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A Wish on a Comet (Luffy x OC) Ch 35
Rose can only stare at the photo of the One Piece version of herself and try to process the new information calmly. She knew that it was possible for her to meet her doppelganger on her journey with the crew, but she never expected it to happen so soon. Most of all, she never thought in her wildest dreams that this version of her would join up arms with the same government that she despises!
She shakes her head from the distressing news of having to be the marine's enemy, and calms herself down by remembering the guidelines that she and her family made involving doppelgangers. “We’re not the same person, we just have the same face. And I guess the same voice too…”
The wind girl sighs at the weird discovery, but she can’t deny that this is a perfect way to blend in the base. With that in mind, she makes the best of the situation by grabbing the makeup kit from the trunk, and going through it for things to make herself look exactly like the girl in the photo
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A Wish on a Comet (Luffy x OC) Ch 34
After the crew stole the gold from the island, and escaped the island on the Merry, the crew began to relax as they sail the white seas towards the exit at the east end.
Rose grins in satisfaction of the arc finally reaching its completion as she jumps off the crow’s nest and cushions her fall with a gust of wind. Once her feet touch the deck, she sees that Conis and her father are catching up to them on a small crow boat.
Nami grins at the guests as she waves over to them. “Hey, what are you doing?”
“We came to see you off, and help you go down to the blue sea safely.” Conis says as her dad pilots the ship, so that they’re sailing right next to them.
Robin walks up to the railing and looks over their companions curiously. “How can you help us?”
“You’ll find out right now. We’re almost at the exit.” Conis points ahead to show that she’s right, for they’re going to be approaching a large, majestic gate t
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A Wish on a Comet (Luffy x OC) Ch 33
As morning came for the Sky Island, everyone is up and about with the natives either trading dials for Usopp’s blue sea objects or off to search for the golden bell.
Meanwhile, the rest of the pirates, except for Robin, followed Luffy through the city where he told them where he saw a pile of gold. That gold however, is inside the giant, sleeping, python that Eneru attacked, so Zoro stays outside to make sure the snake stays asleep while the others go into the serpent’s stomach.
“What has this snake been eating?” Sanji asks as he grabs some treasure.
When he sees Nami struggling to pull a crown out from between the rocks, he puts his findings in his pockets and goes to the beautiful girl. “Let me help.”
Nami looks to the chef, and happily smiles at him as she steps back. “Thanks, Sanji.”
“Anything for you Nami-san.” He struggles with the golden crown, that’s fit for a queen, for a moment before he manages to pull it out.
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A Wish on a Comet (Luffy x OC) Ch 32
As soon as Nami, Luffy, and Rose get close enough to the ground, Luffy inflates his stomach until it’s the size of a ball with both girls by his side. When he hits the ground, he bounces in the air and laughs with Rose for the fun way to land while Nami is still shaken from falling at such a height.
Luffy lands on his feet and let’s go of his crew mates while he’s still laughing. “Shishishi, that was great! Hey, which way-?”
Nami cuts him off by punching him on top of the head. “GIVE US A WARNING WHEN YOU DO THAT!”
The captain groans as he rubs the lump on his aching head. “My bad…”
Rose chuckles at the spat as she pats Nami on the shoulder. “Relax, at least we didn’t get hurt. Let’s get back to the others.”
Nami sweat drops at her calmness, but she lets it go as she looks to the direction of the plaza. “Fine, but you’re still getting fined.”
Rose flinches at the reminder of Nami
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A Wish on a Comet (Luffy x OC) Ch 31
Just a few minutes after Eneru's battle with the warriors was concluded, Luffy, Aisa, and Pierre were able to escape the fried snake through her open mouth.
Once they're safely outside, Luffy grins at the exciting new place as he climbs up the pyramid. Aisa skittishly looks around the ancient city before she follows Luffy along with the bird.
When they reach the top, Luffy can't stop the excited grin from forming on his face. "Whoa, this place is awesome!"
Pierre remains speechless at the sight while the little Shandorian girl gets taken aback by her new surroundings of the ancient city. "No way, is this my homeland?"
Luffy ignores the question as he looks around for the gold, but he sees a broken plaza instead. Not being able to see who's there from the great height that they're on, he runs ahead to see if his friends are there.
Pierre flies after the pirate alone, since Aisa wants to run after them to get as much of a feel of her homeland as possible.
As she runs through the town, Ai
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A Wish on a Comet (Luffy x OC) Ch 30 Part 2
Nami and Aisa scream in fright as they, Gan Fall, Rose, and Pierre fall into the snake's stomach. Before Pierre could do anything, the waver hits his head to knock him out and crashes into Rose.
Rose pushes him off her and catches the group just when they reach the pit of her stomach.
Gan Fall blinks at the safe landing before he sits down on a piece of stone to rest his ankle. He scans his surroundings to see broken buildings, treasure, and stomach acid everywhere. "Looks like we're in her stomach."
Rose nods as she looks to see that the bird's regaining consciousness and then looks to the girls. "You two didn't get hurt from the fall, right?"
Nami nods, but Aisa grabs a stick and points the weapon at her. Even though she's trying to glare at the wind girl, she can't hide the fear in her eyes from anyone.
Rose widens her eyes at the child's distress before she remembers that this little girl's the only one on the island, besides Eneru and the priests, that has observation haki. <
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A Wish on a Comet (Luffy x OC) Ch 30 Part 1
The wind girl couldn't take her eyes off the childlike ghost in front of her, as she puts her note in her pocket, and steps up to Merry to get a closer look. She's completely amazed at how this ghost is the symbol of the crew's love for the ship, yet also the proof that Merry's death is coming soon. "This is just incredible."
Merry giggles at her curiosity as she floats around her. "What's the matter, Klabautermanns don't exist in your world?"
Rose widens her eyes at the question, but chuckles when she remembers that she woke up in this world on Merry herself, so there's no point in denying it. She looks back at the campsite, that's partially covered by the fog, but can still see that the crew's asleep, so she allows herself to speak freely. "There are stories of them, but I've never seen one until now. I honestly don't know where to begin."
"Ask away."
She slowly nods as she gently lays a hand on the railing as if it could break easily. "Did the keel reinforcing do anything to help?"
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A Wish on a Comet (Luffy x OC) Ch 29
As Nami watches Luffy, Usopp, and Sanji reach Conis’ house with the two natives, she can’t help but worry about the crew’s new situation as second class criminals. “They’d better get back quick…”
“Are these priests really that tough?”  Zoro asks as he pulls the anchor out of the water.
Rose looks down at the crew from the crow’s nest, where she’s ready to release the sails at any moment. “From what we heard, these guys took down almost an entire pirate crew without breaking a sweat.”
Chopper tenses up at the thought before he looks back at the island. “Really?!”
Before she can answer, the boat begins to shake and starts being slightly lifted.
“What’s going on?!”  Nami asks as she grabs onto the railing to keep herself from falling.
“The shrimp that brought us here came back for us.” Robin says, as if it’s a regular thing, while she holds onto the raili
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A Wish on a Comet (Luffy x OC) Ch 28
The large shrimp that’s bringing the crew up the twisted cloud road doesn’t stop for a second as it continues to ascend the ship to new heights.
“How is this even possible?!” Nami asks as she clings to the railing to keep her balance.
Rose chuckles at her disbelief as she relaxes next to her. “Hard to tell what’s not possible anymore. This river could be man-made for all we know.”
Robin looks ahead to see that the ship is reaching another gateway. “It looks like we’re reaching the exit.”
“Looks like there’s something written on the gate.” Chopper says while Usopp grabs his binoculars.
Once the sniper takes a look at the sign at the top of the gate, he begins to grow more nervous. “It says that we’re heading to Godland Skypiea!”
Luffy widely grins at the announcement as they’re about to get through the gate. “Then let’s go!”
Once the speedy shrimp takes them through th
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A Wish on a Comet (Luffy x OC) Ch 27
Half an hour before Rose arrived at the coast with the south bird, the Straw Hats were in Cricket’s house enjoying Sanji’s cooking with the salvage crews before they start preparing Merry for the knock up stream.
Masira and his fellow salvage captain, a man who looks just like an orangutan with long green hair, have a drink while their men enjoy their dinner to the fullest.
Cricket happily shows off some pieces of gold to the Straw Hats to show proof that the Sky Island holds the city of gold.
Usopp tilts his head at the tiny golden bell statue. “I thought Roland’s log said that they were gigantic?”
Cricket nods as he pats the artifact. “These are just tokens that we found on the seafloor.”
Nami couldn’t stop the love in her eyes for the gold bell in front of her. “So there really is a whole city made of gold?!”
Cricket takes a swig from his bottle of liquor before he grins at her. “Not only that, but there are even stra
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Rose Catone version 2 by morianna19 Rose Catone version 2 :iconmorianna19:morianna19 5 22
A Wish on a Comet (Luffy x OC) Ch 26
While most of the crew were shocked at Robin’s theory that there could be an island in the sky, Luffy only thought of the new adventures that are up there as he looks at her with stars in his eyes. “An island can really float?!”
Usopp looks from the sky to the skeleton that’s lying dead on the deck in pure astonishment. “You’re saying that the shipwreck and skeleton came from up there?!”
When Chopper sees nothing out of the ordinary up there, he looks at Robin in confusion. “That can’t be right, there’s nothing up there.”
Robin shakes her head as she turns to the others. “It’s not like a regular island. It’s more like it’s on a floating ocean.”
“That’s even more confusing.” Zoro says as he looks up at the normal blue sky along with the others.
“There’s a floating island on a floating sea?! Well, let’s go!” Luffy calls out, but he was only answered wi
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A Wish on a Comet (Luffy x OC) Ch 25
Three days have passed for the crew since Robin’s recruitment, and the journey has been for once a peaceful one. While some crew members are still suspicious of Robin, she managed to blend herself into the crew rather nicely and can read almost everyone now. She’s managed to join in the crew’s daily activities well by taking the lounge chair next to Nami’s and reading a book.
When she turns the page, she looks up to see Rose sitting on the deck with her back to the mast, on the opposite side of where the sleeping swordsman lies, and reading her own book.
Ever since Robin discovered that Rose kept an eternal pose for herself, without telling the others, she’s kept an eye on her to see if anything else was amiss, but so far, she hasn’t come up with a lot. Rose never brought out the eternal pose again since that day, and allows Nami to guide them through the Grand Line with her log pose without giving any suggestions of going elsewhere. The wind girl al
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Happy Sushi Roll Dad!Zoro x Mom!reader (Modern AU)

Please see the video [link]
“Are you sure you have to go momma?” Your 3 year old daughter Kuina says with tears in her eyes as she follows you to the door.
Tonight is your sister Nami’s bachelorette party, so you have to leave your daughter alone with your husband Zoro for the night. Zoro can only watch the departure by the doorway since he’s never been good at these situations with Kuina.
You and Kuina are always attached at the hip and while Zoro does spend quality time with her it’s usually never just the two of them together. That fact alone makes you nervous to leave them alone but with the constant begging from your sister to go to the party you couldn’t refuse.
You kneel down to Kuina’s level and pull her into a hug. “It’s alright; I’ll be back before you know it. Please be good for your
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A Wish on a Comet (Luffy x OC) Ch 24
The sun is shining high in the sky as the Merry gracefully sails through the ocean with no more marine ships in pursuit.
Zoro looks around to ensure that no more marines are following them and begins to relax. He looks to see that everyone else is lying down on their stomachs on the upper deck with their arms hanging off the upper railing. "You know we lost them right?"
The crew sadly hums with a cloud of depression hanging over them while they stare at the empty space to their left as if Vivi would magically appear if they stared long enough.
Zoro raises an eyebrow at their attitude as he looks at the empty space. "What's the matter with you guys?"
"WE MISS VIVI!" The crew whines simultaneously as they start crying comical tears.
Zoro rolls his eyes at their depression. "Quit complaining, if you wanted her to stay that badly then you should've dragged her with us."
Chopper widens his tear filled eyes at the comment before he begins the string of insults for the swordsman. "You savage!
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New Start, New Pranks Zoro x Child!Reader
New Year’s Eve is the day when people look back on the current year and on all that you’ve done. It’s also a day to prepare for the upcoming year with goals to accomplish and for new promises.
As for you, what you want most is for this year to have never happened. You were considered an odd one in your village because you have a devil fruit, but your parents always loved you so you didn’t care. However, when your parents died in an epidemic this year you began to go through a series of bad luck. The villagers’ dislike for you only grew with your parents no longer protecting you. It didn’t help that you had to steal in order to survive.
The only way that you could have fun in this town was by pulling harmless pranks on the people who wronged you. With so many enemies in this town you have no problem picking out targets.
Just like today, you managed to build a small catapult from scraps, and are hiding in an alleyway with it. You look at the small bask
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Daddy Sangoro by giadina96 Daddy Sangoro :icongiadina96:giadina96 56 1 One Piece - Rose, I do not want to lose you again. by LRowling One Piece - Rose, I do not want to lose you again. :iconlrowling:LRowling 3 6 Luffy x Mizu - by Hafsouna Luffy x Mizu - :iconhafsouna:Hafsouna 12 11 Prologue02 by DOLL00132 Prologue02 :icondoll00132:DOLL00132 10 2 The Comet Wish Chapter 20 - Rose Shabondy by LRowling The Comet Wish Chapter 20 - Rose Shabondy :iconlrowling:LRowling 2 1
Vows (Whitebeard Pirates x Child!Reader x Hancock)
Kuja City was a city ran by women, ruled by women, and no man in the entire world was foolish enough to enter without special permission from the Supreme Leader herself. There were a few exceptions such as Rayleigh, anyone from the Kamabakka Kingdom, and male children who wonder in looking for help of any kind. Everything in the city was scented and was utilized to make women feel comfortable with themselves and however they wanted to live. There were shops for everything with women clerks and workers and even a hospital where all women from anywhere can go to get treatments of all kinds in a safe, welcoming facility. Boa Hancock ruled her city with a gentle but iron fist. She made sure all of her residences were safe and happy. Because of her strong personality, only her sisters could read what she really meant most of the time and she liked it that way. She didn’t want to get too close to anyone. Many of the citizens loved their leader but many were intimidated by her until one
:iconsilver-kitsuneneko:Silver-KitsuneNeko 22 20
+OC+ The Boss by firead +OC+ The Boss :iconfiread:firead 114 15
Raindrops - Sanji x Reader (Commission)
You swirl around the cocoa in your mug and stare blankly into it, loosely swirling the warm chocolate drink with the tips of your fingers holding a long slender soon, mindlessly moving it about the walls of your mug, making it clank softly, drawing the attention of a certain blonde cooking just feet away from you. He paused his cooking to look to you, “is something the matter? You haven’t touched your hot chocolate, does it taste bad? Shall I brew you a fresh cup?” Sanji asked worryingly, concerned he may have disappointed you. You pick up your head for a moment, staring blankly at him and shaking your head before dropping you head back down to look at your drink, the steam starting to subside as it cooled. He frowns at your distance towards him and sets everything aside, drying his hands to see what was the matter with you. “Are you alright? Did something happen?” He asks, placing a hand over your shoulder gently, “would you like to talk about it? I
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Her Crew (Whitebeard Pirates x Child!Readerx Vivi)
______________________ was excited! Because Pops was always busy, he never really got to do things like pick her up from Ribbon Dancing classes or things like that lately. But after some business deals, he promised he would pick her up from practice this week and then they would go on an outing. She was so happy! Especially since Vivi and Kaya’s dads always came to pick them up and never got to see her father. And because Vivi’s Dad was super protective, he didn’t want Vivi to come over to ________________’s place until he met her father. In fact, all of the girls’ parents wanted to meet hers before they had their sleepover. They explained the circumstance that she was an orphan and didn’t have traditional parents but they insisted on meeting her guardians. They met Marco, Izo, Thatch, Jozu, Fossa, and Vista when they picked her up but they wanted to meet her father, Mr. Newgate. And since Pops had some time off, he wanted to pick ___________________
:iconsilver-kitsuneneko:Silver-KitsuneNeko 27 20
ONE PIECE i see the light by PrincessPokemon ONE PIECE i see the light :iconprincesspokemon:PrincessPokemon 29 8
Crona's Sea Bear Adventure
Crona’s Sea Bear Adventure
A six year old Crona was sitting inside his sand circle, which is where he would often think about how miserable he was. Ragnarok was taking a nap, so he had plenty of time to think. However, there was more to this circle than meets the eye.
“Crona, what are you doing inside that circle?” Crona’s mother Medusa asked, walking up to the circle.
“I’m sitting in my Anti-Sea Bear circle,” Crona stated, as if there was nothing out of the ordinary. Medusa looked at her son with raised eyebrows.
“A what?”
“An Anti-Sea Bear Circle. It’s supposed to protect you from these vicious creatures called Sea Bears,” Crona explained, pointing all around the sand circle. Medusa looked unimpressed and pinched the bridge of her nose.
“Crona, that is absolutely ridiculous. Where did you hear this from?” Medusa asked, trying to keep her temper in check. Crona pointed to the area behind him.
:iconforeverevanescent:ForeverEvanescent 20 10
One Piece: Demon Katakuri from Together by SUSHIFREAK101 One Piece: Demon Katakuri from Together :iconsushifreak101:SUSHIFREAK101 4 5 Papa Sanji by SybLaTortue Papa Sanji :iconsyblatortue:SybLaTortue 678 111 Naruto and Luffy by Gaarakira Naruto and Luffy :icongaarakira:Gaarakira 30 7 One Piece Halloween Cosplay Geisha. by LRowling One Piece Halloween Cosplay Geisha. :iconlrowling:LRowling 2 4 A Wish on a Comet (Luffy x OC) Ch 35 Rose and Lily by LRowling A Wish on a Comet (Luffy x OC) Ch 35 Rose and Lily :iconlrowling:LRowling 2 7



Rose can only stare at the photo of the One Piece version of herself and try to process the new information calmly. She knew that it was possible for her to meet her doppelganger on her journey with the crew, but she never expected it to happen so soon. Most of all, she never thought in her wildest dreams that this version of her would join up arms with the same government that she despises!

She shakes her head from the distressing news of having to be the marine's enemy, and calms herself down by remembering the guidelines that she and her family made involving doppelgangers. “We’re not the same person, we just have the same face. And I guess the same voice too…”

The wind girl sighs at the weird discovery, but she can’t deny that this is a perfect way to blend in the base. With that in mind, she makes the best of the situation by grabbing the makeup kit from the trunk, and going through it for things to make herself look exactly like the girl in the photo.

She finds an arrangement of color contacts in one of the compartments, and can’t help but be impressed by the vast collection. She scans over the rainbow of lenses for the green ones, but stops when she sees that a pair of purple contacts are missing. *Her friend mentioned that she was wearing contacts. Did she wear the ones that match my eyes?*

The brunette holds herself back from laughing at the irony before she gently picks up a pair of dark green contacts that match the photo’s eyes. She goes to the wall mirror and forces herself to pry her eyes open until she got the contacts on each eyeball.

“Ack!” She grumbles in irritation while she blinks the tears away. *How the crap does this girl wear this?!*

She lightly rubs her eyes to help get used to them before she looks to the mirror to see that her purple eyes morphed into a pair of green orbs. “Whoa, that’s actually pretty cool.”

She looks through the kit until she finds some cover up for her freckles. She lightly applies the foundation onto her nose and cheeks, then puts the kit away before she grabs the photo. When she looks in the mirror, with her face next to the marine’s portrait, she sees an exact replica of the doppelganger’s appearance. Even their bangs, and hair color match to the point where she’d doubt anyone could tell them apart.

The fake marine chuckles in satisfaction of the new disguise, and looks out the window to see that she still has time before the sun comes up. “I’d better go.”

She makes sure that her necklace is hidden under her shirt before she puts away the makeup kit and photo, then places her regular clothes in the trunk as payment for taking the uniform. Before she closes the box though, she looks to the two stuffed envelopes and takes them out of the bunker with her.

The wind girl casually walks around as if she knows where she’s going until she sees some officers walking in her direction. She gives them a small grin as she walks up to them to test the disguise. “Hey guys, can you help me?”

The two boys stop walking before they give the imposter a grin. “Sure Lily, what you do need?”

She holds back from flinching at the fact that her doppelganger also has a flower name, as she looks around. “I need to go to the library, but I forgot how to get there. Can you point me in the right direction?”

The officers were taken aback by the information before they start chuckling.

Rose raises an eyebrow at the laughter and wonders if she said something out of character. “What?”

One of them calms down and gives her an apologetic grin. “Sorry, we’re just surprised that you of all people forgot where the library is.”

The other one nods as he points to the hall behind them. “I guess keeping your nose in the books when you walk could do that. Just go down this hallway until you find a staircase. Then go down a floor and head straight until you find the giant doors. You can’t miss them.”

Rose nods to the instructions as she walks past them. “Thanks, I’ll try to remember from now on. I’ll see you around.”

They wave her off before they go off on their way.

As Rose follows the directions to the library, she can’t help but chuckle at the new discovery about the marine she’s copying. *So, this Lily’s a bookworm. That’ll be helpful to blend in the library.*

The wind girl grows more curious about what her doppelganger’s like and looks down at the envelopes that she stole from the marine’s trunk. She takes out the contents of one of the parcels and sees that it’s a letter.

Hi Lily,

How has training been? Are they treating you right? Honestly, Water Seven just hasn’t been the same since you left. Almost everyone who walks in the shop asks about you, and are almost as worried about you as we are. Even so, we know you’re going to bring out the best of the navy. We can’t tell you how proud we are in that you’re pursuing your dream to help others. Hope you can write back soon. We’d love to hear about your life as a marine.

If there’s anything you need from us, just say the word.

Lots of love from home,

Mom and Dad

Rose stops walking, at the entrance to the staircase, as she finishes reading the loving letter from Lily’s living parents with a small cold breeze flowing off her for a moment, before it changes to a light, warm, gust. Her frown changes to a small grin from the news that they’re still alive in this world and looks through the other envelope. “So, they’re from Water Seven...”

She chuckles at the irony in that her copy is also from a big city, before she finds that the other envelope only holds some photos. She skims through them to find pictures of Lily and her dad posing for the camera.

She hums in thought as she takes note of the father having the same dark brown hair and scrawny physique as her own dad. However, he has no glasses to hide his brown eyes, and no freckles on his pale face. *Looks like she got most of her dad’s features. What about her mom?*

Rose looks through the small pile, but she can’t find a single image of the doppelganger’s mother. The wind girl furrows her eyebrows at the missing picture. She can understand if she was the one taking the pictures, but it doesn’t stop her from being disappointed in not finding out if her mother’s doppelganger is there.

She grumbles to herself before she puts the photos back and stuff the envelopes in her pocket. *Now’s not the time to be thinking about that theory. I need to get going.*

The pirate shakes her head and starts going down the stairs.

Meanwhile, on the floor below, a pale marine girl storms out of the training room in a huff. The cadet adjusts the rifle on her back and the sword on her belt, to make sure that they won’t fall from her fast pace, as she grumbles to herself. “I can’t believe weapons training got cancelled, but not tomorrow’s close combat training! I couldn’t even get a post on the ghost ship…”

The brunette pouts at not getting the chance to meet a ghost, and looks ahead to see the corner she needs to turn to get to the library. She grins at the new opportunity to learn about the supernatural, and barely pays attention to her surroundings as she rushes to turn, but instead bumps into Rose.

The wind girl steps backs from the hit and bows her head to the marine. “Sorry about that, I-!”

“Who the heck are you?”

Rose widens her eyes at the question and looks up in horror to see her doppelganger sharing the same shocked expression that she has.

Rose looks closer at the girl to see that she’s right in her assumption that Lily is wearing purple contacts, but what surprised her is that she used makeup on her cheeks to make it seem like she has freckles. *Oh my god, it’s like we switched faces!*

She bites the inside of her cheek to keep herself from laughing when she sees Lily about to scream. Before she could though, Rose covers her mouth with one hand and wraps the other arm around her torso to easily drag the struggling girl through the closest door.

Thankfully, it was an empty supply closet, so Rose can relax as she releases her hold to turn on the light. “Please calm down, I promise I’m not-!”

Lily cuts her off as she pulls out her sword and swings the back of the blade, but drops her jaw when her sword goes through her. She stumbles forward from the phased hit, goes through the wind girl’s body, and hits the closed door with her face.

Rose takes a deep breath to keep herself from laughing at the failed attempt to hit her. “S-sorry about that. If you calm down, I can explain.”

Lily rubs her aching nose and glares at her attacker. “Don’t bother, I know exactly what’s going on.”

The wind girl tenses up at her glare, before she clenches her fists to get ready to throw a punch. “Y-you do?”

The marine only nods before she sheathes her sword.

The pirate raises an eyebrow at her putting her weapon away, then grows more confused when she sees the marine’s lips curl up into a goofy grin while her eyes beam in excitement. “Of course I do! You’re a marine ghost! You were captured by those pirates and got caught up in the haunted ship’s curse!”

Rose sweat drops at the assumption, but she doesn’t have the heart to tear down the guess when she’s practically glowing with innocence.

So to play along, she gives her a chuckle and floats in the air with a smile. “You guessed it! You don’t need to worry, I’m pretty friendly.”

Lily giggles in excitement as she tries to poke the floating girl, but Rose swats her hand away as she lands on her feet. “Please don’t poke me. It’s rude.”

The marine blinks at the complaint and rubs the back of her neck in embarrassment. “S-sorry, I was just really excited.”

She stops when she realizes that she managed to hit her and looks at the ghost in confusion. “Wait, how are you able to hit me?”

Rose casually shrugs as she gives off facts about herself. “I can be solid. I can also eat regular food to sustain myself.”

Lily hums in interest as gets a closer look at her face. “But I don’t get how you look like me. You even have my eye color.”

Rose raises an eyebrow at the comment, as if she doesn’t know her real eye color. “Aren’t your eyes purple?”

“No, I’m wearing color contacts.”

Rose scratches the back of her head in thought. “Well, it’s hard to say exactly why we look the same. Are you bothered by it?”

Lily shakes her head. “No, it’s amazing to find a ghost that looks like me. What are you doing wandering the halls anyway?”

The pirate freezes when she remembers her goal. “I’m heading to the library to do some research on how I wound up here.”

The marine knits her eyebrows on why she doesn’t know how she got here, until she comes up with a theory. “I see, you have amnesia. From what I’ve read, that can happen to people when they suddenly die. Why would the archives have your answer?”

“I heard from your commander, Jonathan, that Hell’s comet might have something to do with the pirates’ disappearance, for at least one of them. I want to see if any other incidents have happened in the World Government.”

Lily nods in understanding. “I get it, if you find similar incidents, it could trigger something in your memories. Would you like some help?”

Rose widens her eyes at the invitation and shakes her head. “I appreciate it, but I don’t want to trouble you. Besides, don’t you have training?”

“Tonight’s session got cancelled, because of the ghost ship’s arrival. I was actually heading to the library myself.”

Rose knits her eyebrows for a way to get out of this mess before Lily pats her shoulder. “If you’re that worried about troubling me, then how about this? I help you get the books you need, and while you’re researching you can tell me any stories that you know as payment.”

The wind girl blinks at the deal, and can’t seem to find anything wrong with accepting her offer. Keeping her close can keep her from getting discovered by the crew. Also, getting to know her doppelganger and finding out more about the comet is like killing two birds with one stone.

With that in mind, the impostor grins at the offer and extends a hand for her to shake. “You got yourself a deal. My name’s Rose by the way.”

Lily matches her smile as she shakes her hand. “I’m Lily, let’s get going before anything happens.” She cautiously opens the door and looks outside to see no one around, so she motions for her to follow her.

Rose keeps close to her as they head down the hall and through the large blue doors with a sign above them that shows that it’s the library.

When they go inside, Rose marvels at the amazing collection in this large, empty, library.

Lily looks at her guest’s astonished face and grins at her before she points to a far end of the library. “There’s a secluded sitting area that no one really goes to. You can hide there while I get the books.”

Rose nods in agreement as she runs off, while making sure that she’s not noticed by anyone.

Meanwhile, Lily walks further into the archives for someone who can help her. The marine looks through each shelf until she hears books shuffling in the next aisle.

Lily scurries to the shelf to find a short, skinny, old woman on a ladder, and organizing the books. “Excuse me.”

The elder stops what she’s doing and looks down at the new patron. A wide grin spreads on her ruby lips once she recognizes the familiar face. “Well, if it isn’t my favorite bookworm!”

Lily grins at the nickname as she steps back to let the old lady leap from the ladder and land on her feet in front of her. “I see you’re as lively as ever Wanda.”

The old lady lightly cackles at the comment as she looks up to the girl who’s twice her height, then beckons for her to follow her. “Can’t be relaxing with all this excitement going on. So, what kind of mythical creature do you want to research this time?”

Lily chuckles at the usual offer as she follows the librarian to her desk. “I’m not looking for myths this time. I’m looking for any archives that we have on incidents involving Hell’s comet.”

Wanda immediately stops from hearing the taboo name before she turns to the taller girl with a look of disdain. “And why would you be needing that?”

The cadet gets taken aback at the complete change of attitude, but in fear of Wanda calling her insane for explaining that she’s helping a ghost, she makes up an excuse. “Some of the other officers heard the commander talking about Hell’s comet being involved with the ghost ship. I’m hoping to see if this crew’s disappearance was the first. Is this comet something bad?”

“It’s very bad, it’s something that you should never mess with! We don’t have anything about that monstrosity here!” Wanda yells out as she looks around to make sure that they’re alone.

Lily takes the hint from the fake scolding as she stays quiet while Wanda stands on her desk chair and grabs a giant book.

The sneaky elder waves her hand for her guest to approach her, which Lily obeys.

The librarian snickers at her friend’s curiosity as she whispers to her. “Now listen, you gotta keep what you find about the incident quiet. You see, this comet really is dangerous, and a lot of people don’t want to talk about it.”

Lily nods in understanding as she watches her scramble through the index book, that holds the location of where every piece of information is stored in this library.

Wanda finishes scouting through her index and on a separate sheet of paper, writes down a list of books along with the indexes of where they can be found in the room. “These books should tell you all you need to know about the incident. I also threw in a geology journal about crystals. Trust me, you’re gonna want to read it.”

Lily happily grins at the help as she grabs the paper. “This is perfect! Thank you so-!”

She’s cut off when the librarian whacks her on the head. “You know the rules, keep quiet!”

The cadet quickly nods as she goes off. “Right, sorry, and thank you!”

Wanda quietly sighs as she watches her run off. “I swear this girl’s curiosity is something else.”

She shakes her head with a small smile as she closes the index and goes back to her task.

Meanwhile, Rose managed to find herself a nice table a corner of the room and took out a book to make herself look like she belongs here.

As she reads the devil fruit index, she can’t help but smile at how things turned out for her. Not only for how she’s so close to finding more answers about the comet, but also from becoming friends with her doppelganger. The marine may be naive, but all in all Rose can tell that she’s a kind hearted girl.

Unaware to her, a light, warm, breeze flowed out of her body while she was reading, and managed to hit Lily just as she was going to join her with three books in her arms.

Lily tenses up at the warm wind, but immediately relaxes when she experiences the pleasant feeling of her troubles melting away from the breeze. She allows herself to enjoy the warmth for a few more seconds before she speaks up. “Is this wind you?”

Rose snaps out of her daze from the cadet’s voice and cancels out her wind. “Sorry about that, when I feel strong emotions, I sometimes make a breeze without knowing.”

Lily happily grins at the new discovery as she drops the books on the table and looks at her in excitement. “That’s amazing, what emotion were you feeling?!”

Rose giggles at her curiosity as she closes her book. “It was probably happy. I honestly can’t thank you enough for what you’re doing for me.”

Lily blinks at the gratitude before she puts her rifle on a chair, then goes to the bookshelf behind her. Once she grabs a book on supernatural myths, she sits across from her guest with a grin. “I should be thanking you for making tonight interesting. After you find some answers, can you tell me more about this ability?”

“Of course.” Rose says before she grabs one of the piled books, and begins their long night together of research and storytelling.


Under the cover of night, just outside the base, Robin and Usopp keep themselves hidden on the top of a small cliff, where they can see the Merry in the middle of the water.

The archaeologist takes this chance to figure out the situation by sprouting hands onto the mast with ears attached to them.

“Man, why do we have to be guarding the ghost ship?”

The officer’s friend couldn’t agree with his disapproval more as he looks at the water. “Tell me about it, I don’t know which rumor’s worse. The crew disappearing through Hell’s comet or dying because of cursed gold.”

The other officer groans at the two choices. “I don’t know, but in either case, I hope we don’t share their fate by messing with their stuff.”

He feels like they’re being watched and turns around, but he finds nothing but a few pink petals on the deck. “Hey, where did these flowers come from?”

The other officer looks at the petals and shrugs it off. “Must’ve flown in from the trees.”

“Y-yea, I guess so.” He still can’t shake the feeling that they were spied on, but he doesn’t let it get in the way of his duties.

Meanwhile, Robin hums in interest as she opens her eyes and looks to the Merry. “It looks like they believe it’s a ghost ship.”

Usopp drops his jaw at the assumption before his shock turns into rage of them insulting their beloved ship. “A ghost ship?! How rude!”

He opens his mouth to yell out to the marines, but hands sprouted onto his body and covered his mouth before a single sound could be made.

“Don’t give us away Long Nose-kun. This can actually give us an advantage.”

Usopp can only nod before Robin releases her hold on him and looks to the ship. She begins to sprout hands onto the mast of the ship and reaches them towards the officers.

The poor men didn’t know what was coming until they felt their shoulders tapped. The two of them nervously look over their shoulders and drop their jaws in fright of the sprouted hands. Before they can run, they find themselves being surrounded by dozens of hands sprouting out from every part of the ship they can see. “G-GHOSTS!”

As the screams fill the air, Usopp shudders at their fright and sees Robin grinning towards the ship. “What did you do to them?”

Robin giggles at the tenseness in his voice as she cancels her power. “I didn’t kill them, I just scared them badly enough to knock them out.”

He sweat drops at the blunt answer as the archaeologist looks to the ship curiously. “It’s strange though. I can understand them pinning the rumor on the gold, but what’s this about a Hell’s comet?”

Usopp immediately freezes at the question involving Rose’s research, but gets taken aback more by Robin not knowing. When he remembers how upset Rose was when she saw him, Nami, and Sanji react to her research in Alabasta, he can understand why she doesn’t want to talk to the newest member about it yet.

As a way to make up for how he acted, the renowned liar chuckles at the question and turns away from the cliff. “I have no idea, but I wouldn’t worry about it. You know how marines like to exaggerate. I mean they’re calling our precious Merry a ghost ship for crying out loud! Should we really be wondering about comets right now? Let’s get out of here before someone sees us.”

Robin grows confused about his explanation, but she knows that he’s right in that they can’t waste time standing in the open. She reluctantly agrees to drop the matter as she travels under the dead of night with Usopp. However, just from seeing the sniper casually brushing off a subject, instead of normally being worried about it, she can tell that something’s amiss and makes a mental note to look into it.


Hours have past and the sun begins to slowly rise and shine within the windows of the fortress’ library. The only sound that’s being made is the pages being flipped from the table Rose and Lily refused to move from.

Both of their tired eyes stay open as Lily reads her own book on vampires while Rose reads through the second book Lily gave her, which is the geology journal.

No matter how tired the pirate is getting, she refuses to stop after coming so far. Just from the first book on the incident, she’s learned that the night is known as the ‘spiriting night’ for how the victims were spirited away from this world. The fruitless search for the missing people was led by Vice Admiral Tsuru for a year, until it was called off when the World Government learned that they’re no longer in this world. Ever since that night, there were multiple other nights noted of when the comet showed up. From looking at the dates, Rose can tell that the comet arrives almost every eight years.

To avoid more ‘casualties’, as the World Government is calling the victims, the marines forces the civilians to stay indoors on the nights when the comet arrives with their doors and windows covered. From what Rose can tell, it’s just another way for them to raise propaganda against the comet because they can’t leave without a crystal.

She shakes her head from the fact, and rubs her forehead to give herself a break from reading half of the large journal. “Man, all this info is crazy...”

Lily chuckles as she stops her place in her book. “I’m surprised even ghosts get tired. Did you find anything in that book?”

Rose quietly sighs as she keeps her hand on her forehead. “Not yet, I’m sure some type of crystal is involved because of what happened in the spiriting night. But I’m not finding anything that fits the description of what those geologists looked into.”

Lily nods in understanding of her frustration. “It must’ve been something really top secret for one of our divisions to be studying it.”

She grins in reassurance as she looks at the book. “I wouldn’t worry though, Wanda is the best librarian in the world. No matter what I’m looking for, the books that she refers me to always hold the answer, so these will have what you need.”

Rose grins at the girl’s confidence, but her smile fades when she sees that the sun has begun to rise, and reminds her that the time with Lily needs to stop now. No matter how much she doesn’t want this to end, she knows that this friendship will only last until she sheds her disguise, so she wants to cause as little trouble for her as possible in the meantime.

Lily raises an eyebrow at the newly worried look on her friend’s face and follows her gaze to the window. “Is everything alright? You’re not one of those spirits that only come at night, are you?

The astronomer chuckles at her question before she shakes her head. “No, I’m not going to vanish in the sunlight. I feel like I should apologize though. It looks like I’ve kept you up all night.”

Lily widens her eyes at the apology and hastily shoots it down. “Don’t be silly, this has been a lot of fun! I didn’t know that constellations could tell so many stories, so I should be thanking you!”

Rose giggles at the appreciation for the astronomy stories she gave her last night. “It was my pleasure. If you need to go to training, you can go. I can stay hidden while I work here.”

The cadet tenses up at the mention of training when she remembers that she has close combat training today. She groans at the most hated form of fighting she has to deal with, but with all the craziness with the ghost ship, she might be able to avoid it if she stays here.

She grins at the plan as she looks to Rose. “Don’t worry, I’m sure today’s training is cancelled because of that ship. I feel like I can do more by helping you anyway.”

Rose tilts her head at the claim. “And why’s that?”

“If we can bring back your memories, then we can find out more about the evil crew that caught you.”

The pirate stiffens up at the mention of her crew as Lily continues. “I’m sure those ghost pirates are still here because we have their ship. Once we know more about them, then we can use that to our advantage when we crush them.”

The wind girl widens her eyes at the doppelganger’s clenched fists and looks at her as calmly as possibly. “Lily, why exactly did you become a marine?”

Lily blinks at the random question before she answers nonchalantly. “Why else? To help people and destroy criminal scum.”

Rose freezes at the answer and realizes that she has a hatred for outlaws, that’s possibly worse than her own hatred for the World Government. She can’t defend the pirates without revealing herself to be one, so she goes back to her book to hold herself back. “I see, I’d better get back to work then.”

Lily blinks at her friend’s retreat before she comes with an idea to look into exorcism for the ghost pirates. She takes her myth book and starts going back to the aisles. “I’ll be right back, I might know of a way to fulfill our goal.”

Rose can only nod as she watches her walk off from the corner of her eye. When she knows that she’s alone, she breathes out in relief. *I can’t stay here anymore. I’ll check these books out as Lily and find the others.*

She starts collecting the three books that Lily gave her, before she accidentally yawns.

“It’s been a while since I’ve seen you pull an all nighter.”

Rose looks to see Wanda walking up to her with a cup of warm coffee, a dish with scrambled eggs and a scone, and utensils on the plate. “Eat this before you go to training. You’re gonna need all the energy you can get.”

The pirate happily accepts the generosity as she takes the breakfast from her. “Thank you.”

The old woman nods, as she takes the books just before the door slams open. “WHERE IS SHE?!”

Lily freezes from her spot in the aisles and carefully looks over a shelf to see a high ranking marine officer storming in. *Oh no, Lieutenant Noah!*

She keeps herself hidden in the aisle as the middle-aged man walks past her aisle, and toward the spot where she was working with the ghost. *Rose, get out of there!*

Rose finishes her breakfast then pales in horror to see an angry, muscular, officer, with a red goatee and mustache to match the fiery red hair under his hat, storming towards her. What really surprises the wind girl though, is that this man has a grey metal right hand, showing from his marine jacket sleeve instead of a pale hand to match his left one.

Wanda however is unfazed by his intrusion as she goes to grab a bag and scowls at the officer. “Remember that you’re in a library Lieutenant Noah.”

Noah ignores the command as he approaches Rose. “I finally found you!”

The impostor rushes to stand in front of the red-haired man as she puts on a nervous smile and salutes him. “Good morning-!”

He cuts her off when he grabs her by the ear with his metal hand. “Don’t think you can slip away from me today!”

The wind girl grows more confused by the minute as he’s dragging her with him by the ear. *What the fuck?!*

She keeps up with his pace to ease the pain and sees Lily hiding in the aisles.

The doppelganger quietly mouths out an apology to her as she stays hidden from the angry marine.

*What the hell did she get me into?!* Rose gets tempted to fight the officer when Wanda runs after them with a small blue backpack.


Noah stops, but he doesn’t let go of his cadet as the librarian gives Rose the backpack. “These books were from the table you were reading on. You can give them back to me tonight. Good luck with close combat training.”

*Close combat training?!* Rose widens her eyes at what’s going on before the lieutenant drags her to the door.

“You’d better wait until tomorrow Wanda, I’m not letting her out of my sight today.” Noah grumbles out as he refuses to give his catch any leeway.

“You got it!” Wanda says as she waves them off.

Lily drops her jaw at what she just witnessed and puts a hand over her mouth to hold back from laughing. *Oh my god, when they realize that she’s a ghost, they’ll freak!*

She contains her laughter to light giggles before she gets back to the task at hand by searching for books on how to exorcise the pirates, but keep her new friend around.


Rose grits her teeth at the weird situation of being dragged by the ear by a cyborg-like marine lieutenant, when she hears giggling. She moves her eyes to some of the nearby cadets as they talk to each other.

“Looks like Lily can’t escape this time.”

“Poor kid, even though she’s great with swords and shooting, the lieutenant won’t go easy on her.”

“That’s what she gets for being so lame at hand to hand combat.”

Rose widens her eyes at the comments that can easily sum up that her copy can only fight with weapons. *That explains why she went straight for the sword last night…*

Her eyes glance around for a way out of the mess, before she grins at the tall man who’s threatening to tear off her ear. “Excuse me sir, but may I use the bathroom before we head to training?”

Noah scoffs at the request as he refuses to let her go. “Nice try, but I’m not falling for that. You’re going through it today.”

He goes through the door to the training hall to see dozens of male and female cadets stretching to warm up.

Rose can’t help but smile at how similar this looks to her martial arts club when Noah throws her forward.

The pirate stumbles to catch herself, and rubs her aching ear as she sees the lieutenant calling out to the unit. “ATTENTION!”

The entire unit stops what they’re doing and rushes to stand before him. Rose barely has time to think as she joins them in saluting him.

Once Noah’s satisfied, he looks to one of the cadets. “Private, what unit are you in?”

A tan, lanky man steps up. “I’m in the weapon’s unit sir!”

“And what’s the purpose of the weapon’s unit?”

“To build skilled marines who are adept to all fighting arts from guns to ninja tools!”

He nods in satisfaction before he steps in front of Rose. “And you tell me, what would you do if you lost your weapon in the middle of fighting a pirate?”

Rose blinks at the question before she tries her best to answer like a marine. “I’d punch the shit out of them sir!”

Noah and every other officer are shell shocked at the crass answer, for not once have they heard a childish girl such as Lily curse.

Rose nervously looks around to realize that she completely messed up her answer. *Dammit, I should’ve said KICKED the shit out of them!*

Her mind races for a way to fix this when booming laughter erupts from the lieutenant.

When everyone sees the usually strict leader actually laughing, they allow themselves to laugh along with him until he relaxes.

Noah keeps a small smirk on his face as he looks down at Rose. “You finally gave me a decent answer.”

Rose immediately relaxes her shoulders in not being caught yet, and keeps her saluting position.

The lieutenant doesn’t end there as he continues his speech to the division. “As she said, when we lose our weapon, we need to rely on our fists as a last resort! It doesn’t matter how good you are with a weapon, without basic martial arts skills you’re as good as dead! I want everyone to give it your all in polishing your close combat skills today! Do you read me?!”


Everyone immediately goes off to train with newfound motivation. Rose stays in her spot as she surveys the room to find the soldiers are either doing muscle training or jumping into sparring matches.

She starts going to muscle training to avoid suspicion, but Noah stops her by grabbing the back of her shirt.

Rose stops and nervously turns around to see the lieutenant scowling at her. “Don’t think your answer will get you out of sparring. You’re not allowed to go to lunch until you win fifty matches. Not just participate, but win. Do you understand?”

While the wind girl knows that she has to act like someone who’s reluctant to spar, she can’t resist accepting the fun challenge as she salutes him with a large smile. “Sir, yes sir!”

Noah blinks at the cadet’s eagerness as he watches her put her backpack to the side, where she can keep an eye on it at all times, then run off to the sparring mats. He raises an eyebrow at her enthusiasm, as he watches her approach a lanky man who’s just as tall as she is.

The officer about to fight the pirate chuckles in satisfaction of having to face her as they get in a white circle, then gets in a stance. “Don’t worry Lily, I won’t be too hard on you.”

Rose nods with a small smirk as she matches his stance with clenched fists. *Damn, I can barely contain my excitement! I gotta make it act like I narrowly won-!*

She snaps out of it when she side steps to dodge the man, then does a spin around back kick so hard to the solar plexus that he falls on his knees while he clenches his stomach and catches his breath.

The lieutenant and everyone who was watching the fight immediately drop their jaws at the quick victory.

Rose notices the shocked stares, and tries to act shy about it by scratching the back of her head. “Hehe, must’ve been a lucky kick...”

She extends a hand for her opponent, who finished catching his breath. “Sorry about the hard hit. Will you be ok?”

The marine nods with an excited grin as he takes her hand and gets back up. “Yea, that was great! How about two out of three?”

“You got it!” She happily grins in excitement as the two opponents get back in a stance and begin the second round of their match.

As the nearby officers watch the fight between the two marines, they can hardly believe that this girl is the weapons only fighter that they know. It even looks like she’s holding herself back as she takes a few hits and returns them easily.

Noah doesn’t know what happened to the cadet, but he will happily accept the improvement in contrast to how against hand to hand combat she was in the past. Now that he knows that she’s not going to run, he continues with his duties by supervising the rest of the unit and keeping tabs on the progress that each cadet is making.


As Lily has her nose in an exorcism book in between the bookshelves, heavy footsteps begin to fill the air.

Lily looks out from her hiding spot in the aisles to see Lieutenant Drake storming to Wanda’s desk with a team of five officers. *What are they doing here?*

Curiosity gets the better of the cadet as she watches the exchange between Drake and Wanda.

“Has anyone been here looking into Hell’s comet recently?” Drake asks with Lily freezing at the question.

Wanda raises an eyebrow at the newly popular topic, but knows better than to break her code as a librarian. “Sorry, but that information is classified.”

Drake grits his teeth at the woman’s stubbornness. “We don’t have time for these games. We have reason to believe that this has to do with the ghost ship!”

Wanda sighs at his anger as she looks to her index. “I can point you to where we hold the archives and you can set up surveillance. I doubt you’d find anything missing since this subject isn’t popular.”

He accepts the compromise as he allows her to lead him away from her desk. However, when he spots a brunette trying to leave from the corner of his eye he stops moving. “Hold it right there cadet!”

Lily tenses up at the order, but she knows that she’s not in trouble because she doesn’t have the books, so she turns to him and salutes him. “Yes sir!”

Drake walks up to her and narrows his eyes at the resemblance between the girl in front of him and the drawn poster of the wind pirate. “What’s your name soldier?”

Lily blinks at the interrogation, but she doesn’t have a problem with answering. “My name’s Sarona Lily.”

The rest of the team and Wanda join the confrontation.

The librarian is slightly shocked in how the cadet got out of training under Noah’s watch, but she’s more confused about Drake’s confrontation.

Drake ignores the stares as he keeps questioning her. “What unit are you in?”

“I’m in the weapon’s unit.”

He raises an eyebrow at the answer. “Isn’t that unit 18?”

Lily knits her eyebrows at the question. “No sir, if I remember right, that’s the supply unit. If I may ask, what’s this about?”

He takes out Rose’s wanted poster from his pocket. “Just that we know that you’re a Straw Hat pirate Wind Rider! Men, arrest her!”

The rest of the team surrounds her with swords pointed at her, and scares both Lily and Wanda.

Wanda is the first to speak in her defense. “Hold on here Lieutenant! I know this girl, she’s been in this base for four months now!”

Lily timidly nods as she looks to the picture to see that the pirate has purple eyes and freckles. “Yea and I’m wearing contacts!”

Drake and his team look at Lily in confusion, then quickly become disgusted when they watch her poke her right eye with one finger to expertly take out a contact. She blinks away the irritation before she shows her right eye as green while her left one still has the purple contact. “See? I’m not some disgusting pirate!”

The lieutenant blinks at the weird contacts, and finds no reason to suspect this girl anymore now that Wanda has vouched for her. He scowls at the development before he sighs. “Very well, I apologize. You’re dismissed.”

“Thank you, sir.” Lily puts her contact back onto her eye and shows Wanda her book. “May I take this exorcism book with me?”

Wanda can only nod as she watches her run away from the library.

Lily refuses to look back as she goes into the closet, that she spoke to Rose in, to recollect herself from the scary experience. *I can’t believe that happened! How could he think I was some-?*

She stops her train of thought when she remembers reading the poster to see that the pirate’s name is Rose. Her blood runs cold at thinking that her new friend could be a pirate, but she shakes her head to get rid of the assumption. *No, that’s not true! Rose is a ghost, she has the same color eyes as I do, and no freckles! She’s too sweet to be some dirty pirate…*

She frowns in guilt of having the ghost take her place in training, but freezes her stomach growls loud enough to echo in the room. “I’ll go to the training room after I eat. If Rose is still there, then we’ll switch and ask her to meet me here.”

Lily nods to her plan as she heads out of the room and off to the dining hall.

Meanwhile, Drake storms the halls to go to his leader’s office after he left his men to conduct surveillance in the library.

He manages to make it to the office to see Jonathan at this desk with a chess board.

Vice Admiral Jonathan grins at the intrusion as he beckons for him to come in. “Ah, lieutenant, you have perfect timing. We caught Roronoa Zoro.”

Drake widens his eyes at the news before he approaches his desk. “That’s great sir, but we have a problem.”

Jonathan raises a thick eyebrow at the claim. “And what problem would that be?”

“My team and I were in the library when I saw a female cadet. She has a striking resemblance to Wind Rider, but Wanda confirmed that she’s one of ours. It’s possible that the pirate could be imitating her.”

Jonathan hums in interest as he crosses his arms on the desk. “Do you know anything about the cadet?”

“Her name’s Sarona Lily and she’s in the weapon’s unit. What’s the schedule for them today?”

Jonathan strokes his chin before he thinks about the training schedule for the unit. “If I remember right, they have close combat training all day under Lieutenant Noah.”

Drake immediately turns to leave when Jonathan calls out to him. “Hold on a second Drake.”

The lieutenant stops at the command as Jonathan grins at him. “I believe it’ll be wise for Noah to take care of this. I’ll notify him of our situation. I would like for you to interrogate Roronoa for some answers.”

Drake nods in understanding. “How would you like me to proceed?”

“I’ll leave that up to you. Try to find anything you can on how they arrived here.”

“Yes sir!” He salutes him before he walks off to begin his interrogation on the pirate.

Jonathan chuckles at the new development as he picks up a white knight chess piece. “Seems like our second catch will be here sooner than we think.”

He puts the piece on the board and grabs his den den mushi to contact Noah. When the snail is answered, it’s changed to a smiling snail with red facial hair to match the scruffy hair hiding under his cap. “Hello sir, what can I do for you?”

The commander raises an eyebrow at his usually stern lieutenant’s happy mood before he responds to him. “Are you alone?”

“Yes sir, I stepped outside. How can I help you?”

Jonathan chuckles at his enthusiasm. “You seem to be in a good mood lieutenant.”

“Hard to not be sir, one of my cadets has gone from being the worst at hand to hand combat to actually enjoying herself in the fight. She’s finally understanding that while weapons are her main expertise, it’s good to know all forms of combat.”

The vice admiral starts to feel guilty for having to burst his bubble, but he knows that it has to be done. “This cadet wouldn’t happen to be Sarona Lily would it?”

Noah blinks at the question before he answers. “Yea, how did you know?”

“Drake just informed me that he interrogated a girl who seems to be her.”

The lieutenant widens his eyes at the news, as he realizes that one of the pirates has been under his nose this whole time. His happy mood immediately fades as he angrily scowls at the snail. “What are your orders?”

“Don’t act just yet. I want you to keep an eye on her. This girl could actually be your cadet.”

He scoffs at the leniency. “I doubt it, like I said Lily’s the worst at fighting hand to hand.”

He freezes when he comes up with an idea and smirks at him. “Sir, when I find the right moment, may I have permission to test my new arm?”

Jonathan nods to the idea. “Very well, but don’t kill her. We need to interrogate her for answers.”

“As you wish sir!”

The snail falls asleep after he finishes and chuckles at the development. “My, what a lovely fishing day this is turning out to be.”

He grins in thought of how his plan is falling into place before he goes off to the dining hall. Once he’s at the mess hall, he walks through the hall, and listens to the raving reviews of the new top chefs’ cooking from the nearby officers.

His wife Jessica, the head chef of Navarone, happily works in the kitchen when she sees her husband heading to his private table from the window to the dining hall.

She looks to see her new chef working nonstop and makes an order. “Sanji, I need one of your best meals for table 8.”

Sanji salutes her with a bright smile and hearts in his eyes. “As you wish my sweet Jessica!”

He works at lightning speed with ingredients flying in the air and catching the attention of everyone in the room.

Luffy, who snuck into the kitchen with the chef practically drools from just the tasty aroma alone as he and the marine chefs watch the show.

Sanji smiles in pride of his work as he applies the finishing touches to the dish and reveals it to the audience. “Here you are.”

The crowd gapes at the amazing looking meal when Luffy goes to grab it. “I’ll take it to the table!”

“If you eat any of it then you won’t get any meals!” Jessica calls out, but the pirate in disguise barely listens as he runs off into the dining room.

Sanji get back to his work along with the rest of the staff before he turns to the closest chef. “This guy must be really important for Jessica to be paying attention.”

The chef chuckles at the assumption as he watches Jessica working hard than before. “She’s always like this when her husband comes in for a meal.”

The pirate in disguise widens his eyes in shock that the beautiful woman is already married. “What?! Jessica is married?!”

He nods as he works with his head down to avoid Jessica catching them chatting. “Yup, and not just anyone could win her heart either. He’s the commander of Navarone.”

Sanji drops his jaw at what he said and stops cooking. “The commander?! Then that means...”

He looks in horror at the door to the dining hall and stops cooking to go after his captain.

He rushes past the dining marines eating and barely notices the girl with her head in an exorcism book as she’s eating at her own table.

Lily blinks at the rushing blond man going towards the private dining room for high level officers and shrugs it off. Instead of worrying about strange chefs, she finishes the amazing meal and goes to put her empty dish on the cleaning rack. *It’s too bad cadets can’t take meals out of here. Oh well, I’d better get Rose out of there.*

She grins at the looks on her unit’s faces when they find out that she switched with a ghost and leaves the dining hall.

She gets back to the book as she walks but stops, when she suddenly hears crashes from the dining hall!

The marine runs back to make sure nothing serious happened, when she sees a crowd of hundreds of marines going into the dining hall. Before she can leave though, two boys dressed as marine cooks storm out of the room and run in her direction.

The one with dark hair immediately notices the cadet and happily smiles at her. “There you are Rose!”

Lily’s purple eyes widen at the name when Luffy stretches his arm towards her. “What the-?!”

She yelps in fear as the captain’s arm loops around the girl’s thin waist. Before Lily can react, she gets pulled to him so fast that she drops her book and lands on his shoulder in a matter of seconds.

The marine looks around in horror to see that she’s being kidnapped, and tries to struggle to get down but he won’t let her go. “Put me down! Who the heck are you?!”

Luffy raises an eyebrow at her distress, but he doesn’t put her down. “What are you scared about? It’s just us!”

“Idiot, she’s scared because she doesn’t recognize us! And I keep telling you to carry her like a lady!” Sanji says as he takes off the marine disguise as he runs to reveal his three piece suit. “There’s no need to fear Rose-chan, see? We were just in disguise.”

Lily becomes more frightened by the minute when she realizes that these men aren’t marines at all. However, her face doesn’t show it as she stops resisting, and gives the chef a grin. “Oh, glad you guys are ok.”

Sanji smiles back at her and doesn’t see through her act at all.

Luffy however, looks back at the girl in confusion, but can’t see her face so he doesn’t know that she’s not blushing in his hold. He still thinks something is off though, because he would usually feel happier with having Rose close to him. But, he doesn’t feel any different from when he was separated from the wind girl to now as he has this marine on his shoulder.

He doesn’t bother with it right now, because he knows that the others are waiting, so he looks ahead as he keeps running.

When Lily sees that they don’t know that they took the wrong girl yet, she grins in relief. From what she can tell from Drake’s interrogation, a pirate crew truly did invade Navarone with one of them looking exactly like her. She doesn’t want to believe that her ghost friend is this Wind Rider, but she won’t stop this chance from being wasted.

As much as she hates to act so underhanded, if it’s to stop this crew from hurting others then she’ll gladly play the part of the pirate to gain their trust and stop them when the time is right. She happily grins at her simple plan as she clenches her fists in determination. *These pirates won’t know what hit them!*


A Wish on a Comet (Luffy x OC) Ch 35
Hey guys,

Here is the next development of the Navarone arc! I can't tell you how excited I was to develop this doppelganger! I honestly wish this was canon because this is a lot of fun! Oh well, I'm still happy. I hope you all enjoy. :D

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I don't own anything but the OC. One Piece belongs to Oda.

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After the crew stole the gold from the island, and escaped the island on the Merry, the crew began to relax as they sail the white seas towards the exit at the east end.

Rose grins in satisfaction of the arc finally reaching its completion as she jumps off the crow’s nest and cushions her fall with a gust of wind. Once her feet touch the deck, she sees that Conis and her father are catching up to them on a small crow boat.

Nami grins at the guests as she waves over to them. “Hey, what are you doing?”

“We came to see you off, and help you go down to the blue sea safely.” Conis says as her dad pilots the ship, so that they’re sailing right next to them.

Robin walks up to the railing and looks over their companions curiously. “How can you help us?”

“You’ll find out right now. We’re almost at the exit.” Conis points ahead to show that she’s right, for they’re going to be approaching a large, majestic gate that says ‘Cloud End’ at the top.

Zoro raises an eyebrow at the seemingly easy exit. “So this path just takes us down?”

Conis nods as her boat stops moving. “This is as far as we can go. Good luck!”

“Thanks for all your help!” Nami says as she waves them off.

“Until we meet again!” Sanji says as he waves at them with the others.

Pagaya sees that the crew’s sails are open and calls out to them. “I’M SORRY, BUT YOU SHOULD CLOSE YOUR SAILS!”

“THANKS FOR THE HEADS UP!” Rose yells back as she flies up to close the sails.

“We should put the gold away too!” Chopper says as he goes into heavy point to carry some of the gold inside while Zoro and Luffy help him take in the rest.

As the wind girl finishes tying up the sails, she sees what’s ahead just as the crew is about to pass the gate. When she remembers what’s about to come, she chuckles to herself as she sits in the crow’s nest and grabs onto the edge. “You guys might want to hang onto something!”

The others stare up at the cautious seventeen year old in confusion, just when the guys come back outside, before they all look ahead to find that they’re about to fall off the edge of the cloud.

Every last one of them, except for Robin and Rose, drop their jaws in horror of the sight of the world below them just before they free fall to the blue sea.

Conis giggles at the terrified shrieks from most of the pirates as she grabs a whistle. “Time to help out, balloon octopus!”

She blows the whistle so loud that it can be heard throughout the depths of the white sea. Once the shrill sound was finished, a giant pink and purple octopus jumps out of the water, just above the ship.

Nami, Usopp, and Chopper scream in fright of the sea creature while the others, except for Rose, get ready for a fight. However, before they could do anything, they collapse on their faces because the ship’s falling slowed down exponentially.

Rose chuckles at the catch from her spot in the crow’s nest, as she lifts her head to find that the giant octopus caught them and is using its body like a parachute by gathering enough air to give the Merry a gentle descent.

Knowing that they’re safe, she allows herself a moment to relax and take in the breathtaking view of the world around them from their place in the clear afternoon sky. “I freaking love this place...”

Luffy laughs at the catch as he looks at all the giant tentacles that are holding onto the ship. “This is so awesome!”

“I’ll be damned.” Sanji says as he grabs his cigarette and lights it up before he heads to the kitchen to walk about the gold.

Robin only grins at the birds flying past them before she and most of the others start going inside.

Rose however, takes a moment to photograph her surroundings from her seat on the crow’s nest, as she thinks of what’s to come next. *Going by the manga, we should be heading to the Davy Back fight after we reach the ocean.*

She quietly sighs to herself while she puts her camera in her bag and remembers the crew’s encounter with the Foxy pirates and Aokiji. *Man, that arc’s gonna be a pain in the ass... At least seeing afro Luffy makes up for it.*

She chuckles at the exciting thought of Luffy fighting in an afro before she vaults over the crow’s nest. The wind girl creates a gust to land on the deck before she starts walking below deck.

Before the brunette can reach the door though, Luffy opens the kitchen door and waves her over. “Hey Rose, come inside!”

Rose grins at the invitation, before she points to her door. “In a minute, I gotta take care of something first.”

He nods in agreement as he goes back to the kitchen to demand to buy a bronze statue.

As Rose heads inside though, she’s unaware that her comment was overheard by Robin. As the archaeologist sits down at the table, she closes her eyes and creates an eye on the hallway wall to see where her crew mate is going. When she finds out that she’s just heading to the bathroom though, she cancels out her power and leaves her alone.

Rose however is planning to perform her experiment in the private room, so she doesn’t take any chances as she locks the heavy bolt on the door, that Nami had Usopp install for privacy. She even inspects the entire room, along with herself and her backpack, for any of Robin’s spying appendages. Once she knows that she’s alone, she sits cross legged on the floor, opens her bag and gently carries out the tied up box that holds her samples.

She feels more like a child opening a Christmas gift than a scientist right now, as she rushes to untie the handkerchief that she wrapped around her stone box. As soon as she takes off the lid, her smile couldn’t get any bigger while she stares at the two red and black gems that hold a blue luminescence thanks to the Timore comet’s power. *Alright, I should only need one for this.*

The brunette gently sets the small container on the floor, before she makes sure that her dark grey glove is covering her hands. With a look of determination, she takes a deep breath before she clears her mind and keeps it from thinking about the many worlds out there. With her mind blank, she slowly touches one of the gems, that’s a little smaller than the other, and waits for a reaction.

When her body isn’t taking in the comet’s energy, she lets out a breath that she didn’t know she was holding, and plucks the jewel from the box. *So, touching them doesn’t automatically do it. At least when I don’t have a desire to leave. It might be because I’m wearing gloves too.*

She grins at the new theories before she puts the lid back on her box and stares down at her necklace. Her eyes move from one crystal to another, before she touches the jewel she’s holding to the one she’s wearing around her neck.

After a moment, she takes the glowing crystal away from her necklace, but no changes were made to her family’s treasure. “The radiation isn’t transferable between them on first contact either. Long term contact might do it, but that can wait.”

The excited girl shakes her head to help herself get focused on the real test as she gently places her sample on the floor. She goes into her backpack and pulls out the letter, that she made for Naomi, Timothy, and Bobby, and scans over the long note to make sure that it holds everything that she wants to say.

As she reads over the reassuring words to her friends with a soft grin, something in the back of her mind tells her that something is missing, and she knows exactly what that is. She digs into her bag until she pulls out the envelope of photos that she made from her adventures in Skypiea.

Rose shuffles through the pictures until she reaches the one that Luffy took of her sitting alone on top of a palm tree and giving him the peace sign. She nods in satisfaction as she takes the picture out of the stack, then piles both that and the stone onto the letter.

After she puts her memories back in the bag, she rubs the palms of her hands together to steel her nerves before she takes off her gloves and bandages from her hands. When her cream-colored fingers can be seen, she hesitantly reaches for the crystal with one hand. As soon as her middle finger touches the gem, a shiver unintentionally runs through her whole body from the icy cold stone.

The astronomer mentally notes the feeling, then puts two more fingers on the jewel, moves her thoughts to the restaurant that made her last few years in New York less painful, and talks under her breath. “Please go to La Bella Pizzeria on 12th street in New York City, USA…”

She stares at the stone intently, as she keeps her fingers on the freezing gem, but nothing happens at all. She feels an awkward silence fill the room before she groans in frustration and picks it up. *What’s missing from the night I left?*

The astronomer keeps the cold stone in her warm hand, and examines it for a way to make it work until the door handle starts shaking. She jolts at the noise as she fumbles with the gem until she catches it with both hands, and turns to the locked door. “Give me a minute!”

“Hurry up!”

Rose starts to relax when she hears Zoro’s voice from the other side of the door and goes to her sample’s container. “Don’t get your boxers in a bunch, I’m almost-!”

She stops when she feels the chill growing in her hands, then looks down to discover that the stone’s blue glow is starting to flow out of it and is spreading onto her hands!

“HOLY SHIT!” She throws the crystal onto her letter and photo, before she jumps up from her seat on the floor to wash her hands with hot water.

Zoro widens his eyes at the frightened yell as he tries to push the door open, but it won’t budge. “Oi, what’s going on in there?!”

When Rose notices that the radiation from her hands is fading away, she lets out a breath of relief, and calls out to her crew mate. “I’m ok, sorry for the-!"

She stops when she sees that she has no time to relax, because the blue radiation from her stone is spreading onto her photo and letter. “Oh crap, oh crap, oh crap!”

She frantically uses her wind to lift up the three items before the energy can spread onto the floor and ignores Zoro’s worried calls. She continues to ignore the door’s loud banging as she keeps the three piled items levitating a few feet in the air.

While her focus remains on her experiment, her wide eyes marvel at the fascinating sight of the comet’s energy spreading onto the papers.

Once all three items are completely covered in a sky blue luminescence, and with nothing else for the radiation to spread to, all three of them begin to vanish just when the swordsman slashes through the door with two of his weapons.

Zoro widens his eyes at the floating blue objects before they disappear in a matter of seconds, as if they were never there. He blinks at the crazy sight, but he can’t find any traces of the glowing items.

He sees Rose still in a stupor from witnessing such a beautiful sight, as she leans back against the sink to keep herself from collapsing. “Oi, what the hell happened?!”

The astronomer finally snaps out of it and sees that the box on the floor is still sealed. She feels relieved that he doesn’t see that her second sample is the same crystal as her necklace.

However, she knows that she’s not off the hook yet, so she nervously looks at him and waves her arms around frantically while she talks a mile a minute. “Dude, did you see that?! It was fucking crazy! I got this weird rock back on the island and when I was holding it, my hands turned blue! Then when I threw it on the ground to wash my hands, it made the things it touched turn blue! I made them float, so it wouldn’t affect anything else, and then poof!”

She throws her arms into the air for dramatic effect, to make it seem like she’s lost her mind. Thankfully the tactic works, for he can only stare at her blankly before he sheethes his swords. “I got nothing from that except you finding weird rocks...”

He notices the stone box on the floor and widens his eyes at the blue glow leaking from the cracks of the container. “Wait, is another one in-?!”

He cuts himself off when they hear the others screaming outside before the two of them, along with every movable object in the room, suddenly fly up until they reach the ceiling!

Zoro groans from the rough flight as he pushes his torso off the ceiling, but they’re still pinned. “What the hell are you doing Rose?!”

Rose scowls at the complaint before she uses her wind to push both herself and the swordsman off the ceiling, but they can only get a few inches of distance.  “This isn’t me, the ship’s falling! Come on!”

She uses as much wind as she can muster up, to keep the two of them off the ceiling as they escape the bathroom and heads to the deck.

Rose barely has time to think about her backpack and sample that she left in the bathroom when the pirates make it outside, just to have to hold onto the doorway to keep themselves from flying off the ship.

“WHAT THE HELL’S GOING ON?!” Zoro asks as they look up to see the night sky above them instead of the octopus balloon.

“THE OCTOPUS JUST UP AND SHRUNK!” Luffy yells as he holds onto the small octopus with one hand while the other holds onto the railing.

“YOU’RE THE ONE WHO CAUSED IT BY JUMPING ON ITS HEAD!” Sanji yells as he and the others hold onto the railing for dear life.

Rose mutters a curse as she lets go of the doorway and gets herself flying on her own gust.

As Rose flies down next to the ship and goes towards the bottom, Usopp calls out to her. “I ALREADY PLACED WIND DIALS DOWN THERE TO HELP DELAY THE FALL! TRY REUSING THEM WITH YOUR WIND!”

She widens her purple eyes at what he said and realizes that she saw Usopp do this in the anime, but not in the manga. She holds off on thinking about it as she keeps going down until she’s next to the bottom of the ship.

She creates as strong of a gust as she can manage under the ship, to refill the four empty wind dials that are lined up on the keel of the ship, until they’re at full blast again and helping her to ease the Merry’s descent.

The wind girl grins in satisfaction that the ship is falling at half the speed and glances down to find that they still have twenty feet to the ocean.

“YOU OK DOWN THERE ROSE?!” Nami calls out as she peeks her head over the railing.

Rose doesn’t move her eyes from the water yet, as she keeps descending with the ship, and uses her wind to keep the wind dials at full power. “I’M FINE, I’LL BE BACK UP IN A-!”

She stops herself when she’s able to get a close enough view to see exactly where they’re landing. A part of the ocean that’s mostly surrounded by a small, mountainous, island. However, this island has been modified by the marines to be one of the strongest fortresses on the Grand Line. *OH HELL, WE’RE HEADING TO THE NAVARONE FILLER!*

She tries to create a stronger gust of wind, to get the ship flying, but the vessel is too heavy for her powers to carry it. “DAMMIT!”

The others become confused at Rose’s distressed yell as the wind girl flies up to the railing and grabs on just as the ship hits the water in the middle of the crescent like island.

The rest of the crew hangs onto the ship to keep themselves from collapsing on the deck.

Luffy laughs at the fun ride as the others try to recover from the crazy landing. Rose however, doesn’t take a break as she starts flying to the sails. “Guys, we need to get out of here! Turn the ship-!”

She cuts herself off when her nose starts tickling, but before she can stop it she sneezes off the ship and lands in the nearby forest.

“ROSE!” The others call out to her, but before they can do anything, the sound of the base’s sirens begin to ring throughout the air.

As the searchlights, that are perched at the top of the island’s walls begin to direct their lights onto the Merry, the pirates begin to understand why Rose was in such a rush for them to leave.

“Everyone, split up!” Nami says as she grabs her waver from the back deck and jumps off to sail to safety while the others rush to get off the boat.

As Luffy stretches his arm to the first tree he sees, Usopp pulls a grappling hook out of his belt buckle and launches it towards another tree.

Zoro decides to try another way as he dives into the water to avoid being caught.

Sanji grabs onto Luffy while Chopper and Robin grab onto the sniper just before they go flying into different parts of the woods.

However, the doctor loses his grip mid-flight, and screams as he falls into the trees below him.

“Chopper!” Usopp calls out, but he doesn’t get an answer as Robin jumps off the sniper just before he crashes into the tree.

Robin manages to swift land on her feet before she watches Usopp land on his face. “I’m sure doctor-kun and the others are alright. For now, we need to hide.”

Usopp reluctantly agrees as he gets up and runs deeper into the woods with Robin.

Meanwhile, the wind girl flies on the same level as the trees until she reaches the coastline. When she sees the ship starting to be surrounded by lifeboats full of marine officers, she knows that she’s too late. Once flashlights start flashing towards the island, she hides in one of the trees and sits on one of its thick branches as she glares at the distant officers in frustration. *Damn, with my research in there, the World Government’s going to find out! Hold on…*

She starts calming down when she finds out that if the base holds any record of the night that the researchers disappeared, then this can be a perfect opportunity for her to uncover more of the comet’s mystery. With that possibility in mind, her lips begin to curl up into a smirk. “I don’t know if I’m being lucky or unlucky, but this is going to be interesting either way.”

She snickers to herself when she sees that the officers are no longer flashing lights onto the shore, as they focus on inspecting the ship. She takes this as her best chance to infiltrate the fortress as she uses the darkness of the night to fly towards the fortress.

As the pirate flies towards enemy territory, she surveys the area below her and spots a lone fisherman walking towards the base, so she keeps close to the trees as she watches him go inside. Once she knows that she’s safe she flies up to the building, then glances in each window until finds an empty room and invites herself inside the stronghold.


As the thousands of marine officers scramble around the fortress to close the sea gate and trap the new pirates inside, a lieutenant is going to the command room to understand the situation.

The middle-aged man, with brown muttonchop sideburns on his face, keeps a deep scowl on his face as he enters the command room. “What are we facing?”

The dozen subordinates in the room rise from their seats to salute them as a young man explains what they know. “Lieutenant Drake sir, from what we’ve gathered, the Straw Hats have invaded the base.”

Drake widens his eyes at the news before he re-composes himself. “Where’s commander Jonathan?!”

The marine, who spoke up nervously stares at the door before he gives his commanding officer his answer. “Well sir, none of us know where he is…”

The lieutenant grits his teeth at how his nonchalant leader would be missing at a time like this before he turns around. “Of course, he is. Keep me updated on any news.”

“YES SIR!” The men immediately get back to work as Drake storms off to search for his leader. However, he didn’t have to search for long because as soon as he reached his commander’s office he finds the man, that was fishing outside just a moment ago, approaching the office. “There you are commander! Don’t tell me you were out night fishing again!”

The orange haired man with a thick, dark brown, eyebrows and mustache only gives him a calm smile as he walks inside with his subordinate in pursuit. The muscular commander takes off his fishing gear as he stares out the window. “You shouldn’t be so worried; night fishing isn’t a waste you know?”

“You shouldn’t be out fishing at a time like-!” Drake stops himself when a knock is heard at the door.

Both officers stop their conversation as they see one of the officers entering the room. “Commander, I have a report from the watchmen and maintenance men.”

Jonathan nods to him as he goes to his fishing pole to do maintenance on it. “Go on.”

The subordinate has no idea on how to explain the report without sounding crazy, but in fear of getting scolded by Drake he speaks as much of it as he can. “The crews reported that they saw ghosts. They’re saying that the ship fell from the sky, but before any pirate can be seen there was no one there. There was also rumors about hands sprouting off the ship, a monster with a pink hat, and someone flying through the air.”

Drake grits his teeth at the claim as he bangs his hand on the desk. “DO YOU EXPECT US TO BELIEVE THAT IT’S HAUNTED?!”

The officer resists the urge to flinch from the outburst as he keeps his posture. “Those are the claims from the others sir.”

“I didn’t ask for ghost stories, I asked for reconnaissance! And don’t come lying to me about a ship falling from the sky!”

Jonathan chuckles at his subordinate’s irritation as he finishes adjusting his fishing rod and goes into his bounty drawer. “Now take it easy, the part about it falling from the sky is true. And about the flying person, I’m sure it’s one of the crew members.”

Drake and the subordinate look at him in confusion before Jonathan shows them Luffy, Zoro, and Rose’s wanted posters. “As I said, night fishing isn’t a waste.”

Drake reads over the three posters and stops at the drawing of the lowest bounty of the trio, who has an epithet that can prove that she can fly. “So you’re saying this Wind Rider Rose brought the ship here?”

Jonathan shakes his head as he gets up. “I wouldn’t say that, she could have something to do with the crew escaping. In any case, we should find more information about them at the source.”

Drake raises an eyebrow in confusion until he understands that he means going to the ship, so he follows his leader out of the base and on a lifeboat to reach the caravel that’s caused the base so much trouble.

The navy officers onboard are already in action as the men and women start photographing every section of the ship.

As soon as Jonathan and Drake reach the deck, they immediately head to the kitchen to find eight empty coffee cups set out on the table with a pot of coffee on a cold stove.

Jonathan takes the pot and pours the contents into a cup to see that the liquid is still hot. *So, they didn’t leave for long…*

He and Drake get approached by a marine who’s carrying an arm full of the crew’s treasure. “Sir we found something!”

The commander hums in interest as he examines the ancient gold. “The pirates must’ve stole them from some ancient city.”

Drake scowls at the treasure before he turns to the soldier. “Get them to the lab!”


“COMMANDER!” Drake and Jonathan freeze at the high and low voices calling for Jonathan, before they turn to the door to find a man and woman pair running into the kitchen in a frenzy.

The man is still catching his breath while the female officer points outside. “Sir, there’s something you need to see in the bathroom!”

The two superiors hum in confusion before they follow the lower level officers below deck. What they find in the bathroom astonishes them both, for on the tile floor, is a red and black gem with a blue glow and is surrounded by fragments of its broken container.

Drake goes up to the crystal and crouches down before it. “What kind of a rock is this?”

He goes to grab it, but before his fingers can touch it, Jonathan swats his hand away.

Drake rubs his hand before he looks up to his superior. “What’s the matter sir?”

Jonathan keeps his narrows eyes on the crystal as he remembers what his mentor, Akainu, has told him about it. “Drake, have you heard of a taboo known as Hell’s comet?”

The lieutenant knits his eyebrows in confusion before he shakes his head.

The commander nods in understanding before he spots the red backpack that’s lying on the ground. He goes through the contents of the bag until he pulls out Rose’s golden colored journal. With one glance at the notes, he can easily tell that the owner is investigating the comet that caused so many people to disappear over twenty years ago. “It appears that this crew has an astronomer who’s studying it...”

The lieutenant raises an eyebrow at the cryptic answer as he gets up. “What does this have to do with anything?”

Jonathan’s eyes move to the stone before he puts the book down. “It’s rumored that red and black crystals, such as the one on the floor have the ability to absorb radiation. Combined with the power of Hell’s comet, a group of them caused an entire research staff to disappear into the underworld, because they were messing around with them. It could be that our ghost pirates shared the same fate.”

Drake doesn’t believe a word of it as he approaches him. “You can’t be serious.”

“Oh, but I am.” Jonathan looks to the two officers at the door, who are staring to the tiny gem in horror, before he speaks to them. “Get me a small box and see if you can find some tongs in the kitchen.”

“Yes sir!” The two officers rush to get the requested items before they return with the objects.

Jonathan takes the silver tongs and the small, tin, box in his hands before he kneels in front of the stone. He carefully uses the tong to pick up the stone and drop it into the open box before he closes it tight, and hands it to the female officer. “Please bring this to the lab with the rest of the gold.”

“Y-yes sir!” She rushes off with the mysterious item while her partner gets back to searching the ship.

Once the dangerous jewel is gone, Jonathan turns to his lieutenant with a grin. “Let’s see what else we can uncover.”

Drake hesitantly agrees as he follows him through the bedrooms, and then back to the kitchen where the officers are piling books onto the table.

As Jonathan searches through the cooking equipment, he can easily tell that everything is in perfect condition. When he sees all the books on the table, he approaches them as he listens to another officer explain.

“We found a collection of medical, history, and astronomy books here. They’re all in good condition too.”

He hums in interest as he picks up one of the books. “It seems like our ghosts study a lot.”

Drake holds back the urge to roll his eyes as he scowls at his superior. “Please tell me you don’t believe in ghosts...”

Jonathan chuckles at Drake’s disbelief before he goes outside and claps his hands to get everyone’s attention. Once he knows that every male and female officers’ eyes are on him, he gives them a relaxed grin. “You’ve all done wonderfully, I need you all to remain vigilant on this investigation of the ghost ship.”

The officers begin to murmur to one another nervously about his claim that it’s a haunted ship. However, the commander acts like he couldn’t care less as he goes to his life boat. “Back to work everyone.”

“YES SIR!” The officers salute their commander as Drake joins Jonathan on the boat and sails with him back to the base.

As soon as the two men reach the base they’re joined by two captains as Jonathan leads them through the halls. While they roam the halls, as if it’s a casual meeting, Jonathan voices his findings. “It appears that the crew made it through Jaya.”

The others look at him in confusion as he keeps explaining. “The coffee aroma can only be made from the beans in Jaya. Also, legend has it that there is a city of gold in Jaya.”

One of the captain’s widens his eyes at the assumption. “So you’re saying it’s not-”

“I don’t know what the crew’s doing here, or where the members are, but that boat is just a pirate ship from Jaya.” Jonathan says without missing a single step in his stride.

“Then what about the speech about Hell’s comet?” Drake asks which makes Jonathan stop in his tracks, with the others following suit.

The commander scowls at what he’s heard of the taboo as he turns around to face them. “The story about the researchers disappearing is true. One of these pirates is an astronomer that is committing the taboo of studying Hell’s comet. However, if the entire crew was to disappear, then they would’ve left in the kitchen or on the deck. If this person was working in the bathroom, then they were conducting the experiments alone. Either that criminal is long gone by now, or they were about to start working but stopped when the ship came here.”

The three male officers, glance to each other anxiously for a moment before one of them speaks up to his superior. “So why did you tell the others that it was a ghost ship?”

Jonathan chuckles at the question before he starts walking again with a relaxed grin, while the others follow. “To be honest, our men are too inexperienced to handle something like this. If we tell everyone that the infamous Straw Hats have snuck into our ranks, it’ll cause chaos. So for now, we keep calling it a ghost ship, understand?”

“Yes sir.” The two captains say, but Drake goes up next to him.

He keeps a stern look on his face as he voices his opinion. “With all due respect, I suggest we form a small unit to search for the pirates.”

Jonathan stops again just as they reach his office and turns to his men. “Now don’t be hasty, our defenses have to be our top priority.”

Before Drake can object, Jonathan faces one of the captains. “You, go reinforce security at the gate as well as the coast.”

“Yes sir.” He salutes his commander before he goes off to do what’s asked of him.

He points to another one to give him his orders. “I want the ammunition storage and passageways secured. You have my authority to handle the task as you see fit.”

“Thank you sir.” He goes to the ammunition storage to get started.

Jonathan sees that Drake’s unsatisfied with the order and raises an eyebrow in confusion. “Is there a problem?”

Drake bites back his complaint to not doing enough before he keeps his head down. “No.”

The commander nods in satisfaction as he opens the door to his office “Don’t worry, the night’s still young. Their movements are restricted by the darkness. When dawn strikes you can assemble a team to track down the Straw Hats. I suggest starting to investigate in places where people gather.”

“Where they gather?” Drake asks with his superior nodding.

“Yes, because it’s difficult to tell one person from a crowd. Especially when it’s rather easy for the pirates to pick up some of our uniforms.”

Drake immediately understands what he means when Jonathan looks at him seriously. “It’s not that I don’t trust my officers. It’s that we’re searching for some rather clever enemies.”

Drake clenches his fists at the situation, but he understands what his superior is saying. “I’ll get started as soon as dawn breaks.”

Jonathan nods with a carefree grin as he goes into the room. “I recommend the dining hall first, as well as the archives in case our astronomer is still around.”

“Yes sir!” He salutes his leader before he goes off on his own to get to work.

What neither marine knew though, was that up in the air vents above them, Rose has been tailing them since Jonathan explained that it wasn’t a ghost ship and stealthily listened in on their conversation.

As soon as Drake’s gone, Rose quietly army crawls in the vent as she glances in each room she passes, in hopes of finding a bunker.

While she’s searching for the room, she doesn’t know whether to be happy or worried about what she heard. At one hand, it seems like they didn’t discover that she’s the one studying the taboo. With Jonathan wanting his team to search the archives, she knows that the information she’s looking for is here too. If she can make it to the library in a uniform before dawn, then she won’t have any problems.

On the other hand, it could raise more questions from Robin if she hears them talking about her work. Also, the wind girl can tell that Vice Admiral Jonathan will want to uncover the mystery of who’s the one studying the taboo.

She holds herself back from groaning as she travels the vents while she tries to remember what she knows about the filler arc. *Ok, so Luffy and Sanji are gonna be together in the kitchen. Nami will be here soon in a janitor disguise then dressed as a nurse. Zoro winds up getting caught with Usopp following him when his disguise doesn’t work. Robin manages to impersonate Condoriano, and Chopper passes himself off as a surgeon…*

She knits her eyebrows in thought of how she goes about surviving the base. She knows that everyone won’t be in until morning, so for now she needs take this chance to get a disguise, and visit the library for any knowledge on the Timore Comet’s incident.

If she can’t get in, then she just needs to blend in as much as possible without getting caught. That can’t be too hard right?

She shudders at the many possibilities that she can get caught if she tries to blend in, so she silently hopes that she can get to the library when she hears two female voices giggling below her. She stops and looks through the grate to find two girls talking to one another as they’re adjusting their uniforms.

The pirate couldn’t see either of their faces thanks to the thick grate, but she can clearly hear them.

“So, it’s true that the pirate ship’s haunted? How did it get here?”

Rose immediately freezes up at the navy officer’s voice, because it sounds almost exactly like her own voice. *What the hell?!*

She pushes her face as close to the grate as she could, but she can’t get a clear view of her face as her friend speaks to her.

“I heard that the ship fell straight from the sky!”

“Really?! That’s so cool! Think we’ll meet the ghosts if we can take a post there?!”

Rose couldn’t stop herself from smiling at how bubbly her voice sounds from the officer as she barely sees the figures grabbing their rifles.

The second girl chuckles at her friend’s excitement as she straps the gun to her shoulder. “Maybe if you do well with training tonight then you can ask for a post there. By the way, I like the color contacts but what did you do to your cheeks?”

The marine with Rose’s voice casually shrugs as she straps on her weapon. “Just practicing my makeup skills in case we ever need disguises. Do they look real?”

Rose raises an eyebrow to what ‘they’ really are, for she can’t see them, while her friend heads to the door while she answers in an approving tone. “If I didn’t know you, then I’d have thought they were natural. Let’s get going before we miss dinner.”

The officer silently agrees as she follows her out of the room and turns off the light.

Taking that as a sign that there’s no one else in the room, Rose pulls the grate out of the vent, and jumps down to get into the room. Once she’s locked the door and turned the lights back on, she surveys the orderly room to see that it holds ten bunk beds, each with two trunks in front of them.

She immediately goes to the bed where the two girls were talking and opens the trunks to find that the one in her right has clothes that can fit her. As she grabs the uniform and changes clothes, her mind begins to drift to the unknown marine who shares her voice.

The navy officer sounded so similar to the pirate’s tone, that it was like she was listening to herself talk.

Rose shakes her head to snap out of it as she finishes changing and puts her hair into a ponytail. *Now’s not the time to be wondering about voices!*

She grabs a cap from the trunk and puts it on before she looks inside for anything else for the uniform, but that’s all she needs as she finds another uniform neatly piled in the corner, while on the other side of the box holds a makeup kit, a stationary, stuffed envelopes, and a small mirror.

She reaches inside for the mirror, to make sure the blue neck scarf is straight, but stops when she notices that the reflection isn’t moving with her!

She silently gasps when she realizes that it’s not a mirror, but actually a photo of the marine who has her voice.

The wind girl can feel her blood run cold as she stares at her own face, with only two differences between her and the marine in the picture. The first being that Rose’s freckles are nowhere to be seen on the girl’s pale complexion. The second being that instead of a pair of amethyst eyes staring at her, big, dark green orbs take their place. “You’ve-you’ve gotta be fucking kidding me…”

With a trembling hand, she reaches for the photo of the brown-haired girl, to get a closer look in hopes of it being a joke. However, as she holds onto the image, there’s no denying what this means for her. *MY DOPPELGANGER’S A MARINE!*


A Wish on a Comet (Luffy x OC) Ch 34
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As morning came for the Sky Island, everyone is up and about with the natives either trading dials for Usopp’s blue sea objects or off to search for the golden bell.

Meanwhile, the rest of the pirates, except for Robin, followed Luffy through the city where he told them where he saw a pile of gold. That gold however, is inside the giant, sleeping, python that Eneru attacked, so Zoro stays outside to make sure the snake stays asleep while the others go into the serpent’s stomach.

“What has this snake been eating?” Sanji asks as he grabs some treasure.

When he sees Nami struggling to pull a crown out from between the rocks, he puts his findings in his pockets and goes to the beautiful girl. “Let me help.”

Nami looks to the chef, and happily smiles at him as she steps back. “Thanks, Sanji.”

“Anything for you Nami-san.” He struggles with the golden crown, that’s fit for a queen, for a moment before he manages to pull it out.

When he sees that it’s not covered with stomach acid, he lightly dusts it off before he gently places it on her head. “Lovely.”

Nami grins at the compliment and mutters a thank you to him, as she goes off with the crown still on her head. Little did she know, Rose slyly took a picture of Sanji crowning her.

The brunette softly grins at how Sanji is staring at Nami with a sweet smile before he goes off to his own scavenging work. What surprised her though, is that Nami snuck a glance at the chef just after he looked away and then grabbed some loot. *Now this is interesting.*

She chuckles at the possible pairing before she grabs her loot, goes to her blanket that’s laid out on the flat ruin, and piles as much as she can on there. As she treasure hunts in the serpent, she also searches around for any other two-colored gems. However, the only thing she could find were golden trinkets. *Looks like I’ll only have the samples from last night to work with. This is still pretty awesome! I gotta get started!*

She grins in excitement of what she can do in her experiments as she puts the last pieces of her findings on her pile, that’s almost as big as Chopper. She wraps her blanket around them for a makeshift sack, and ties up the ends before she hauls it over her shoulder. “I’m gonna look for that weapon I stole from Eneru. I’ll meet you guys at the ship.”

The others wave her off as she gets out through the snake’s mouth. Once outside, she sees Zoro doing pushups, regardless of his injuries. “Hey Zoro, do you know what happened to the two-pronged spear that fell with the leaf yesterday?”

He stops for a moment before he points to his right. “I think I saw it over there.”

Rose nods as she looks to the opposite direction, where she can see a part of the fallen beanstalk. “That way then, thanks.”

He groans at her comment as he watches her starting to create wind for both herself and the gold. “You’re not seriously keeping that weird spear, are you?”

“Of course not, I’m gonna pawn it off for a new sword.” When she starts floating, she turns to him with a small grin. “In the meantime, is there a chance that I can borrow one of your swords for training?”

He smirks at the question as he goes back to his pushups. “Hell no, you gotta use your own weapons to train.”

She blinks at the challenge before she returns the smirk. “I see how it is. Alright then smartass, I’m gonna use that spear to fight you!”

He chuckles at her confidence as he goes back to his own training, while she flies off.

As Rose heads to the beanstalk, she can’t stop thinking about what she can do with her two samples. There are so many things that she can try with only two gems, that it’s hard to know where to begin. *I don’t know enough to try a round trip. Besides, if Luffy found out he would want the whole crew to come even with no sure way to get back.*

She chuckles at imagining everyone’s mixed reactions of shocked, scared and excited for if Luffy announced that they’re going on an other-worldly adventure. “Maybe someday...”

She shakes her head at the hopeful possibility of the crew travelling the worlds together, as she reaches the base of the beanstalk, and finds the two-pronged spear lying on the ground.

As she lands on the ground and grabs the golden weapon, she can’t help but think of how even if she’s confident enough to pull off a round trip, she wouldn’t try going back to New York. With that in mind, she comes to a decision on what her first official experiment will be. *I wonder how everyone in that city is doing...*

She quietly sighs to herself as she flies to the ship with her loot, and mentally prepares for the experiment with thoughts of the friends that she left behind.


Just after the Timore comet flew past New York City, news reports and eye witnesses of the beautiful comet was all that everyone’s been talking about. However, it only took a week for the news reports and gossip to die down, and start to be forgotten by most. All except for the owners of a small pizza restaurant that a missing girl used to work at.

A poster with Rose’s picture on it, that has a message below it that says, ‘Have you seen me?’, is taped on the glass window in hopes for anyone to give the owners some news, but with no luck.

Timothy sadly sighs to himself as he wipes the counter in the empty restaurant and adjusts his glasses as he looks at the window, where another picture of her is taped on the window to the inside the restaurant. “Did you really do it? You said you didn’t figure out how to leave yet...”

He’s only met with silence as his mother walks out of the kitchen with a small bin of grated cheese in her hands. When the middle-aged woman sees what her son is staring at, she softly glances at the photo before she puts on a brave face and puts the cheese in the toppings section of the counter. “If you’re going to just stare at the picture, then I’ll take it down.”

The slightly chubby boy snaps out of it from the comment and narrows his brown eyes at her. “How can you say that?! Aren’t you worried at all?! She could be getting chased down by titans for all we know!”

Naomi rolls her eyes at his claim as she looks to see what other toppings they need out front. “For the last time, she didn’t disappear to another world. She just ran away.”

He grows irritated at her denial as he points to the picture. “You know the timing’s too perfect for it to be anything but disappearing! And she has no reason to run away from her family!”

*If only you knew…* She bites back her desire to tell him about Rose’s abuse from her foster family, to make sure he doesn’t kill them, and heads back to the kitchen. “Think what you want, but we’ve had employees run away before, and this isn’t different. I’m giving those pictures one more week before they go down, are we clear?”

“Crystal…” He pouts to his mother’s coldness as he gets back to work while Naomi goes back to the kitchen.

The skinny woman only looks ahead as she zips through the kitchen and goes into the back office. Once she shuts the door behind her, she goes to the computer on her desk. She grits her teeth as she searches through her desktop files until she finds one that’s titled ‘Rose’s conversations’.

Ever since she learned of Rose’s foster family, she’s made sure to speak to the teenage girl about the abuse where the security cameras can record them. That way, when she was no longer in the foster care system, she could get her justice. But now that she’s gone, no matter what the reason, Naomi has no reason to keep this a secret.

She goes into her drawer for a flash drive and digs through the clutter, but instead of finding a drive, she found a plastic bag with six memory chips from cameras.

She blinks at the bag as she takes a closer look at the dusty old memory cards and remembers that Rose was the one who gave them to her. Just after she finally gave them her application.


“The Timore comet?” Naomi asks, unsure if she heard her employee right, as Rose stands in front of her and her son in the kitchen.

Rose nods as she shows them pictures of a blue comet that she got from the internet. “Yea, it’s what I’m researching. It has the ability to travel to other worlds.”

Both Timothy and Naomi just stare at her like she has two heads, so she frowns at them. “Alright, I’ll get the questions out of the way right now. I’m not part of some cult, I haven’t seen it yet, and-”

She stops continuing the list of assumptions, that her peers taunted her with about her belief in the comet’s power, when she was about to say that her parents actually died, instead of abandoning her to go to another world.

She shakes her head of the memory of the insults, and looks away from them. “Look, I’m researching it to get out of this world, so if I stop coming back then I succeeded. I just wanted to give you that fair warning before I give you my application.”

Timothy adjusts his glasses to get a better view of the picture as he remembers the soda incident, that happened a month ago. “So that’s why those bitches called you a comet- Ow!”

Naomi cuts him off by slapping him upside the head. “Language!”

Rose chuckles at the family spat as she grabs her application from her backpack. “Yea, those assholes don’t believe that I can actually do it, but- Hey!”

She’s cut off when Naomi smacks her too. “What is with you kids and cursing?!”

The teenage girl rubs the sore spot on her head but keeps on a small smile from being scolded. “I blame social media!”

“I blame MTV!” Timothy calls out with Naomi smacking both of their heads.

“I blame your stupidity...” Naomi groans out with the two kids chuckling at her irritation.

Timothy quiets down as he looks at Rose in confusion. “So, this comet can really travel to other worlds? How did you get into this?”

Rose blinks at the question, for this is the first time that someone has been genuinely curious about her research, instead of just playing it off as her lying. Nonetheless, she tries not to expect too much in case he insults it. “My parents are astronomy professors, they’re the ones who started it. We’re all working to figure out its secrets so that we can explore the universes.”

She studies his movements carefully, but instead of seeing disbelief or ridicule, she sees him starting to grin in excitement. “That’s awesome! You gotta go to the One Piece world first! That’s where I’d go if I could choose!”

She slightly widens her eyes at how he easily believes her, but she hides her shock behind a happy grin. “You know, with what I’ve looked into so far, I think I would choose that one too.”

He grins at her, but before he could say anything, he looks at the wall clock to see that it’s almost 11:30. “Oh shit, it’s time to open!”

He runs out of the room while he ignores Naomi’s scolding for his cursing.

The redheaded woman groans at the kids’ antics as she turns to Rose. “Your parents are really studying this thing?”

Rose freezes when she sees the same look of doubt on her boss’ face that she receives from everyone else, so she softly sighs as she gives her the form. “Yea, but I’m not asking you to believe us. I just don’t want to feel guilty for disappearing on you guys.”

The taller woman blinks at the dismissal as she reads the form, that holds only her information from when her birth parents were alive. “I honestly don’t believe you, but it’s not like I can stop you. I’ll keep this in mind when you stop coming back.”

The freckled teen accepts the indifference, for it’s better than ridicule, and goes into her bag. “There’s also one more thing.”

Naomi hums in confusion as she takes out a plastic bag with camera memory chips in them. “If I give these to you, can you promise not to look in them?”

She blinks her brown eyes at the bag before she looks at her suspiciously. “What’s in the chips?”

“Videos, I’m not sure how long I’ll be staying in this world, so I made a few…” She eyes the cards for the right description for them before she looks up at Naomi. “Tribute videos for everyone who’s been in my life, including you guys. I want to surprise you all after I turn eighteen, but I don’t want them to get discovered by the others.”

The older woman raises an eyebrow at the idea, but she doesn’t see why not as she takes them from her. “Fine but promise not to go too deep in talking about this comet. I don’t want Timothy trying to go with you.”

The brunette frowns at the command before she turns away from her. “Trust me, I don’t want to drag anyone else into this…”

She walks off to get to work at the front of the restaurant without another word.

Naomi quietly sighs at the girl’s retreat as she looks down at the application and memory cards in her hands. “Who did I let into our lives?”


Naomi sadly stares at the bag before she abandons her search for a flash drive and instead grabs a memory card reader. Once everything’s set up, she takes out one of the memory cards and puts it in the reader.

The only thing she sees in the file is one video. As soon as she opens it, she raises an eyebrow at the screen showing a dimly lit supply closet.

“Is this freaking working?”

Naomi widens her eyes at the familiar voice, but it sounds younger than she remembers it. The focus shifts all around until it finally shows a child version of Rose.

The red headed woman can barely figure out if the overly skinny child's eleven or twelve from the view, but what's shocking to her is the fresh bruises and scratches on her face, arms, and legs. She can only remain silent as the kid curiously stares down at it. "Man, I hope I figured out the recording feature. Who the hell throws away a perfectly good camera anyway?"

She chuckles at the previous owner’s wastefulness as she places the device on a shelf, so that she’s facing the camera. “Well, their loss is my gain. I honestly don’t know if what I’m about to do will work, but I want to do something to make sure that no one else will be trapped here after I’m gone.”

Naomi widens her eyes at the explanation as she listens to the child, who’s staring back at her with a determined look on her face. “My name is Rose Catone, and I’m Rick Murphy’s foster child. Under sound mind and body, I’m testifying that I’m physically and verbally abused in this foster home.”

“Oh my god…” Naomi can’t believe what she’s hearing as Rose continues her testimony.

“This closet for example, I consider it my second bedroom.” Rose picks up the camera to capture the apartment building’s supply closet. “You see, half the time after Rick beats me up, I get thrown out of the apartment to fend for myself. I know how dangerous it is for a kid to sleep outside in this city, so I normally go to the roof, but when the weather’s bad I sleep in the building’s supply closet.”

The restaurant owner’s rage begins to rise at the new fact as she forces herself to stay seated and see what else her employee left behind in these videos.

Meanwhile, Timothy is tiredly sweeping the floor just when the door slams open. “You know this girl?!”

The nineteen year old freezes at the masculine voice, when he sees a blond, muscular police officer holding the picture of Rose that was outside.

The pale boy squeaks at the cop, that he’s heard so much about from Rose, before he happily responds to him. “Oh my god, you really do look like Smoker!”

A tick mark begins to form on the older man’s forehead as he sarcastically answers him. “Great, you’re another one…”

Timothy giggles at his irritation as he holds a hand to him. “If you mean another anime lover then yes. My name’s Timothy, Rose told me all about you.”

He scowls at the kid, but nonetheless he shakes his hand. “My name is Robert, not Smoker. Got it?”

The kid nods as he looks to Rose’s picture. “So, you started your search huh?”

Robert raises an eyebrow at the question. “What search?”

“For Rose.”

This is the first time the cop is hearing this as he puts the picture on the counter. “You’re telling me that she’s missing?!”

Timothy looks at him in shock before he hastily answers him. “Yea, she disappeared since last week! You didn’t notice?!”

Robert widens his eyes at the news, and thinks back on how for the past week he hasn’t caught her street performing once. “Do you have her address on file? I can look into this for you.”

The brown haired boy nods as he goes to the kitchen. “Yea, it’s on her application. Wait here.”

The cop complies as he waits in the front while Timothy heads to the office. As the teenage boy opens the door, he pauses when he sees Naomi on the computer.

He knits his eyebrows in confusion as he quietly goes up behind his mother to see what she’s watching. The second that he saw what was on the screen though, he had to make sure that he was still wearing his glasses.

Sadly, his eyes weren’t fooling him as he watches a video, angled from a high shelf, of a sixteen year old version of his friend being attacked by two teenage, blond, girls, and a big man, with the same tan skin as them, in an apartment living room.

As he watches Rose fighting her abusers, and taking their insults, rage begins to bubble inside of him. He becomes furious not just because of her not telling him about this, but also because it brings back bad memories for him. Memories of how his own father acted towards him when he trained him to fight, until he learned of his sexuality and walked out on him and Naomi, not long before Rose showed up in their lives.

Before he could say anything, the video goes black for a moment before it changes to Rose chuckling to the camera in the supply closet. “To whoever’s watching, sorry if last night’s fight made you uncomfortable. I knew that one was coming because they found out that I hid a job from them, so I managed to time the recording to capture the proof.”

She grins at the memory of the soda incident before she eyes the camera. “I will admit though; the fight was worth it for how they found out. You see these bullies, who are my foster sisters’ cronies, found out I worked at a restaurant and tried to blackmail me into a free lunch. When they spilt soda on me on purpose though, my friend Timothy sprayed soda on both of them for revenge.”

She laughs at the memory as before she continues with a soft smile. “The owner, Naomi, even stood up to them by showing that she recorded the whole blackmailing. I was sure that I was gonna get fired, but those good people didn’t give up on me.”

Timothy and Naomi both feel a mix of happy and sad for their friend’s kind words as she freezes.

The freckled girl loses her smile, and knits her eyebrows in thought for a moment, as she thinks of telling her audience one of her secrets. “Sorry, I digress, I bet you’re all wondering: ‘If I made such good friends then why didn’t I say anything about my foster family’s abuse to them, or even told Bobby or some other cop?’ Well first, Timothy and Naomi don’t deserve to get dragged into my problems. They’ve done enough for me. And while I want to have enough evidence for you all to believe me, there is another reason why I didn’t say anything…”

She looks to the door to make sure that it’s shut before she nervously looks to the camera. “See, after the first few beatings, I was ready to report him to the police. But Rick found out and showed me things online. Terrible things that can happen to foster kids, and makes getting hit look merciful. I don’t know who’s gonna see this, so I won’t say what they were, but I consider myself one of the lucky ones compared to kids on the street.”

She stops herself when she feels like she’s defending his actions, so she raises her hands defensively. “Now I’m not saying that what he’s doing to me is ok. The bastard can’t be allowed to take in anymore kids, but he showed me that I’m stuck in a broken system. This government brings orphans to homes that look safe in the public eye, but they could do god knows what to them behind closed doors. I don’t want to be one of those kids that get dragged from place to place, where assholes can do whatever they want to me, so I stayed and took the lesser of two evils. Once I turn eighteen and I’m finally free though, I’m gonna make sure that Rick the dick gets his justice!”

She quietly chuckles at the nickname for her foster dad before a yawn accidentally comes out. “Right now though, I need to go to sleep, and trudge through. Good night, whoever you are.”

Timothy neither notices, nor cares, about his eyes tearing up from his friend’s speech, as he watches her bruised arm reach for the camera and finish the video. “Why the hell didn’t she say anything?!”

Naomi jumps off the chair from her son’s squeaky complaint and finally notices that he’s with her. She sees the tears falling from his eyes and immediately knows that he saw the video, so there’s no point in denying it. She sadly goes up to him and pulls the taller boy in her embrace. “She didn’t want to risk being sent somewhere worse, I’m sorry you had to learn the truth like this.”

He finds her calmness about the situation to be disturbing, for he knows she would be just as mad as he is, so he pulls away from her and weakly glares at her. “Wait, did you know?!”

Naomi looks at him with guilt in her eyes before she sighs. “I knew since last fall when I caught her performing in front of her parents’ graves. I wanted to report this too, but she refused and said she’ll deny it. I’ve been making recordings of her talking about it in the restaurant, to get him arrested when she’s out of the system, but it looks like she already had this planned.”

The pale boy doesn’t say anything as he wipes his tears, and goes into the drawer for Rose’s application to study the address.

“What are you doing?” Naomi asks, as he hands her the application with a dark scowl on his face.

“Finding where my target lives...”

The restaurant owner shivers at the dark, low tone in his voice, but before he can leave she runs to the door to block him off. “Don’t be stupid!”

He glares at her, but refuses to use force on her. “Get out of my way!”

She doesn’t back down as she glares back at her son. “No, that doesn’t have her real address!”

He freezes at the answer while Naomi explains it to him. “When she gave us that application, she used the information from when her parents were alive! I didn’t make her update it because I didn’t want you to try going after him!”

The boy’s fury grows even higher at the explanation. “Are you serious?! Didn’t you care about her at all?!”

The redhead clicks her tongue at his anger as she stands her ground. “Of course I did, but life isn’t a manga! If you went after him, it wouldn’t have helped her! And even if I reported her abuse, we don’t know where she would’ve end up! There’s no point in fighting about who was right or wrong! We need to report this to the police and see if they can find her!”

He stops when he remembers the Smoker lookalike in the front room and begins to evilly smirk at her. “You know, I think you’re right. I know just the cop for the job too…”

Naomi raises an eyebrow at his ominous answer as he grabs the application and the bag of memory chips. “Were these her videos?”

Naomi nods, but she keeps her ground in front of the door. “Hold on, what are you planning?”

“Do you remember the cop that kept chasing Rose? We can get his help.”

The restaurant owner knits her eyebrows in thought of the cop and freezes. “Wait, we don’t even know how to get in touch with this Bobby guy!”

“Don’t need to, he’s in the front room.”

She looks at him in shock before she runs to the front room and finally meets the cop that chased Rose into their lives. “You’re Bobby?”

He twitches an eyebrow in irritation before he answers her. “My name is Robert, not Bobby.”

She quietly sighs at her employee’s antics as she walks up to him. “Sorry, I’ve only heard of you as Bobby. My name’s Naomi, I own this restaurant.”

Robert nods in acknowledgment and shows her Rose’s photo. “The last time you saw her was a week ago?”

She nods as doesn’t notice Timothy walking out of the kitchen. “That’s right, she missed three shifts and hasn’t called us. We tried calling her, but she gave us a false number…”

Robert widens his eyes at this when Timothy steps up to him and gives him her application and video cards. “We don’t know where she is, but we know she’s a foster kid. You should find out where she was living in your system. You might want to look in these before you go there.”

He raises an eyebrow at the remark as he looks at the offerings in his hands. “What are they?”

“Videos she left behind in case this happened. Just promise that you’ll come back here to tell us what you find.”

Robert looks to see that he’s completely serious about this and turns away from them. “I’ll keep you both updated on this case.”

The two restaurant workers hum in confusion as he takes a pad from his belt and writes down his contact information. “If either of you find out anything, you can call me.”

Naomi hums in agreement as she takes the paper from him and gives him a pamphlet. “We will, our number is on this, so you can call us anytime.”

He silently agrees as he takes the pamphlet and walks out to open a new case.


In the New York Police Station, it’s as busy as ever with officers hearing complaints from civilians, or taking in criminals.

Robert however, is holed up in an interrogation room with a laptop and setting up the memory card reader for Rose’s videos. Before he could play any of the cards, a bald guy with dark skin, who looks to be the same age as Robert walks into the room.

Robert doesn’t notice his scrawny partner’s arrival as he walks closer to the computer with papers in his hand. “I got the information on her; do you have it set up?”

The blond officer snaps out of it to the deep-pitched voice and motions him to sit in the chair next to him. “Almost Andrew. What do you have on her?”

Andrew sighs at the question as he plops down next to him and puts Rose’s file on the table. “Looks like your street performer friend has been in the system since she was ten. Both her parents were murdered during a break in that wound up with the apartment going up in flames. Luckily, she left on the fire escape before she could get hurt. Ever since then, she’s been Rick and Maria Murphy’s foster child.”

“Shit…” Robert runs a hand through his hair as he processes the information, and remembers the times when he’s seen bruises on the kid. Even though he has an inkling about what was going on, he needs to see it with his own eyes before he could get into action. “We’ll go visit them after we look at one of these. Her friend was really serious about us looking at them.”

Andrew blinks at his partner’s priorities, but he agrees as he watches him turn on one of the videos.

The two officers keep their full attention to the video as they find it showing a high-up angle of a video showing Rick attacking a twelve year old girl.

“You stupid brat!” The officers widen their eyes at Rick’s anger as they watch him punch Rose in the face.

“What do you think you were doing looking in my files?!”

The little girl narrows her purple eyes at the man as she shows him, and the camera, the paper in her hands. “Seeing how a single man with twins can take on a foster kid! You made it look like your wife’s still married to you didn’t-?”

He cuts her off to jump back to dodge a slap from him. Rick narrows his eyes on the scrawny brat as he grabs her by the collar of her shirt, and knees her in the gut. “And so what if I did? It’s not like she would care for you.”

Rose dry hacks from the hard hit, as her foster dad takes the application for his foster license from her, and drags her to the door by her shirt. “You should be grateful you didn’t meet that whore. She’d probably sell you on the street instead of just throwing you out. If I catch you snooping through my things again though, then I’ll consider doing that too!”

He throws her out the door without another thought and locks her out.

“What the fuck?” Andrew cannot believe what he’s hearing, but Robert can barely keep his cool as he gets ready to leave. However, before he could get up, the video goes black for a moment and changes to the kid chuckling to the camera in a supply closet.

The kid doesn’t act like she’s been hurt at all as she speaks to her audience. “Sorry for the scare in yesterday’s fight, but I wanted to see if I can make timed recordings with this camera. When I found out that he forged his ex-wife, Maria’s, signature on his foster parent application, I thought it was a perfect opportunity.”

She loses her smile as she remembers the application and looks to the door. “Honestly though, I’m disappointed that the cops or even the social workers didn’t figure it out. I’m sure they could access divorce papers, can’t they?”

Robert twitches an eyebrow at how the people who sent her there could overlook this as Rose continues. “Well, from what I’ve seen Maria never visits Rick or even her real daughters, so I guess she didn’t care.”

She shakes her head at the woman’s abandonment for her kids as she glares at the camera. “Honestly, people like her shouldn’t have kids! At least Rick cares for the twins, but she has no excuse!”

She takes a deep breath through her nose to calm down before she looks to the camera. “Sorry for the rant, speaking of cops though, I think I made friends with one a couple of months ago.”

Robert and Andrew freeze at the comment as she grins at her thoughts on the chain smoking cop. “His name’s Robert, but I like to call him Bobby. We met when he caught me street performing without a permit. Now this guy’s really on the book. He immediately noticed my bruises and literally dragged me to the station, until I stopped him by hitting his leg with my guitar case.”

She chuckles at the memory of her first meeting with the policeman. “This guy wouldn’t give up though, when I made a run for it, he actually gave chase for I think ten blocks.”

She smirks at the screen as she snickers at the fun chase. “Of course, I dodged the man at every turn. Ever since that day, he would chase me around the city whenever we meet. I honestly think it’s become a part of his job description.”

Andrew chuckles at the child’s antics, but Robert’s not amused as he narrows his dark eyes on the screen.

Rose quietly sighs at the fun memories as she softly grins at them. "You know though, it's good to see that not every cop is corrupted. He still chases me around, even when I'm a total shithead to him. He could easily let me go and not bother, but I think he really cares for us little guys. If I'm still in this world when I'm eighteen, I'm gonna come clean to him when I persecute Rick. With Bobby taking the case, I'm sure it'll be a fair trial."

Robert widens his eyes at the praise, and couldn't believe that this sentimental kid is really the sassy brat that he's been chasing for the past five years. Even though he knew something was up with her, he honestly didn't want to believe that such a happy looking girl was suffering. If he had caught her just once, maybe he could've changed things.

He tries not to feel too guilty about the situation, as he watches Rose shake her head from her little speech and give them the peace sign. "If I was being mushy, I'm sorry. I just didn't want to end the feed on a bad note. I'll see ya later, whoever you are."

The video ends at that with both policemen being shell shocked at what they just watched.

Andrew swallows a lump in his throat when he voices one of the biggest things that’s bothering him. “When she said, ‘if I’m still in this world’, she didn’t mean…”

He starts worrying that she expected to die before she turns eighteen, when Robert bangs the table to snap his partner out of it and gets up. “We’re going there right now and cuffing this son of a bitch! We’ll drop this off to the DA for a warrant, come on!”

Andrew can barely keep up, as he grabs the file and video chip that they watched, and runs out of the room with his partner.


It didn’t take long for the officers to find the rundown apartment building that’s been used as Rose’s foster home. As soon as the officers parked the car, they reached the door and rang the doorbell with a small sticker that said ‘landlord’ under it.

It only took a few minutes before a fat, old, Caucasian man in jeans and a polo shirt opened the door. The mean looking man raises an eyebrow at the policemen as he speaks in a thick Russian accent. “What are you here for?”

The two officers glance at each other for a second before Andrew speaks to him. “We’re looking for Rick Murphy, can you tell us which apartment he lives in?”

The old man blinks at the request before he moves out of the doorway to let them in. “So, you’re finally here for Zolushka.”

Robert raises an eyebrow at the name as he walks in with his partner. “Zolushka?”

The landlord nods as he leads them up the stairs. “Yea, the little orphan who’s like that girl. You know with the glass shoe.”

They look at him in confusion for a moment before Andrew figures out what the immigrant is saying. “Oh, ‘Cinderella’.”

The old man nods as he continues his trek up the stairs. “Yea, you’re here about her, aren’t you?”

Robert nods, but nonetheless he’s becoming irritated at how nonchalant he is about it. “Yea, when was the last time you saw her?”

He thinks back with a grin at the times he's enjoyed her performances on the roof, and sometimes tutored her in the guitar. "A few weeks ago, when I watched her play her guitar on the roof, she always goes there after she gets kicked out. Since it's been pretty quiet, she must've ran away. Good for her!"

Andrew widens his eyes at his reminiscing. “Did you know about Rose’s abuse?!”

He scoffs in acknowledgement as he looks to the stairs ahead of them. “There’s nothing in my building, that I don’t know about.”

“Then why didn’t you say anything?!” Robert asks, with the white-haired man narrowing his blue eyes at him.

"And what would you do if I did, send her somewhere else to get tortured?!" He grunts at them as he stops to take a break from the long trek. "You know nothing of how dangerous it is in your precious country! When you lose your parents, you get thrown in a dog eat dog world! Zolushka knew how badly a child like her could suffer, and stuck it out where she only gets hit!"

The cops couldn’t come up with a proper comeback when they reach the door to Rick’s apartment.

The landlord roughly knocks on the door until he hears footsteps approaching. “Have fun taking down this piece of shit.”

The policemen blink at the happiness in the Russian's voice as they watch him walk back downstairs, just when the door opens.

As soon as Rick opens the door, he widens his eyes at the two cops in front of him, before he nervously grins at them. "Hello there, what can I do for you?"

“Are you Rick Murphy?” Robert asks with the man nodding.

The blond cop holds himself back from pouncing on him, to not blow a chance on finding where Rose could be, as Andrew calmly speaks to him. “We’re looking for your foster child, Rose Catone, is she home?”

He blinks at the question before he shakes his head. “Sorry, but she’s not here. What kind of nonsense did she get into this time?”

Robert narrows his eyes at the man before him. “You tell us, her job hasn’t seen her for the past week.”

Rick raises an eyebrow at how her employers could be worried about someone like her, but he shrugs it off. “She must’ve quit without telling anyone. She’s always careless about others.”

“And when was the last time you saw her?” Andrew asks as he goes into his pocket for the warrant.

Rick thinks hard on the last time that he saw the freckled girl, but his mind is at a blank. He, Marie, and Laura haven’t seen her all week, but they haven’t given it a second thought. However, the cops don’t need to know that. “I just saw her this morning, she’s probably off street performing.”

Robert grows completely irritated at the lie. “If that’s the case, you should have no problem with us taking you in for questioning.”

The foster father widens his blue eyes at them before he steps back. “Hold on, I’m not leaving without a-”

Andrew cuts him off by showing him the legal documents. “We already have a warrant for your arrest, don’t make this harder for yourself.”

Rick gets taken aback at this as he grabs the door. “Arrested for what?!”

“Negligence, child abuse, forging your ex-wife’s signature on your foster parent application, take a pick!” Robert says when the door is about to get slammed in their faces, but Andrew stops the door.

Rick barely cares as he runs to the fire escape. Just when he's about escape from the window though, Robert grabs him by the shoulders, pulls him back inside, and slams his face to the wall.

Rick however, refuses to let himself get arrested as he back kicks his assailant to get him off of him. Andrew goes to grab him, but has to duck to dodge a punch.

Robert avoids the raging man’s next kick and punches him square in the face to let him fall to the floor with a nosebleed.

While he's down, Robert pins him on his stomach while Andrew mirandizes him.

Rick barely listens to the man though, as he tries to wrestle him off try to get him off. However, Robert overpowers him as he punches him in the head again, and slams him down before he puts a cuff on him.

With the sound of the metal clicking on his wrist, Rick can feel that it’s over for him, but he refuses to stop as he futilely struggles in Robert’s grasp. “Stop, you can’t do this!”

Robert scoffs at the plea as he finally gets the cuffs on from behind his back. “Shut up, you-”


The three men stop when they see Marie and Laura looking scared at what’s happening to their dad.

Robert takes this chance to pull himself and Rick up from the floor. “Who are you two?”

The twins look at each other nervously before Laura answers them. “I’m Laura and this is my sister Marie, what’s going on?”

Andrew approaches the pampered looking girls and tries to calmly explain the situation to them. “We’re taking your dad into custody to discuss the case on your missing foster sister.”

Marie can’t believe what she’s hearing. “What are you talking about? That stupid bitch isn’t missing!”

Robert twitches an eyebrow at the girl’s insult as he answers them. “Then where is she?!”

The twins freeze at the question, for they can’t give him an answer that can defend their case.

“She’s just hiding to get attention!” Laura says but neither cop will hear of it as they take Rick to the door.

“Then he’ll be released soon. You girls need to come with us as well.” Robert says as he drags the struggling Rick out of the door.

Both eighteen year old girls barely know what to do, except to follow as Andrew ushers them out of the apartment for questioning.


A month has passed since that day, with Timothy and Naomi living peacefully. They received occasional updates from Robert about the police’s search for Rose, but they’ve found nothing to go by.

What really surprised the restaurant owners though, was the news reports. A few reporters from local news channels have caught wind of how Rose’s disappearance happened around the same time as the comet’s arrival. Not only that, when they found out that Rose’s parents were studying the Timore comet, they’ve spread the story that she could've completed her family’s research, and left this universe through the comet’s power.

However, with no proof on this being true, many people have treated this claim as a rumor. Only a few truly believe in the story, such as Timothy has.

The boy right now is currently cleaning up shop when a familiar pair of policemen walk in. He brightens up at the men as he waves at them. “Well if it isn’t Andy and Smokey. What can I get you guys?”

Andrew chuckles at the nickname for his partner while Robert twitches an eyebrow.

Nonetheless, the blond officer gave up on correcting him as he approaches the counter. “Just get us the usual. We’re taking it to go.”

Timothy nods as he gets a slice of sausage and a slice of pepperoni pizza from the display cases and into the oven. Once they’re in, he looks to the policemen with eagerness in his brown eyes. “So, what’s the news?”

Robert can barely hold back a smirk from the result of Rick’s trial, that finished yesterday. “The asshole’s guilty, he got a ten-year sentence.”

The nineteen year old happily grins at the news as he gets out some paper cups for their sodas. “That’s awesome! Did he say anything else about the last time he saw her?”

Andrew sighs in disappointment as he shakes his head. “Sorry kid, all he said was that she left that night to see the comet and never came back.”

Timothy’s face fell at the update as he fills both cups with Sprite, gives the drinks to them, and then gets some paper plates for the pizzas. “I see, I wish she told me that she was leaving this world...”

“You really believe that the comet brought her out of this universe?” Andrew asks with the brunette nodding.

“I know it, it’s too much of a coincidence for her to just run away without saying anything.”

Robert softly stares at the boy before he nods to him. “You’re right. Wherever she is, she’s probably causing a mountain of trouble for the natives.”

Andrew snickers at his passiveness, for he knows that his partner is secretly missing his chases with her. “I bet you she’s being chased by the real Smoker right now.”

Timothy giggles at the thought of her pissing off the real White Chaser as he goes to the oven. “She’s probably messing with him by saying he has a long lost twin and is calling him ‘Bobby the Second’.”

The two teasers laugh at the assumption while Robert tiredly sighs at their joke. “I pity him if that’s the case...”

Timothy grins at them as he pulls out the slices from the oven, puts them on paper plates, and gives them to his customers. “How long will the search last?”

“We can’t tell you that, but we’ll let you know what we find.” Robert says as he pays for the meal and heads out with his partner.

“I’ll hold you to it!” Timothy says as he waves them off until they leave. Once he’s alone, he tiredly sighs as he looks to the window, that no longer holds Rose’s photos, but now holds help wanted posters.

As he thinks that life is finally becoming stable again, something outside destroys that belief. That being a pair of twin girls with too much makeup on, tank tops, shorts that barely cover their butts, and their curly blond hair in ponytails, walking inside.

“Oh, hell no!” He immediately recognizes the sisters from Rose’s video, and goes to his soda gun before he glares at the girls from behind his glasses. “What do you two want?!”

Marie and Laura both grow nervous under the evil glare, that reminds them of Rose’s glare of death, but that’s the least of their problems. For even though they weren’t charged for helping Rick in the abuse, they now have to provide for themselves as legal adults.

From what Timothy can see though, that isn’t going well for them as Marie nervously steps up. “We’re not here to cause trouble.”

The employee however, keeps his guard up as he sets the soda gun to orange soda. “Then what are you doing here?”

“We need jobs...” Laura begrudgingly says as she looks around the small restaurant. “We’re desperate, no one will take us.”

Marie nods as she stands her ground. “You guys didn’t replace the comet freak yet, did you? Then-”

She stops when she and Laura loudly squeal in fear as they jump to dodge the shots of orange soda that are flying at them.

Naomi leaves the kitchen when she hears the loud noise, and widens her brown eyes at the sight of Rose's foster sisters running around the room to avoid her son's soda shots.

Timothy doesn't notice his mom's arrival as he stops shooting and glares at the spoiled women. "If you bitches are still calling her that then you haven't learned anything! Give me one good reason to hire you!"

Laura steps up to him with a seductive smirk as she leans over the counter and bats her eyelashes at him. “With a pair of beauties like us, we can bring you in way more customers.”

Timothy blankly stares at the flirting girl before he points his soda gun at her face with a dark scowl, and speaks in a low, scary tone. “Listen to me very closely, even if I wasn’t gay, I wouldn’t be interested. Also, all that makeup doesn’t make you look beautiful, it makes you look pathetic.”

The poor girl didn't know whether to be more frightened or embarrassed by his reaction, as she takes a step back with tears in her blue eyes.

Marie rushes to give her a comforting hug before she glares at him. “We don’t see a lot of people lining up for this place! What other choice do you have?!”

He’s heard enough as he gets ready to fire, but Naomi puts her hand in front of the device to stop him. “Hold on Timothy, we should hire them.”

Timothy can’t believe what he’s hearing, but before he could protest, his mom starts whispering her plan into his ear.

The twins have no idea what she’s saying, but they begin to get scared when they see a demonic smirk growing on the boy’s chubby face with each passing second. Even though they want to run, they don’t feel like they have a lot of options for this is the tenth place that they tried to get a job in.

They nervously see where this goes as Naomi finishes whispering her plan to her son.

Timothy snickers to what she has his mind, as he puts down the gun, and extends his hands out to the girls with a friendly grin. “Welcome to La Bella Pizzeria ladies. My name’s Timothy.”

Both girls find his newfound friendliness unsettling, but they timidly shake hands with the devil of a supervisor as Marie introduces herself. “I-I’m Marie and this is my sister Laura.”

Naomi nods in satisfaction as she steps up to the curvy girls. “My name’s Naomi, I should have some t-shirts that can fit you in the back. Come with me.”

She goes to the kitchen, but stops at the door to turn to her son. “As for you, clean up the soda stains.”

“Okie dokie!” Timothy salutes her as he watches her go into the kitchen with the new employees. Once he’s alone, he evilly giggles at the development, for his mother just planned for the girls to take on the worst clean up jobs in the restaurant, including the men’s restrooms.

He can’t help but enjoy their form of revenge against Rose’s foster family as he goes to clean up the orange soda stains on the floor and walls. *Too bad you couldn’t see how things turned out here Rose. Hope you’re happy wherever you are.*

He keeps his thoughts to his lost friend, as he cleans up the restaurant, and supervises the new employees.


“ACHOO!” Rose accidentally sneezes, just when she makes it back to the Merry and sends herself flying.

She manages to catch herself with her wind, before she can hit the sails, and wipes her nose with the back of her gloved hand as she lands onto the deck. “Damn, someone must be talking about me again.”

She shrugs to herself as she drops her sack of gold on the deck and goes inside with her spear and backpack. Once she reaches the girls’ room, she leans her new weapon against the wall and grabs her journal from under her cot.

The wind girl can’t help but put a smile on her freckled face from what she has planned as she neatly tears a blank sheet of paper from the book. She wastes no time in putting the journal back in her bag before she rushes to Nami’s desk for a pen, and writes a letter for her New York friends, to tell them that she’s alright. *I’m not sure if it can actually reach them, but I’ll at least see how the crystal does it.*

As soon as she finishes her letter, she folds it, and puts it in the outer pocket of her bag just before she hears shouting outside!


The astronomer widens her purple eyes at Luffy’s order as she runs outside with her bag strapped on and sees that the crew is running towards the ship, like they’re being chased by an angry mob. However, the only thing chasing them is a group of natives that are carrying a golden pillar, that’s half the size of the ship, that they want to give away as a thank you gift.

Rose chuckles at the misunderstanding, but she doesn’t bother to correct them because the gold’s weight would be too much for Merry, so she flies up to the sails. “HANG ON GUYS!”

She uses her wind to create a strong enough gust to carry the crew to the ship and drops them onto the deck, so that she can focus on releasing the sails.

While Zoro brings the anchor up, the others settle the gold on the deck just as the sails are unfolded.

The crew ignores the natives’ calls to come back as they rush to move the ship along.

Rose can’t help but grin at the excitement as she blasts her wind against the sails, to bring them to their next adventure, and leave the Sky Island behind.

A Wish on a Comet (Luffy x OC) Ch 33
Hi everyone, as promised here is a filler for what happened after Rose left the city. I hope you enjoyed the revenge and new friendship. ;)

Please comment and let me know what you think. I don't own anything but the Ocs. One Piece belongs to Oda.

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As soon as Nami, Luffy, and Rose get close enough to the ground, Luffy inflates his stomach until it’s the size of a ball with both girls by his side. When he hits the ground, he bounces in the air and laughs with Rose for the fun way to land while Nami is still shaken from falling at such a height.

Luffy lands on his feet and let’s go of his crew mates while he’s still laughing. “Shishishi, that was great! Hey, which way-?”

Nami cuts him off by punching him on top of the head. “GIVE US A WARNING WHEN YOU DO THAT!”

The captain groans as he rubs the lump on his aching head. “My bad…”

Rose chuckles at the spat as she pats Nami on the shoulder. “Relax, at least we didn’t get hurt. Let’s get back to the others.”

Nami sweat drops at her calmness, but she lets it go as she looks to the direction of the plaza. “Fine, but you’re still getting fined.”

Rose flinches at the reminder of Nami’s threat to fine her if she lost to Eneru again. “You were serious?!”

“I’m always serious when it comes to money.” Nami says with a sly grin as she and Luffy start heading to the plaza with Rose begrudgingly following. As soon as they arrive, they were met with a sight of an energetic Chopper treating Zoro and Sanji’s injuries.

“Chopper, you’re ok!”

The reindeer freezes at Nami’s voice as he and the others grin at the arrivals.

“Nami-swan~! Rose-chwan~!” Sanji gets up and twirls to the girls. “I’m so glad you’re alright!”

“Glad you’re ok too Sanji.” Nami says as she goes to relax with Robin.

Rose only nods when Chopper approaches both her and Luffy, since they’re the most injured out of the three of them. “You two, come with me!”

The pair complies to the doctor’s demands while Nami suddenly gets hugged by Conis. “I’m so glad you guys are ok!”

Nami blinks at the sudden hug, but she doesn’t hesitate to hug her back and sees the sky island girl’s father watching the touching moment. “You both made it here ok?”

Pagaya nods as he looks around. “Yes, we were lucky to escape Angel Island. All the citizens managed to leave the island before it was destroyed, and they’re making their way back onto god’s land.”

As Rose takes off her jacket to assess her damage, she looks over to Wiper, who’s sleeping with bandages all over his injuries, but Aisa nods to Pagaya’s plan.

She turns her attention back to Chopper, who’s working on Luffy’s injuries, she softly grins at the chance for the Shandorians to live in peace with the Skypieans before she feels the she’s being stared at.

She looks from the corner of her eye to see that Aisa is staring at her, but not with as much hostility as there used to be.

Robin notices the look that the child is giving the wind girl and looks at her in confusion. “Is everything alright?”

Aisa looks at her for a moment before she nods. “Yea, I’m just practicing my mantra.”

Rose tenses up at the reminder, as Chopper finishes with Luffy and works on her injuries.

The archaeologist doesn’t notice her reaction as she looks at the kid curiously. “Oh? You have the ability as well?”

Aisa nods as she looks around at everyone in the town square. “Yea, besides the people here, I can hear more voices coming onto the island. Still, none of them sound like-”

“Hey Aisa, wanna explore the city?”

She and the others turn to Nami’s voice to see her grinning at the little Shandorian girl.

Aisa eagerly nods to the idea as she runs over to her.

Before the pair leaves, Luffy gets up and joins them. “I wanna go too!”

“I’ll come along to protect you Nami!” Sanji says as he joins them.

Nami quickly nods as she takes them with her before any more questions can be asked.

“What was that about?” Usopp asks, but he only receives a shrug from Zoro.

“If it keeps the love cook from annoying us then I don’t care.” The swordsman takes a nap in the plaza while the others just brush off the sudden departure.

Rose however, is surprised about Nami’s interruption. She doesn’t know why she did that, but she’s still grateful that she stopped the child from talking about her aura. She snaps out of her daze when she flinches from Chopper applying ointment on her arms’ fading burns from her fight with Shura and the scratches from when she roughly rubbed off the sea stone are.

“Sorry.” The reindeer says as he reapplies new bandages on the arms to allow them to heal. “Your arms should look like new by tomorrow.”

Rose nods with a grin. “Thanks doc, you’re the best.”

“You dummy, I didn’t heal you, so you could thank me!” He happily laughs as he goes to Wiper to check on his injuries.

Rose chuckles at the cute reindeer’s antics as she puts on her jacket and backpack.

Robin tilts her head at the wind girl when she sees her getting up. “Where are you going?”

“I’m gonna do my own exploring.”

Robin grins at the idea as she gets up. “Would it be alright if I go with you Wind-chan?”

Rose has a bad feeling about this, but nonetheless she nods her head so that she doesn’t look suspicious. “Sure, let’s go.”

As soon as the girls were out of earshot from the plaza, Rose grins at the archaeologist. “So, what parts of the city have you seen?”

“I’ve seen some interesting ruins; would you mind if we go there first?”

Rose quickly shakes her head. “Not at all, let’s go.”

Robin nods as she follows the archaeologist out of the city, back onto the Upper Yard, and to a group of ancient landmarks. As Robin takes the time to examine the ruins, Rose digs into her backpack for her camera. “‘Mind if I take a picture of them?”

Robin nods in agreement as she steps away. “Please.”

The wind girl takes a few shots until it stops clicking. She blinks at her equipment and sighs in disappointment. “Looks like I’m out of film.”

Robin raises an eyebrow at the news. “You took that many pictures?”

She casually shrugs at her. “There’s too much to see for just your eyes. I mean, who else can say that they explored a sky island?”

Robin giggles at the question. “Too true, everything from gods to mantra is all new for me.” She looks to see that Rose barely reacted to the word ‘mantra’ and gets to the point. “Why exactly did Eneru call you ‘little goddess’?”

Rose groans at the annoying nickname as she puts her camera away. “Your guess is as good as mine for what that sociopath is thinking. He probably just thought we were the same because we’re logia users.”

“But what about your mantra being different?”

Rose freezes at the question, before she quietly sighs. “You overheard him talking huh?”

She nods as she keeps snooping. “Even the little girl in the plaza seemed to sense something.”

The brunette tightens her hold on her backpack before she looks away. “I don’t have any mantra abilities, so I can’t tell you what they sense. Devil fruits could affect mantras for all we know.”

Robin raises an eyebrow at the dodged answer. “Didn’t seem like you didn’t know why from your reaction to Eneru’s comments.”

Rose scowls at the reminder of what he said to her before he kidnapped her. “Hard to be curious about it when an electric man is trying to kill me. I was pretty pissed about his cocky attitude though.”

She looks her nosy crew mate in the eye to try to shoot down her suspicions. “You can think about it as much as you want, but I can’t tell you anything that would make sense. If mantra is anything like a person’s soul, then everyone’s could be a little different for all we know.”

Robin furrows her eyebrows at the comparison and ponders on the possibility of it as she crosses her arms over her chest. “You might be right, it can’t be possible for every mantra to be exactly the same. Since logia users are rare, it could be that your abilities really did mix with your mantra.”

Rose grins in relief that she’s satisfied her curiosity, at least for now, and looks around. “Yea, but reading mantra like that sounds like a cool ability. Hey, while we’re here do you want to check out the rest of the city ruins?”

Robin opens her mouth, to answer, but a masculine voice rings through the air instead.

“It’s you!” The girls look to see the handsome, young, man, that Rose saved from Eneru’s judgement before they got sent to the trials, running to them with a large smile. “I can’t believe you escaped Eneru! It’s great to see you!”

Rose grins at the interruption as she casually waves at him. “Good to see you survived too Eddy.”

“You know him?” Robin asks.

Rose nods as she points to him. “Yea, this is Eddy. When Nami and I were exploring Upper Yard, we helped him escape the priests.” She turns to the former pirate with a grin. “This is Robin, she’s one of my crew mates.”

Eddy nods as he smiles at Robin. “Nice to meet you. What are you guys doing out here?”

“We’re examining the ruins and photographing them.” Robin says as she looks to the ruins.

“What about you?” Rose asks.

Eddy’s face fell from the question as he runs a hand through his scruffy, dark blond, hair. “I was looking to see if my crew’s old ship was still here, but it looks like the priests destroyed it…”

Rose softly frowns at the survivor for she feels his pain in about to lose a ship. “I’m sorry…”

Eddy quickly shakes his head as he puts on a reassuring smile. “Don’t be, it wasn’t your fault! I’m going to be working under a dial salesman so I’m going to start my life over.”

He freezes when he comes up with an idea and brightly smiles at the girls. “Hey, you guys are going back to the blue sea soon, right?! My boss and I brought a ton of dials to set up shop here, if you come with me, I can give you a discount!”

Rose freezes at the generous offer before she shakes her head. “I appreciate it, but-”

“Please, I really want to repay you for your kindness.” Eddy interrupts her with a pleading look in his brown eyes.

Rose looks unsure if she should when Robin pats her on the shoulder. “It can’t hurt to take his gratitude Wind-chan. Go on ahead, and we can catch up later.”

Rose blinks at Robin’s retreat as she watches her go off on her own. She quietly sighs, but with the opportunity to get some dials for future plans, she looks to the tan man and nods. “Alright, let’s go.”

Eddy brightens up at her accepting his invitation as he leads her to where the other Angel Island civilians are docked.


After Nami, Conis, Luffy, Aisa, and Sanji have explored the Shandorian city, they wandered out of the city until they found themselves at the coastline where dozens, if not hundreds are docked.

“So, both the Shandorians and Skypieans are really staying here together?” Sanji asks as he eyes a few tribesmen helping a group of children to get on the island.

Conis nods as she grins at the sight. “That’s right, since Eneru destroyed Angel Island. With the Shandorian leader’s permission, we’re able to come here.”

Aisa grins at how there will be no more fighting, when she senses the strange mantra nearby. She looks around the various boats and stops when she sees a big boat, that looks like a travelling dial shop in the distance.

When she sees the brunette happily chatting, out of earshot, with a young, blond, man as they test out the various dials, she tilts her head in confusion. “Is he a friend of yours?”

The others follow her gaze in confusion before they see Rose talking with Eddy.

Nami immediately recognizes the stranger and is surprised that he made it here too. “That’s Eddy, Rose saved him from Eneru’s lightning when we explored the Upper Yard.”

“Let’s see if we can get some dials.” Luffy says as he runs ahead.

Meanwhile, Rose picks up a tone dial and listens to the recording she just made. “Fuck the World Government~!”

Eddy and Rose chuckle at the recording as the wind girl puts the tone dial in her backpack, where she already stored a few other shell-like devices.

Eddy looks around the collection to see if there’s anything else she could use. “Anything else I can get you?”

She shakes her head with a smile as she closes her bag up and digs up a pile of beli from the bag’s outer pocket. “I think I got what I need. Thank you for these, and thank you for developing my pictures for me.”

He nods with a grin as he takes the money. “Don’t worry about it. When will your crew be heading back?”

She casually shrugs as she looks up at the sky to see that the sun’s going to set soon. “Probably tomorrow. My captain’s not the type to stay in one place for too long. I should get back before he looks for me.”

She grins at her new friend and extends a hand out for him to shake. “If I don’t see you tonight, then take care of yourself.”

He softly sighs in disappointment before he shakes her hand. “Yea, you too.” He keeps his hand around hers and pulls her into a friendly hug. “Thank you again for saving me. I won’t forget it.”

Rose’s freckled cheeks turn to a light shade of pink from the sudden embrace, but she doesn’t hit him because he’s just trying to be nice, so she awkwardly pats him on the back. “Y-you’re welcome.”

What she fails to notice though, is Luffy standing outside of the boat with a scowl from seeing Rose blushing from his hug and not pulling away like she does with him. A sense of jealousy grows inside of him as he jumps on the boat just when they pull apart.

Before either of them can notice the captain arriving, Luffy picks Rose up over his shoulder with one arm and starts walking off.

Rose’s blush immediately increases tenfold when she sees who’s carrying her and tries to pull herself off,  with hot air flowing off her from her embarrassment, but he won’t let her down. “Luffy, what the crap are you doing?!”

“We need to get back to the plaza.”

Rose freezes at the sudden comment, and mistakes it for Nami needing them, so she stops fighting him as her mood breeze fades away. With her cheeks still rivalling the redness in Luffy’s shirt, she sheepishly waves Eddy goodbye, as he watches them leave in a stupor. “Sorry for the crazy goodbye, good luck with everything Eddy.”

Luffy grows more irritated at the goodbye as he carries her deeper into the island a little faster than before.

As all this is happening, Nami’s group can only watch in shock until the redhead starts laughing.

“W-what just happened?” Eddy asks as he turns to Nami and her friends.

Nami settles down to giggles as she boards the boat. “Don’t worry about it. Our captain’s always like that around her.”

“I just wish he’d treat her like a lady.” Sanji says as he takes in a smoke from his cigarette before he follows Nami onboard.

“What kind of dials do you have?” Aisa asks him as she and Conis climb on.

Eddy can only blink at the carefree attitude of his new customers before he gets back to doing business. “I-I’ll show you our inventory right now.”


As Luffy treks through the woods to get back to the plaza, Rose begins to struggle to get off Luffy’s shoulder again, but he won’t let go. “My legs aren’t broken Luffy, so put me down!”


“Why not?”

“Don’t wanna.”

She groans at his attitude as her cheeks refuse to get rid of their blush. “What are you so upset about?”

“I don’t know.”

She blinks at him admitting that he’s upset, and hums in thought of what she can do to cheer him up. When she gets an idea, she brightly smiles at him. “If you put me down, then I’ll show you something cool.”

Luffy freezes at the offer just as they reach a clearing, and silently agrees as he sets her down.

As Rose’s face clears up, she gives him her best showman’s smile as she digs into her backpack, and grabs a white seashell with pink specs scattered around it. “Now watch and be amazed my friend! For thanks to this milky dial, I now have the ability to summon the clouds!”

As soon as she activates the dial, large clouds of white begin to fly out of the shell. She smirks at her surprised audience as she uses her wind to shape the cloud into a slanted version of the crew’s jolly roger.

“Whoa, that’s so cool!” Luffy says with stars in his eyes.

Rose grins in satisfaction as she manipulates the clouds in a few other shapes. After the fourth shape, she decides to kick it up a notch by manipulating the white mist to envelope the clearing in a smokescreen.

Luffy jumps back in shock when the cloud hits him, but besides feeling a cool mist, nothing bad happens to him. All he could see is white in the slightly humid air as he looks around for his crew mate. “Where’d you go?”

“Over here!” He turns to the voice at his right as he follows it until his face hits a floating shell.

Once he makes contact with the grey shell, it lands in his hands for him to look at curiously. “This looks like that tone dial Conis showed us. How did it work again?”

He pushes on the top of the shell, which makes Rose’s recording start playing. “Welcome to my version of hide and seek, which I’d like to call ‘find the ninja in the mist!’ If you don’t want to play, then speak now or forever hold your peace!”

Luffy blinks at the invitation for a game before he calls out to her. “I want to play!”

As if on clockwork, the recording continues. “Good to know you still want in. The rules are simple: if you find me before the clouds clear then you win. If the clouds clear up before you caught me then I’m the victor. I won’t be using my powers, except to retrieve this dial, so you don’t need to worry about me cheating. With that, let the games begin!”

The shell starts floating in a gust of wind, out of Luffy’s hands, and into a random direction. “Hey!”

He follows the flying shell, but he completely loses it in the clouds. He manages to sometimes see a blue coat, or brown hair, but before he can catch her, she manages to get out of his grasp. “I’m not giving up!”

As he stretches his arms in random directions to try to find her, Rose suppresses a chuckle as she stands just a few feet behind him. As he turns around, she follows him so that she’s always behind him the whole time. However, when she sees that the clouds are beginning to fade, she starts to go to a thicker part of the mist.

Before she could get far though, a pair of rubber arms wraps around her waist from behind and pulls her backwards.

As soon as her back hits Luffy’s chest, her face lights up in a light shade of red while Luffy laughs. “Shishishi, looks like I win.”

Rose sheepishly nods as the clouds fade away, so she pulls away and chuckles. “Yup, congrats.”

Luffy looks to see that her freckled cheeks went red again and gets a closer look at her. “Why does your face keep turning red?”

Rose freezes at the question as she shifts her eyes everywhere. “I-I don’t know what you’re talking about…”

He ignores the terrible lie as he puts a hand to her forehead.

Rose raises an eyebrow at the action when she sees him scowling. “Umm Luffy, what are you-? Ah!”

She yelps in shock as Luffy picks her up over his shoulder again and runs to the direction of the plaza. “Why the hell didn’t you tell me that you were sick?! I’m taking you to Chopper right now!”

Rose’s face couldn’t get any redder from the oblivious captain’s assumption as she struggles in his hold. “Wait, I’m not sick dammit!”

“Then why does your face keep getting red?!”

“Because of affection!”

He immediately stops in his tracks at the sudden confession and puts her down right in front of him. “What do you mean?”

She shifts her eyes away from him as she scratches the back of her head. “I don’t know how to fucking explain it right. Can’t we just leave it alone?”

He gets ready to pick her up again, so she hastily steps back. “Ok, ok, umm... When guys around my age hug me, I get so embarrassed that my cheeks heat up.”

Luffy blinks at the explanation and remembers all the times that her face turned red whenever he had his arms around her. As he remembers the different moments, he realizes that he’s never felt upset when it was him making her blush, but he kind of liked it.

However, he still doesn’t understand why doing that makes her face heat up. “Why would you be embarrassed about hugs?”

She groans at having to explain it to him as she runs her hands through her hair. “I don’t know, dammit! Maybe I’m just not used to it! Since I’ve met you, I’ve been getting hugged so much that my body doesn’t know how to react! It’s like I’m allergic to them!”

He tilts his head at the weird explanation. “What does that mean?”

She points to the fading redness on her cheeks. “It means that when I get affection, like hugs and kisses, my face gets like this. It won’t kill me, but there’s no cure either, so Chopper can’t help me.”

Luffy widens his eyes at this as he realizes that she’ll keep getting like this with not just him, but with other boys too, and wants to find a way to stop that from happening again. “Are you sure there’s no way to get rid of your ‘alimony’?!”

She giggles at the miswording before she shakes her head. “It’s called an ‘allergy’, and there’s no way to get rid of it.”

She accidentally mistakes his worry for guilt in making her face red, so she pats him on the shoulder with a small grin. “Look, it doesn’t hurt me, so there’s no point in worrying about it. Sanji should’ve finished cooking by now, so how about we go eat?”

He blinks at the reminder of dinner before he happily grins at her. “Yea, let’s go!”

Rose chuckles at his excitement as they race off to the plaza just when the party commences between pirate, Shandorian, and Skypiean.


The sun has long since set, and the party is still thriving with a giant campfire burning strong in the middle of the square.

No one would even think about going to sleep from the fun night as Chopper, Rose, Sanji, Nami, and Usopp are dancing around the fire with the locals.

Luffy is eating as much food that he could get his hands on while Zoro is enjoying the booze.

Robin sits to the side of the dance as she watches the fun with a small grin and enjoys her dinner.

Rose leaves the dancing to take a break as she grabs a mug of water on the side. As she takes a seat and watches the party with a soft grin, she can’t help but be glad that the arc is finally done.

She finishes the mug and gets ready to get back in when Aisa walks up to her.

The small child looks at the ground nervously, so Rose looks at her in confusion. “Is there something you need?”

Aisa fidgets her hands before she looks up at her. “Sorry for calling your voice creepy...”

She blinks at the apology about her insulting her aura, before she grins at her as she kneels to her level and extends a hand out to her. “It’s water under the bridge. Let’s start over. My name’s Rose.”

Aisa smiles at the introduction as she shakes her hand. “I’m-”

She stops when she looks at the two-colored stone that’s hanging around the pirate’s neck. “Where did you get that necklace?!”

Rose raises an eyebrow at the question before she looks down at her red and black crystal. “My folks gave it to me, why?”

“I found gems like that here, but they were glowing blue!”

“What?!” She nearly gasps at the chance to further her research as she gently grabs her shoulders and looks her in the eyes. “Do you remember exactly where you saw them?!”

She nods as she looks to the city. “I can lead you to where I found them, but it’ll cost you.”

Rose doesn’t hesitate to get down to business. “What do you want?”

She lightly smirks at her as she holds a hand out for an offering. “I want something from the blue sea.”

The astronomer doesn’t waste time in getting into her backpack to start looking for something to give her. Sadly, she only has the essentials in her backpack, along with the eternal pose and her envelopes full of pictures, so she has no clue on what to give her.

She furrows her eyebrows in frustration as she looks through the bag, but freezes when she sees the zipper to her hidden pocket, in the bottom of the backpack, that holds her quarter. *I barely made it through Robin’s questions today. Maybe it’s better to get rid of this before anything could happen... At least with Aisa, I know she’ll treasure it.*

As she takes out the coin, that managed to come into this world with her, she quickly puts it in her jacket pocket and grins at her. “I have something that I can give you, but we need to go somewhere more private for me to show you.”

Aisa silently agrees as she leads them away from the party.

Meanwhile, Luffy finishes his meal and gets a glimpse of the wind girl before she leaves with Aisa. He looks at her in confusion, but instead of following them, he searches for the reindeer in the dancing crowd.

When he finds him, he dances with the reindeer as he talks to him about Rose’s blushing problem. “Hey Chopper, I need to talk to you.”

Chopper stops dancing and nods as they get out of the dancing circle. “What’s the matter?

“How do you get rid of anarchies?”

Chopper gets taken aback by the question and looks at him in utter confusion. “To get rid of what?”

“It's when something happens, and your body reacts weird to it.”

The reindeer knits his eyebrows at the weird explanation as he tries to understand what he’s saying. When he comes up with an idea of what he’s talking about, he looks at him in shock. “Do you mean allergies?!”

“Yea, that!”

The doctor looks at him in horror, because he thinks that it's about someone having a bad reaction to the food, before he looks for anyone having an allergic reaction. “Did something happen?!”

Luffy quickly nods as he points to the direction that Rose went. “Yea, Rose said she’s allergic to guys hugging her! How can we stop it?!”

Chopper immediately stops worrying when he sees that it's a false alarm, and blankly stares at him for a moment before he goes back to the party.

Luffy widens his eyes at the abandonment before he calls out to him. “Wait, can’t you help?!”

He wasn’t given an answer by the reindeer as he watches him go back to the dancing circle.

“You want to help Rose?”

Luffy looks to his right to see Nami smirking at him. “I couldn’t help but overhear your problem. I think I know a way for you to treat her ‘allergies’.”

He blinks at the offer before he eagerly smiles at her. “Really?! What can I do?!”

She wraps her arms around his shoulders and starts whispering the plan to him as the party continues.


As soon as Rose and Aisa are out of earshot of everyone in the ancient city, the Shandorian stops walking and crosses her arms over her chest. “I won’t lead you anywhere else until you pay up.”

Rose chuckles at her cheekiness as she inspects herself and the kid to make sure that Robin didn’t plant any eyes or ears on them.

Aisa only looks at her in confusion as Rose steps away from her. “What are you doing?”

“Just making sure that no one’s snooping.” She ignores Aisa’s blank stares as she grabs an orange, conical shell shaped, lamp dial from her bag to use as a flashlight, and then digs into her pocket. “Anyway, I have to apologize, I can’t give you something from the blue sea. Instead, I have something so rare that you can’t find it in neither the white nor blue seas.”

The child tilts her head in confusion as Rose places the quarter in her hand and shines the light over the coin, so that they can clearly see it.

As the Shandorian girl examines the two sides of the American coin, she squints her eyes at the bird side of the coin and reads the engraving. “What’s ‘The United States of America?’”

The wind girl chuckles at the question about her home country as she points to the quarter. “It’s a large, corrupt, country that no one can find. That coin is the only thing in the world to prove that it exists.”

She raises an eyebrow at the explanation as she looks up at the wind girl. “If it’s not in the blue or white sea, then where is it?”

“It’s on an ocean that’s so polluted that the water could be mistaken as a black sea.”

“The black sea…” Aisa looks down at the coin in thought before she looks up at her in shock. “Is that why your mantra is different?! You’re from the black sea?!”

Rose chuckles at the accurate assumption as she shrugs. “Whether I am or not doesn’t matter now. Just don’t tell anyone that I gave that to you, ok?

Aisa nods as she stuffs the coin in her dress pocket. “Ok, this is a good payment, so I’ll show you where I found the stones.”

Rose happily grins at the child as she uses her lamp dial to light their way to a back street, just a block away from the pyramid. When they see a faint blue light shining from the window of one of the houses, the girls run into the abandoned home.

As they reach the kitchen, they both gape at the beautiful pair of round red and black stones that are about the same size as the stone that’s hanging on Rose’s necklace, that are resting on the wooden table. The biggest difference between them, is that both of the stones on the table are radiating a light shade of blue light that’s illuminating the room.

Rose carefully places her dial on the table, as she carefully eyes the gems and analyzes the new discoveries. *These must have been here for centuries. Even if they only absorbed the comet’s power from the night that the researchers disappeared, it’s safe to guess that the astral energy won’t fade away on its own. Looks like the only way to get rid of their radiation is to use them for travel...*

“Whoa, these are amazing…” Aisa says as she reaches a hand for them and snaps Rose from her thoughts.

“Don’t touch them!” Rose quickly picks up the gems with a gust of wind to keep them out of her reach.

Aisa blinks at the hasty reaction before she looks at her in confusion. “What’s the matter?”

“These crystals are glowing because they took in radiation from a powerful comet. I won’t bore you with the details, but if you mess around with these, then you could be spirited away to a faraway place.”

The Shandorian flinches at the explanation as she backs away to the wall. “You’re serious?! What are you going to do with them?!”

“I’m gonna take them with me for my experiments.” She looks around for a container before she spots a small, tan, stone, box that they can fit in. “Can you grab that box for me?”

Aisa nervously nods as she grabs the lightweight box and puts it on the table, next to her dial, and opens the lid.

Rose carefully uses her wind to gently drop the gems into the box and closes the lid. With the blue glow still able to shine through the cracks of the ancient box, Rose goes into her backpack to grab her white handkerchief.

The rag is able barely cover the entire container, after she tightly ties up the ends to create a makeshift sack. However, she's still satisfied because she knows for certain that the jewels can’t fall out, but there’s still something bothering her. “Are you sure that these are the only ones in the city?”

The child nods as she looks outside. “Those were the only ones I saw when I was exploring with Nami and the others. There would’ve been news of people disappearing if they messed with them during Eneru’s rule.”

Rose quietly nods as she puts the mini bag in her backpack, and straps it on while she thinks over the possibility of other crystals being planted in the city. *Eneru never said anything about my crystal, so maybe he didn’t see anything. Noland’s explorers could’ve left these here by mistake or the people who lived here disappeared long before Noland and Calgura’s time…*

She snaps out of her thoughts when she sees Aisa staring at her timidly, so she gives her a calm smile as she grabs her lamp dial. “I don’t think there’s anything to worry about. It’s possible that these two are the only ones in the city. How about I take you back to the party before the others notice that we’re gone?”

The child quickly nods as she and Rose get out of the building.

As the two of them walk back to the square, Rose keeps track of her surroundings so that she can come back to investigate later.

Once they return to the campfire, Aisa runs off to go dance with Chopper and the others.

Rose couldn’t hide the smile from the step closer to her research as she puts the dial in her bag, and goes to grab something to eat.

“Rose!” She freezes and turns to see Luffy running to her. “I know how to help!”

She raises an eyebrow at the announcement. “What do you-?”

Luffy pulls her into his embrace with a toothy grin. “Nami said that to fix your allergy, you need to be hugged every day to get used to it.”

Rose’s face immediately heats up at the idea. “Wait, what?!”

Luffy only nods as he keeps his arms around her “Yup, so until you’re cured, I’ll give you a hug once a day.”

She quickly pulls away and shakes her head. "You don't need to do that!"

“But I want to!”

Her heart unexpectedly speeds up a little from the honest answer, but she quickly denies that it’s about him wanting to give her affection. *He means that he wants to help me.*

She quietly sighs as she runs a hand through her bangs. “Luffy-”

“Do you want to keep getting embarrassed from hugs?”

She freezes at the question and looks to see that he’s serious about this. She groans in frustration as she looks away from him. “Of course not...”

“Then can we at least try?”

She thinks it over then benefits of not being embarrassed from hugs anymore, and sighs in defeat when she sees no way to get him to change his mind. “Fine, but if it’s not any better after a few weeks then we’re pulling the plug on this.”

“Deal!” He happily grins at the agreement, and hugs her one more time, before he runs off to dance with the others.

Rose can only watch him go back to the party, as her face gains a scarlet skin tone. *His hugs might kill me after all…*

She shakes her head of the thought, as her blush fades off, before she goes to the food table where a happy Nami is sitting alone and enjoying her meal.

When the tipsy navigator notices the tired astronomer narrowing her purple eyes at her, she returns the look with a smirk. “Looks like you had a talk with Luffy. How are your allergies?”

The brunette can only groan as she sits next to her and grabs some random food from the table, without looking at her. “I was just trying to stop Luffy from taking me to Chopper when he thought I was sick. Why’d you tell him that?”

She chuckles at her annoyance as she grabs her mug full of wine and takes a swig. “I think it could work to help you not be so embarrassed. Besides, all that affection could be a good reminder for you.”

Rose scowls at the explanation as she takes a bite of her meal. “A reminder of what?”

“That none of us are scared of you.”

Rose widens her eyes at what she said and nervously swallows the food in her mouth, before she turns to her friend to see her acting like she didn’t say anything. “What?”

The redhead only takes a swig of her booze again before she takes a cupcake from the pile and puts it in front of her. “So what if some psycho bastard says that your mantra’s weird?! It’s not like you’re anything like him! You’re too clumsy with your powers for us to be scared of you!”

Rose can only blink at her as she processes the compliment, or was that an insult? Regardless, she can’t help but chuckle at Nami’s drunken rant. “I think that booze has messed with your brain.”

She only shrugs off her comment as she finds the blond chef dancing around. “Whatever you say. Just know that I was only scared of Eneru during the fight in the square.”

Rose can only stay quiet as she watches the navigator stumbles back to the fray and grabs Sanji to get him to dance with her.

The brunette shakes her head at Nami’s rambling and she eats the cupcake she gave her. However, she can’t stop herself from thinking back on the conversation with Nami. Even though it was clear that the navigator was drunk when she was talking to her, Rose can tell that she wasn’t lying about not being afraid of her.

She softly grins at the reassurance that she’s not being feared yet, before she finishes her meal, and slips away from the festivities to investigate the house.


As soon as Rose returned to the house, she searched every corner of the ancient building for clues. However, all she could find was everything, but crystals and journals that could tell her more about their origination.

She takes a seat in the kitchen to take a break, and notices that there’s not a spec of gold in this house, so she assumes that the place was pilfered by the false god. “Maybe Eneru’s men only focused on the gold… If they touched the crystals, then they could’ve disappeared before they could report it though…”

She groans at many possibilities that could’ve happened, but she knows that there’s no use whining about it, so she leaves to go search the rest of the city.

Once she goes outside, where the sun is starting to rise, she stops when a familiar voice calls to her. “What are you doing here Wind-chan?”

Rose flinches at the nickname and looks to see Robin approaching her with a curious look on her face.

The wind girl quietly sighs as she rubs her tired eyes. “Just exploring the city.”

She freezes when she realizes that Robin could help her to see if there are any more crystals hidden in the city. As long as she keeps quiet about her research it shouldn’t hurt, so she gives it a shot. “Actually, you came at a good time.”

Robin raises an eyebrow at the comment when Rose shows her the red and black crystal, that’s hanging on the silver chain around her neck. “Would you be willing to grow a bunch of eyes around the city, to see if any crystals like these are here?”

The archaeologist blinks at the request as she gets a closer look at the gem. “What kind of stone is this?”

“That’s what I’ve been trying to figure out. I found some gems like this in the city, but I couldn’t figure out if they came from Jaya or somewhere else.”

“Why do you want to know?”

She freezes at the question as she thinks some way to avoid mentioning anything about the Timore comet.

There’s only one honest reason that she can give her that doesn’t reveal her research, so she sadly looks down at her necklace as she explains herself. “The one I’m wearing was my mom’s. Since this is all that I have left of her I want to know more about it, just to feel a little closer to her, you know?”

Robin widens her eyes as the sappy story, as she remembers how one of the reasons she’s doing her own research is for her mother.

Rose however, doesn’t notice the sentimental look Robin is making as she gives her a smile to show that she’s fine. “Sorry about that, I didn’t mean to make it sound sad. I can search on my own if you’re busy.”

She turns around to leave, but stops when Robin places a hand on her shoulder. “It wasn’t that sad Wind-chan, I can help.”

Rose happily smiles at her crew mate as Robin closes her eyes.

“Ojos Fleur.” Robin focuses to sprout blue eyes all over the ancient city, in hopes of finding any more crystals. However, as far as she searched from the top of the pyramids, to the inside of the various buildings, there was no trace of the gems anywhere.

She was only able to keep the eyes present for half a minute before she has to cancel them out. She frowns in disappointment before she looks at Rose. “Sorry, I couldn’t find anything.”

Rose nods in understanding with a small grin. “That’s fine, thank you for looking. Looks like they didn’t come from here after-”

She accidentally starts yawning, so Robin giggles at her exhaustion. “You were out here all night, weren’t you? You should head back, I’m sure the others will be getting up soon.”

The wind girl reluctantly nods as she heads to the direction of the plaza. “Yea, that sounds good, I’ll see you back at the ship.”

Robin nods as she waves her off and then goes off in her own search for the poneglyph.

As Rose heads back to the square, she can’t help but be glad that she’s not accidentally leaving behind any crystals, so no one would disappear by accident. *At least that’s one less thing to worry about. I should go to the ship to update the journal, and-*

She accidentally yawns again, just as she reaches the plaza. When she sees her crew and the locals sleeping without a care in the world, she’s compelled to join them so that she can study the crystals with a clear mind.

As she finds an empty spot on the ground near her friends, she uses her backpack as a pillow, and allows herself a well-earned rest with exciting thoughts on what she can learn with her new test subjects.

A Wish on a Comet (Luffy x OC) Ch 32

Hey guys, I hope you enjoyed this new chapter. It looks like I'm finally out of my funk now that Skypiea is done! :D 

I would like to announce that the next chapter will be a filler for what happened in New York after my favorite wind girl disappeared. If you guys don't want to read then I suggest waiting until the following chapter. I'll try my best to make sure that you won't be lost if you skip.

I believe that's it on the announcements so have a SUPER evening!

Please comment and let me know what you think. I don't own anything but the OC. One Piece belongs to Oda.

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