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Felix the lonley octobot by Morgoth883 Felix the lonley octobot by Morgoth883
For a few weeks now I've been the game master amoung some freinds for a roleplaying game called Eclipse Phase. Its set in a dystopian Transhuman future an is totaly awsome.
Anyway, one of the players asked if I wanted to be a player myself for a little while and let them run the game. I jumped at the chance and greated Felix as my character ^^
He liked Dancing, Artwork, Robotics and complicated single player strategy games he undertakes in simulspace.
I wanted to go for that white, smooth ipod look for his body. I dont like the front on view I did of him, though; its a bit too bug-like.

I wrote a big ol' back story for him as well if yous want to read it; enjoy XD
[EDIT] Heres a link to a more presentable PDF of his backstory instead of that unformatted mess underneith XD [link]

Felix started life as an Octopus Uplift on an affluent Scum Barge 3 years after the Fall. Before his 1st birthday, however, the Barge’s emerging economy collapsed and he was sold to a member of the less reputable Sum Barge ‘Kimberlite’. He lived and served on the Kimberlite for 4 years as an exotic dancer and also performing other, less savoury exotic services. He existed under the thrall of a Triad middle-man named McDade who held a dim view on the rights of Uplifts, viewing Felix with passive contempt.
The minimal free time Felix possessed he spend shut off in simulspace as an infomorph, utilising a high rate of relative time dilation. The small population of just over 20,000, many as sympathetic to uplifts as McDade and few utilising time dilation as harsh as he, made him learn to enjoy his own company. After 4 years, a relative time of 14 to Felix, the barge was infiltrated by a group out to topple the Triad presence on Kimberlite, causing mass panic and death. Felix took advantage of the confusion and played a hand in the death of McDade and the recovery of his cortical stack.
Among the infiltrating group were some Uplift Rights sympathisers. While their ship provided life support sufficient for only their band of members, they agreed to bring Felix along as reward for his help; but only if he suffered the death of his body and travelled as an infomorph. Felix obliged.
The group left Felix off at the Jupiter Trojan asteroid of Locus where he began to forge out a new life for himself. He tried various jobs and even resleeved to perform some of them, but octomorphs were few and expensive and sleeving in a human splicer seemed limited, uncomfortable and somehow perverse, so Felix stayed as an Infomorph as often as he could. He still spent much of his time alone in simulspace despite the much large number of, on the whole, friendlier people and eventually fell into company with similarly self exiling individuals.
He and about 300 others on Locus and 700 others from various places were gathering the resources to build their own Brinker collective where they could exist in Simulspace undisturbed out beyond Neptune, obeying no laws but the ones they set between themselves.
Their plans came to fruition and Felix secured his place as the Habitat’s Janitor, emerging from simulspace once in a while to maintain the servers, check all the systems and glide about the airless microgravity environment in a purposely provided Synthmorph.
Felix found that this real world isolation was quite agreeable and began spending more and more time inhabiting the Synthmorph. He spent this time indulging in personal pastimes such as sculpture, stargazing and his old profession; dancing. However, he found the humanoid Synth as distasteful as any regular Transhuman body and devoted himself, with the collectives’ permission, to building his own Synthetic morph. He saved up his allowances of exotic materials for use in the cornucopia machine and honed his skills in Robotics. After months he finished building his own Octopi Synthmorph – his proudest achievement.
Years later the collective was disturbed by none other than the secret organisation, Firewall. Information on a probe that their remote habitat had been tracking had filtered its way through to Firewall; information bundled in with a routine transmission on activity to assure the rest of Sol they were still alive. It was supposed that this probe was a relic from the Fall and contained a potent TITAN nanoviri. Their station helped the Firewall agents track the probe down to where it had been picked up by another Brinker habitat and Felix went further by volunteering his service in recovering it with them.
They approached and boarded the other Habitat to find that bringing the probe aboard had proven disastrous to those concerned. They barely escaped with their lives and employ all necessary force in neutralising the threat – with atomic weaponry. Felix had proven himself quite competent during proceedings but had also glimpsed the chilling realities of the galaxy – that there was much Transhumanity was kept in the dark about and that our place in the universe could be in danger.
He was considered and his merits weighed until Firewall offered him a choice between a complete memory wipe beginning from his initial contact with their agents, or membership into their organisation and all the responsibilities implied. Felix chose the latter. He made his excuses with the Brinkers and left to more populous regions of space – travelling with his body, this time. Being familiar with it, he chose Locus as his new home and was charged with a new sense of purpose. He was a Firewall Sentinel, protecting Transhumanity from existential threats – he was determined to make a difference now.
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matthew-lane Featured By Owner Mar 3, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Just so you know Eclipse Phase's new book Panopticon actually has your morph in it. Its called a "Takko." Its essentially a floating synthetic octopus morph.
Morgoth883 Featured By Owner Mar 26, 2012
Really? :o I must see this!
Oneirophant Featured By Owner Nov 28, 2010
That is a really interesting character, the background has depth that made it a pleasure to read. Uplifts arent really my thing but you have inspired me, I think I will make an uplift rights activist as my next character.
MasterOfManyFates Featured By Owner May 27, 2010
I ABSOLUTELY love Eclipse Phase! Awensome background!
Damiel Featured By Owner May 7, 2010
great job!

what are his motivations?

I reckon he's a part of the Mercurials, given his background.
Though it could have been worse. Imagine he was sold to a member of the *censored for spoilers* mob?! if you have played Glory, you know which group I'm refering to ^_~
Morgoth883 Featured By Owner May 9, 2010
He is infact part of the Brinker faction!
As for his Motivations, those are~
-Uplift Slavery
+Morphological Freedom
+Artistic Expression
Damiel Featured By Owner May 10, 2010

knowing my players, they'll pick some original ones.
Judging by the mental balance pilars they got in Cthulhu Gumshoe, it's very likely!

and you should have seen some of the concept in Vampire the Requiem!
"Dispossed Noble Returning Home from Adventures In America To Claim What is his by right."
He endured Final Death at the end of one of the Belial's Brood, sadly
Rest in Peace, Philippe d'Aubigny, Daeva of the Ordo Dracul
VirtAdpt Featured By Owner Apr 30, 2010
If you write up stats for an octomorphic synthmorph, please let me know. That's a neat idea.
Morgoth883 Featured By Owner May 1, 2010
I'm not a perticularly Rules Savvy kind of guy, so statisticly is almost identical to an Arachnid synthmorph, from the rulebook. I added in a few octupus-y features, though, like 360 vision and chamelion coating ;) I had to spend a few extra points to give its unique apearence, but it was totaly worth it XD
VirtAdpt Featured By Owner May 8, 2010
Fair enough. I was asking because I collect stuff for my EP campaign (who doesn't?) and that would be an interesting morph to either make available to my players (or throw at them during the course of an adventure).

If I statted such a thing out, would you mind if I sent you a copy?
Morgoth883 Featured By Owner May 9, 2010
Hey, I'de love that! :D You'll have to let me know how things go with using the morph in your own game, too ^^ Feel free to use this image, too, so long as your credit back to be of course~
VirtAdpt Featured By Owner May 15, 2010

I'll start working up the stats for it, and when they're done I'll send you a link to the page.
mashashy Featured By Owner Mar 29, 2010  Professional General Artist
Errr thats a lot to read i shall do it at somepoint, but i thought he was cute anyway :)
Morgoth883 Featured By Owner Mar 29, 2010
When you get round to it, you may prefer to read it from this sexy PDF I made~ [link]
mashashy Featured By Owner Mar 30, 2010  Professional General Artist
sexy pdf o.O

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