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I feel like I'm coming back home after the apocalypse, a grizzled wastelander, stepping on a broken picture frame with old deviations in it and looking determined.

I was going to just spruce up this account but maybe its time to begin from the ground floor again. This account will remain here as a relic for me to wince at every once in a while :')


If any of you, my previous watchers, are still around reading this you can find me now at


I'll be spending a good while getting the palce up and running no doubt – I'll see you there!

Huzzah! inacase you haven't seen it yet you can view my honours project animation here!!
I'm really quite glad its over and done with. All I have to work on now is the final parts for my poster project. The poster itself is actually finished and I'm going yo upload it pretty soon :D I still have to get sketchbook stuff all done though. Then its the CGI class, where I plan to open a portal to another dimension on my living room floor.

But pretty soon I will be free, and have graduated my final year at university :o It is a rather terrifying thought, actually.
I'm just getting read to digitally submit my Honours Project! :D  I cant wait til its out of my hands.  I'll upload the animation to youtube this evening so yous can have a look ;)
Hello everyone :)
I just had a great, relaxing week off from work and University~ Two very good friends of mine, Arro and Tsu, were up to visit and we had a great time ^^ We went walking through the Argyll Forest, visited Luss on Loch Lomond and went to Glasgow briefly as well. On the last day we went Laser Tagging, which I hadn't done since I was about ten years old or something XD It got me very tired out. I really needed the time off to regenerate myself a bit though, and it was really awsome to see my friends again ^^

But now its back to work ;_; I'm still really struggling with my animation stuff - I hope I can get this all done on time. I even had a nightmare last night about failing everything because I took the week off. Hopefully it wont come to that, but I'm going to have to work hard and quick. Wish me luck!
Heya :)

Things have been pretty good over the winter holidays!  Christmas was nice and at New Year we had a house party and I got to see some friends I hadn't in a long while ^^  Then in January we went down to Nottingham to visit Arro and Tsu!  It was a surprise visit, as far as Arro was concerned, and I got to sneak up behind and frighten him with my manly voice.  Truley enough to send a shiver down into anyones loins.

But yes, from the beautiful Fiona I recived an electric piano as a christmas gift.  Its awsome!  Like, damn.  In the past I tried to learn how to play the piano, but it was on a keyboard I got from my grampa that he had when he was young.  It was as heavy as an elephant and had a very limited range of (non-weighted) keys.  It was from a time when plastic, wood effect panneling was fasionable and to top it off it was out of tune.  This made playing it about as enjoyable as dropping it on your foot.  This new keyboard is a dream, though~  It sounds like a real piano, and that is really everythign I could ask for. ^^  I've already started trying to learn a song and I'm having a great time.

As for University, the poster project is still bobbing along nicely, as you may have noticed from recently uploads.  I managed to finnish my character animation on time for the hand in, but it looks horrible - I might upload it to youtube and let you see, if I decide it does not bring shame upon my people to do so.  My Honours project (The Darastrix news report) has been on hold for a while but now that everything else is done fro the time being, I'll be starting work on it again :)  Very soon though we'll be starting back for the second trimester at University and beginging some new Modules - They start much too early in the morning for my liking .

Finaly, one night at work when Fiona needed possession of the laptop I did something I haven't done in a long time - drew a page for Darastrix!  :D  I've managed to complete one full page (Non-digitaly so far) and I've got several half pages done and about 19 pages of dialogue planned out.  I'm a bit shakey and out of practace, but its looking pretty good so far :D  I still cant afford to devote too much time to it yet, unfortunatly,  but it'll be good for times when I'm stuck without access to a computer~
Heya everyone!

University has begun once again! It began a few weeks ago in fact, hence my sudden silence across the board. This year is my Honors year and it has been keeping me very busy indeed. Its set to be an awesome year, though :D No more time wasting modules - its all good stuff.

In the first trimester we have Character Animation, where we have to make a short animation within certain boundaries. It has to involve two characters, one entering the room through a door and the other sitting in a chair - the seated character must be angry with the other one, they must have some manner of conflict which is resolved by the end of the animation. This makes me a happy chappy.

Then theirs the art class! And this time its a completely open brief and we are encouraged to work to our strengths - and my strength is in Illustration. I've decided to create 3 large posters stuffed with characters, about a dozen to each poster. I hardly need to explain that this is all kinds of fun.

Then their is the Honors Project itself. I was originally going to create a full news article from the world of Darastrix, involving the plight of Lilac Darastrix in their society. Unfortunately we test read the script and it lasted for ten minutes - a little longer than feasible. I'm still going ahead with the idea, but I'm only going to be animating a couple of scenes. This means it wont make much narrative sense, but the marks are for animation and modeling here. After all is done, I'm going to finish the whole thing over the summer, though ;)

Finally, I have set myself up a Tumblr account at long last! No more just using my girlfriends. Tumblr is better suited to the small updates I'm probably only going to have time for this year, so I thought now was the best time to get an account of my own :)

My Tumblr Account is and I hope to see some of you around!
Everything is done and dusted at last - all my hand in dates have passed and the work has been done - I can relax a little now! XD
You might have seen my dwarf animation, but now see this!
This is the fabulous Fionas Animation, and it took her forever to make!  The thng is hand drawn and coloured on computer - the stack of paper she has to show for it is emence.  Alot fo other people doing 2D seemed to shy away from drawing all of the frames; they said they would, but they gradualy tok more and more shortcuts.  But not Fiona!
Anyway, take a look and leave her a comment if you like it :)

In the comming weeks I'm thinking of trying out Livestream!  Anyone be interested in that?  I'm going to try model a Darastrix in Maya :)
Done! Its finally done!  I am finished! Work Complete! Mission Accomplished!


Its taken me damned near forever; about a year if you include the planning, but I have finally finished my Animation.  This piece represents my final assessment for this year and, indeed, the first 3D animation I have ever produced that isn't just a technical exercise.

We had to plan the whole thing from scratch, brainstorming ideas, etc.  I started with he usual arrogance of having an idea 'fully formed' in my head, with the intention of just refining it and moving strait on.  We were required to create a number of other ideas anyway and it was while doing this that I realised my original idea wasn't so fully formed as I had though.  To begin with the dwarf animation was actually one of those ideas I'd made to fill space in my sketchbook, but it turned out to be a strong idea with potential.

We went through the whole development process (something I usually loath) but it was somehow more worthwhile than in the past - I felt I was getting somewhere and that there was in fact development to be done.  After 12 weeks of this we started work on the actual animating.
Sort of.

The first 8 weeks of it was spent rigging the damned model - it was such a steep learning curve for me, but I got there in the end.  Weight painting (where the joints of the characters skeleton are told which parts of the body their supposed to exert influence over) is a term you'll come to spit if you ever have a go at this sort of thing yourself.

I think I'll cut off there – I could talk about this all day, so if anyone's interested in how it was made or anything else, do drop me a note!
I have been pretty dwarf centric for this whole year, but now that this is finished I can become obsessed with something else.  Something new to make an animation of.  Something like Darastrix, perhaps?
I've got the whole things rendered out now!  I'm just re-rendering a few shots here and there to give them better lighting, then its just a case of putting them together in premiere~ :D  I still have a spot of 2D to do (blood, mostly) but I dont see that taking very long

In the meantime, I only realised the other day that I hadn't uploaded our last assesment animation anywhere!  I have now rectified this.  This animation doesn't contain any anrrative or anything; infact its not really an animation at all - it was our group modeling assesment.  Part of it was to create a self portrait, so you can marvel at my flowing locks of poly hair.  I bear precious little resemblance to the glassy eyed bust in this video, by the way - I look less like I have radiation sickness in real life.

Anyway, here is the - Enjoy!
I've actually started animating 8D
I've got 24 seconds finnished and rendered out - I'm well chuffed :D  What I've got so far is in slow motion however, so the amount of movement is fairly limited - their are 4 characters in the scene though.  The real test will come from the second half of the animation, which I haven't started yet - It'll playback at ordinary speed so any errors will stick out a mile.
I'll have plenty of time to rudement on it and fix things though - I had budgeted for it to take weeks for me to get this much done and its only taken me three days XD  Thiers still time for the realtime section to bone me in the ass, of course.
I have been without internet of any kind for the best part of four months now!  Its been ridiculous! Which means no-one will have heard my other big news that I have moved house for a second time!  We're living in a much larger place now without a shower ajoining the bed.  The Living room looks like the bridge of the starship enterprise, with a grand total of three monitors and a TV lined up against the window, plus a light box stuck in between them.
So, um; yeah.
University has been quite the ball buster this year - I'm currently in the proccess of creating my first proper 3D animation.  I hope to upload some works in progress soon!  But you wont have long to wait for the finnished article anyway - its due in four or five weeks!
I feel like I've drawn hardly anything at all lateley; its been University work and sleep most days.  once the summer holidays roll in then I'll pick it up again.  I'm also thinking of trying to model a darastrix in 3D over the summer too, and maybe do it over livestream! :o  Keep your fingers crossed!
Anyway, I hope everyones been fine while I've been away :)
Ta ta!
During quiet moments at work I've been watching 'Undercover Boss USA', the American version of a British programme by the same name.  Neither programme makes for great telly, but it highlights to me how different, and how strange US television is.  The US programme is so formulaic and so predictable that I could chop and change different scenes from different episodes and have trouble noticing the difference.

  Each episode has began by profiling the company owner as a model American citizen, followed by a montage of clips showing him having trouble getting to grips with his new job.  It then goes on about how 'devoted and hardworking' his staff are before cutting to somewhere else where the workers and conditions don't meet his standards. The show ends with him spending time in a third place where he is pleased once more and finally it cuts to him revealing his identity to those he met.

  Unlike the British version that (if only barely) stuck to the point of the show - finding out what's wrong with the company - the American version strays very little from the script described above.  additionaly, most of the programme appears to be filler; about a third of the it is made of clips showing what is still to come in the programme.  The board room scene at the end was shown right at the start, and again about two or three times afterwards.

  This isn't the only programme exported from America that I've seen following this same formula.  The general impression we are given of American TV over here is that its utter pish.  It would be unwise to believe everything I see from this small snapshot filtered out of the USA, however, so I invite any of my American watchers to defend their nations television - or to vindicate my earlier statements.

lets discuss!

(I must let it be known that I don't really like either version of the programme XD  It almost as formulaic and just seems to be trying to leapfrog off the success of 'Undercover Millionaire', which I never liked a great deal either.)
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I went to the Cinema last night with my sister to see two very awosme films!

The first one we had planned to see for a while - it was the restored version of Metropolis.  It was greally great!  I had never seen a silent movie before, but this was really good.  This and the fact it was black and white allowed for a whole array of filming techniques that you couldn't pull off these days.  It felt very artistic, and because you could sort of see the flesh and bones of how they made it all, you could really apriciate all the effort that went in to making it.  I'de recommend anyone to go see it~

the second film we went to see was more of a spontanious decision - it was a late night showing of 'Brasil'.  This movie was very strange indeed XD  awsome, though.  Its set in a dystopian future where paperwork entangles every aspect of society.  The emence feeling of the frustration and pointlessness of beurocracy really comes through in it - something that chimes well with me, since red tape is a cardenal hatred of mine.  Although thourogly depressing, I would also recoment it to anyone who gets the chance to see it ^^
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If theirs a phrase I can't stand its this one!  I just seen a Daily Deviation entitled as such - how depressing.
Humans are the very pinnacle of creation - we have reason, intellect and introspection.  We've sent men to the moon, probes to mars and we've recreated the conditions at the birth of the universe in a laboratory.  When we put our minds to a task their is nothing we cannot do.
Their is nothing 'only' about being human.  Have some optimism!
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Hey guys!
I'm back home in Scotland again after a wonderful, month long holiday to England. I never really anounced my departure properly, but oh well XD
I spent a fantastic time with Crazy-Painter and aqua-dragon and I'm missing them already.
Annoyingly I have to return to work today, imediatly afer my return, and its set to be a busy day too, so I wont be broken back in easily. I detest my job.
So yeah; if anyone was wonderig why I hadn't really done anything for a whole month, there is your explanation!
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I have a new Avatar! Woo!
I've had that dusty old one from before since I first joined Deviantart over 5 years ago and didn't change it once.  I think its long overdue that I did.
This perticular animation had been kicking around for some time and Since it was serving no other purpose, it was remade into an Avatar.  Hurrah!
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Anyone else thinking... Facebook?

At first I thought it was just the info bar at the top - that annoyed me.
But ever new 'feature' I come across makes me spit acid blood.  The deviations pages are a complete, unaethetic mess and they automaticly hide the artists comments!?
I hope they give an option to override this like the at least did with that awful 'stacks' system they introduced.
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My Grampa got out of hospital today - hurray!  It turns out that rasied levels of potasium in his body caused the heart attack because he was taking too many of a certain pill from his medication.  Hopefuly he shall be more vigilent about such things in the future.
He is looking well, and although breathless, he is walking stronger now than from before he had the attack.  My Granny is overjoyed to see him again and I hope he stays out of the hospital for a good long while.

On a different tact, I hate drawing windows and shop signs.  In the  recent Darastrix page I just left them blank, but I dont think its a good effect.  In pages before this where shops were visable I put names and logos etc on them all, but I found it oddly difficult to come up with them and it slowed me down a great deal.  basicly, it was too much effort for too little return.  The windows, however, have always been the same - black lifeless gaps in the masonry.
Does anyone have any suggestions here?  How to make a window look like a window?  Quick ways to suggest shop-ness?  Anything at all that might help me improve on those fields, or even links to those who do it well so I may follow thier example.

Thanks in advance!
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My Grampa has had another Heart Attack and is in Hospital.  Things were looking very bad this morning, but he seems to be improving.  Me and my sister went to visit him and he was alert and good humoured, so I'm hoping he will become well enough to leave eventually.
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