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A Wish on a Comet (Luffy x OC) Ch 29
As Nami watches Luffy, Usopp and Sanji reach Conis’ house with the two natives she can’t help but worry about the crew’s new situation as second class criminals. “They’d better get back quick…”
“Are these priests really that tough?”  Zoro asks as he pulls the anchor out of the water.
Rose looks down at the crew from the crow’s nest where she’s ready to release the sails at any moment. “From what we heard, these guys took down almost an entire pirate crew without breaking a sweat.”
Chopper tenses up at the thought before he looks back at the island. “Really?!”
Before she can answer, the boat begins to shake and starts being slightly lifted.
“What’s going on?!”  Nami asks as she grabs onto the railing.
“The shrimp that brought us here came back for us.” Robin says as if it’s a regular thing while she holds onto the railing beside her.
Rose widens her eye
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A Wish on a Comet (Luffy x OC) Ch 28
The large shrimp that’s bringing the crew up the twisted cloud road doesn’t stop for a second as it continues to ascend the ship to new heights.
“How is this even possible?!” Nami asks as she clings to the railing to keep her balance.
Rose chuckles at her disbelief as she relaxes next to her. “Hard to tell what’s not possible anymore. This river could be man-made for all we know.”
Robin looks ahead to see that the ship is reaching another gateway. “It looks like we’re reaching the exit.”
“Looks like there’s something written on the gate.” Chopper says while Usopp grabs his binoculars.
Once the sniper takes a look at the sign at the top of the gate he begins to grow more nervous. “It says that we’re heading to Godland Skypiea!”
Luffy widely grins at the announcement as they’re about to get through the gate. “Then let’s go!”
Once the speedy shrimp takes them through the
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A Wish on a Comet (Luffy x OC) Ch 27
Half an hour before Rose arrived at the coast with the south bird, the Straw Hats were in Cricket’s house enjoying Sanji’s cooking with his crews before they start preparing Merry for the knock up stream.
Masira and his fellow salvage captain, a man who looks just like an orangutan with long green hair, have a drink while their men enjoy their dinner to the fullest.
Cricket happily shows off some pieces of gold to the Straw Hats to show proof that the Sky Island holds the city of gold.
Usopp tilts his head at the tiny golden bell statue. “I thought Roland’s log said that they were gigantic?”
Cricket nods as he pats the artifact. “These were just tokens that we found on the seafloor.”
Nami couldn’t stop the love in her eyes for the gold bell in front of her. “So there really is a whole city made of gold?!”
Cricket takes a swig from his bottle of liquor before he grins at her. “Not only that, but there are even strange bir
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Rose Catone version 2 by morianna19 Rose Catone version 2 :iconmorianna19:morianna19 3 22
A Wish on a Comet (Luffy x OC) Ch 26
While most of the crew were shocked at Robin’s theory that there could be an island in the sky, Luffy only thought of the new adventures that are up there as he looks at her with stars in his eyes. “An island can really float?!”
Usopp looks from the sky to the skeleton that’s lying dead on the deck in pure astonishment. “You’re saying that the shipwreck and skeleton came from up there?!”
When Chopper sees nothing out of the ordinary up there, he looks at Robin in confusion. “That can’t be right, there’s nothing up there.”
Robin shakes her head as she turns to the others. “It’s not like a regular island. It’s more like it’s on a floating ocean.”
“That’s even more confusing.” Zoro says as he looks up at the normal blue sky along with the others.
“There’s a floating island on a floating sea?! Well, let’s go!” Luffy calls out, but he was only answered wi
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A Wish on a Comet (Luffy x OC) Ch 25
Three days have passed for the crew since Robin’s recruitment and the journey has been for once a peaceful one.
While some crew members are still suspicious of Robin, she managed to blend herself into the crew rather nicely and can read almost everyone now. She’s managed to join in with the crew’s daily activities well by taking the lounge chair next to Nami’s and reading a book.
When she turns the page, she looks up to see Rose sitting on the deck with her back to the mast, on the opposite side of where the sleeping swordsman lies, and reading her own book.
Ever since Robin discovered that Rose kept an eternal pose for herself without telling the others she’s kept an eye on her to see if anything else was amiss, but so far, she hasn’t come up with a lot. Rose never brought out the eternal pose again since that day, and allows Nami to guide them through the Grand Line with her log pose without giving any suggestions of going elsewhere. The wind girl
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Happy Sushi Roll Dad!Zoro x Mom!reader (Modern AU)

Please see the video [link]
“Are you sure you have to go momma?” Your 3 year old daughter Kuina says with tears in her eyes as she follows you to the door.
Tonight is your sister Nami’s bachelorette party, so you have to leave your daughter alone with your husband Zoro for the night. Zoro can only watch the departure by the doorway since he’s never been good at these situations with Kuina.
You and Kuina are always attached at the hip and while Zoro does spend quality time with her it’s usually never just the two of them together. That fact alone makes you nervous to leave them alone but with the constant begging from your sister to go to the party you couldn’t refuse.
You kneel down to Kuina’s level and pull her into a hug. “It’s alright; I’ll be back before you know it. Please be good for your
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A Wish on a Comet (Luffy x OC) Ch 24
The sun is shining high in the sky as the Merry gracefully sails through the ocean with no more marine ships in pursuit.
Zoro looks around to ensure that no more marines are following them and begins to relax. He looks to see that everyone else is lying down on their stomachs on the upper deck with their arms hanging off the upper railing. "You know we lost them right?"
The crew sadly hums with a cloud of depression hanging over them while they stare at the empty space to their left as if Vivi would magically appear if they stared long enough.
Zoro raises an eyebrow at their attitude as he looks at the empty space. "What's the matter with you guys?"
"WE MISS VIVI!" The crew whines simultaneously as they start crying comical tears.
Zoro rolls his eyes at their depression. "Quit complaining, if you wanted her to stay that badly then you should've dragged her with us."
Chopper widens his tear filled eyes at the comment before he begins the string of insults for the swordsman. "You savage!
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New Start, New Pranks Zoro x Child!Reader
New Year’s Eve is the day when people look back on the current year and on all that you’ve done. It’s also a day to prepare for the upcoming year with goals to accomplish and for new promises.
As for you, what you want most is for this year to have never happened. You were considered an odd one in your village because you have a devil fruit, but your parents always loved you so you didn’t care. However, when your parents died in an epidemic this year you began to go through a series of bad luck. The villagers’ dislike for you only grew with your parents no longer protecting you. It didn’t help that you had to steal in order to survive.
The only way that you could have fun in this town was by pulling harmless pranks on the people who wronged you. With so many enemies in this town you have no problem picking out targets.
Just like today, you managed to build a small catapult from scraps, and are hiding in an alleyway with it. You look at the small bask
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A Wish on a Comet (Luffy x OC) Ch 23
Rose was completely stunned at his outburst about her cold wind that makes him the winner of their bet and has no idea on how to respond. When she snaps out of it, she scowls at him and takes his arms off her shoulders. "You're still playing that game?"
Luffy keeps his eyes on her as he refuses to back down. "I'm right aren't I? Your cold wind means-"
"Why the hell are you still trying?!" Rose angrily asks as she grabs him by the collar of his shirt, but Luffy doesn't flinch as she keeps going. "Did you even listen to a word I said in Yuba?! I'll disappear on you guys when the comet comes, so why are you still trying to recruit me?!"
Luffy narrows his eyes at the excuse as he answers her. "Because you won't disappear!"
"You don't know that!"
"Yes I do, because you'll finish the research by then! You can stop yourself from disappearing if you don't want to leave!"
Most of the wind girl's anger fades from his confidence in her succeeding, something that she rarely received in her world,
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A Wish on a Comet (Luffy x OC) Ch 22 Part 2
The following morning, Rose wastes no time in going to the astronomy tower after breakfast to study. When she reaches the room she’s met with Amir looking back at her from his desk.
Amir scowls at the intruder as he doesn’t hesitate to question her. “What are you doing here? Cassim’s asleep right now.”
Rose ignores his look of discontent as she shows him the book she borrowed. “I finished the book. Do you know any other books that are similar to this?”
The apprentice shakes his head as he gets back to his own work. “I don’t have time to guide you like Cassim did. If you want to keep searching then you have to look for yourself like I did.”
Rose shrugs at the answer as she heads over to the bookshelf she received her book from. “Fair enough.”
She gets ready to fly again, but stops herself to be mindful of the devil fruit hater, and goes to the rolling ladder.
Amir stops writing when he hears the rolling ladder movin
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A Wish on a Comet (Luffy x OC) Ch 22 Part 1
On a warm afternoon in Central Park a twelve year old Rose, wearing a t-shirt and shorts, is playing an acoustic guitar for tourists. The preteen doesn’t pay any attention to the world around her as she smiles and sings the ending of ‘Friend Like Me’ from Aladdin.
So don’tcha sit there slack-jawed, buggy-eyed~
I'm here to answer all your midday prayers~
You got me bona fide, certified~
You got a genie for your chargé d'affaires~
I got a powerful urge to help you out~
So what-cha wish?~
I really want to know~
You got a list that's three miles long, no doubt~
Well, all you gotta do is rub like so - and oh~
Mister Aladdin, sir, have a wish or two or three~
I'm on the job, you big nabob~
You ain't never had a friend, never had a friend~
You ain't never had a friend, never had a friend~
You ain't never had a friend like me~

She happily laughs and plays the last chords before she sings out the last line.
You ain't never had a friend like m
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A Wish on a Comet Ch 21 Part 2
Rose flies towards the center of the city where the sounds of steel clashing and gunshots filling the air. She grimaces at the smell of blood, gunpowder, and steel that's growing stronger as she gets closer to the battle, but she ignores it as she focuses on her task Once she reaches the fight she flies higher to get a better look of the battle from a bird's eye view. *Alright, where are you Koh-?*
She snaps out of it when a bullet phases through her stomach. She sees the source to be the undercover agents posing as rebels in an alleyway with guns in hand, then glowers at them. "You first!"
The fake rebels flinch under Rose's glare as they see her flying towards them.
She gets ready to send them flying when real soldiers from the royal army find them and attack them. The wind girl groans in frustration as she stops the wind on her arm. "I don't have time for this crap!"
The warriors closest to her stop their fighting and look at the flying girl in shock as she keeps searc
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A Wish on a Comet Ch 21 Part 1
Vivi, Rose and the rest of the Straw Hats who are riding on the crab have settled down for the evening as the crab journeys through the desert to Alubarna. As soon as the crab left Rain Base Rose decided to try to regain some of her strength by taking a nap. She uses her backpack as a pillow and lies down on her back on the center of the ride before she allows herself to drift off.
Nami looks down at the scrawny girl sleeping next to her and raises an eyebrow at her behavior. She thinks back on how hard Rose fought to get them out of the cage and decides to let her rest. *I can’t believe how reckless she is. It’s one thing to not flinch when facing those bananadiles, but she taunted a warlord and called him Scarface... Reminds me of a certain captain I know...*
She sighs in disbelief of that there’s actually another person that can be as reckless as Luffy. The redhead has a feeling that if Luffy recruits the girl lying next to her then they would eith
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A Wish on a Comet (Luffy x OC) Ch 20
Nico Robin’s stoic smile doesn’t change as she watches the shorter girl getting in a stance. “So, you’re planning to fight? You do know who I am right?”
Rose keeps her fists tight as she keeps her stance in front of the last person she wants to fight, but doesn’t see any way around it in order to escape. “Of course I do. You’re Ms. All Sunday, Crocodile’s partner in crime.”
Robin giggles at the title she’s given. “His ‘partner in crime’ huh? That’s a new one, but I suppose it’s an appropriate title. Since you know who I am, do you really think you can get past me?”
As much as Rose doesn’t want to be enemies with Robin, she couldn’t stop the small smirk from growing on her face from the challenge as she flies towards her. “Only one way to find out!”
The archeologist giggles at the charge as she crosses her arms over her chest with her palms facing up, but quickly
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A Wish on a Comet (Luffy x OC) Ch 19
Before the crew starts getting ready to leave for the next leg of their journey, they happily enjoy the breakfast Sanji prepared at the abandoned restaurant next to the inn.
Rose enjoys her meal in her own silence, but stops when she realizes that Luffy didn’t start their food picking battle that they’ve been doing at almost every meal. She looks towards the captain, who’s sitting diagonally from her, to see that he’s stuffing his face like usual. Seeing as he’s not doing anything strange, she lets it go and goes back to her meal.
But, she failed to notice that the captain has been giving her a sideways glance every now and then throughout the meal.
Luffy ignores the odd stares that he’s receiving from some of his friends as he keeps eating and sneaking glances at the wind girl. *What can her cold wind mean? It can’t be something good if she wants to hide it… I GOT IT!*
He suddenly stands up while smacking his hands on the table to
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Ace x Reader - The Drunk Confessions
   Life as a Bounty Hunter was always a tough one. Yet from your humble beginnings in East Blue, you had managed to make a name for yourself. You were known far and wide for your stubbornness and frightening ability to always get your target. Always.
Yes, pirates far and wide would tremble at your name, ‘The Black Fox (Y/N).’
Well. Almost all pirates.
Indeed, there was one pirate that had managed to get away not once or twice but EVERY SINGLE TIME.
And that pirate was one, Portgas D. Ace.
After his first escape, you were hooked and you would take every opportunity to ambush the raven-haired pirate, dogging him every step around East Blue and even following him on his route out of the East. But, as time went on, the chase changed dramatically from a serious pursuit with intent to rather a playful game between two friends, albeit there was some awkward flirting and possibly a few times were you actually let him escape. When and how it changed, neit
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DWOAH: Ozai vs Akainu
Deadliest warriors of all history
Ozai vs Akainu
Bow before the flames of oppression
Ozai info:
Height: 5 foot 8
Weight: 153lbs
Weapons: Bare Hands, Fire Bending
Strengths: One of the most powerful Fire Benders to ever exist rivalling both his father Azulon and grandfather Sozin, Ruled the Fire Nation for many years making it the technological and militaristic powerhouse of the Avatar world, Mastered Fire Bending as well as Lightning Bending, His brother Iroh stated that if they were to fight Ozai would no doubted-ly be the victor which is why Iroh has never challenged him despite being a decorated war veteran, Above human strength, Extreme durability (able to find off Aang’s Earth Bending and withstood an all-out assault from him in Avatar state), Above human speed and hypersonic combat speed (able to react to and keep up with Aang in his Avatar state), Under the passing of Sozin’s Comet his Fire Bending powers are vastly increased.
Weaknesses: Cannot Fire Bend under a sol
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Kiss Me by PrincessPokemon Kiss Me :iconprincesspokemon:PrincessPokemon 17 0
Growing Pains (Whitebeard Pirates x Child!Reader)
“See? This cow has been like this for like days,” said ________________ pointing to a cow that was grazing in the meadow. She told this to Ace, Sabo, and Luffy and later Law. The quintet traveled to where the cow was and there it was, unmoving and unresponsive. Law looked puzzled and poked it.
“…it’s warm,”
“Is it dead?” said Luffy
“It wouldn’t be standing now would it?” said Ace
“Well, there have been recordings that cows died standing up. How long has it been here like this?”
“Like a week,” said __________________, “I hadn’t moved from this spot,”
“Maybe it’s just sleeping,” said Law. Ace smirked.
“There’s only one way to find out. Let’s tip it over!”
“Why it’s sleeping!” said ________________
“It’s hilarious when they wake up from it! Besides, they’re not hurt or anything,”
“Come on! I wa
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Catone Rose Wedding Dress by LRowling Catone Rose Wedding Dress :iconlrowling:LRowling 1 1
The Mad Surgeon (ASL x Child!Reader x Law)
“So….you’re upset that ____________ has a friend?” said Sabo watching Ace pace their clubhouse. Luffy was munching on a rice ball watching his brother with intrigue. ________________ had left him to meet some of her friends. He followed her to the Baratie but Sanji was on an errand run so she back tracked and came back home to rest a bit. Ace took this opportunity to get some help from his brothers.  
“No! I’m UPSET because we never met this asshole and he could be anyone! He could be some serial killer!”
“You’re not sure, right?”
“I’m POSITIVE! It’s almost like that story with the couple killing people and putting them into meat pies!”
“You mean Sweeney Todd?! Really?!”
“He could be fattening her up with cake and sweets, luring her into a false sense of security and then shoving her into an oven by the pound!”
“…You’re reading way too much into this! Ace,
:iconsilver-kitsuneneko:Silver-KitsuneNeko 33 21
Catone Rose - A Wish on a Comet Arc Whole Cake by LRowling Catone Rose - A Wish on a Comet Arc Whole Cake :iconlrowling:LRowling 1 6
Mature content
You moan like a girl (Ace x Male!Reader) Smut :iconlaracaldin:LaraCaldin 45 1
A Wish on a Comet (Luffy x OC) Ch 7 by morianna19 by LRowling A Wish on a Comet (Luffy x OC) Ch 7 by morianna19 :iconlrowling:LRowling 3 1 One Piece: Mermay Prompt by SUSHIFREAK101 One Piece: Mermay Prompt :iconsushifreak101:SUSHIFREAK101 10 0
Hallelujah [Kid, Law, you]

Song: Hallelujah
By Leonard Cohen
What would happen if the World Government managed to capture the Fifth Emperor, Monkey D. Luffy, and his entire crew, sending them to execution in Neo Marineford?
Something similar happened before, when Portgas D. Ace was sentenced to death.
 A war.
One of the biggest wars the world had ever seen. More than the War of the Best, more than the Payback war, more than Wano.
 The Strawhats had many allies.
During their journey, they saved not just a lot of people, but a lot of countries.
They had a shitload of enemies too, though.
Despite some of them being criminals, the WG signed a truce and asked them to join forces in the furious battle to come.
Because they knew what was coming.
 The Strawhat Fleet, the Revolutionaries, the Kamabakka Kingdom, the amazons, Germa 66, the samurais, the Surgeon of Death, the Kid pirates, the Minks, what was left of the Wh
:iconabysscronica:AbyssCronica 55 30
Neither pretty nor cool - Law x Reader (One-Shot)
(E/C) = eye color
The whole crew knew Law had a huge crush on you. Even you sensed something. However, you never seemed to pay attention to that piece of information, and that's why Law couldn't believe what just happened.
He was in the rec room, talking about something with Bepo, when you suddenly appeared in front of him with a short, strapless tube dress. You always wore the crew's jumpsuit or any other baggy clothes, so his lovestruck brain could do nothing but freeze at the sight. To top it off, the pattern in the fabric was a yellow and black tartan. You looked like the perfect gift for him.
Before he could get his head together, your palms were pressed against his cheeks, and your lips against his own. And two seconds later, you were gone, as if you were a mere ghost.
Law still was blinking at the door, where you just disappeared, wondering what the hell had gotten into you. Did you really just kiss him in front of the entire crew?
The snickers and murmurs his numb ears caught a
:icontocglitch:tocglitch 54 25
Portgas D. Ace elegance by Narusailor Portgas D. Ace elegance :iconnarusailor:Narusailor 34 4 Amy and Nami cuddling by Azureman136
Mature content
Amy and Nami cuddling :iconazureman136:Azureman136 13 0
The Final Piece (Zoro x Chubby! Reader)
You sat on deck against the post of Thousand Sunny. You were the artist of the crew and also the chubby girl. Your friends, however, could care less and accepted you regardless of weight, gender and any doubts you have. You are glad you joined, you have never felt so welcomed in your life. You have forgotten about the people in your home town making fun of your dreams and your weight. What is your dream? To find love while traveling the seas sure it may sound dumb but that was just one of your dreams. The other is to be a famous artist.  
So far, you've shown almost every friend your crew has come across and have become fond of your art believing in you.  Their praises made you confident that your art will soon reach everyone's eyes and demand a drawing or two. During your travels you have drawn almost everyone in your crew including Law and Bartholomew. The only person you have yet to draw is Zorro. Your crush. He was the easiest one to capture yet the most difficult
:iconwolfytoons31:Wolfytoons31 8 16
Healing scars - Katakuri x Reader [1/?]
In his presence, feeling a sense of safety was a given. Reacting immediately to any sign of danger before it could even happen, you were always heavily protected. His fearsome name of Charlotte had very few foolish enough to challenge him if his exorbitant height hadn’t chased them off beforehand.
Being afforded the luxury of a rather carefree life, few things gnawed at you. All except his stressed caused by others to desperately hide a large part of him.
Few knew about his tight-lipped secret hidden behind thick layers of dark fur. Only close members, his older siblings accepted his true self without a second thought. Caring for their older brother no matter the case, they became his only support.
While they raised no issue about his uncovered face, his own mother furrowed in disgust. Despite carrying him for months and giving him life, she didn’t hold back on her ill words. Urging him on from a young age to cover and hide his given glasgow smile, he began to spiral into a
:iconcorazonstealer:CorazonStealer 58 10



As Nami watches Luffy, Usopp and Sanji reach Conis’ house with the two natives she can’t help but worry about the crew’s new situation as second class criminals. “They’d better get back quick…”

“Are these priests really that tough?”  Zoro asks as he pulls the anchor out of the water.

Rose looks down at the crew from the crow’s nest where she’s ready to release the sails at any moment. “From what we heard, these guys took down almost an entire pirate crew without breaking a sweat.”

Chopper tenses up at the thought before he looks back at the island. “Really?!”

Before she can answer, the boat begins to shake and starts being slightly lifted.

“What’s going on?!”  Nami asks as she grabs onto the railing.

“The shrimp that brought us here came back for us.” Robin says as if it’s a regular thing while she holds onto the railing beside her.

Rose widens her eyes at the answer and looks down to see that the archaeologist’s right, because the white waters under the ship have been replaced by the back of a giant pink shrimp. *Here we go…*

She grips onto the edge of the crow’s nest to keep her balance when the ship starts moving away from the beach and towards the direction of the Upper Yard.

Zoro grits his teeth as he regains his balance and calls up to the wind girl. “ROSE, GET THE OTHERS BACK TO THE ISLAND!”

Nami widens their eyes at the order before she turns to the swordsman. “Wait, what about you?!”

“I’m staying to take on the priests.”

“That’s crazy!” Chopper says while Rose looks back at the cloud island.

When the wind girl sees what’s following them close behind she immediately rejects the idea. “That plan’s not gonna work with these guys on our tail!”

The others follow her gaze and share an equally shocked look when they see dozens of green fanged eels, that are larger than the ship, following behind with one jumping as high as twenty feet in air at a time.

Robin blinks at the sea creatures before she looks at the island they left behind. “If she tries to fly us off the ship then I doubt the eels would have a problem with eating us.”

“Don’t say that! What if we take down the shrimp?!” Chopper asks, but Zoro’s already ahead of him as he jumps off the front of the ship and onto the head of the shrimp with two swords out.

Rose goes down to join him as she takes out her sword. Once she lands on the head, she tries to stab the shrimp’s head multiple times along with Zoro, but the shell is too hard for either of them to leave a crack in.

“Damn, this isn’t working.” Zoro says as he stops to see that they didn’t even make a scratch on its head.

Rose looks ahead to the green land that the ship’s taking them and brings both her and Zoro back onto the ship. “Looks like we’re being sent for heaven’s judgement.”

“So we’re going back to the island after all...” Nami says in defeat as the shrimp reaches the Upper Yard.

The eels stop following them as the boat is dragged through the island’s river until they reach a lake where a sacrificial altar in the middle of the water is wait for them.

“We’re being sacrificed?!” Chopper asks in fright as the shrimp brings the ship to the top of the altar.

Rose blinks at the gentle drop off as she watches the shrimp leave them alone with nobody to guard them. “It doesn’t look like they’re worried about us leaving.”

“That’s because of the sky sharks.” Robin says as she points to the rest of the water where numerous striped sharks’ dorsal fins are popping out of the water in preparations of catching their prey.

Nami flinches at the sharks then looks around at the forest that’s too far for them to jump from their location. “We could still get out of here with Rose’s wind, but the ship...”

Zoro uses a rope ladder to climb off the boat and sees that the bottom of the ship was damaged from the dangerous trip. “It doesn’t look like we can get far with the Merry like this. Chopper, can you see if you can fix it?”

Chopper nods to the request while the navigator looks at him in confusion. “Then what are you going to do?”

Zoro smirks at the question before he looks at the island. “I’m gonna go to the island to look for the fake god.”

The redhead looks at the smirking man in utter shock. “Don’t call him fake! You’ll piss him off!”

The swordsman smirks at her worry as he looks to the island. “I don’t believe in god so why should I care?”

“Wow.” Chopper stares at the arrogant swordsman in awe while Nami silently prays for forgiveness.

Rose chuckles at his confidence before she looks to the island. “Just give me a sec and I’ll send you over there with my wind.”

Zoro shakes his head at the offer before he points to a vine that on a tree, that’s close to the edge of the island. “Thanks, but no thanks. Robin, can you get me that vine?”

Robin nods as she summons up an arm on the tree to lower not just that vine, but two more and pushes it towards the ship. “Mind if I come along too?”

“No problem, just don’t get in my way.” Zoro says as he catches the vines for them.

“You too Robin?!” Nami asks with Robin nodding.

“This altar is at least a thousand years old. I’m really curious about the history of this place.” The archaeologist grins at the navigator as she points to the land. “There could even be hidden treasure and material we can use to fix the ship.”

Nami perks up the mention of treasure and grins at the island she was afraid of just a moment ago. “In that case I’m in!”

“You’re serious?!” Chopper asks when Nami turns to him with beli in her eyes.

“Of course, we need to learn about the history!”

The reindeer sweat drops at her change in attitude, but he doesn’t comment on it as he turns to Rose. “Are you going too?”

She shakes her head as she digs into her bag for her camera. “No, I’m gonna stay here and help with repairs.”

Nami nods to the plan as she points to the whistle for the sky knight that’s hanging onto the mast. “Alright, you can use the sky knight whistle too if you need it.”

Rose gives her a thumb’s up as she grabs her camera while the three explorers take a vine.

Chopper tilts his head at the wind girl, who’s getting ready to take a picture, while the others don’t notice.

Zoro grip on his vine as his clear his throat. Once he’s ready, he pulls back and swings on the vine while yelling out as if he’s Tarzan.

The wind girl bites the inside of her cheek to hold back from laughing as she takes a picture while Nami and Robin follow him until they land on the island.

Once the three of them are safely on land, they look back to the ship.

“Take care, don’t let the priests kill you.” Robin says as if what she said wasn’t scary.

“Don’t say that Robin!” Nami says before she waves Rose and Chopper off. “We’ll be back soon!”

“Don’t worry about us! Be careful!” Chopper says as he waves them off with Rose as she remains quiet.

Once the three of them are out of their sight, Chopper grabs a hammer along with some nails. “Where should we start first?”

“The outside of the ship could use some work. You can go ahead, I need to get another hammer.” Rose says as she leaves her bag by the railing and goes inside while Chopper heads down the rope ladder, so he can assess the damage.

He knits his eyebrows at the sight of the damage of not only the bottom of the ship, but also a few holes on the outside of the boat. He grabs some lumber to patch one of the holes when he drops the hammer.

He tries to catch it, but even when he changed into heavy point it was out of his reach. The tool quickly falls down the stairs, but instead of hitting the water it stops at the final step. He gulps when he sees the sharks that are close to his final step.

He looks up to see if Rose is outside yet, but he doesn’t see her. He doesn’t want to risk a shark trying to eat it, so he cautiously steps down the stairs. When he’s close enough to reach for it he struggles to grab it while keeping his eyes on the waters for the sky sharks.

Just when his fingers touch the tool, he widens his eyes when a sky shark jumps out of the water for him. “AAAH!”

He keeps screaming as he grabs the hammer and makes a run for it to narrowly dodge the fish. Another one jumps out high enough to catch the reindeer as he opens his jaws for his prey, but instead of receiving a meal he got a flying side kick to the nose from a wind girl.

Chopper stops running when he reaches the top of the stairs, and turns around in shock to see Rose laughing in triumph as the scared sky shark swims for its life. “It really is true!”

The reindeer blinks at the statement as he tilts his head in confusion.  “What’s true?”

Rose grins back at the reindeer as she lands next to him and points to her freckled nose. “If you hit a shark in the nose, they go running no matter how big they are.”


She nods as she looks over the doctor. “Are you hurt anywhere doc?”

Chopper shake his head before he turns to the ship. "I’m ok, but we should get started.”

“Ok, which part needs-?!” She cuts herself off when a shadow overcasts the two of them.

“You two are the only sacrifices?”

The two of them turn around and look up to see Shura smirking at them on the back of his bird.

Rose slowly steps in front of scared doctor as she clenches her fists and quietly speaks. “Doc, get on the ship and make sure the whistle’s close…”

The reindeer perks up at the reminder of the sky knight’s whistle that’s still hanging on the mast, and rushes to climb on the rope ladder.

“And what do you think you’re doing?” Shura asks his bird’s mouth begins to heat up, but before he can scorch anything, the bird gags from a strong gust of wind hitting him straight in the stomach that sends both him and his master flying up.

Shura looks down to see that the freckled girl is doing it by turning her right arm into a gust of air. She stops when they’re above the ship and flies to their level with a smirk. “As much as I find a fire breathing bird badass, I won’t hold back in a sky battle, so choose your next moves very carefully.”

He blinks at the confident wind girl in front of him when he feels the same unique aura that he sensed earlier coming from his opponent. His shock changes to sadistic delight as he grips his javelin. “So you’re the mantra holder. Fuza!”

The bird knew exactly what his rider commanded so he activated the heat dial in his mouth and breathed fire directly at her. However, Rose pulls her arms in front of her and pushes out a strong enough gust of wind to put out the flames.

*Compared to Ace’s fire, this is nothing!* She keeps her confidence up from the thought as she turns her arms into air and shoots it at him, but he easily dodges.

Shura starts heating his javelin up with his dial while Fuza charges towards her. “Even if your mantra’s weird I can still predict your moves!”

He jabs his red tipped weapon up just as Rose is about to fly over him and would’ve got a hit in if his javelin didn’t go through her stomach.

“What?” He couldn’t recover to the shock in time before Rose blasts her wind to slam both the priest and the bird to a tree.

Fuza stumbles down for a moment before he shakes his head and flies off just to dodge the wind girl’s kick.

The pirate barely had enough time to turn her arm into air once more as she had to move away to dodge the javelin.

The priest smirks at the enjoyable battle he’s having as the two enemies continuously dodge each other’s moves. “So you’re the same as lord Eneru.”

The wind girl scoffs at the comparison as she narrows her eyes at him as she blasts her wind at him, but he easily avoids it. “Don’t compare me to that almighty bastard!”

Shura widens his eyes at the insult before anger begins to take over him. “What did you say?!”

She blocks Fuza’s flames with the wind coming out of one hand while the bird charges at her. Just when Shura’s about to try stabbing her again, his weapon failed because of Rose’s sword blocking him.

The wind girl pushes him off and grits her teeth as she charges at him with her sword in hand.  “You heard me! I’ve seen what Eneru does to this island and it disgusts me! He’s nothing but a fucking tyrant with a god complex!”

Shura blocks her barrage of sword attacks on him and slightly widens his eyes when he sees that she’s using the back end of the blade instead of the sharp edge. *What the-?! Has she not been trained properly?!*

He snaps out of it when Rose axe kicks Fuza on top of the head. The furious bird stumbles down from the blow, but he quickly regains altitude as he shoots flames at her, but she easily blocks them.

The priest glares at the girl as both sides go back into a battle of dodging the others moves. While Shura and Fuza dodge the blunt side of the pirate’s katana the priest thinks back on when they were attacked by a tornado. When he remembers how it was another twister that destroyed the one they were trapped in, he realizes that this girl has compassion for others.

He smirks at the weakness he discovered as he glances down at the ship where her crewmate is nervously watching the fight with the whistle in hand. “You know, I think it’s time to finish the trial of string.”

Rose raises an eyebrow at the announcement as she pulls her arms back for another swing, but before she can strike her body completely stiffens up. She widens her eyes in shock as she tries to move her body, but it’s as if it’s frozen in midair with her wind holding her up. *Crap, he must’ve set the cloud strings up when we were fighting!*

The priest chuckles at her predicament as he starts heading towards the ship. “I’m sure Eneru would love to hear your opinion of him when I hand you over to him. Still, I’m kind of disappointed. Even with your power, you can’t hold a candle to Eneru. At least he has the sense to ally with the strong.”

The wind girl widens her eyes at their move towards the ship before she frantically blows wind out of her body to slowly expand the cloud strings far enough to free herself. “Doc, get out of there!”

The reindeer, who was watching the fight the whole time, flinches as he watches the priests descending to the same level as the ship and quickly blows the whistle for the sky knight.

Shura and Fuza ignore the whistle as the bird’s mouth begins to heats up. Fuza didn’t hesitate to breathe his flames towards the Merry, but what neither enemy was expecting was the wind girl to escape the cloud strings and fly in front of the incoming fire.

Rose held both of her arms out in front of her, but wasn’t quick enough to stop the flames to strike her arms for a moment, before her wind repels the flames and sends Fuza flying back up with his rider.

“Rose!” Chopper worriedly calls out to his crewmate, who received various first degree burns from her fingertips to her elbows from taking the blow, just before he sees some embers flying onto the deck.

The reindeer rushes to put out the flames while the wind girl furiously flies after the priest.

“Big mistake you son of a bitch!” Without even thinking, Rose turns both of her burnt arms into strong gusts of wind and sends them after the priest from various directions.

Shura widens his eyes at the gusts that he can barely see as they fly all over the place, so he can’t predict where they’ll strike from.

Fuza can barely dodge half of the heated wind blasts while the rest of the aerial attacks manage to hit both him and Shura.

The pilot almost fell off his saddle from an air attack to the side before Fuza had to fly up in an attempt to escape. Shura looks back to see the wind girl coming after them with a menacing look in her eyes that almost made him shiver. *Is this really the same girl that we’ve been fighting?! She looks like she won’t hesitate to kill-*

He snaps out of his thoughts when he senses another presence and moves his javelin to his left just in time to block the javelin that was about to stab him courtesy of the sky knight.

“I think you had enough fun.” Gan Fall says as he pulls back, but stops when he sees the furious girl flying at their level, high above the island, with airy arms.

He doesn’t say anything about the seemingly armless girl as he points his javelin at the priest while Rose glares at him.

Shura clicks his tongue at the disadvantage when he senses a large number of mantras in the distance. *Even the Shandorians are running amok here. Dammit, I have no choice. I need to protect god’s land above all else…*

He digs his heels into Fuza’s sides as a sign to make a retreat. The bird gets the message as he charges at the duo, but before they could react he breathes fire at Rose to keep her distracted while Shura jabs his weapon at the knight.

Gan Fall quickly blocks the blow, but he failed to notice that during the strike Shura managed to sneakily loop his invisible cloud string around his ankle. Once Fuza flew past the knight, the string around his ankle pulled him off his bird and dragged mid air by the priest.

Rose blocks off the last of the flames and widen her eyes to see Gan Fall dragged by Fuza with his own bird flying after them.

She flies after the chase just when Shura cuts the string that’s holding Gan Fall. He smirks at the falling knight that’s heading to the ocean twenty feet below them before he lifts his head to the logia user. “Don’t think you’ve won! I promise Eneru will want to take care of you personally!”

Rose clenches her teeth at the threat as she fires a wind blast at them, but he easily ducks into the woods.

While Gan Fall’s bird rushes to catch his master, the wind girl goes into the woods to fly after the priest. However, when she makes it into the forest, she finds that there’s not a trace of her enemy anywhere. She growls at his retreat as she lands on her feet, leans against a tree and starts panting from exhaustion while her burnt arms return to normal. “Damn, I’ve always hated those bastards.”

“Hated who?” Rose flinches at Robin’s voice behind her and turns around to see her, Nami and Zoro approaching her.

She nervously looks back and points to a random direction. “Priests, one of them tried attacking the ship but the sky knight and I fought him off. He got away before we could catch him.”

She flinches at the searing pain in her hands from pointing and looks at her hands and forearms to see that half of the skin is bright red from the burns.

Nami widens her eyes at the marks that look painful to even look at. “What happened?”

Rose shrugs off her worries and gives them a small grin. “The bird that we saw with the priests earlier can shoot flames out of his beak. He thought he could get away with scorching the ship, but I managed to stop him. These burns aren’t as bad as they look.”

Robin giggles at her carefree attitude for her injuries. “You should still get them looked at unless you want them to get infected and amputated.”

“Don’t go saying stuff like that that.” Zoro says while Nami grimaces at the thought.

Rose however, tilts her head at the thought and looks down at her arms curiously. “Can wind arms even get amputated?”

“DON’T ASK THAT! JUST GO SEE CHOPPER!” Nami yells as she grabs the wind girl by the shoulder and drags her to the shoreline with Zoro and Robin following.

The brunette wastes no time in flying the group back to the ship to see that Gan Fall’s bird managed to catch the knight and bring him onto the ship for Chopper to treat his ankle.

As Chopper finishes bandaging the knight’s sprained ankle, he notices the group flying towards them and points to an empty spot next to Gan Fall. “Take a seat right there Rose. I need to bandage your arms.”

She silently nods as she grins in relief of how both Chopper, Gan Fall and the ship’s damages were minimal from the fight.

Once Rose’s feet touch the floor, she allows her exhaustion to completely take over as she falls on her butt and leans her back onto the railing for support.

The others blink at the girl’s collapse while the doctor rushes to her with a bottle of burn lotion and a roll of bandages.

Zoro looks around to see that even the deck has a few burnt marks. “What kind of a priest uses fire as a weapon?”

“The asshole kind.” Rose says as she gives Chopper her hand.

He gently holds her wrist and narrows his eyes on the burns on her thin forearms. “The burns aren’t as bad as I thought they’d be. Good thing you pushed the flames off your hands right away or the damage would be a lot worse.”

Gan Fall blinks at the analysis as he turns to the exhausted girl. “What kind of power do you have?”

Rose quietly sighs as she allows Chopper to apply the ointment on her burns and bandage them up. “I ate a devil fruit that turned my body into air. Sorry if I scared you when my limbs were air.”

He shakes his head as he grins at the two pirates. “Don’t be, I should be thanking your friend for treating my injury. If I’m being honest, we’re lucky to just receive these kinds of injuries. The priests are really strong.”

The wind girl chuckles at the comment as she watches Chopper bandage each of her fingers separately so that she can still use her hands. “I agree with you there.”

“HEY GUYS, IT’S THE MERRY!” The group freezes at Luffy’s voice while Nami, Zoro and Robin look to see Luffy, Sanji and Usopp sailing to the lake on a tiny crow raft.

Sanji looks at the ship with hearts in his eyes as he waves for the girls. “Nami-swaan~! Robin-chwaan~! Rose-chwaan~! No need to fear, I passed the trial of love for you all!”

Nami sighs in relief that they made it as she throws down a rope ladder for them. “Guys, come up!”

The bruised-up trio wastes no time in getting onboard, but once they were on the deck they were surprised to see the burnt patches on the deck.

“What happened to the ship now?!” Usopp asks as he cautiously steps onto the deck.

“A crazy priest tried attacking the ship.” Zoro says.

“A priest did this to Rose-chan?!” Sanji asks as he looks at her arms.

Rose twitches an eyebrow at his worry when she looks at the boys’ bruises and burns that are all over their bodies. “Forget about me, you guys look like you went through a minefield!”

“She’s right, sit down and let me heal you!” Chopper says as he grabs his bag and starts working on Usopp’s injuries.

“What kind of trial did you guys go through anyway?” Nami asks as she looks down at the crow boat that they sailed on.

Luffy chuckles at the adventure they had as he sits cross legged next to the wind girl while the doctor gets to work on his injuries. “We went through a trial with this weird ball guy. It was nuts, he could predict what moves we were going to pull on them.”

Rose nods to the explanation as she looks at her hands. “Our priest had the same ability too.”

“That’s called mantra.” Gan Fall says which makes every pirate turn their attention to him. “It’s a special ability that both the priests and their god have. As you’ve witnessed, it predicts a person’s moves and it can also sense someone’s location even if they’re hidden from plain sight.”

Usopp, Nami and Chopper shiver from the thought while Robin looks at him in confusion. “Do you have this kind of ability?”

He shakes his head before he looks up to the evening sky that’s getting darker by the minute from the sun setting. “I don’t, and with it getting dark I’m afraid it would be too dangerous for me to head home or for you all to sail out of here.”

Sanji puffs a smoke from his cigarette before he looks to the shoreline. “I think you’re right. How about we go to the shore and camp out there? If another priest shows up, it would be easier to fight there.”

“Yea, let’s do it!” Luffy says as he eagerly jumps off the boat to get on his raft with the excited reindeer following him.

“Quit being so casual!” Usopp says as he follows them onto the boat.

Rose chuckles at their excitement as she straps on her bag and brings herself and the rest of the group to the shore.

As the wind girl gently sets down the elder knight, the rest of the crew gets to work on setting up the campsite.

Zoro quickly sets up a campfire that can last for hours, and Sanji begins to cook up a stew while Nami explains to the others what she, Robin, and Zoro found out about the Upper Yard from their travels.

“So you’re saying that this place was a piece of Jaya?!” Chopper asks in shock with Nami nodding.

“That means the golden city really is here!” Usopp says before he covers his mouth to stop Luffy from hearing, but with one look at the captain, he already knows that it’s too late because he’s beaming with excitement.

“This is the kind of adventure I was looking for!” Luffy says while grinning from ear to ear in excitement.

Nami grins at his excitement when she thinks about all the treasure they can get. “If you want to stay then I have no problems with it.”

“But what about the angry god?!” Usopp asks with Chopper nodding, but none of them are worried about the god.

“What kind of pirates would we be if we didn’t look for treasure?” Zoro asks as he relaxes.

Gan Fall widens his eyes at their attitude. “You all can’t be serious! This island is-”

He stops himself when Rose pats him on the shoulder, so he turns to see her giving him a relaxed grin. “Even if you mention how dangerous it is they won’t quit.”

She looks at her excited friends with a soft smile as she leans back against a tree. “We may not look it but we’re tough. Eneru won’t know what hit him.”

He blinks at the young girl’s confidence in her crew before he sighs in defeat. “I see.”

Before he could say anything else, Sanji hands him two bowls of stew. “I made enough for both you and your bird. By the way, do you know if Conis is alright?”

Gan Fall nods at the question, about the girl he had to save from Eneru’s wrath for being friends with the crew, as he places a bowl right in front of his pet. “Both Conis and her father are safe. Eneru can’t go after them.”

Sanji grins at the reassurance before he grabs another bowl of stew goes over to Rose. “If your hands hurt too much I can feed it to you.”

Rose doesn’t hesitate to shake her head at the offer with a blank look on her face as she takes the bowl and ignores the mild pain in her hands. “Thanks, but I’m fine.”

The chef sighs in disappointment as he goes back to his pot to distribute the meal to the rest of the crew.

As the wind girl goes through her meal she can’t help but stare up at the starry sky with worry in her eyes. With Shura escaping before she can capture him, Eneru now knows a good extent of her powers and is a threat to him. If her situation is as bad as she fears, then tomorrow is going to be a nightmare. *Since my aura is so noticeable, I should split up from the others in the morning. If the big shots come after me then the others can get through the Hunger Games easier.*

She chuckles at her silent joke as she sets the bowl on her lap so that she can gently caresses her necklace with one hand while the other is grabbing spoonfuls of stew for her. *If anything, I can make a good guideline out of this experience for other outsiders.*

She continues to silently eat as Robin finishes her meal, and looks up at the fire that’s the stands out on the dark island. “Shouldn’t we be putting the flames out? It can expose our position to the enemy.”

Usopp and Luffy widen their eyes at the suggestion before the rubber man sighs in disappointment. “Did you hear that Usopp? I can’t believe she wants to put out the fire.”

Robin tilts her head at his disappointment when Usopp comes to her defense. “Don’t be so hard on her Luffy. She’s been living her life as an assassin, so she couldn’t have known.”

“What are you guys talking about?” The archaeologist asks with the two boys point to the bright campfire.

“When you’re out camping, you need to keep the fire on all night!” Luffy says.

“Really?!” Chopper says with stars in his eyes.

Usopp nods as he smirks in pride. “Even if we die, the campfire needs to burn bright to have a perfect camping night!”

“Don’t be stupid!” Nami says as she approaches them. “This forest is dangerous enough as it is! Or did you forget the priests and crazy raiders out there?!”

“I didn’t forget but we can’t waste a perfect camping night either!” Luffy says.

“Even if it’s dark out they would sense us with their mantra.” Rose chimes in with Gan Fall nodding in agreement.

“If the priests were to attack again they would’ve done so by now, so we’re all safe for the time being.”

Nami however, still isn’t convinced that it would be safe to keep the fire going. “We could still attract wild beasts with the fire!”

“Oi Luffy, is this enough?” The group stops at Zoro’s voice to see him patting a pile of lumber that’s taller than him.

Luffy happily smiles at the pile of wood that can give them a fire that lasts through the entire night. “Yea, that’s more than enough!”

“Not you too!” Nami says, but Sanji tries to reassure her by grabbing a branch that’s on fire.

“It will be alright Nami. Wild animals are naturally afraid of fire.” What the chef wasn’t aware of though was that in the darkness behind him began to glow with dozens of bright golden eyes.

Nami notices the eyes and begins to shake in fright. “You did attract a beast!”

Usopp and Chopper yelp in fright when one of the beasts come out of the shadows to reveal a large white wolf with e scar going across his right eye.

Gan Fall widens his eyes at the creature before he tries to warn the others. “Everyone, be careful! That’s a cloud wolf, these creatures are dangerous!”

The crew, except for Robin and Rose, start getting their guard up when the wolf narrows his eyes at the group of humans as he begins growling in irritation.

Robin blinks at the growling animal before she turns to Chopper. “What’s he saying Doctor-kun?”

Chopper listens closely to the angry wolf before he copies his scowl and his tone of voice in the translation. “You damn humans are keeping us up with your shouting! Shut the hell up already!”

“WHAT WAS THAT?!” Luffy and Sanji ask but Chopper flinches.

“It’s not me, it’s the wolf!” Chopper stops when he hears him growling again and translates. “‘If you humans want to live then get out of our territory! Everything from the grass to the trees on this island belongs to-’”

The wolf’s rant was cut short when Nami’s fist crash landed on his head to knock him out.

All the boys were speechless at Nami’s punch as she glares at the animal she punched. “You’re not stopping me from getting the treasure!”

Rose begins to tremble as she clamps a bandaged hand over her mouth, to stop herself from laughing at the display, and avoid Nami’s wrath being directed to her.

Robin sweat drops at the wind girl’s urge to laugh when she hears growling all over the place and sees that the rest of the pack, that consists of dozens of wolves, starts approaching the crew.

Usopp and Chopper hug each other in fear before the sniper glares at Nami. “Why did you have to piss them off?!”

“Forget that, just think of something!”

“What do you think I can do here?!”

Before the pack can pounce on the campers, the leader wakes up and raises a paw in the air to stop them.

Chopper blinks at the growling leader before he translates for him again. “Don’t bother, even if you attack all at once you’re no match for her.”

Nami freezes at the compliment as she and the others see the wolf wiping his mouth with the back of his paw with a smug look on his face. “‘You got a great punch babe. I like you.”

Nami mirrors his smirk as they clasp hand and paw together to show the new bond they formed.

Usopp sweat drops at the new friendship before he turns to Zoro. “So they’re friends now?”

“I guess so.”

Luffy grins at the wolves before he throws a log into the fire. “Then let’s have our campfire now!”

Most of the crew along with the entire pack howl in agreement as they join the fray and begin to party like it’s no tomorrow.

Gan Fall blinks at the new development as he watches Usopp strap on a bongo drum and starts pounding it for the music. “I can’t believe they just tamed cloud wolves…”

Robin giggles at his surprise as she sits beside him and watches the party with a soft grin. “As you’ve seen, we’re not your average pirate crew.”

“I agree, you all might make it to the golden city after all.” He sighs in relief of the situation not getting worse as he relaxes and enjoys his evening.

“Let’s get this pre-gold hunting dance festival started!” Usopp says as he happily dances around the fire with the rest of the crew, except Robin and Zoro, and a line of wolves following behind as he bangs on the bongos.

Zoro chuckles at the party as he sits it out and grabs a bottle of booze, but stops when he sees the pack leader sitting next to him with a cup of wine. The two warriors stare each other down for a moment before they grin at each other, clank their drinks together and chug it down as a sign of friendship.

Luffy copies the wolves’ howling as he dances along with them while Sanji and Chopper dance to Usopp’s song about getting the gold.

Nami happily drinks a mug of liquor before she follows the party animals in the fire dance.

Rose chuckles at the fun as she dances on her own with a few wolves. She spins to the music of the howls and drums like it’s nobody’s business when she accidentally bumps into Nami.

Rose regains her balance as she catches the navigator before she could fall over. “You ok Nami?”

Nami drunkenly laughs with joy before she slings an arm around the brunette. “Of course I am! We’re gonna be rich!”

She spins around with her causing them both to laugh before they dance along with the wolves. The navigator continues to lead them along, when she looks from the corner of her eye to see that they’re getting close to where the captain’s dancing.

With a mischievous glint in her brown eyes, Nami spins the girls again and sneakily pushes the wind girl into Luffy’s direction.

Rose yelps at the shove as she fails to regain her balance before she bumps into Luffy and pushes them out of the dancing line.

Luffy quickly catches himself while Rose finally steadies herself. “Sorry about that Luffy.”

The rubber man shrugs it off when he looks at Usopp’s drum. “No worries, hey can you use your guitar for the party?”

She quietly sighs as she waves her bandaged hands. “Sorry, I don’t think doc would want me to try with these burns. After we get the treasure I think I can do it.”

Luffy grins at the answer as he nods and motions his hand for her to follow him. “Alright, then let’s party!”

Rose shyly nods as she joins him in the fire dance.

As Nami watches the two of them dancing together in the line, she grins in victory as she takes another swig of her liquor. As she keeps dancing around she accidentally trips on her feet, but before she can fall a pair of pale arms catch her.

“Are you alright Nami-san?” The navigator looks up to see Sanji gently smiling at her as he steadies her back on her feet.

Nami blinks at the visible blue eye staring at her before she happily smiles and wraps an arm around his shoulders. “You bet I am Sanji-kun~! Let’s keep this party going~!”

“Absolutely!” Hearts swell up in the chef’s eyes as he gleefully allows the redhead to bring him back into the dance.

Robin chuckles at her dancing crewmates as she, Zoro and Gan Fall watch the party last on until every last one of them passes out.


On a Wednesday night, in the study of her family’s study nine year old Rose is sitting in her blue pajamas next to her mother at her desk. While her father is having a lecture, the mother-daughter pair spend the evening looking through the computer on various astronomy topics and other world theories.

Nights like this are one of the most treasured moments for the freckled child for it’s the only time she feels that she’s learning something fun and useful, compared to what she has to sit through in school. Because of this, she’s practically bouncing in her seat with her notebook in hand. “What are we going to look through this time mom?!”

Her mother Teresa chuckles at her daughter’s bubbly excitement as she tucks a strand of her black hair behind her ears and goes through the internet. “We’re going to look into doppelgangers.”

Rose blinks at the new word as she stares up at her pale mother. “What’s a doppelganger?”

“It’s basically a clone of yourself. They’re people who look just like you even though they’re not family.” She shows her a web page of the definition of a doppelganger and pictures of look alikes as she keeps explaining. “Because of this, it could be possible that we have doppelgangers living in other worlds. This can be a way to see what your life would be like if you were born in that world.”

The child brightens up at the theory as she looks to Teresa with stars in her purple eyes. “You mean there’s a me in the Pokémon world?!”

Teresa chuckles at the question before she ruffles her daughter’s brown hair. “It’s possible, but they might not look exactly like us.”

She points to her own purple eyes as an example. “For instance, they could have different color eyes, hair, skin color or even have scars on their body.”

Rose blinks at the explanation as she scratches her head to try to understand. “So, they look like us but they’re not an exact copy?”

“Exactly, and since they lived different lives from us, their personalities could be different too.”

The little girl hums at the idea before she looks down at her notebook. “What should we do if we meet them in another world?”

Teresa knits her eyebrows at the thought as she strokes her chin. “As long as we’re keeping where we’re from a secret then the best bet is to play it as a coincidence. I don’t see any problem with making friends with them. Who knows, we could wind up becoming buddies with a ninja version of all three of us in the Naruto world.”

Rose chuckles at the idea as she writes down her mom’s suggestion in the notebook while questions begin to swarm her mind. However, before her questions could be spoken the cuckoo clock, that’s hanging on the red wall, starts chiming to tell them that it’s 9:00.

“Bed time.” Teresa says as she starts getting off the internet while her daughter childishly pouts at the clock.

“Oh come on, five more minutes!”

Teresa chuckles at the pout as she takes her notebook and puts it in a drawer. “Sorry, but you have school tomorrow.”

“Can’t you just homeschool me?! You guys teach me better stuff!”

Teresa bites the inside of her cheek holds back from laughing at the childish outburst as she shakes her head. “You know we can’t. Tell you what though, get ready for bed now and I’ll tell you a constellation story.”

The brunette mulls over the deal before she nods. “Ok, but can you tell me why you and dad study the comet again instead?”

Her mother blinks at the compromise, for this is at least the tenth time that she asked for this story, but nonetheless she’s more than happy to tell her. “Alright, get going then and I’ll meet you in your room.”

The little girl doesn’t waste any time going into the bathroom to brush her teeth before she runs to her bedroom to see her mom seated in a chair that’s next to her bed.

Rose practically hops onto the bed and gets in the covers before she stares at her beautiful mother with stars in her purple eyes. “So how did it happen?”

Teresa grins at her excitement as she crosses a leg over the other to get comfortable before she thinks back to the beginning of the tale. “It all started years ago in another world. In the middle of the night, while her parents were working with a bunch of adults, a five year old girl was playing hide and seek with a group of kids all over the building. An older boy took her to an empty office and they hid behind the desk. As they sat down in their hiding spot he showed her this crystal that he swiped from their parents. As the little girl held the gem and began to admire its beauty a blue light began to shine into the room. Both of the children look outside saw the most amazing thing ever!”

She points to the window at the other side of the wall as if the comet is already there. “They saw an enormous blue comet known as the Timore comet flying across the sky! It was so bright for a moment the kids thought a blue sun came out!”

Rose chuckles at her mom’s enthusiasm as she hangs onto every word her mom says as she keeps listening. “Both children couldn’t take their eyes off the beautiful sight as it flew across the night sky until it vanished as quickly as it came. But something strange happened after the comet left. The girl’s body began to glow and then the next thing she knew, she was alone in a back alley in this very city...”

Teresa’s smile falls from her freckle-less face as she looks at Rose downcast for a moment before she puts back on a small grin. “Lucky for this child, the police found her before anything could happen. When she told them where she came from though, they had no idea where her home is. And everything from the cars to the phones were completely different from what she saw her parents using daily. That’s when she realized that after seeing the Timore comet she got sent into another world without a second thought.”

The adult quietly sighs at the experience before she pats her child on the head. “What your father and I want to do is figure out the comet’s power and figure out where she came from. Also, we want find a way to make sure that it doesn’t break any more families.”

Rose blinks at the look on her mother’s face, that even though holds a smile holds a hint of sadness in her eyes. The freckled kid stands up on the bed and pulls her into a hug. “Let’s do it together then.”

The thin woman blinks at the kid’s embrace before she chuckles and hugs her back. “Yea.”

She picks her up and lays her down on the bed before she tucks her in. “But until then we have to try blending into this world. Which means you gotta go to bed.”

Rose sighs in disappointment of not getting any more time before she curls herself up in the blanket. “Ok, good night.”

“Good night love.” Teresa kisses her daughter on top of her head before she gets up and starts leaving.

Rose furrows her eyebrows in thought as she remembers what she learned tonight before she speaks up. “Hey mom, do you think doppelgangers are in every world?”

Teresa freezes at the doorway when she heard her question and turns back to her with a curious look on her face. “Maybe, why?”

“If we can’t find a doppelganger in another world then maybe that’s how we find out where she came from.”

Teresa slightly widens her eyes at the idea for how they can figure out where the child came from, and realizes that it could work. She gives her child a soft grin before she turns off the lights to reveal the glow in the dark star stickers that are on the ceiling. “You’re getting better at coming up with theories. We can test it out when we leave this world.”

Rose brightly grins at her theory being added to the list of things to test when they figure out the comet’s power, before she allows herself to fall asleep under the fake stars.


In the middle of the night, with the fire finally died out, every animal, knight, and pirate are sleeping all over the ground.

Rose stays warmly bundled in her blanket as she slowly wakes up from her dream. She sits up and softly grins at how the wolves are sleeping with the humans as if they’re all in the same pack before she gets out of her blanket into her bag.

She goes into her bag and quietly exchanges the sheet for her journal and pen. Seeing that she’s the only one awake she sees this as a good chance to update her work without any prying eyes on her. She swipes the pages until she reaches the section where she’s listed the rules on what to do in another world. *World travelling rule #5: If you meet your doppelganger or a doppelganger of someone you know, don’t act like you know them. They’re not the same person.*

She quietly sighs as she finishes writing down the new guideline and chuckles at the possibility of meeting her own doppelganger. *I wonder what kind of person my doppelganger is. Maybe she’s a revolutionary or another pirate. I really hope she’s not a civilian or a noble...*

She cringes at the chance that her being in this world is ruining an innocent person’s life because they share the same face. However, until she knows who her doppelganger is she won’t waste her time worrying about it.

Instead, she’s going to worry about her current situation with Eneru. She gently caresses her necklace as she looks up to see that she still has a few hours before the sun rises. If Eneru is so curious about her, then she’s going to have keep the fight as far away from the others as possible.

She looks to the ship to see that there’s not a soul in sight, so she gets onboard to go inside to drop off her journal in her room. While inside, she also changes her clothes with her black jeans, her jacket over her tank top, grey gloves to cover her bandages, and puts back on her dark blue sneakers.

After she puts her hair in a ponytail, she looks in the mirror and grins in satisfaction before she grabs a piece of paper and writes down a note. *I’ll drop this off to the crew and then head out to be the bait.*

She nods to the plan as she slings her bag over her shoulder. When she walks out of the room, she stops in her tracks when she suddenly hears the sound of a hammer hitting something outside. “This noise can only mean...”

She runs outside to confirm her suspicions and freezes in shock when she sees a small spirit at work to fix the ship.

The little blue ghost that’s dressed in a raincoat, uses her wooden hammer to fix the deck of the ship before she looks at the wind girl. The spirit floats up in the air to Rose’s height as she waves at the pirate with an innocent smile. “Hi Rose.”

Rose snaps out of her daze and sadly smiles at her as she slowly waves back. “Hi there Merry. It’s good to see you.”


A Wish on a Comet (Luffy x OC) Ch 29
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The large shrimp that’s bringing the crew up the twisted cloud road doesn’t stop for a second as it continues to ascend the ship to new heights.

“How is this even possible?!” Nami asks as she clings to the railing to keep her balance.

Rose chuckles at her disbelief as she relaxes next to her. “Hard to tell what’s not possible anymore. This river could be man-made for all we know.”

Robin looks ahead to see that the ship is reaching another gateway. “It looks like we’re reaching the exit.”

“Looks like there’s something written on the gate.” Chopper says while Usopp grabs his binoculars.

Once the sniper takes a look at the sign at the top of the gate he begins to grow more nervous. “It says that we’re heading to Godland Skypiea!”

Luffy widely grins at the announcement as they’re about to get through the gate. “Then let’s go!”

Once the speedy shrimp takes them through the gate, everyone gapes in awe at the large island that’s mostly made of clouds except for the trees and buildings.

Rose widely grins at the beautiful white island as the ship gets closer to the beach before she heads inside to change clothes. Once the boat stops, Luffy wastes no time in jumping overboard to run around of the soft shoreline. “This is awesome!”

Usopp and Chopper quickly join in as they jump onto the cloudy beach.

“Hey what about the anchor?! There’s no sea floor here!” Zoro says, but his captain is too busy running around on the beach to worry about it.

“Never mind…” The swordsman quietly sighs at his childishness before he looks around at the amazing island. “I can’t believe a place like this exists.”

Sanji nods in agreement as he rolls up the bottom of his pants and takes off his blazer. “You got that right, no wonder the others are so excited.”

He quickly dives off into the cloudy ocean to swim into the water with a goofy grin, and leaves Zoro to sweat drop at his antics. “You’re no different from them…”

He shakes his head at the situation before he drops the anchor into the water.

Meanwhile, Rose walks outside in a pale purple tank top with thin, dark red, stripes decorating the shirt, black capris with her sword strapped onto her light blue belt, dark blue sandals with a thin ankle strap to keep them from falling off, and her dark red backpack safely strapped on. When she looks around, she finds Nami about to free the south bird with the bird waiting patiently for freedom.

Once the south bird is finally free of his chain, he flies towards Nami to peck at her, but before he can do anything Rose creates a gust of wind to lift him away from her.

The bird angrily squawks at the wind girl, while she only chuckles and waves at him. “Sorry for not freeing you sooner, but we won’t bother you anymore.”

The bird only narrows his eyes at the easygoing, freckled, girl before he accepts his freedom and flies away from the crazy crew.

Nami quietly sighs in relief of not getting pecked before she turns to Zoro. “Did you drop the anchor?”

“Yea, but I’m not sure if it’ll do any good with the island being made up of clouds.”

Robin looks down at the cloud before she turns to Nami. “Is your eternal pose still pointing up?”

The navigator blinks at the question before she looks to see that the log pose is pointing towards the island. “Nope, this is exactly where we’re supposed to be.”

“Works for me.” Rose says as she wastes no time in flying off the ship to join the Luffy, Chopper, and Usopp in running around of the soft fluffy clouds that make up the beach.

Nami quickly follows them onto the beach while Robin and Zoro stay behind.

Zoro gets ready to get off when he sees Robin staring at the island. “You’re not coming?”

“I’ll be there soon.” The archaeologist says as she takes in the beautiful sight of an island in the sky. “It really is amazing though. I never thought that sailing and landing on islands could be an adventure too.”

Zoro raises an eyebrow at the comment as he watches her get off the ship without another word. He shakes his head to not think much into it before he gets off the ship to join the crew in enjoying the new surroundings.

As Sanji and Robin are admiring at the balloon like flowers nearby, Nami and Chopper are in a gazebo where even the chairs are made of clouds. Usopp is gathers up the clouds under his feet to see that he could make a castle while Zoro relaxes under a palm tree with pumpkin like fruits hanging on it with Luffy climbing onto the same tree.

Rose doesn’t waste time in sitting on a separate palm tree with her camera in hand as she not only takes pictures of the sky island, but also of her crewmates as they do their own thing.

Luffy doesn’t notice the picture taking in the tree next to him as he wraps his legs around the top of the tree trunk to keep him from falling so that he grabs onto one of the dark green fruits on top.

Once he tries to take a bite into the green pumpkin, his teeth immediately start to ache from trying to munch into it. He groans from the pain to see that his teeth didn’t even make a dent into the hard food, so he starts hitting it. “Hey, open up!”

He freezes when he hears a camera going off along with a few giggles to see Rose capturing his cute antics on camera. He only stares at her with big dark eyes for a moment, before he stretches one of his hands towards her.

Rose raises an eyebrow at the rubber hand reaching towards her until it grabs her camera and brings it to him. Before she can question him, Luffy quickly starts taking pictures of her without warning. She chuckles at his retaliation as she grins at the camera and raises her hand up to give him the peace sign.

After the fifth picture, he waves for her to come over with a bright smile. “Come take a picture with me!”

The brunette didn’t need to be told twice as she flies next to him. Luffy throws the pumpkin onto the ground, before he wraps an arm around Rose’s shoulders, and stretches his other arm back a little so that the camera can catch them both.

Rose couldn’t stop her blush from coming out as she wraps an arm around his shoulders with a sheepish grin before her captain takes a picture of the pair.

Once Luffy’s done, he hands her back the camera and blinks when he sees the blush on her freckled cheeks. “Hey, are you ok? Your face is red again.”

She quickly nods as she puts the camera back in her bag while she fights off the blush. “Y-yea, I’m all good. Thanks for the picture.”

She lands on the beach before any more questions could be asked and starts piling up the clouds together so that she can practice her cloud manipulation.

Luffy sweat drops at her retreat before he grabs another pumpkin and tries to eat it, but it’s still too hard for him. He looks down at Usopp making a cloud castle before a mischievous grin appears on his face. “Hey Usopp, want some fruit?”

The sniper didn’t have time to answer before the rocklike fruit landed on top of his head. Usopp twitches an eyebrow in irritation when he hears his captain laughing before he glares up at him. “Stay right there!”

The rubber man doesn’t listen as he jumps from tree to tree while while still laughing with the sniper in pursuit for revenge.

Rose chuckles at the chase as she looks at the large clump of the cloud that she managed to pile up so that it’s as tall as her. She takes a deep breath before she creates a gust of wind around the cloud to change its shape so that it barely looks like a three-layered snowman. She happily grins at the crooked cloud man as she tries again, but stops to hear the sound of a harp playing.

The rest of the crew also stops what they’re doing to the sound of the soft music being played. Zoro looks around for the source when he freezes to see a tiny white fox, with a long snout, running up to him. “What the-? A fox?”

The others don’t notice the animal, but instead find that the musician on top of a cloud hill by the white sea, is a young woman in a pink dress with her blond hair in braided pigtails along with two antennae on top of her head. What the pirates found the most astonishing about this girl though, is that there are two small wings on her back.

“She’s an angel!” Sanji says when the mysterious girl notices the audience and greets the newcomers with a friendly smile.


The pirates look at the girl in confusion for the odd greeting as she walks over to them. “Are you guys from the blue sea?”

Rose nods at the question before she grins down at the fox by Zoro’s feet. “Is that your fox?”

The native nods before she turns her attention to her pet. “Sue come here.”

Sue quickly obeys as he runs over to the girl while she introduces herself. “My name’s Conis. I live not too far from here.”

She looks to see Luffy holding one of the pumpkin fruits and points to it. “That fruit is called a gaunasu, do you want to drink it?”

Luffy raises an eyebrow at the question, but nonetheless he hands her the fruit.

Conis calmly smiles at the fruit as she flips it upside down and takes a pocket knife out of her dress pocket. “This fruit is as hard as steel on the outside, but you can open the bottom to drink its juices.

Once she cuts a small hole at the center of the bottom of the fruit, she places a straw inside and hands it back to Luffy.

Luffy tilts his head at the fruit before he takes a sip and his eyes immediately bug out from the amazing taste. “This is awesome!”

“Really?! Let me try!” Usopp says as he the fruit to sip on it with Chopper quickly following.

Conis looks down to see Sue nuzzling her ankle for attention so she picks her up before she grins at her guests. “If you guys need help with understanding the island I can help.”

Sanji steps up to the woman with a gentlemanly smile. “There’s something I need help with. You see, your beautiful gaze has burnt a hole in my heart- Ow!”

Nami pulls him close to her by the ear to stop him from flirting before she smiles at Conis. “There’s actually a lot of things we’d like to know about this island.”

“Ask away.”

“What’s coming over here from the sea?” Zoro asks which makes the rest of the crew look out to the white sea in confusion to see a middle-aged, winged, man riding a fast one-man boat towards the shore.

Conis brightens up at the bald man with two brown antennae on his head that matches his fluffy beard and recognizes him. “Heso father!”

“Father?” Robin asks, but she doesn’t receive an answer as the sailing man is riding towards them with barely any control on his small boat.

When Nami looks at the boat he’s riding she sees that there’s no sails, and the only thing that seems to be controlling it are the handlebars that Conis’ father is barely keeping ahold of. “What kind of boat is that?”

“It’s a boat called the waver.” Conis says as her father shows no signs of stopping as he gets closer to them.

“Excuse me, but I have to stop now.” Conis’ dad says, but he sails onto the shore and makes the crew jump out of the way to avoid getting run over.

Just before the waver is about to hit a tree, Conis’ father widens his eyes to see that he’s flying off the boat on a gust of wind and avoids crashing with his ride.

Conis looks at her dad in complete shock, because she’s never seen her dad flying before. “Father?!”

“Sorry, that’s me.” Rose says as she slowly releases her wind to gently land him next to his daughter.

Conis and her father widen their eyes at the wind girl before the winged man chuckles at his luck. “Now that was an amazing experience. Thank you for the help.”

Rose nods at the gratitude as she watches him grab his waver to see that it’s not damaged from the crash. He looks at the wingless group with his daughter curiously. “You’re all from the blue sea?”

Conis nods with a calm smile. “That’s right, they’re my friends.”

The bald man nods as he grins at the pirates. “Forgive me for not introducing myself earlier. My name’s Pagaya.”

“There’s no need for you to apologize.” Usopp says when he notices the basket on his back. “What were you doing out there?”

Pagaya looks back at his basket and grins when he shows him one of the many sky lobsters that he caught. “I was just out fishing these sky lobsters. I have more than enough for everyone if you wish to join us for lunch.”

“Awesome!” Luffy says as he, Chopper and Usopp grin in excitement.

Sanji brightens up at the offer as he steps up. “Please let me help, I’d love to learn about your cuisine.”

Pagaya happily nods while Nami goes over to the waver.

The navigator can’t help but be curious at the small boat that has no sails or paddles to move it, yet it can sail so quickly. “Before we go I’m really curious, how does this waver work?”

Conis blinks at the question before realization hits her. “Oh I see, you don’t have experience with dials, do you?”

Nami blinks at the new term before she looks back at the boat. “A dial?”

Conis nods as she goes up to the boat and shows her the two foot pedals that are in between the stand holding the handlebars. “They’re what we use to power the boat and these pedals help channel them. The pedal on the right accelerates it and the left one stops it.”

Luffy widely smiles at the cool boat as he approaches it. “Can I try?”

“Go ahead.” Conis says as she takes the waver to the sea just before Luffy gets on.

Rose looks at the waver in thought as she tries to remember what happens with Luffy’s ride when she read about it. When she realizes that he’s going to crash, it’s too late as Luffy takes off without warning.

“Whoa, look at him go!” Chopper says as he and the others watch Luffy quickly sailing off.

Luffy happily laughs at how fast the waver’s taking him before the handles start shaking. “What the hell?!”

He tries to keep control of the waver, but the turning handles keep moving on their own and makes the boat start swerving. “Why is it shaking?! I can’t stop!”

Rose starts flying after him, while ignoring everyone’s questions, just when the wavers completely loses control and flips over with Luffy head first into the white waters.

“Crap!” She makes it just above where he fell and blows wind out of her hand to create hole in the cloud so that Luffy’s upper half can be seen for her to focus on.

But, just before she can try to pull him up, Luffy stretches his arms to grab her shoulders and slingshots himself towards her. He shoots up so fast that she couldn’t react in time to stop him before his face accidentally crashes onto hers so hard that it sends them both flying.

Rose flinches from the hard headbutt, but widens her eyes when she feels a pair of warm lips on hers. She looks in Luffy’s eyes that are equally as shocked and realizes that her captain stole her first kiss. With no idea on how to react, her mind immediately shuts down as her face goes from pale to crimson in a matter of seconds.

Luffy quickly pulls away from her soft lips and rubs his head with one hand while the other stays on his shoulder. “Ouch, that hurt!” He looks around to see that Rose isn’t using her wind, as they are still being sent flying from his stunt, and looks at the blushing girl in confusion. “Hey Rose, you alright?”

“Uh…” She can barely answer the concerned question as the flustered girl is still stuck in a daze as they start descending.

Luffy’s eyes bug out of his head when he sees that they’re heading towards the water and calls out to the wind girl in his arms. “ROSE, SNAP OUT OF IT! WE’RE FALLING!”

Regardless of being shaken and yelled at to make more wind, the shell-shocked girl was only able to snap out of it when they’ve hit the water with Luffy’s arms still around her.

The others can only drop their jaws at what they just witnessed, except for Sanji who’s completely furious.

“HOW DARE YOU STEAL ROSE-CHAN’S LIPS YOU BASTARD?!” The fuming chef dives after the pair while the others are still wondering what exactly did they just witness.

Zoro can only shake his head at the craziness before he takes off his shoes and mutters under his breath. “Better make sure he doesn’t kill Luffy.”

He joins Sanji in going after the drowning pirates while the rest of pirates start to slowly recover from the sight.

Pagaya looks at the water nervously before he turns to the crew. “Will your friends be alright?!”

Nami nods while she tries to suppress a smirk from the crazy kiss she saw. “With Zoro and Sanji after them they should be fine.”

As if on command, Zoro emerges while dragging Luffy, who’s holding two lumps on his head courtesy of Sanji, out of the water by his foot. “Dammit, they almost fell out of the cloud.”

Sanji carries Rose bridal style out of the water while he glares at Luffy, who’s catching his breath from almost drowning. “You owe Rose-chan an apology, you shitty captain!”

Rose quickly gets out of Sanji’s hold, while her face is still lightly red, and steps in front of him before he can try to hit Luffy again. “It’s fine, it was just an accident.”

Luffy sits up cross legged and nods in agreement. “Yea, what’s the big deal if we kissed anyway? It’s not like it felt bad.”

The others freeze at the comment and turn to the rubber man, who's staring at them with big, innocent eyes, with one question in mind. *HE KNOWS WHAT A KISS IS?!*

Rose struggles to fight off the small blush on her cheeks from his adorable stare before she shakes her head. “T-there’s nothing wrong with it at all. Accidents happen all the time, so let’s leave it alone.”

She moves to the back of the group while ignoring the captain’s curious stare and the happy smirk the navigator is giving her. She uses her wind to play with the clouds by her feet to distract herself and get rid of the blush. *Dammit, what the hell’s wrong with me?! Stop being so flustered already!*

The others leave the matter alone when they see the waver drifting back to shore, so Usopp goes up to it and drags it to the beach.

Conis looks at the waver sadly before she looks at the crew with an apologetic look in her eyes. “I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have lent this to a beginner.”

“Is it really that hard to master a waver?” Robin asks as she looks over the small boat curiously.

Pagaya nods as he points to the boat. “The hulls are light so even the smallest wave can set it to turn. You need to understand the sea very well in order to master it.”

“This isn’t so bad!” Nami says which makes them all turn to see that the navigator took the waver while they weren’t looking and is sailing it like a pro.

Usopp’s eyes bug out from the shock of how well she’s riding the waver compared to Luffy. “I can’t believe she did it!”

“That’s awesome!” Chopper says as he watches her practically gliding on the ocean with ease.

Luffy grows jealous of how Nami could ride it at the first try and calls out to her. “HEY NAMI, WE’RE HEADING TO THE WING GUY’S PLACE! COME BACK-!”

He stops calling out when the chef kicks him in the back of his head. “Knock it off.”

Nami ignores her captain’s complaining as she waves to Pagaya. “Is it ok if I ride out here for a while?!”

“Yes, but please be careful!” Pagaya leads Conis and the pirates towards a long staircase that goes to his home while he happily chats with the others on how Skypiea operates.

As the crew walks up the staircase, Rose stays in the back of the herd and looks back to see Nami still in their sights. *It shouldn’t take long for her to head to the Upper Yard. Maybe I should-*

She snaps out of it when she feels a hand on her shoulder and jolts when she sees Luffy looking at her curiously. “Hey, what are you doing? You’re falling behind.”

She can’t even look him in the eye without remembering the kiss, so she shyly looks away from him and stares at the beach that they left behind. “Sorry, I was just thinking about some things. Actually, I’m not really hungry, so I’m gonna keep practicing my wind on the beach. I’ll catch you later.”

Before Luffy can say anything, she flies off the staircase and lands on the shoreline to start practicing her wind on the cloud man she abandoned.

Luffy stares back at the training girl for a moment before he rejoins the others at the small house at the top of the stairs.

When Rose looks back to see that she’s alone on the beach she buries her face in the back of the cloud man to try to calm herself down. She knows that the kiss was just an accident, but she can barely look at Luffy without remembering it. What she can’t shake off is that while most people would be pissed if someone kissed them like that she isn’t mad at all. Instead, it’s the fact that she liked the way his lips felt on hers that has gotten her so frazzled.

She quickly shakes her head to get rid of that feeling before she takes her head out of the cloud and blows it away with her wind. She keeps making cloud men with her wind and then blows them down repeatedly to take her emotions out on something. “Dammit, I gotta stop thinking about this like a fucking idiot! Accidents don’t count as a first kiss, that was just a headbutt! I’m just letting Nami’s comments about us get to me!”

She stops her childish rant of denial when she remembers Nami and looks towards the ocean to see that the navigator’s wandering away from the beach. “Shit!”

She picks herself up with her wind and flies after her at a distance where Nami won’t notice her, but the brunette can still keep an eye on her.

The distance worked for Nami never noticed the wind girl behind her as she reaches another island that looks exactly like the forest in Jaya.

The redhead gapes at the sight as she coasts toward the edge of the land. “Whoa, this place is huge. Is this still Skypiea?”

“That’s a good question.” Nami jolts at the sound of Rose’s voice and turns to see her floating next to her as if she was always there.

“When the hell did you get here?!”

Rose casually shrugs as she goes to the island and puts her feet on the ground. “Just now, I saw you wandering off, so I thought I’d explore the place with you.”

She stomps on the ground with curiosity, as if she doesn’t know that the land is from the blue sea. “This is weird though; this place isn’t made up of clouds like back there. This is regular land.”

Nami nods in agreement as she stares up at the trees that are as tall as a giant. “Maybe we should turn back. I’m not getting a good feeling about this place.”

“I couldn’t agree more.” Rose quickly flies back to her, but when they turn around they freeze to see that the man who attacked the ship is ten feet behind them with a bazooka aimed in their direction.

However, instead of firing at them he jumps off the cloud and shoots the island.

The pirates widen their eyes at the blast before they hear a man screaming in pain.

The girls look towards the sound in shock to see a slightly muscular, young man with short shaggy blonde hair, dressed in a light yellow shirt and black knee high shorts flying in their direction from the blast. However, the barefoot man didn’t go far as he lands face first on the shoreline.

The wounded stranger ignores the blood flowing from his tan forehead as he silently pants from exhaustion. He slowly lifts his head to find some way off the island, but stops in shock to see a girl flying over the ocean with another girl on a waver. He barely cares about the unusual sight as he raises an arm to them. “P-please, help me…”

Rose quickly nods as she starts using her wind to lift him up when the skies begin to go from blue to dark grey from the clouds forming above them.

“W-what’s going on?” Nami asks as she shivers in fear just when a large, blue, lightning bolt plunges from the sky towards the man on the island. However, before it could hit its mark, Rose throws him into the water to avoid the blast.

The bazooka wielder widens his eyes at the strike before he retreats to leave the girls alone to stare at the fire that the lightning created.

The man that Rose threw into the water gasps for breath, after he swam to the surface just in front of the girls and grins up at them with tears of relief in his brown eyes. “T-thank you.”

“Hurry, get the fire out!” The trio looks to see four winged men, a giant bird, and a large dog working to put the fire out and not noticing that the man they’ve been chasing has survived.

“Don’t thank us yet, we gotta hide.” Rose says as she manipulates the cloud surrounding him to move away from him until his kicking legs start showing, so she can create a gust of wind for him to fly on.

The others nod in agreement as Nami sails close to the distant coast to hid behind a large tree with Rose following her with the man floating right beside her.

Rose peeks from behind the tree to see the four odd men just finishing with extinguishing the fire. *So these four are the priests…*

“Get back!” Nami whispers as she pulls Rose back by the arm before she could be noticed by them.

A bald muscular man with pointy sunglasses pats his giant white dog before he stares at the coast. “Did you guys hear him talking to someone before the blast?”

A pale man with long red hair and with a physique that’s similar to a ball nods as he adjusts his round glasses. “I think I saw a raider sailing away Ohm, it was probably him. Still, what was Eneru thinking doing-?”

He pauses when he senses something new, and completely stands out so he looks around the area which makes the others stare at him in confusion.

The middle-aged priest who looks like a pilot with a pointed mustache raises an eyebrow at his searching comrade. “What are you doing Satori?”

The one known as Satori can only look at his fellow priests in shock. “I should be asking you that Shura! Don’t you guys notice the weird mantra nearby?! It’s practically screaming at me!”

Nami raises an eyebrow at the question while both Rose and the man that they were after widen their eyes in horror.

The wind girl slowly peeks from behind the tree again to see that all of the winged men are now on alert in comparison to how they were in the anime. *Oh my fucking god, this means my aura’s different from the others! Shit nuts!*

She quickly hides before she’s noticed, while they’re still searching for the strange presence.

“You’re right, I’ve never sensed anything like this before.” Ohm says before he looks at the direction the pirates are hiding in. He looks to the, dark skinned, priest whose dreadlocks are pointing up and nods to him. “Gedatsu...”

Gedatsu doesn’t speak because he’s busy biting his lower lip so he only nods as he and the other priests look towards the direction.

Nami begins to shake in fear, but stays silent while the stranger is trembling even worse than her. “T-they found-?!”

Rose covers his mouth with one hand for a second before she puts a finger to her lips to indicate them to stay silent. Once they nod in understanding, she snaps her fingers with right hand and catches the tiny tornado in her hands. She takes a deep breath before she lifts the tornado into the air with her wind to help it grow, and throws it at the priests who are stalking towards them without looking.

The four men stop walking and tilt their heads when they see the small tornado fly towards them, but their confusion immediately changes to shock as the tornado grows in mid-air to their height.

“WHAT THE HELL?!” Shura asks as he and his comrades get sent flying into the twister along with the bird and dog.

Rose peeks her purple eyes over the tree with the others, to see the priests are sucked into the tornado. “Now’s our chance!”

Nami nods as she sails off on the waver. Before Rose follows her, she creates another tornado with her left hand and uses her wind to push it towards the first tornado to make sure that they’ll cancel each other out eventually.

The stranger that she saved widens his eyes at the mercy as Rose flies them away from the island to catch up to Nami. “Why did you do that?! When they get free, they’ll just come after us!”

Rose quietly sighs as she looks ahead. “As far as they’re concerned you’re already dead, so you shouldn’t be worrying. As for us, we can handle them.”

“Easy for you to say with your crazy powers!” Nami says before she looks up at the blonde man. “As for you, we want answers! Who are you?! Who were those guys?! And why were they after you?!”

The man quickly nods before he looks back at the island to see that the twisters collided for a second and then faded away. “I’ll tell you whatever you want when we’re safe!”

Rose nods in agreement as they rush to get out of there while they still could.

Meanwhile, the priests, dog and the bird have just landed face first on the ground after the tornado that kept them flying was cancelled out by the second tornado.

“How did a cyclone just appear?!” Satori asks as he rubs his aching head.

Shura growls at the humiliation he was put through as he gets on the back of his large, purple feathered bird. “I’m sure our tornado maker is the one with the strange mantra. When we were flying I saw some people taking to the ocean to escape. I’m going after them. Come on Fuza!”

The bird calls out in agreement as he starts flying, but before they can leave the island blue lightning bolts start flashing across the sky.

All the priests, except for Ohm, have to cover their eyes from the blinding flashes as they shoot across the clouds with thunder rumbling right after it.

Being the only one with sunglasses, Ohm curiously watches the flashes before they fade away along with the dark storm clouds. Once the priests calm down Ohm gets on the back of his dog before he speaks up. “Leave them be, Eneru obviously noticed the new mantra as well. We need to go see how he wants to deal with this.”

The others silently agree as they turn away from the coastline and leave to see what their master has to say about the new occurrence.


Once the three intruders knew that they were safe, the man could no longer stop himself from crying tears of joy for surviving the ordeal. As the three of them continue travelling across the ocean, he wastes no time in repaying his debt by telling Rose and Nami everything they want to know from him.

“So your name’s Eddy?” Rose asks, with the blonde quickly nodding as he wipes his tears.

“Yea, I’m a pirate from the blue sea. My crew came here to find the city of gold but I’m the only one left.”

Nami widens her eyes at the story in fear, because that’s what she wants to do on the island before she looks back at the land they were on. “Are you telling me that just those four men took out your whole crew?”

Eddy grabs onto his arms to try to stop shivering from the memory as he looks away. “Those four are not ordinary men. They’re this island’s priests, said to be the strongest soldiers on the island. They can practically sense what moves you’re going to make before you do it.”

“Is that what they meant by mantra?” Nami asks with Rose jolting from the reminder that her aura sticks out like a sore thumb to haki users.

Neither of them notices the wind girl’s flinch as Eddy scratches the back of his head. “To be honest, I’m not exactly sure of it myself. This is the first time they said anything about mantra being strange though.”

Rose clenches her fists at what she’ll have to face before she changes the subject. “You said that those four were priests, right? Did they say anything about what they worship?”

Eddy freezes at the question before he begins to tremble again. “Their god Eneru lives on the island and is said to be the most powerful of them all! I bet you that lightning bolt that tried to kill me was his doing!”

“I believe you.” Rose says as she softens up at what the survivor had to go through.

Nami grows more nervous by the minute and begins to wonder if the treasure is worth facing the island’s god. “S-so you’re saying that this island’s god ordered those guys to go after your crew because you went after their treasure?”

He shakes his head as his sadness turns into fury from the memory of how they got in this mess in the first place. “No, it was that old bitch at the gate! We didn’t have the money to pay the entrance fee, but she let us pass only to report us to the priests!”

Rose and Nami widen their eyes at the explanation, when they remember the old gatekeeper they met, before they turn to each other.

“Nami, you don’t think...”

The navigator slowly nods before she looks ahead. “We gotta warn the others!”

Rose looks over the cloud island that’s coming into view and stops following Nami. “You go on ahead, I’m gonna drop this guy off.”

Nami silently agrees as she starts sailing in the direction of the beach that they were playing on.

Rose looks around the coastline to find an abandoned beach that’s connected to the island they were on before. “Do you think you can walk?”

Eddy nods, because the wounds are mainly shallow ones on his torso and head, so she heads over to the shoreline with him, and gently sets him down on his feet. She stays flying over the ocean with a soft look on her face before she bows her head to the pirate. “Thank you for answering our questions and I’m sorry for the loss of your crew.”

She straightens up and flies up to look over the hill that separates the island from the beach to see a small town that’s not too far from here. “I’m also sorry that I can’t bring you to our ship’s doctor, but since my crew will be Eneru’s next target it’s best that you stay away from us. There’s a town past this hill that should have a doctor, so if you go there and lay low you should be alright.”

She turns away to leave when he grabs her wrist. “Wait, why did you save me? Once they find out that you attacked them, they won’t hesitate to kill you!”

She raises an eyebrow at the question before she shrugs and pulls her arm free. “Don’t worry about it. My crew would’ve gotten on their bad side even if I hadn’t thrown a tornado at them. As for your question, I didn’t want to make nightmares by watching you die. Just don’t waste this second chance by acting like a douche bag ok?”

He blinks at the explanation of not wanting nightmares, but he doesn’t question it as his confusion grew to overwhelming happiness of having survived the ordeal and slowly nods. “Thank you…”

Rose nods with a tiny grin evident on her freckled face from the gratitude before she flies off to rejoin her crewmates at Angel Beach.


A few minutes before the girls escaped the island, the rest of the Straw Hats along with Pagaya and Conis head back to the beach to work on a spare waver. However, before they could do anything a group of winged soldiers wear white berets crawl on the beach towards them.

The pirates drop their jaws at the sight while the natives are looking at them in shock.

“What are the white berets doing here?!” Conis asks as the squad stops.

The small army quickly stands up and stays in position while their leader turns to the pirates that are just staring at them in confusion. “Blue Sea pirates, you are found guilty of entering this island illegally!”

Conis and Pagaya widen their eyes at what they heard before they step away from the pirates.

“You’re trespassers?!” Pagaya asks nervously, but the Straw Hats however, only stare in confusion because they were told to go through the gate.

“What are you talking about?” Luffy asks but the commander takes a picture of the pirates out of his pocket and shows it to the crew.

“Don’t try to deny it. The watcher of Heaven’s Gate took informed us of your crime after you trespassed.”

Sanji raises an eyebrow at the accusation before he turns to the others. “When did we trespass?”

“I think he means about the entrance fee that we didn’t pay.” Robins casually says as if there’s nothing wrong with what she said.

Usopp widens his eyes at the explanation before he turns to the soldiers. “But the old lady said that we could go through the gate!”

The commander sighs as he puts the picture away and raises his hands up. “Now hold on, this crime is minor.”

The crew looks at the soldier in confusion as he explains the situation. “Illegal trespassing is a class 11 crime. You just have to pay the fine and you’ll become regular tourists.”

Zoro raises an eyebrow at the explanation before he scowls at them. “You should’ve said that from the beginning. What’s the fine?”

“You just need to pay ten times the entrance fee. Since there are eight of you in total, the fine is 80 billion aigusu.”

Chopper widens his eyes at the fine before he turns to the others. “If ten thousand aigusu is in a beli then doesn’t that mean we have to pay 8 million beli?!”

Robin nods at the math question before Sanji glares at the soldiers. “That’s too much! Why didn’t the old lady just stop us if this would happen?!”

“If you had paid the fee at the gate then it would only be 800 thousand beli.” The commander says but the pirates are still unhappy about this situation because both prices are too expensive.

Sanji puffs a smoke from his cigarette before he looks at the ocean. “We don’t have time for this. Both Nami and Rose are still missing and-”

He cuts himself off when he sees the navigator sailing towards them on the waver. “Nami-swan~! There you are!”

Nami widens her eyes at the white berets when Usopp calls out to her from the shore. “Nami, do you have a stash of beli?! We need to pay 8 million beli!”

The navigator twitches an eye at the expensive fine as she keeps her head down. “You’re saying we need to pay 8 million beli?”

The white berets look at the waver rider in confusion as she sails towards them as fast as she can. When they realize that she’s not stopping anytime soon, it was too late for them to dodge as she sails onto the shoreline so fast that the waver gets sent flying until it hits the commander straight in the face. “THAT’S TOO EXPENSIVE!”

Every single person on the beach, including Nami, were shocked at what she did as the commander flies backwards until he crashes into a gazebo.

Nami quickly turns off the waver just before it lands on the beach with everyone’s eyes still on the navigator. The redhead looks at the broken down gazebo, that collapsed on the leader of the white berets, in horror as she realizes her mistake. “I lost it from the stupid fine!”

“Are you kidding?!” Usopp asks, but he doesn’t receive an answer from her as she runs to the crew.

As the soldiers rush to retrieve their captain from the gazebo, Rose flies in and widens her eyes to the damage. “What the hell?!”

The rest of the crew notice her arrival and look at her in confusion as she lands on the beach.

“We should be asking you that. Where were you and Nami?” Zoro asks.

Rose quietly sighs as she rubs the back of her head. “We went exploring and found out that we’re in deep shit with the island’s ruler.”

That just leaves the pirates who didn’t see the island confused, but Nami quickly nods in agreement as she gives the waver back to Pagaya. “We need to get out of here now!”

Before the others could do anything, the captain of the white berets has been dug out of the broken gazebo and glares at the pirates. “YOU’RE NOT GOING ANYWHERE! WHAT SHE DID WAS A CLASS 5 CRIME! I’M SENTENCING YOU ALL TO DRIFTING CLOUD!”

The pirates only look at the man in confusion as Conis and Pagaya become horrified by the sentence.

Luffy tilts his head at their fright of a strange sentence. “What’s drifting cloud?”

Conis nervously turns to him before she explains it. “It’s a sentence where your all placed on a small cloud only to drift in the sky until you die! It’s a death penalty!”

Robin hums at the explanation as she crosses her arms over her chest while she remembers the ship that fell from the sky. “That could explain what happened to the ship that fell out of the sky. The crew must’ve received the same sentence two hundred years ago.”

Usopp and Chopper yelp in fright of the same fate happening to them while half the soldiers get their bows and arrows ready.

Luffy, Sanji, Zoro, and Rose narrow their eyes at the white berets before they fire their arrows.

What surprised them though, was that instead of the arrows flying towards them like regular ones do, they swerved in the air with thick cloud trails following behind them. The four of them quickly dodge the arrows, but while they were distracted the white berets jump onto the clouds, wearing skates on their feet that were like what the raider had on when he attacked the ship, and start gliding on them.

Usopp and Chopper run to the back to avoid the confrontation with Nami while the others get their guards up against the gliding soldiers who are unsheathing their twin swords.

Luffy quickly dodges the swordsmen by stretching his arm up to the tree above them, grabbing on, and catapulting himself into the air.

The captain along with half of the soldiers were slack jawed at the sight of the rubber man before they were met with Luffy’s stretched fists and kicks to send them flying.

Zoro smirks at the fight as he joins the fray by slashing at any soldier that gets in his way. A white beret on one if the higher clouds grits his teeth as he tosses his swords and grabs a bow and arrow. The archer wastes no time in pulling back his arrow, but before he could release it he widens he starts freaking out when he sees two arms growing out of both sides of his body. “What the- AAH!”

Robin ignores the screams that are caused by her clutch on the soldier as she gives any soldier that comes near her the same treatment until they fall unconscious.

Any of them that tried to go after the Nami, Usopp and Chopper during the fight were met with a foot to the face courtesy of the chef.

“Way to go Sanji! Just how I planned!” Usopp says as he keeps his body hidden from behind a tree with Chopper and Nami with him.

Sanji turn to him in irritation after he gives a white beret a roundhouse kick to the jaw. “Shut up! I’m protecting Nami!”

“Keep it up Sanji!” Nami says with a cute grin that motivates their blond crewmate to keep the three of them safe.

Needless to say, Rose is having the most fun of all in this fight as she soars in the air so that she’s on the same level as her enemies, and punches and kicks any opponent that gets close to her. When she sees a sword about to strike her, she smirks as she unsheathes her sword and blocks him off. As she’s busy fighting off her enemy, two more white berets, who are gliding towards her on two separate clouds, are heading towards her with their weapons ready.

Rose ducks to dodge the sword her opponent tried to give her then whacks him in the face as hard as she could with the back of the blade to knock him out. She gives sideways glances to the two men coming towards her and doesn’t move. Instead, she only smirks before she manipulates her wind to push the two cloud streams they’re riding on up above her.

The soldiers widen their eyes in horror when they see that her wind also morphed them together so that they’re on a collision course with each other. They try to stop themselves from colliding, but they were going too fast to stop them from crashing with one another and falling off the cloud stream.

Conis and Pagaya could only stare dumbfounded at the sight of a small group of pirates defeating their island’s law enforcement as if it was child’s play.

“I can’t believe how they’re fighting against them…” Pagaya says with his daughter silently nodding as the Blue Sea dwellers finish up their fight.

Once the last one was taken down, Zoro sheathes his sword while he turns to the navigator. “How much money do we have anyway?”

“About 500 thousand beli.” Nami says as she sighs in frustration of how the situation got worse.

Rose widens her eyes at the answer as she sheathes her own sword. “You only got that much for the poses I gave you? I thought these kinds of things were valuable.”

Nami twitches an eyebrow at the complaint as she moves away from the tree. “If they weren’t stolen marine poses then I could’ve sold them for more!” She shakes her head before she points to the ship. “Forget that! Let’s get out of here while we can!”

The captain of the white berets, who is lying on the ground to recover from Luffy’s punches, smirks at the suggestion as he slowly sits up. “It’s too late for that now...”

The crew warily watch the bruised up man as he slowly stands up and makes their situation clear. “With this crime you have all become second class criminals. Instead of dealing with us white berets, your judgement will be passed onto the priests of the Upper Yard! No matter how much you cry or scream, I can assure you they won’t show you any kind of mercy!”

Usopp, Nami and Chopper shiver in fright of the threat as they watch him and the rest of his men army crawl away from the beach to report the crew’s crimes.

It only took a moment for everyone to process what just happened before Luffy breaks the silence. “Man, those guys are weird.”

“Now’s not the time for that Luffy!” Usopp says before he looks to see that Conis and Pagaya have already moved ten feet away from them. “What are you doing?!”

“We can’t help you now that you’re second class criminals.” Conis says as she and her father stay at the distance.

“You don’t need to go that far!” Nami says before she sighs in defeat. “Whatever, looks like our break is over.”

“But what about the adventure?” Luffy asks before Nami whacks him on the head.

“Our lives are more important here!”

Robin lightly giggles at the squabble before she looks at the ship. “I agree, we should go before the priests tear us limb from limb.”

“Don’t say that!” Chopper and Usopp cry out at the same time.

Zoro looks to the ship then turns back to the crew. “How are we supposed to get out of here?”

Everyone but Rose freezes at the question, because they were so worried about getting up that they never considered how they were going to get back to the blue sea.

Sanji turns to Conis and Pagaya and calls out to them. “Conis-chan, is there any way we can leave the island safely?”

Conis hesitantly gets closer to the crew before she answers them. “You need to get back to the white sea that you started on, and then head to the far east to a place called cloud end. I don’t think you should try though, with your new criminal status it will be really dangerous.”

Nami grins at her worry before she starts heading to the ship. “It’ll be fine, we’re used to being chased like this. It’s better if we just set sail. Thanks for everything.”

Robin follows along with Nami while Luffy turns to Conis’ dad. “Hey mister, can we take some of those lobsters to go?”

Pagaya nods to the suggestion. “Of course.”

“Perfect, I’ll make the lunch boxes for everyone.” Sanji says with a small grin.

Usopp goes up to the native man with an eager look in his eyes. “Can I borrow some dials to help fix the ship too?”

“Absolutely, come with me.” Pagaya leads the three boys back to his home along with Conis while most of the crew starts heading for the ship.

Rose doesn’t move from her spot as she looks from the group heading to Conis’ house to the others that are climbing aboard the Merry. *Either I join the boys on their fight through the trials or I go with Nami’s group to the altar…*

She glances towards the Merry’s figurehead for a moment before she flies up to catch up to Nami’s group in order to protect the ship against any priests that approach them. Once she’s on the deck, she silently looks back on the sky island and scowls at what she knows what will come next. As she thinks about the future events that are to come, she can’t help but grow a little fearful. Fearful of not only what Eneru will pull when he learns of her aura, but also about not knowing what she can do to keep the crew from learning about her strange aura, and if they do how she can make an excuse for it without revealing her secret.

Chopper, who’s the closest one to Rose as he also looks out at the fun island they were on, jolts when he feels a light cold breeze, that’s even more chilling than when Rose is sad, brushing through his fur. He looks over to Rose to see her gripping the railing with both hands, but her face shows no signs of her anxiety. “Are you ok?”

Rose snaps out of her daze, which also cancels her mood breeze, and smiles at the reindeer. “Yea, why?”

“You made a cold breeze again.”

She raises an eyebrow at the comment, because she knows that she’s not sad, and shrugs it off. “My power must be on the fritz, but don’t worry about it. All that matters right now is us getting out of here.”

Chopper nods in agreement as they get on work on getting the ship to depart, all without knowing that the same speedy shrimp that brought the Merry to the island from the gate is swimming right below them to get ready to kidnap them.


As soon as the four priests make it back to their god’s shrine in an island cloud high above the Upper Yard, the four men were met with their wingless leader smirking in delight as he lazily relaxes on his throne with a handmaiden feeding him grapes.

Once the pale, muscular, long eared man on the throne sees his followers, he waves for the woman to leave as he sits cross legged on his seat. “I know all of you have sensed that strange mantra. What can you tell me of it?”

The four priests only kneel before their god before Shura speaks up. “After you’ve set the lightning bolt on the target, we sensed someone hanging around the Upper Yard. This mantra was so strong, it was nothing that we have ever sensed before. What really surprised us though was whoever it was threw a tornado at us.”

Eneru raises an eyebrow at the report as he scowls at the thought of a new powerful person in the area. *So this being can create tornadoes... It could be another god or a demon...*

He looks to his four followers, who are still kneeling before him, and tries to learn more of the situation. “Do you know what it looked like?”

Ohm slowly shakes his head as he keeps his head down. “No, we caught a glimpse of a few people leaving the island while we were trapped, but we couldn’t pinpoint which one was the culprit. We believe that the mantra holder is one of the blue sea pirates that entered Skypiea illegally today.”

The shirtless god nods off at the explanation before his playful smirk returns. “In that case, I’ll leave you four to pass judgement on all of them. I received word that the pirates became second class criminals, so they’re being sent to the Upper Yard.”

The four priests smirk at the news of the prey that they get to battle with before Gedatsu lifts his head up. “When we find out who the tornado maker is, what shall we do with them?”

Eneru chuckles at the question before he answers it as if it’s a simple matter. “Test its strength in the trial. If it’s strong then bring it to me, but if it’s as weak as the humans then feel free to kill it.”


A Wish on a Comet (Luffy x OC) Ch 28
Hey guys, here is the long awaited start on the Sky Island Arc. I hope you enjoyed the fluff and action ;)

Please comment and let me know what you think. I don't own anything but the OC. One Piece belongs to Oda.

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Half an hour before Rose arrived at the coast with the south bird, the Straw Hats were in Cricket’s house enjoying Sanji’s cooking with his crews before they start preparing Merry for the knock up stream.

Masira and his fellow salvage captain, a man who looks just like an orangutan with long green hair, have a drink while their men enjoy their dinner to the fullest.

Cricket happily shows off some pieces of gold to the Straw Hats to show proof that the Sky Island holds the city of gold.

Usopp tilts his head at the tiny golden bell statue. “I thought Roland’s log said that they were gigantic?”

Cricket nods as he pats the artifact. “These were just tokens that we found on the seafloor.”

Nami couldn’t stop the love in her eyes for the gold bell in front of her. “So there really is a whole city made of gold?!”

Cricket takes a swig from his bottle of liquor before he grins at her. “Not only that, but there are even strange birds on the island.” He turns to Masira and points to the bookcase. “Masira, show them.”

“Ok.” He goes to the bookshelf where a lump that’s wrapped in a white cloth is being held.

He takes the lump and removes the cloth to show them the golden statue of a south bird holding a bell.

Nami’s eyes turn into beli signs at the sight of the beautiful treasure. “That’s even bigger than the bell!”

“That’s so cool!” Usopp says as he looks it over. “What kind of bird is it?”

Sanji looks over the statue curiously. “It must be Jaya’s-” He stops himself when he sees his captain about to grab the untouched plate of food on the counter.

He twitches a curly eyebrow at his captain’s antics, and kicks him in the face to keep him away from the meal. “That’s not for you! That’s for Rose!”

Luffy steps back and rubs his aching head before he looks out the window to see no sign of her out there. “Hasn’t she been gone for a while?”

Robin shrugs as she looks over Roland’s log for more clues on Sky Island. “Wind-chan can find the ship while she’s flying, so we shouldn’t worry.”

Chopper follows his captain’s gaze out into the evening sky. “She mentioned finding a pet bird. Maybe she’s searching for one right now.”

The orangutan man knits his eyebrows at the feeling that he’s forgotten something as he looks at the bird statue. However, It only takes a few seconds before it clicks and he drops his jaw in shock. “DAMMIT!”

Masira looks at his brother in confusion. “What’s up, Shoujou?”

“We forgot to tell them about the south bird!”

It’s now the Straw Hats’ turn to be confused as Cricket realizes what he’s talking about and frantically shows them the statue. “He’s right! This is what a south bird looks like! You guys need to go to the woods and capture one!”

Zoro finishes his alcohol before he looks at the statue in confusion. “What’s the big deal about this bird?”

Masira quickly scrambles through the closet to grab seven giant butterfly nets. “The bird’s beak can only point south, and the knock up stream is directly south from here! You guys need that bird to guide you on the Grand Line or you won’t make it there in time!”

The crew widens their eyes in shock when Masira throws the nets at them. They clumsily catch the nets before they start running out of the house.

Luffy stays behind when he reaches the door and turns to Cricket. “If Rose comes here, tell her we’ll be right back.”

Cricket nods as he watches his guests run off into the woods. He turns to Masira and Shoujou along with his men with a smirk. “Well, what are you all waiting for? Let’s get to work on preparing their ship for sky island!”

His men cheer in agreement as they run off to prepare the Going Merry for her upcoming journey without knowledge that the Bellamy pirates are on their way to their coast.


At the moment, the crew has gotten deep enough into the woods to split into three groups in hope of finding the south bird.

Luffy and Chopper are in their own team as they search the dark woods for the south bird.

The rubber man continues searching until he sees something shaking in a bush. He blinks in confusion as he looks in the shrub and widens his eyes at what he finds. He picks it up with stars in his eyes before he turns to Chopper. “I found it!”

Chopper turns in excitement at the thought of him catching the bird, but his excitement changes to confusion as he looks to see him holding a bug in his hand.

Luffy doesn’t notice his confusion as he shows him the struggling beetle in his hand. “Look, it’s an Atalasu!”

The reindeer can only blink at his captain’s enthusiasm as he stares at the insect. “Atalasu?”

“Yea, these beetles are awesome!”

Chopper tilts his head in confusion before he asks him a question. “Which would you choose then? The beetle or the One Piece?”

Luffy freezes at the choice before he starts thinking hard on the answer. “Ugh, it’s hard to decide…”

“GUYS, COME BACK! I ALREADY GOT US THE FREAKING BIRD!” The boys freeze in shock when they hear Rose’s voice in the distance, but they don’t see her anywhere.

“ROSE, WHERE ARE YOU?!” Luffy calls out, and fails to notice that his shouting is attracting enemies.

The duo looks around in confusion when they hear the sound of buzzing to their left and see a group of huge pray mantises coming after them.

The pair quickly dodges one of the larger bugs’ attacks and look back to see that he’s about to swipe again. However, before he could strike a freckled girl falls from the sky and stomps on the bug’s back.

The pirates and insects stop everything they’re doing when Rose gets off the unconscious mantis.

Rose takes a look at the bug and tilts her head when she sees that it’s the mantis that she fought with this afternoon. “So that’s where you were. Sorry for the rough landing.”

She sees Luffy and Chopper staring at her with wide eyes, and waves at them with one hand while her other hand is carrying the sack, that’s holding the bird, over her shoulder. “Hey guys.”

The boys were about to say something when they heard a deep bird call above them. The pirates look up in shock to see that another south bird is perched up in the tree and calling out for the bugs to attack.

The mantises and the spiders that were residing in the trees respond to the call and charge at the pirates.

The trio wastes no time in running away from the swarms as they jump around to avoid the charging mantises and flying blobs of webs that the spiders are shooting at them.

“What the hell’s up with this forest?!” Luffy asks as he jumps to the side to avoid another mantis from attacking him.

“Your guess is as good as mine!” Rose says as she blows wind out of her hand to send them flying back, but they keep coming back.

Chopper goes into walking point to run along with the others when he hears the bird’s angry calls. “Huh?”

He listens to the calls to understand what he’s saying and drops his jaw when he hears the same kind of sounds from Rose’s bag. “You found a south bird Rose?!”

She nods with a grin as she tilts her head towards the sack. “I found this guy when I was training, but when I found the ship the guy with the walnut hat said you were out here searching for him. What are they saying?”

“The one in your blanket’s saying that ‘this crazy witch kidnapped me and wants to eat me’. The one in the tree got pissed and told us that ‘if we don’t release his friend then we’ll be killed!’”

“No way!” Luffy says as he turns around, stretches his arm back and throws a punch at the bird, but the bird stays in his spot to make another call, so that a flying cricket takes the blow.

Chopper widens his eyes at the block as they keep running. “HE CAN COMMAND THE BUGS?!”

“We’d better get out of here!” Rose says as she creates a gust of wind around their feet and lifts the three of them to the sky.

The free south bird and bugs look at the flying pirates in shock before the crickets and mantises go after them.

Luffy turns around to see the pursuing insects and pulls his arms back. “GUM GUM GATLING!” He punches out every bug that’s after them with enough force to knock them out.

Chopper grins in relief, when he sees the unconscious insects falling into the woods, before he looks down at the treetops. “That was close.”

“I’ll say.” Rose says as she lowers them into a different part of the woods, but still keeps them floating a few feet in the air. “You guys know where the others are?”

Luffy shakes his head at the question. “No, we’ve split up to look for the bird.” He looks at the makeshift sack Rose is carrying over her shoulder with curiosity. “Did you really catch one?”

Rose nods when the bird starts thrashing around in the blanket again, so she holds onto the edges tightly to keep him from escaping. “Y-yea, and it wasn’t easy either. I had to chase this guy across the sky before I finally got him. Let’s go find the others.”

The boys silently agree as Rose flies them throughout the forest to resume in their search for their friends.


Nami and Usopp are completely shaken from witnessing at least five bugs that are the same size as them. Every time they spot a giant fly, a swarm of mosquitoes or even a large moth, they scream in fright as they run away with the chef.

Sanji wastes no time in protecting the group whenever a bug approaches, but they haven’t seen a single sign of their target all night. “Dammit, where the hell is this stupid bird?!”

“How should I know?!” Usopp says when they reach the bottom of a hill. Once he looks up at the hill, he widens his eyes in horror when he sees no birds, but large pill bugs curled into balls, and rolling towards them.

He and Nami scream in fright of the roly polies their way. Sanji however, wastes no time to pick Nami up bridal style and jump onto the branches to get out of the way.

“WHAT ABOUT ME?!” Usopp yells as he runs up to a tree as fast as he can and climbs up to narrowly avoid the rolling bugs’ attack.

“You made it didn’t you? What’s the big deal?” Sanji asks as he jumps off the tree with the navigator still in his arms. He gently sets the beautiful girl down as he gives her a gentlemanly smile. “Are you alright Nami?”

Nami nods in assurance as she brushes herself off and looks around. “I’m fine, but we haven’t found the bird.”

They hear a deep bird call and look up to see that a south bird is perched right above them.

Sanji twitches an eyebrow at the bird as he grips the butterfly net in his hands. “There you are you-”

He stops himself when he hears Nami screaming and looks to see that a huge light brown slug is crawling towards them.

“Throw some salt on it!” Nami says as she rushes in her bag to see if she has any, but she doesn’t have a single grain.

Usopp grabs a ball, that’s entirely made of salt, from his bag before he loads it into his slingshot. “Sanji, cover me!”

“Alright!” Sanji says as Usopp fires his salt star with Sanji following in to kick the slug into next week.

As the boys are fighting the overgrown slug, Nami runs over to the bird’s tree and swings her net towards him. However, before she can catch him, he flew off the tree to the one that was behind her.

The navigator twitches an eyebrow at the bird’s taunting as she runs towards the new tree. “Come here, you stupid bird!”

The south bird doesn’t show any fear for Nami’s fury as he flies up to avoid her net. However, as soon as he goes above the trees, he’s met with a strong gust of wind that slams him to the ground.

Sanji, Usopp and the slug stop fighting and join Nami’s look of shock when they see Rose, Luffy and Chopper landing in front of them.

The navigator snaps out of it when she gets back to her task, but when she goes to where the bird hit the ground, she sees that he already flew into the trees to escape.

She groans in frustration of losing the bird as she turns to the newly arrived trio. “Why didn’t you put him in a hold with your wind Rose?! And where have you been?!”

The wind girl casually shrugs as she turns around to show her the bag on her shoulder. “First, I was training around here and looking for a pet bird. Second, I didn’t see a point in catching him since I have a south bird in here.”

Sanji, Usopp and Nami freeze at the explanation before Nami walks up to her with a large smile. “In that case, great job!”

Usopp smiles in relief of not having to deal with this scary forest anymore. “Then let’s go find Zoro and Robin and-”

He stops himself when an unconscious beetle, that’s as tall as he is, soars right past him, crashes head first onto a tree trunk, and slumps onto the ground.

Everyone looks to where he flew from and sees that Zoro’s the culprit as he approaches them with Robin following behind.

“You almost hit me with that!” Usopp angrily says but Zoro only shrugs in response with a muttered apology.

Robin looks around and stops when she sees the green sack that Rose is carrying. “Is a south bird in there?”

Luffy nods with a large grin. “Yea, Rose caught him before she made it to the ship.”

The archeologist raises an eyebrow at the explanation before she turns to Rose. “How did you know that we needed a south bird?”

The others blink at the question, and realize that none of them mentioned needing a south bird before she left, so they turn their eyes to the brunette who stiffens at the question.

Rose looks around at the eyes that are on her before she covers her anxiety with a chuckle and a shrug. “Who said I did? I already told the boys I was looking for a pet bird. Guess I was lucky enough to find the one you’re looking for.”

The crew only sweat drops at the explanation full of half-truths as they watch her turn away from them.

She doesn’t give them another word on the subject as she walks off to the direction of the ship. “We should get out of here before another bug tries to free this guy.”

The others watch her walk away for a moment before they drop the subject and catch up to her to get out of the forest.

Once they managed to escape the bug filled forest and back to the coastline, the crew was met with the horrific sight of Cricket and his men lying all over the place with cuts and bruises all over their bodies.

“Diamond head!” Luffy says as he and Zoro rush over to him to see that he’s unconscious.

Nami and Robin go off to Cricket’s house to assess the damage while the others rush to the injured men.

Rose starts going towards Luffy’s group, but she stops and pales when she sees that the front half of the Merry was split off the ship and the mast has been bent down near the base. “Oh my god…”

“MERRY!” Usopp says as he’s ready to cry from the sight of the ship’s damage.

“Sorry… We tried to protect it, but we couldn’t. There’s still time to repair it.” Cricket says as he starts regaining consciousness while Luffy sits him up with his back to a tree.

“Tell me who did this!” Luffy says, but the middle-aged man shakes his head at the concern as wipes the blood off his mouth with the back of his hand.

“Don’t worry about it. All that matter is that we get you guys ready for the knock up stream.”

“Luffy!” The captain turns to Nami’s voice to see her running out of the house. “The gold was taken!”

The Straw Hats look at her in shock, but Cricket only shrugs it off as he slowly stands up.

He dusts himself off as if it’s no big thing before he tries to reassure the kids. “It doesn’t matter guys.”

“Doesn’t matter?!” Usopp asks as he approaches him. “You and your crew spent years to find that gold! You can’t just disregard that!”

“Shut up and listen to me!” Cricket says as he looks towards the broken Merry. “Both Masira and Shoujou’s crews are more than capable of fixing the ship and having it ready by dawn. No matter what, I need to send you guys to the sky. Therefore, you should-”

“Luffy.” Zoro cuts Cricket off and points to a painting of a smiling face with a slash smearing over the face.

Nami widens her eyes at the symbol when she remembers seeing it in mock town. “That’s Bellamy’s symbol!”

Luffy clenches his fists at the symbol as he turns to Robin. “If I run along the beach then I can make it to the town we were in, right?”

Robin nods at the question. “Yes, you should.”

Zoro knows exactly what his captain is planning, so he walks up to him. “Want any help?”

Luffy shakes his head as he starts heading to the direction of the town. “I’m fine, I’ll be right back.”

Cricket widens his eyes at the comment when he sees him walking away. “Hey, mind your own business! I already said-!”

Zoro stops him by showing him his sword. “If you want to stop him, you’re gonna need this.”

Cricket freezes at the offer, since he knows that he can’t use it against him, as Rose goes towards Luffy. “I can get you to the town faster if you want.”

He shakes his head at the offer as he cracks his knuckles. “I’m fine, I can make it back before dawn.”

The wind girl nods, in understanding of wanting to take care of it on his own, and stays behind with the rest of the crew while Luffy goes off to kick Bellamy’s ass.

“I can’t believe he stormed off like that…” Masira says as he gets up.

Cricket snaps out of his daze and turns to his men who are able to get up. “What are you all sitting around for?! Let’s get the ship ready!”

The ones who were able to stand, including Masira and Shoujou, cheer in agreement as they get to work.
Chopper gets to work on treating the injuries for those who couldn’t work while the Straw Hats help out in any way they can.

When Rose sees Masira speaking to his scuba diving team, she goes over to the gorilla man. “Hey Masira, can I ask you for a favor?”

Masira looks at her in confusion before he nods. “Go right ahead.”

“Is it possible to reinforce the keel of the ship with as much support as possible?” Rose asks as she points to the back of the ship where the backbone of the boat starts.

The salvage captain looks at the ship, that’s having the front of the boat being pushed back to the rest of the body, in thought before he nods in agreement. “I think I know what you’re talking about. I’ll get my scuba diving team to do what they can.”

Rose smiles at the assurance before she bows her head. “Thank for very much monkey man.”

Masira broadly grins at the compliment as he watches her fly over to the ship.

She goes onto the deck and floats to Sanji with the sack. “Do you know where we can secure this guy?”

“I can take care of him for you Rose-chan.” Sanji says as he takes the bird and brings him to the upper deck to chain his ankle to the railing.

Rose looks at the front of the ship to see the men still working to push it back in place, so she flies over to the front of the figurehead. She grabs onto the neck of the figurehead and blasts as much wind as she could out of her feet behind her to help the push the front of the ship back to where it belongs.

As Rose strains herself, she sadly looks up at the figurehead, for she feels responsible for the ship’s condition, because she forgot about the extent of the damage Merry would receive from Bellamy’s crew. While she knows that this would happen even if she wasn’t in this world, the guilt for not stopping this when she had the chance builds up inside her as she whispers to Merry. “I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have left…”

The wind girl is only answered with silence as she and the dozens of men below her bring the front of the boat close enough to the rest of the body for it to be patched up.

Masira and Shoujou’s crews work nonstop to patch the ship up with brass plating to keep the ship stable. Once they’ve repaired the ship, they returned to their duty for preparing the ship for the sky by attaching wings, a chicken’s tail, a rooster cowl, and even a broken eggshell around the Merry’s neck.

Once they were finished they and the rest of the straw hats go back to the coastline to get a good look at the fully equipped ship.

Shoujou widely grins in satisfaction of the new design of the ship. “This will help your ship soar through the air with no problem once the knock up stream hits!”

Chopper and Usopp look at the bird like boat with stars in their eyes. “This looks so cool!”

Robin sweat drops at the rooster decorations that she stares at from the coastline. “Why model it after a bird that can’t fly?”

Rose shrugs as she looks at the south bird she caught, that has his foot chained to the upper rail. “Your guess is as good as mine, but it does look pretty cool.”

She takes off her backpack, reaches into it to grab her camera, and takes a few photos of Merry’s new look.

The archeologist raises an eyebrow at the picture taking as she watches Rose place the camera back in her bag, without making the eternal pose visible. “You seem to really enjoy taking photos.”

Rose hums at the comment as she slings the bag onto her shoulder. “I find that it’s better to capture the moment. It helps to remember the adventure.”

She freezes when she realizes that she’s forgotten something and goes into her jacket pocket. “Speaking of forgetting, I have something for you.”

Robin tilts her head at the statement when Rose takes the folded piece of paper, that was used to make the fake note for her, out of her pocket and hands it to her.

The archeologist blinks at the returned paper as she watches the wind girl walk off to sit cross legged on a tree stump and look up at the fading night sky. She unfolds the paper to see that her note is still placed on top, but there’s also another message written at the bottom of the page.

I don’t mind harmless pranks, but if you have a problem with me then I’d rather we talk about it face to face.


Robin widens her blue eyes at the message before she looks to see the wind girl relaxing on the stump as if she didn’t just leave her an invitation. She remains silent as she stuffs her paper in her pocket and goes over to Nami to wait for the captain with her.

Rose looks back to see Robin casually chatting with Nami and starts to relax. She doesn’t want to continue to deal with Robin’s questions like in the forest, so she hopes that talking it out in with the archaeologist could ward off her curiosity.

In the meantime, she’s going to have to try being more discreet when she’s using her knowledge.

The brunette quietly sighs at the plan as she looks up to see that the sun is starting to rise. She looks over to Sanji in confusion. “Hey Sanji, Luffy had to be back by sunrise, right?”

Sanji nods as he looks to the coastline to see his captain still didn’t show up. “Yup, he’s late…”

Nami groans in frustration of Luffy’s lateness. “Where the hell is he?! We starting to get behind schedule!”

“Do you think he was beaten in town?” Chopper asks.

That question only infuriates Nami more as she remembers how he wouldn’t fight back against Bellamy in Mock Town. “If he lost then I won’t forgive him!”

Zoro sweat drops at Nami’s irritation when a loud voice starts ringing in the air.

“HEY GUYS!” Everyone looks to see the rubber man coming into view as he runs along the beach with a large sack full of gold hanging over his shoulder.

Cricket grins in relief that he made it before it was too late. “About time you made it.”

Luffy ignores the comment as he approaches them and drops his jaw at the ship’s new bird like appearance. “Is that the Merry?!”

Usopp nods with a proud smirk as he raises his hand to the ship. “You got that right! Feast your eyes on the Merry’s flying mode! With these adjustments she’s going to be able to soar in the sky just like a bird!”

“That’s awesome!” Luffy says in excitement as he starts having stars in his eyes.

Nami  walks over to the ship and calls to the crew. “If we’re going to do this then we have to go now! Hurry up!”

The others quickly follow suit and get onboard to prepare the ship for departure.

Luffy however, didn’t get on yet but goes over to Cricket to drop the bag of gold in front of his feet. “Thanks for fixing the ship!”

The older man only sighs as he smokes his cigarette and points his thumb to Masira and Shojou’s ships that are now being boarded by both crews.  “If you want to thank someone then thank those guys.”

Luffy nods as he waves to the monkey ships. “Right, thanks guys!”

“We don’t have time for thanks! Get on your ship!” Masira calls out from his ship.

Shoujou makes it onto his boat that looks similar to an orangutan before he calls out to Luffy. “We’ll escort your crew to the knock up stream so hurry up!”

“Right!” Luffy runs off to the Merry and leaves Cricket with the returned treasure.

Cricket looks over the gold, that he spent years collecting with his ape crews  in order to prove that Sky Island truly does exist, before he drops his cigarette and steps on it. He turns to the ships that are starting to leave the island before he yells out to them. “APE CREWS!”

Both monkey crews look over to their leader as he shouts his orders to them. “DON’T MESS THIS UP! MAKE SURE THAT THEY GET THERE!”

Both crews chant in agreement as Luffy makes it aboard the ship and begins to follow the monkey crews.

Cricket gives one last call out for the Straw Hats as they start sailing. “THANKS FOR THE GOLD! DON’T GO CRASHING INTO ANYTHING!”

Luffy chuckles at the gratitude as he calls out to him. “SURE! SEE YA!”

The others were eager to wave him off as they sail away from the island with the monkey ships as their escorts.

Once the ship’s far away, Rose doesn’t waste any time to go into the kitchen. After a moment, she comes out with a box of rice crackers in her hand and goes to the upper deck where the south bird is perched on the upper railing.

She walks up next to the toucan like bird and dangles a cracker right in front of his beak. “Here you go.”

The south bird twitches an eye at being treated like a pet before a sinister idea comes to mind. He smirks at the cracker before he opens his beak as wide as possible.

Before the wind girl can react, he chomps down on both the rice cracker along with her gloved hand. The joke is on him though, because the only thing he could taste in his mouth was the snack.

“Oh my god, look what you did?!”

He hums in confusion at the terror in the girl’s voice as he finishes the cracker before she holds her arm in front of him without a hand in sight.

His eyes bug out in horror of the girl’s missing hand as he screams in fright and almost jumps off the railing, but the chain wouldn’t let him.

Rose couldn’t contain her laughter as she turns her airy hand back to normal. The bird looks at the hand in utter shock as she cheekily grins at him while she wiggles her fingers in front of him. “I hope you learned a lesson in trying to bite me.”

The bird slowly nods as he catches his breath from the fright. She offers another cracker as a peace offering which he quickly takes while being careful of her long fingers.

Chopper, Usopp, and Luffy run over to the railing, after they heard the bird’s screams, to see him eating while Rose was relaxing by the railing.

“What happened with the bird?!” Chopper asks as they approach them.

Rose chuckles at the prank she made on the bird, before she gives the doctor a reassuring smile. “No worries, we just had a falling out. It’s alright now. You guys want some crackers?”

Luffy happily smiles at the offer as he takes a cracker from the box. “Thanks!”

She nods to his gratitude as she offers Usopp and Chopper a piece.

Meanwhile, Luffy goes over to the bird and turns his head to the right. However, once he releases the head, it immediately turns back to its original position.

Luffy chuckles at how the beak immediately pointed south. “He really does stay south.”

Usopp looks at the multi-colored bird curiously as he finishes his snack. “I can’t believe birds like this exist.”

The south bird starts speaking in irritation while Chopper listens carefully.

“What’s he saying?” Rose asks when the bird finishes ranting.

“He says ‘I’m going to turn away from south to get you guys lost!’”

“Go ahead and try!” Luffy says as he’s interested to see if he can do it.

The bird takes on the challenge as he turns his head in the opposite direction of where he was before.

“He pointed north!” Chopper says with interest as they all curiously stare to see how long he can last.

The bird works hard to keep his head from pointing south as long as possible, but after a minute his head snaps back to south.

The boys laugh in amusement of the attempt while the bird gets pissed at all their laughing.

Rose quietly sighs as she offers him the last cracker as an apology, which he takes, before she heads to the front deck.


The wind girl freezes at the nickname when she looks to the right see Robin casually grinning at her as she holds the piece of paper holding the note up to show that she wants to talk. Rose nods in agreement as she follows the archaeologist below deck so that they can speak alone in the girls’ room.

Once they’ve shut the door behind them, Rose quietly sighs as she scratches the back of her head. “Sorry if the note sounded rude. You just don’t seem like the type to play tricks, so I was wondering if something was wrong.”

Robin keeps a calm grin on her face as she takes a seat on the bed. “Not at all, I was just curious to see how you’d act.”

Rose raises an eyebrow at the explanation. “How I’d act?”

Robin nods as she explains further. “When I join a new crew, I prefer to get to know my crewmates. From what I’ve seen so far, I’ve come to believe that out of everyone in the crew, you and I are the most alike.”

The astronomer stiffens up at the comment, but she hides her tension in an indifferent poker face. “You think so?”

Robin keeps an amused look on her face as she rests her head on the palm of her hand. “I do. While you do enjoy fighting out in the open, I see you’re the type that would handle problems from behind the scenes. Just as how I normally work, at least that’s what I’ve come to believe.”

Rose slightly widens her eyes at the analysis, for she knows that she’s entirely right about her, but keeps appearing indifferent to it as she keeps listening. “When I played that trick, I just wanted to see how you’d act if you thought you were the only one on the ship. Nothing more and nothing less.”

She giggles at the memory of expecting her to steal the ship, but instead gives Merry her own private show. “I didn’t expect you to perform for the ship though. You were pretty entertaining.”

Rose grins at the compliment and hides her relief in that it doesn’t look like her secret was figured out yet. “Thank you, I’m glad you enjoyed the show. I’m not sure if I’m like you in the whole handling things behind the scenes part, but you’re right about me enjoying a good fight.”

Robin chuckles at her intent to keep a few sides of her personality covered, just as how she always does with others. “If you say so. By the way, I appreciate that you didn’t telling the others, and I’m sorry if I worried you.”

Rose shakes her head before she gives her a reassuring smile. “Not at all, I’m just happy this wasn’t anything serious.”

The astronomer looks out the window to see that a storm is starting to approach them. “I think we’re getting closer to the knock up stream.”

Robin looks out the window and then starts heading out the door. “In that case, we should go join the others.”

“Right.” Rose follows her out of the room while keeping a small grin from knowing that Robin hasn’t revealed her secret. However, because of her accurate findings on her personality, she knows for certain that she can’t tell her a single piece of her research or else it’ll be practically telling her the truth.

Once they reach the deck, they were met with the whole crew looking at the giant storm cloud that’s approaching them.

“What kind of storm cloud is that?” Sanji asks Nami who’s staring at the storm in horror.

“That’s a millennium cumulonimbus…” Nami says when Masira calls out to them.


The crew works to move to the instructed direction just when the storm begins to hit.

Both Masira and Shoujou’s ships were hit by a few waves, but they were able to handle to storm. However, because of the direction that the Straw Hats took, they were dragged through the waves until they find themselves following the current to a giant whirlpool.


Almost all of the Straw Hats freeze at the command before yell out in shock.“WHAT?!”

“WE CAN’T DO THAT!” Nami yells out, but she knows that it’s far too late for them to turn back now as the whirlpool begins to swallow them.

Rose hangs onto the railing while carrying a large smile from the excitement. “This is awesome!”

“NO, IT’S NOT!” Usopp yells before he turns to Luffy. “Luffy, we gotta turn back! This whirlpool is too deadly!”

Luffy looks away from the whirlpool with a toothy grin on his face. “Sorry, did you say something?”

Usopp tears up at his oblivious captain along with Nami as they share the same thought. *We’re gonna die here…*

Zoro turns to Usopp before he points ahead. “Hey, look what happened while you were complaining.”

He looks at the swordsman in confusion before they look out to see that the ship managed to fly over the edge of the whirlpool towards the center.

Half of them scream in fright, but before the boat could fall, the whirlpool immediately fades off and leaves the ship floating on the calm ocean.

Rose blinks at the anticlimactic development before she lets go of the railing and looks at the water. “What just happened?”

Sanji looks up confusion to see that the dark clouds are still high above them, but with no other signs of the dangerous storm they dealt with. “Did that whirlpool just disappear?”

Nami rushes over to the railing and looks down at the ocean in horror to see that the whirlpool truly did disappear but something else is starting to stir in the water just below them.

“HOLD IT YOU BRATS!” The crew freezes at the masculine voice from the distance and turns to see a large raft, that consists of four gigantic trees tied together, sailing towards them.

What really caught their attention though were the three black sails vertically aligned with the middle one holding three skulls with the same amount of bones crossing over them.

“Who the hell are these guys?” Sanji asks as he narrows his eyes at them.

Nami looks over the crew and immediately recognizes the burly man with thick black hair falling to his neck. “We met that guy in Mock Town yesterday.”

Rose freezes at the sight of the fat, dark skinned man with his big mouth showing off his broken and missing teeth in his mouth, before fury begins to well up inside her. *Blackbeard…*

She tightens her fists as tightly as possible as she glares at the enemy crew while hot air begins to flow out of her. With the Straw Hats around she knows that she can’t openly do anything to the traitor without raising questions, even though she really  wants to. However, a good indirect attack can’t hurt her.

She looks up at the crow’s nest and sees a good opportunity to make her move up there. She grabs a bucket of paint and starts flying up to the crow’s nest while the others are distracted.

“WE’RE HERE FOR THE HUNDRED MILLION BOUNTY’S HEAD!” Teach calls out, but the Straw Hats only look at the man in confusion.

“What do you mean 100 million bounty?” Luffy asks as he approaches the railing.

Blackbeard raises an eyebrow at the captain’s question. “You guys you don’t know?” He goes into his pockets and takes out two bounty posters with a picture of Zoro and Luffy respectively. “Straw Hat has a bounty of 100 million beli and Pirate Hunter Zoro has a 60 million bounty too!”

Usopp grabs his binoculars from his bag and gets a better look at the posters he’s holding to see that he’s telling the truth. “He’s right! You’re a wanted pirate now Zoro!”

Luffy immediately brightens up at the announcement. “Are you serious?! That’s awesome!”

Zoro smirks at his new bounty with pride. “60 million’s not a bad start either.”

“Will you guys be serious?!” Nami says but they don’t listen to her as they enjoy the news of their bounties.

Sanji goes up to Usopp with a nervous smirk of being outdone by the swordsman. “I have a bounty too, right?”

“Nope.” Usopp says as he keeps looking to see that only Zoro and Luffy have high bounties.

As Sanji keeps trying to get Usopp to mention a bounty for him Chopper looks around to see that the wind girl is missing. He looks around until he spots the brunette in the crow’s nest above them. *What’s she-?*

His thoughts were interrupted when both crews start hearing a strange rumbling noise from below. The sound continues to grow louder as the water begins to rise under the Merry, but not on the other raft.

Robin calmly grabs onto the railing as if it’s something normal while the others on the deck start freaking out.

Chopper and Usopp scream in fright as they grab onto the mast while the others rush to hold onto something sturdy just before the knock up stream shoots the ship straight up into the sky.

Blackbeard and his crew yell out in shock as the waves from the crash hit their boat. What the dark dark fruit user didn’t expect though, was a bucket of paint to fly straight towards him until the can hits his head, and splashes the blue goo that was inside, all over his head and shoulders.

Blackbeard yelps at the paint job as he catches the dented bucket to see that a poorly drawn face with its tongue sticking out was placed on the container. “What the hell?”

As soon as the water begins to settle, the blue headed man looks up to see that he’s lost sight of his target on the knock up stream and only received the color coating on this trip.

Meanwhile, the Straw Hats are holding on for dear life as the ship starts sailing vertically on the surface of the knock up stream.

Rose laughs in excitement as she hangs onto the crow’s nest. She looks down to see her captain giving off a bright smile as he sits on the figurehead and looks at the rising water that they’re sailing on.

Luffy can’t stop smiling from the experience of sailing on the side of the geyser. “This is awesome!”

“Why are we sailing up like this?!” Chopper asks as he keeps his hold on the mast.

“Maybe the wind?” Zoro asks, but Sanji’s not convinced as he looks to the geyser.

“I think it’s more than that. I think we’re starting to fall off the stream.”

Nami widens her eyes to this and looks up to see Rose sitting on the side of the crow’s nest. “ROSE, OPEN UP THE SAILS!”

“Got it!” She flies over to the sails and releases them while the others look at the navigator that gave the order in confusion.

Nami sees everyone’s concern so she starts explaining what her plans are. “This isn’t a normal stream. It’s like it has its own ocean current flowing up. These currents are creating an updrift of wind that we’re going to use to sail the skies.”

“The sails are set!” Rose says as she flies down towards the group just when the ship begins to peel off the knock up stream.

“Oh crap, we’re falling!” Usopp cries out as he and Chopper scream, but they quickly quiet down when they and the others see that instead of falling the wind currents are making the ship flying up.

Robin quietly grins at the flight while the others marvel at the amazing experience of the Merry taking flight.

“Your plan is brilliant Nami!” Sanji says as they look around their surroundings.

Luffy looks at the huge cloud that the ship is sailing towards. “I can’t wait to see what’s up there!”

“You and me both.” Rose says as they begin to enter the giant cloud at the top of the geyser.

The water in the cloud engulfs the crew as the ship keeps rising up with the wings of the boat breaking in half from the impact. They had to hold their breath because of the increased water pressure as they collapse on the deck, just when the Merry flies out of the cloud and lands on top of the sea of white.

The crew coughs out the water that they accidentally swallowed as they catch their breaths on the deck.

Rose stays on her knees with her hand on the railing as her body feels like it’s made of iron instead of air. *Crap, this air pressure’s nuts…*

“Everyone alright?” Zoro asks as he catches his breath, and the others nod in agreement that they’re unharmed.

Luffy stands up and looks around at the cloudy landscape that’s surrounding the ship. “Whoa guys! Check this out!”

Once everyone catches their breath they look around to see that the Merry is literally floating on top of the clouds.

“We’re on clouds?!” Chopper asks with stars in his eyes.

“How is this even possible?” Nami asks as she looks at her surroundings in disbelief but stops when she looks at the log pose on her wrist to see that it hasn’t changed. “Why is it still pointing up?”

Robin takes a look at the pose and casually grins at the navigator. “Looks like we need to go further up.”

Rose looks down at the clouds and wonders if she could use her wind to take the clouds below them up, but she shakes her head to the idea when she remembers Eneru’s observation haki. She stops her mind in its tracks when she realizes that observation haki is going to be used up on the island. *Wait, is my aura the same as everyone else’s or will it stand out to haki users?!*

She rakes a hand through her hair at the thought while Chopper uses a pair of binoculars to look around the ship’s surroundings.

He looks at the right of the ship he pauses when he sees another boat in the distance. “Hey guys, I think I see a boat.”

When the reindeer begins to look through the binoculars in horror, Sanji’s the one to speak up. “What’s the matter Chopper?”

“T-the ship was just destroyed!”

“What do you mean destroyed?!” Usopp asks as he takes the binoculars but he can’t find anything in Chopper’s direction.

Rose immediately twists her head to the reindeer before she looks out in the direction to see a shirtless man in a grass skirt, with a mask behind his face and a bazooka in hand, practically running on the cloud to get to them. “Shit!”

The others look at her in confusion as they follow her gaze to see the man heading towards them.

“What the-?!” Luffy cuts himself off when the stranger jumps onto the railing.

Sanji narrows his eyes at the intruder as he, Luffy and Zoro approach him. “What’s your problem?”

“Eliminate.” Is the only thing that the enemy says before he jumps into the air right above them.

“The man’s got guts.” Zoro says as he and the others of the monster trio go to attack, but they weren’t quick enough as he jumps from railing to railing to kick them down.

“What the hell?!” Nami asks as she, Usopp and Chopper jump in fright when he lands on the railing right next to them, but before he can do anything Rose blasts a gust of wind at him to send him flying off the ship.

Rose glares at the man as she rushes to the railing while she pants from the air pressure and starts turning her arm into air.

The intruder widens his eyes at the logia user from behind the mask, but it doesn’t stop him from aiming his bazooka at the ship. *Die monsters!*

“That’s enough!” The invader turns to his right to see an old knight with a lance in his hand, and riding a pink bird with red polka dots all over its body. Before he could react the knight, the knight attacks him with his lance and sends him falling into the cloud.

Rose holds back a chuckle at Nami, Usopp and Chopper’s shocked faces as they watch the old man who saved them gracefully land on the railing.

“Who’s this guy now?!” Usopp asks as the knight turns around to face the crew.

“You wish to know who I am? Well I’m a sky knight.”

Rose grins at the introduction while she bows her head. “Thanks for the help.”

“Yea, thank you.” Chopper says before he goes to make sure that Luffy, Zoro and Sanji aren’t injured.

“What the hell was with you guys?! You should’ve beaten him easily.” Nami says as she narrows her eyes on the guys.

“Shut up, I don’t know what happened. It’s like my body won’t move like I wanted.” Zoro says as he catches his breath.

Robin raises an eyebrow at the complaint before she realizes that it’s the same for all of them. “That’s because the oxygen is scarce here. Our bodies aren’t used to this kind of air pressure.”

The knight widens his eyes at the analysis before he looks over the crew. “So, you’re all from the Blue Sea then?”

“The blue sea?” Usopp asks in confusion.

“That’s what we call those who live below the clouds. You all don’t live on a sky island?”

Luffy nods to the question as he gets up. “Yea, we’re from the blue sea.”

“I see, you’re all 7000 meters above the blue sea normal citizens won’t handle it.”

“Actually, I’m getting used to it.” Luffy says as he, Zoro and Sanji start feeling normal again.

“That’s impossible.” The sky knight says as he sweat drops at the recovery.

Rose chuckles at his surprise as she turns her arms into a light breeze again and turns it back to normal without any problems. *Guess I’m feeling better too.*

The old man shakes his head at the odd group before he strokes his long white beard. “In any case, I didn’t help you out of charity. I do this as a business. Here.”

He tosses Nami a golden whistle before he points to it. “This time will be free, but when you blow that whistle you will need to pay a 50 million aigusu fee for me to save you.”

Robin raises an eyebrow at the currency. “What’s aigusu?”

The elderly man widens his eyes at the question. “What?! Surely, you’ve been to a sky island before!”

“We came here through the knock up stream.” Rose says which makes the knight gape at the crew in shock.

“You can’t be serious!”

“Wait, you mean there’s more than one way to get there?!” Nami asks, but his face is the only confirmation she needed to know that it’s true, so she whacks Luffy on the head. “If you didn’t rush us then we could’ve tried to find a safer way to get here!”

“My bad.” Luffy says as he rubs his head.

The knight continues to gape at them as he asks Luffy a question. “Did you lose anyone on the way up here?”

The captain shakes his head at the question. “Nope, we’re all here.”

The elder blinks at the answer before he looks around the crew once more to and see that there’s more to them than they appear. He points to the whistle that he gave Nami. “I’ll only give you one free pass for going through something so crazy. When you need help, blow that whistle and I’ll come to your aid. Any time after that, I will charge you the 50 million aigusu, which is this ocean’s currency.”

“Wait, we don’t even know your name!” Nami says when she sees him about to get on his bird.

The man stops to turn to the crew. “My name’s Gan Fall, as I said before I’m a sky knight. This is Pierre, he ate the horse horse fruit.”

Usopp widens his eyes at the news before he, Usopp, Luffy and Rose eagerly grin at the bird, that’s starting to transform. “You mean he’s a-”

The boys stop their excitement to see that he transformed into a pink horse with red polka dots and large with wings on his back.

“That’s right, he’s a Pegasus. Best of luck friends!” Gan Fall says as he flies off to his home and leave a pack of confused pirates behind.

“What a weird animal.” Luffy says, with the boys agreeing.

Rose however, is still marveling at the flying animal that’s disappearing from view. “That Pegasus is beautiful.”

The boys sweat drop at her admiration for the strange creature while Robin looks around and sees a cloudy waterfall. “What’s that?”

The crew follows her eyes to the waterfall before Luffy grins at the potential adventure. “Let’s go check it out.”

The others silently agree as they sail the clouds towards the waterfall. Once they make it, they widen their eyes to see a large gate up ahead.

Usopp looks at the gate that’s titled ‘Heaven’s Gate’ and begins to shiver. “T-this has to be a bad omen…”

Zoro chuckles at his fright as he relaxes by the railing. “Who knows? Maybe we’re already dead.”

Sanji hums in thought as he lights his cigarette. “This cloudy ocean could make sense then.”

“WHAT?!” Chopper asks in fear before Rose chuckles.

“Relax doc, they’re just teasing.” She looks around and freezes when she sees an old lady with twin buns in her white hair and wings on her back.

The crew stops at the gatekeeper when they

The elderly woman takes pictures of the crew, with a camera that quickly prints the pictures, before she speaks up. “If you kids want to pass this gate then you need to pay 1 billion aigusu for each person.”

Most of the pirates look at her in shock, but Rose stays calm as she walks up to the railing. “How much is aigusu in blue sea beli?”

The crew can only stare at Rose for the smart question before the elder answers her. “10 thousand aigusu is 1 beli.”

Nami blinks at the answer before she calculates the numbers. “So, a billion aigusu is a hundred thousand beli then…”

She looks around the crew to see that she would need 800 thousand beli in order to pass, which she doesn’t have to give. She nervously smiles at the gatekeeper in hopes of lowering the price. “Umm, we don’t have that kind of money…”

“Then you can still go up.” The old lady says which makes them pretty surprised.

“Seriously?!” Usopp says but the gatekeeper just raises her hand to the waterfall with a grin.

“Go right ahead, whether or not you want to go up is up to you.” She keeps a calm smile on her face before she puts the camera in the pocket of her dress. “I’m not the guard. I’m just here to tell you the fee and to know of your intentions.”

Luffy blinks at the explanation before he grins at her. “Ok, we want to go up to sky island even though we don’t have any money.

“That’s fine, there’s eight of you right?”

Luffy nods before he looks at the waterfall. “So how do we get up there?”

Before he could get an answer, a giant red shrimp with purple dots on its back surfaces right below the ship and grabs the boat.

“What the hell?” Zoro asks as the crew grabs onto the railing to keep their balance.

The native giggles at their surprise before she explains what the fish is. “This is the white sea’s speedy shrimp. This will take you up the waterfall and to the island.”

The crew widens their eyes at the explanation before they scream in shock and excitement as the shrimp takes them up the waterfall, that leads to a winding cloud road, and takes them upwards regardless.

The old woman only smirks at their departure before she grabs a seashell and pushes the top button to begin speaking to it. “This is Heaven’s Gate watcher Yamashiun reporting. We have eight intruders who entered into god’s country illegally. I leave their judgement into your capable hands oh mighty god.”

She finishes the recording before she places the photos she made into an envelope, hands both the shell and photos to a smaller speedy white shrimp, that’s just as big as she is, and watches as her report goes up to Sky Island’s leaders to pass judgement on the new intruders.

A Wish on a Comet (Luffy x OC) Ch 27
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