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A Brief History of Neuropa Before the Great Fall
and the Rise of The Dark Empire

  Neuropa made its beginnings in the asteroid mining industry nearly half a century ago and was founded by an enterprising Elemental Knight named Jacob Krasker.  Jacob used his influence as a Knight to gain a head start in the business, being granted permission from powerful individuals to buy, mine and build on Asteroids in their territory during a time when such deals were hard to make.  Jacob had a natural affinity for Earth, and this made him an excellent dowser for precious metals.  It wasn't long before business was booming.
  As the years marched on, Pirates marched in and Neuropa took on a Martial aspect.  Headed by Jacob himself, the Military wing fought off attackers with great success, gaining him a reputation as a staunch defender.  His notoriety attracted engineers and mercenaries alike to come work for him, but what it also brought were Scientists.
  Deep space and the zero gravity conditions granted by the Asteroid fields, coupled with the Military protection granted by Jacob, made Neuropan mine facilities Ideal places for Scientists to conduct their research.  Rather than rent out his space and protection to these Scientists, however, Jacob hired them into the company and the famed Neuropa Research Division was born.
  The discoveries made by Neuropa were many, with practical uses ranging from Military application to cosmetics.  Jacob Capitalised on these innovations and opened factories on Planet surfaces from where he sold and shipped his goods.  The Military advances, however, he kept for Neuropa.
  When the company was 10 years of age there was much cause for celebration.  Profits were through the roof, Neuropa had gained an excellent reputation among merchants across the galaxy and most of all, Jacobs wife had given birth to a Baby boy.  They named their child Melchiah.

  Jacob had decided the day Melchiah was born that his son would inherit Neuropa, and that he too would be trained as an Elemental Knight.  He was schooled in the ways of Business, Diplomacy and Combat and when he was old enough, his Elemental Affinity was explored.  Unlike his father, Melchiahs soul burned electric.  A strong affinity with Lightning was undeniable, and so this was the route he would be trained.
  By the time Melchiah had become a young adult it had become clear that all was not well on the fringe worlds. The Orks and Goblins had become restless and were being guided by some central force.  Some planets and systems were indeed joining in their diabolic conquest, and the concern of the civilised states mounted by the day.
  Soon, the Alliance war preparing for war and all Elemental Knights were called into Duty.  Jacob did not hesitate to answer the call, and brought Neuropas 1st and 2nd Battalion with him to fight what had now been dubbed 'The Dark Empire'.  Melchiah was eager to join his Father into Battle, but he had not completed his training.  Despite Melchiahs pleas, Jacob forbade for his son to follow him, instead commanding him to look after his Mother, and keep Neuropa running.  This was the last time Melchiah seen his Father.
  Melchiah never heard how his Father had died.  The entire position he was defending was overrun by The Dark Empire, leaving no survivors left to tell tales.  Melchiahs Mother died, they say, of grief.  The Black tide was advancing at a Horrifying rate that chilled the blood when one thought of what might happen once they reached the population centres, or heaven forbid, the Galactic Council.
  The War raged on, and Melchiah found himself Defending Neuropas Asteroid bases from Ork and Goblin Incursions, deep striking into the heart of the Civilised Galaxy.  Although Melchiah fought off each attack, they were becoming stronger by the week.  It was time to Evacuate.
  As much was packed up in transporters as could be moved from the asteroids and a course was set to Lancroft in the Alliance Home star cluster.  It was here that Neuropa owned a parcel of land, and its depth within the Alliances weakening Defence border ensured a greater level of safety.  But the evacuation did not run smoothly.
  The Dark Empire had pushed forward and an entire swath of the escaping frigates was caught in the path of the Armadas Advanced Guard.  The feeble defences offered by Neuropas once admired military were cut down without a moments pause as the Fleet moved on towards the Alliance home systems.
  Melchiah Arrived at Lancroft and began to rebuild Neuropa with the materials and supplies he had managed to transport from all the bases successfully.  The build went well, but Melchiah was disturbed by the Diplomatic situation here so close to the Alliances heart.  Leaders were bickering among themselves and shifting the blame for the String of military failures incurred on their shrinking borders.
  The last piece of news that Melchiah heard before all interstellar communication went down was that The Dark Empire was lead by an Elemental Knight; one of supreme power and Malice.  After this, everything plunged into chaos and the Alliance Crumbled.  Civil War erupted on the Home worlds and all unified defence was out the window.  Humanity, Dwarf and Elvenkind held its breath.
  But the Killing blow did not come.  Unbeknownst to many, the 9 Home systems of the Alliance were protected by an ancient ring of Powerful Cannons that automatically fended off anyone trying to breach its perimeter.  This defensive ring, it seemed, proved too much for the Dark Empire to handle.  For now, at least.
  Neuropa constructed its own cities to defend itself from its neighbours within.  All employees were given a house to live in, food to eat and a job to work on.  Neuropa had effectively become its own Nation, run and defended to this day by Melchiah, now a fully gown man and Elemental Knight.  Melchiah looked to his Warring Neighbours and seen an opportunity.  He looked to the stars and seen the future of both He and Neuropa.

Neuropa as a Corponation

  Neuropa Incorporated runs itself much like the Company it started off as.  Melchiah is CEO and has the final say on all important decisions.  He also has his Cabinet, each member of which heads a particular department, such as finance or Media.  Authority then works its way down in a pyramid-like fashion.
  Every Neuropan Citizen is guaranteed a job in the company, and every Neuropan Employee is guaranteed accommodation, access to food, water and the basic luxuries of life.  This is the promise that Neuropa makes to everyone.  How good your house is and luxurious your luxuries are is still subject to your wage, however.
  Imports from other countries are rare.  Neuropa caters for every conceivable corner of the market so that such things are not necessary.
  Neuropa, unable to mine asteroids as in its heyday, not puts most of its focus onto Research, particularly into high end and fringe research.  Thanks to its mysterious efforts, Neuropa boasts a unique kind of Plasma, available nowhere else.  This Plasma fuels the whole nation from massive power plants at Neuropa Prime.  It is also abundant in all of Neuropas military technology.  How Neuropa made this discovering is classified.
  Neuropas Territory was claimed through expansion of the original landing site on the planet Lancroft, Neuropa Prime.  The massive conervation forms the Nucleus of Neuropa.  Outside this lie industrial estates and commuter villages.  The land itself was taken from Neuropas Neighbours, too busy fighting one another to resist or even care.  Neuropa had thus far not proven itself to be a threat.
  Petty Crime is punished through forced, manual labour and serious crimes such as rape or murder are punishable by death.  This system has proven very reliable as all employee DNA and fingerprints are held on record.
  On the whole, Neuropa looks after its Employees well and Approval poles show that Melchiah is respected and even loved by the Populace.

Of Recent Events and the Awakening of The Malsvirusk

  Neuropa had geared itself into action.  The construction of the planets first global Media Network since the Fall heralded the start of a new age for Lancroft.  With its workforce motivated behind him, Melchiah began to prepare for war.  The attention of the other planetary nations was suddenly roused when Neuropan propaganda became available to their own populace; Melchiahs intentions became clear to them immediately.
  Dormnia, a large, powerful but disorganised neighbour of Neuropa was the only One to make a move against Melchiah.  A series of explosions was set of in Neuropa prime, including one Hover Car that managed to ram into the Neuropa Building itself.  These attacks infuriated Melchiah and his populace and Dormnia was singled out as the first target for conquest.
  The military was brought fully up and running and attack was launched against Dormnia, headed personally by Melchiah.  However, the initial spearhead was thwarted by Dormnias leader, an Elemental Knight.  Melchiah confronted him and defeated him in combat, however, he lost consciousness and became hospitalised due to a deep wound to his chest.  The Neuropan army continued on with its campaign and after a long fight Dormnia eventually surrendered.
  Meanwhile, Melchiah had been working on conquering his other neighbour, Nunquam, via a very different method.  Many individuals, it seemed, were discontented with their own government, and wished instead to join Neuropa.  Melchiah was only too happy to help out, and secretly diverted funds to underground groups within Neuropa.  Melchiah managed to gain influence over the Vice Chairman of Nunquam and not long afterwards the Chairman, while giving a speech, mysteriously died from an unconfirmed cause.  The Vice Chairman took his place, and Nunquam became part of Neuropa Incorporated.
  Far more terrible things were afoot than this, however.  Neuropa held dark secrets kept deep underground, hidden from the light of day.  Many years ago, back in the Asteroid Mines, a Neuropan Digging crew had uncovered a massive metal tomb, of an unknown metal.  This tomb was covered in hieroglyphs and bore a massive sealed door on one side.  Eventually entry was made and inside, more hieroglyphs lined the walls.  What was more portentous though was what lay in the centre of the room.
  A Research team was sent immediately to investigate.  The thing in the centre looked, at first glance in the torchlight, like a pile or ornate scrap metal, with long shards pointing out from the main crumpled mass.  When one looked closer, however, it was evident that some sort of Anthropoid shape was present.  Something like a crouching, Draconic Skelton, lying dormant in the dark, floating for what must have been eons inside this Asteroid.  The entire tomb was excavated and taken away by the Research team for study.  This team was headed by a talented young scientist named Sejanus.
  Come the present day the creature, whose name it was discovered was 'Malsvirusk', was responsible for a large proportion of Neuropas Success.  The Scientists had found then when the statue in the centre, for statue it seemed to be, could produce a strange sort of Plasma when aroused.  This plasma was tapped, fed to generators and stored in great amounts for uses everywhere.  Sejanus, however, had become infatuated with the thing.
  Eventually it was noted that the Malsvirusk was becoming unstable.  It was producing much more plasma than before, even when very little energy was used to agitate the construct.  It had been latterly found how to produce the Plasma Neuropa so heavily relied on without the aid of the Malsvirusk, so it was decided by Ezekiel, head of Neuropas Research, to be in the best interest of Public safety to shut down the Project to avoid a possible overload or explosion.
  Sejanus was enraged.  What no-one else knew was that he had been withholding much of his findings, and intended to fully arouse the monstrous statue.  It was he who been secretly agitating the Malsvirusk, and when Sejanus confronted Ezekiel to persuade him not to shut the Project down, He refused.  The bottom had fallen out of Sejanus' world.  This beast had been Sejanus obsession, his life for the past decade.  As Ezekiel turned to walk away, Sejanus tackled him, pushing the elderly scientist over the gantry railing, suspended above a massive vat of Plasma.  He held on, but Sejanus kicked his hands away and Ezekiel fell to his death.
  Sejanus had committed himself to a Dark path.
  Stealing a Prototype suit of Heavy Armour, Sejanus made his way to the Tomb, killing all witnesses.  When a tactical response team arrived to stop him, and eventually Melchiah himself, it was too late.  The beast had been fully aroused, and unfolded from its Pile on the floor.  It shock the earth with its scraping roar and threw aside the Neuropan machinery that had been attached all over it.
  The Monster incinerated the tactile squad in a breath of Searing plasma.  Melchiah only just managed to save himself with his Elemental Powers, and fled to the surface.  The Malsvirusk pursued him somewhat towards the elevator, thrashing concrete walls asunder like paper.  The corridor narrowed into a solid rock face however, and Melchiah made his escape successfully.  Sejanus lost his eye in the struggles, but had gained control of a power most terrifying.
  Having blamed Melchiah for almost taking away his reason for being, he smashed his way through the lab to the surface, sitting atop the Malsvirusk.  When he reached the surface, he laid waste to the research facility around him and cut a violent path towards the Neuropa Building.  It repelled all attacks on its way there and began to climb the side of the enormous skyscraper.
  An entire squadron of fighters were destroyed trying to eliminate the beast, but it climbed on towards the surface.  Melchiah, injured, was recovering at the very top with his Elemental Node.  When the monster finally reached the top, it ripped apart the roof, and set Melchiahs penthouse ablaze.  Sejanus dismounted and aimed to take out the weakened Melchiah personally in his experimental Heavy Armour.
  The fight went on and the Malsvirusk Watched on, under command.  Meanwhile, the remainder of the Neuropan Fleet had rearmed itself with heavy ordinance.  Sejanus turned to look, crying out to the monster like a mother to her child.  Melchiah protected the two of them in a shield of Elemental energy and the mechanical demon was thrown from the Neuropa Building.  Maniacally, Sejanus threw himself off the top of the burning building to follow the screeching monster.
  The two of them plummeted towards the ground, awaiting certain doom, when suddenly the Malsvirusk changed, violently sprouting a long mechanical shaft from each shoulder blade that extended out like wings.  The decent of the monster slowed and then stopped altogether before it sped up towards the sky and away from the city altogether.  It was last seen headed towards the ocean, leaving a burnt Neuropa behind it.

Of the Crippling of Neuropa and Escape of Sejanus

  Sejanus had fled to Draconis, a powerful nation opposed to Neuropa.  He had sworn allegiance to the Elemental Knight who ruled Draconis in exchange for the destruction of Melchiah and of Neuropa.  When Melchiah learned of this all haste was made to attack before they did.
  First Contact was made above the ocean and the battle was narrowly won with the help of Melchiahs Elemental powers.  Draconis reeled at the attack, and hastily turned all its forces around, which were in their way to Neuropa Prime.
  Melchiah and his forces landed in the Draconian capital and fought their way towards the Palace.  His army overran their defences, but were prioritised on finding and killing Sejanus and his giant beast.  Melchiah came into contact with the Draconian leader, who would not let Melchiah onwards to where Sejanus was holed up without a hard fight.
  Neuropas conventional forces were on top of Sejanus, however and there was no escape for him.  Melchiah was still locked in combat when their came a massive bang and a blinding flash.  Shooting up into the sky flew what looked like a glowing blue meteorite, screaming up towards the Cosmos.  As it breached the atmosphere it emitted a shock wave of Electromagnetic Radiation so powerful that it knocked out every electrical device on the planet, bypassing all safeguards.
  Melchiah was forced to retreat to Neuropa Prime with his forces, which recovered thankfully before the Draconians could.  Everything was down, the entertainment network, almost all the military equipment was fired, everything.  Dormnian rebels had taken advantage of the communications breakdown and toppled the Neuropan forces there, and in Nunquam there had been a military coup d'etat by Loyalists to the previous Chairman.
  Neuropa was back to square one, and Sejanus had escaped.  Things were looking grim.
So, yeah! years ago, I took part in a Play by Post Roleplaying Strategy game called Elemental Knights. I racked up about 84 pages of stuff and I had lots of fun, but then suddenly it stopped.
However! Its back up and running again :D Im picking up right from where I left off. This, my first post, is more or less a synopsis of the major points of my previous 84 pages XD
If your interested in Joining, then heres the website: [link]
Annoyingly, I cant acces the site from my own computer.. stupid thing.

The figure in the thumbnail for this submission is my main Character, melchiah ^^ You can see the picture on its own in my scraps. [link]
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I suppose in comparison to 84 pages that could be considered quite brief :P

Still, nice work bud, I think I'll take a peek into this here RP, I need something to occupy that bit of my life where I'm doing nothing important.

Whats it called again? University i think.... XD
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