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Star Trek: The Motion Picture Review
Seeing that Kurvosvicky is gonna do Star Trek soon, i thought it would be a nice idea to give my own thoughts on the legendary movie-series that is the Star Trek-Francise. and what is better to start, than with the Motion Picture? well it's not Mario Party 7, i tell you that...
This movie was daring itself, by tanking the whimsy, colorful, self-aware, low-production-valued TV-series that was Star Trek, and bring it to the big screen with a lot of Hearth and Labout of love. and by that, i mean they capitalised on 2001: A space oddity.
First of all, the uniforms. if you aren't familiar with Star Trek, here's the magic words: First they had yellow, blue and Red, if you were unlucky, and in this they had Grey... pretty sterile basically, looks like leftover costumes of Space:1999, and from the second movie on, they had Red... so everyone was a potential victim basically.
The Premise is that a strange, huge object is heading towards the Earth, searching for something, and nothing is stoppin
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Star Wars Episode I Review
People... why do you hate this movie? Come on, let's get to adult mature constructive manners - why do you hate this movie? It would make sense if you hated it because you don't care for the Star Wars franchise. But that's the funny part - you praise the original trilogy all the time in comparison, talking about this and that you thought was made wrong and overall ruined all three prequels to you, as it changed everything.
Here's the thing - the movie is only hated for the mere purpose of being different. They used a ton of CGI, they gave new styles to everything, they gave some new types of lighthearted elements, and you didn't like it therefor as it "ruined" the mood and tone and style of the original trilogy's. But that just means you prefer the way they made the original trilogy - it doesn't give you the right to bash the living shit out of the prequels for no apparent reason. But let me go through the major issues haters talk about over and over again, and let me respond to them:
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Look what i look at!
What did i think about it?

Lets just say this:

If you asked me what the best movie i saw in 2015 was, i would answer, without hesitation, in a heartbeat, with no need to think or wonder, i would answer it was... Inside Out by Pixar.

saw that one coming? i sure as hell didn't. in a year with movies like Avengers: age of Ultron, Jurassic world, Star Wars, and a uncanny declice of quality in Pixar's movies, one would think the outcome of this cinematic year was sealed.

no, TFA wasn't bad... it was generally entertaining, even if it felt like the fourth episode, especially story-wise.

just an example... no heavy spoilers: it starts in a village, it gets attacked by stormtroopers, guy tries to flee but it's too late so he gives it to a droid that then flees on a planet covered with sand... sounds familiar? don't get me started on the climax.

while i do recommed the movie, it's not as wholehearthly as you might think. i expected a movie with spaceships shooting and lightsabler-duels... and that's what i got.

it's not the best nor the worst Star wars movie... honeslty, it felt almost like a remake cleverly disguised as a sequel.

i guess history's repeating itself...

i wonder if they have a wing for every letter in the alphabet... i would love to see how a P-wing looks like.


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Happy birthday.
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