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Poster Project - Character Illustration Bonanza by Morgoth883 Poster Project - Character Illustration Bonanza by Morgoth883
Sorry to keep you waiting to see it for so long, but here it is! This is the final outcome for my university poster project and the only part of my exhibition at the degree show that employers took any notice of XD

This took my the whole year to do, in between working on my Honours project. It was almost leisure time, though – getting to do stop and do some drawing once in a while was such a welcome break from wrestling with Maya animation.

The real article, the one I printed out, Is actually three different posters, intended to be displayed side by side. I would have preferred to have it continuous, like this, but the printers weren't large enough. I didn't want anyone (except the lung dragon) do be overlapping two posters or get an arm or the tip of their tail chopped off. Unfortunately this has lead to some 'dead' space near the joins that I'd rather I had filled with something.

Never the less, I'm pleased with the outcome! If you would like the buy a copy then I'de be happy to print one out and send it to you (and even sign it!). It consists of 3 A2 sheets, though, so It might cost a fair bit. Alternatively, you can get the poster as a single A1 image, which I believe costs about £25 (plus postage). I hope that’s not prohibitively expensive.


Full Image (but Larger)

Here are all of the characters by themselves and at a (mostly) higher resolution.

#1 Moth Lady
#2 Baby Dragon
#3 Jen
#4 Felix the Octobot
#5 Techpriest
#6 Angel of Judgement
#7 Sophy
#8 Merchant
#9 Melchiah
#10 Warbot
#11 Rose
#12 Wizard
#13 Tongue Deamon
#14 Deamon of Famin
#15 Lung Dragon
#16 Naga Priestess
#17 Wraith
#18 Angel of Death
#19 Dwarven Gentleman
#20 The Aquatic Doom Bringer
#21 Cymorg
#22 Skip
#23 Deamon of Revelry
#24 Dwarven Guardsman
#25 Desert Wanderer
#26 Metal Worker
#27 Pyotre
#28 Mutant Creature
#29 Alex
#30 Hannah
#31 Dwarven Huntsman
#32 Jack
#33 Steampunk Explorer
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July 10, 2013
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