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RPG Wolf avatars

While at Lukes, he started work on an RPG using RPG maker 2000. Retro!
The available avatars did not suit the figures he wished to use as characters however, so I drew him these :) the on on the left is my favorite.
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Thanks for this, again ^_^

I'll have to get back on track with that game...
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Hey, dont mention it ^^
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I like the one on the far right, looks scragily lol cool stuff mate
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yea well your welcome mate
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Aye, the one in the middle is pretty good but the left is definitely the best :D good job!
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Thanks ^^
I wish ide done his right shoulder better though.
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Whats RPG maker 2000?

Nice, the look rugged and dirty instead of full of fairy sparkles like some I've seen...ick. The third one looks a little weird on the neck, seems like the neck is too narrow or some optical illusion of the sort.

The shading on the first one is neat, but the third one IMHO could use a wee more shading but I dunno XD.
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Heh, my quality of work degraded as I went along. There was a fourth one too, but it was so terrible I wanted to set it on fire XD Im glad you apriciate the rugged look though; thats what I was going for :)
And RPG maker 2000 is a rather old program used to create your own RPGs. These days most people use RPG Maker XP, but you need to pay for that once the trial runs out.
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