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Hermione Granger

This is the colored version of Hermione Granger, of Harry Potter fame, I had finally finished today. I originally sketched and inked the line art at work during my lunch period over a course of several days, but never bothered to color it until the urge hit me this morning. It didn't turn out as great as I'd like it to, since I'm still not that familiar with using markers, despite looking at tutorials and everything.

It was a lot of fun to color, though, and I used one of my thicker sakura microns to make a thicker outline around Hermione, as opposed to the thinner, detailed lines inside.

Also, there are lots of scribbly lines in her hair that I wish weren't there, and were put there before I decided to use a thicker pen nib to ink in the rest of the picture.

I also messed up coloring her tie, but whatever. XD

Hermione Granger is copyright to J.K. Rowling.

Tools of the trade: Sakura Microns (.01, .03, .08), Prismacolor Markers
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I really like her daring wand-waving. :)
Rin-Uzuki's avatar
Uwaah! I adore her knees! And her feet are awesome, too! Her hair looks fine, too, though I think something about her nose? is a little off... or perhaps it's her left eye?
mori-sayurii's avatar
Thank you! The foot that's handing down looks a little weird, I think because I made it too long, but I liked how the other one turned out. :3 I think I made her nose a bit too long, or maybe it was the way I drew the bridge of her nose. Might be something else too, but who knows. XD
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simply adorable, I love everything about this picture!
gash-kage's avatar
Cute i love the hair, so curly detailed
Arha-chan's avatar
Very nice, lovely style and coloring (=
ArtGod2015's avatar
good work . keep it up.
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