration and like NNNNNNNNN everything they do I want it
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you drew the face perfectly ugh

this is so cute

/stares for the next forever
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I just wanted to say I love your style a whole lot. It's so unique that I could immediately say/tell when something is done by you, and these little drawings especially do so well with the mix of lines/no-lines it's really interesting and gives this warm soft feeling. ;o; These gifts in its self makes me feel warm inside though. It's so sweet you're doing this and I honestly look forward to them every day. o-|-<
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paexie is a literal blessing & every day i am grateful ;;___;;
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Paex should be protected at all cost they are a national treasure ; o ;