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So, I'm kinda back ^^ 
And I have currently time to draw lol
Finally :D

(Re-)Drawing characters and their sheets (or finally making them XD):
(and a Woofguin -> got a MYO from JB)



Have enough to do XD (There are still some characters missing, because I can't remember the names)

Only have to go to school in 2 weeks, for 2 days (Monday and Friday XD) And than for one day in 3 weeks (hopefully) ^^
Hey guys...

Right now I like drawing horses more than drawing wolves... idk why. But I'm not very productive atm ^^
I wrote in the last journal about the animation. It's still in progress, but school is more important to me right now.
I also have some characters which I didn't upload here (also old ones I got/made a year ago ^^; ) I really could make a list, but I wouldn't come to an end XD

Anyway. Back to the point.
I personally hate it when I have an Art-Block, but I can't help myself :/ I just have to draw (the last picture I uploaded is the prove) I may finish other drawings, even if that means they end up with not satisfying me... 

But I'm going to be inactive again :'(
Atm I play more often games on my laptop instead of drawing - Games like Skyrim and Star Stable.
And I'm more active on instagram then here ^^; sry, Deviantart...
So, if you want to be up-to-date because of my drawings you should consider in following me on instgram o.O
My names there are ameliewolfstar or morgenfluegel96
On ameliewolfstar you find mostly StarStable-Stuff, drawings and screenshots. And on morgenfluegel96 personal things, but also art ;)

That's it. Now I'm going to make tea and then I go to bed :sleep:
See ya ~
Hey guys...

Sorry for my inactivity the last months. 
Firstly, I have to say that I didn't used my laptop much back then, so I wasn't able to upload any picture I made. And my smartphone won't let me upload any picture... 

Anyways, now I am back and I will upload now some traditional art and some picture of my beloved kitty Roxy/Snowstorm... Yes, she has her Warrior Name now :D

So now I'm back and I will introduce you to my new project:
I'm going to make a small animation to a story I wrote in the 3rd class. The story is about a girl which travels to an unknown land where unicorns, pegasie and nightmare horses are fighting. In the animation I will show it comes to that conflict and some further informations how the nightmares were created. 
Right now I'm at the start of all. I made it traditionaly and now I have to draw every sequenz digitaly. I can't promise that I will upload it here -may be as a picture with the yt-link to it ;)
If there are any questions, feel free to ask ;)

~See ya
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Yes, i know i am very inactive since the year started... I am not really sure why, maybe becuase Art Block ;
Since I am playing SSO I am in the mood to draw horses, but I need more pictures to use them as a reference (you know, i won't trace xD) And I am glad that a good friend of mine has pictures of some horses, i also could ask my cousin, but her horses don't like cameras that much xD

I got a new tablet, yesterday, so i can draw now on my (fathers) Laptop - means more Art and so I'll come back ^^ Even if i'll only draw horses for the next time xD
just joking ^^ maybe more horse-art and some wolf- or cat-art ;)

I also want to animate more, so that also means, less uploads here... 
So I have to try to do both - animating and drawing (hope that will work well)

See you next time
~ Morgenflügel
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Dawn - Journal Doll by Morgenfluegel My Love by Morgenfluegel

How I came to DeviantART? Well, like the most I heared about it from a friend. I don't know her name here trough, or if she has deactivated it.

Anyways, now I am here! Almost one year ago I joined this site. I didn't know much about the anatomy of animal, but I tried my best to draw them. Well my biggest problem was to draw cat's ^^; It's not better now, but now I understand the anatomy of them xD 

I started with posting some older art, then I posted Screenshots of a game I am still working on! It's called: WarriorS - Time of Changes...
Time of Changes - Screenshot 1 by Morgenfluegel
I really like this, because I can create my own RPG. This may took a while till I am finished with it, but I actually don't care, because it makes fun and that is what's important. I get Firekitsunecat to know, who reminded me to finish this somehow. So thank you!

I also started more and more projects! Another one is Wolves of Kutarai - a Roleplay of me and some friends... Here plays one of my favorite OC's Dawn(strike)!
47. The Dark by Morgenfluegel
That picture was the first big one. When I see it I always remember my begining here! I really loved and still love it.
I also started with some animations. A good training were the bases for them. So I could learn about different positions of the head, how the body turns, etc. So thanks to everyone who made&make those bases!

I also like to post photos. Mostly of my animals, but some are about the fantastic horse-show Apassionata!
Apassionata Show 2013 and 2014 by Morgenfluegel
I mostly used the pictures I took there as a reference to draw my own horses. To see how the mane falls, how the fur looks in different lights... I am really in love with this show :heart: And that's the reason why I still try to draw horses. One of my "first" horse-drawings is this:
56. The Gate is Open by Morgenfluegel
I think the horse isn't ugly or so, but I don't like the background - one thing that I still hate on my drawings ^^;

Now back to me. One year ago my life changed. Even if I am not that active here, I try to most 1-3 pictures per week. (since I actually have the time now ;) ) I also got new friends here which is really great. A thing that I hadn't realized before was, that one of my best friends is here too. She joined dA - like i did - one year ago! It's Lulafeelsthemagic. I actually couldn't believe this when I heared that, but well because of dA we are friends now! We two had something that keeps us together! Sure our interests are different - she can draw humans and I don't o.O... To see on this:
Draw this again! by Morgenfluegel
The first try was on my own, the 2nd with her help! So I can't say more.

Why I come here? Well, actually to make new friends, who also like to draw, to play... Well, to met people who have the same interests like me!
Since a half year I do Adoptables, which seemed to look good. So I started designing things (Making more Characters -if you want)

I want to thank one of my watchers and friend Equinoxity, because of the :+fav:'s. This showed me that someone like the Art I do and this helped me to get more better! I also have more goals now! Finally learn to draw humans and cats. Getting a job which has something to do with Art!

I dont know when my Art got better, but it seems it started at the begining of this year. Maybe it's because of the new Laptop? Well whatever it is, it helped me! 
I also like my traditional drawings more, even when they are just sketches and WIP's...
WIP Bella Sara: Arapaho by Morgenfluegel  *Insert useful title* by Morgenfluegel  Fly away (SKETCH) by Morgenfluegel

Today I uploaded the finished and digital version of the 1st sketch-drawing above and I really felt in love with it. Seems like I learned during the months how to draw backgrounds :D
Bella Sara: Arapaho - The Race by Morgenfluegel

And yes, now I am done! That was my story! 

Thanks to all of my watchers and friends!

PS: And now I am going to bed, it's 00:35 here in Germany right now and I am tired! See you all later today!
Hey, you all out there Hi! 
yes, my holidays have started and now i have pretty much time! :la:

special is, that i am going to my cousin and helping her on her stable... and i think i will make the invitation-card to a smaller riding contest which is planed for the end of august... i will upload the background-thing of it, so anybody can use it for their own :D 

- hopefully completing WarriorS - Time of Changes and another game (which i wont tell you yet) ;)
- drawing of all my characters in one picture Meow :3 
- starting a new RP game-project Nod 
- photomanipulation I think I've fainted. 
- finishing (hopefully) and uploading the story Fremde Welt - Neuer Kampf I am a dummy! 
- finishing my Song-Challenge and 100 Theme Art Challenge (maybe yes or maybe not) Shrug 

so much to do for 6 weeks Sweating a little... 

and than my life in a high school will start... :squee: 

Have a great day!
~ Morgenfluegel
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right now i am working on the game that i actually planed for the Contest. Redoing it since yesterday. Also the Demo-Part is done, but i don't think that i am going to upload it (well, not now)
I am testing it, but something don't work well together and idk what! That frustrate me a bit. I hope I'll find the error!

Plus I hope I am able to upload it as my CE when it's done, cause idk if I find enough time to finish the Comic... You and I will see...

My practical training starts tomorrow and so I don't have much time to be online... It'll ends in 4 weeks (also on the 11th of July)

Does someone know good music? May I get an idea what I can draw ^^

~ Morgenfluegel
Tomorrow the first one begins, called Marketing (pretty easy if you understand it ^^;) -> i don't worry about that much
Thursday: accounting (just too much) -> anyway, no problem!
Friday: Communication (impossible I think I've fainted.) -> i think i need to learn ^^;

Wish me Luck!

PS: Means i can't draw much, even if i don't have long hmm 
Morgen beginnt es mit Marketing (eig. einfach, wenn man es geschnallt hat ^^;) -> mache mir da kaum Sorgen
Donnerstag: Buchhaltung oder Buchführung (viel zu einfach :D) -> kein Problem
und am Freitag: Kommunikation (unmöglich I think I've fainted.) -> dafür sollte ich glaube lernen ^^;

Wünscht mir Glück!

PS: Das bedeutet, dass ich nicht viel zeichnen kann, obwohl ich nicht lange habe hmm 

~ Morgenfluegel
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Linked-Memories has a giveaway! you really should take a look at!
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Yes, i know i have much to do, but i am out of ideas right now...
(the comic-page will be done tomorrow (last 2 panels need to be drawn and colored), but maybe uploaded on sunday -> depends on how i feel)

What I will draw:
cats, dogs, wolves, maybe horses (including unicorns and pegasi)
I wont draw:
MLP stuff and anthos (cause i cant draw them good ^^;)


Please send me the Ref-Sheet of the character(s) you want me to draw.
Please dont tell me what i have to draw for you -> i will choose it myself!
Just comment with the full ref-sheet ^-^

thats all :D
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School - pretty stressful sometimes (next school year more than now)
GT - workes finally (since some days)
more trad. art will come (2-4 pictures at the moment arent uploaded)
RP-Game - screenshots will be uploaded next days (o not... searching my USB-Sticks again ^^;)
Scripts in Celtx (writing programm) will be uploaded soon (only in german)
FULL Wolves of Kutarai- RP - Upload -> hopefully good translated


-> CE for w-o-l-f-l-o-v-e - Ends ???
Started coloring (trad.)

-> CE for JB's Contest (Short Comic) - Ends 31.08
1st page done
2nd half done (Chara's and Text needed); 2 Panels still missing

-> BG practice

-> Anatomy practice
Trad.: latest trad. pictures
Dig.: shown in CE's for Summer Evening Contest

-> Contest Prizes: JD, Halfbody, Headshot
need to :note: everybody from there

-> Song Challenge
2nd pic bg done

-> 100 TAC
enough to do there (may using some Art of Anatomy practice)

-> Animation practice
some pixel art, cause of RP projects unable to make bigger things
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:icon5tar-dust: holds a contest...


Hope you'll enter!
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cause i am bored xDD and i use my handy more often ^^

my name on skype is dawnstrike_sun

yeah, school hates me :( even if i dont have much homework, i still have to learn for tests and so on...)
I really need more freetime and more sleep too...

thats all for a moment

have a nice day/night (depends on where you all live)
well, i go to bed now... see ya tomorrow</b>
omg... i cant believe, that this will happen :D

I will get the guinea pig from a very good friend, cause she have to make room for her rabbits and so she asked me if i would take it... she gave him the name "Einstein" :giggle: 
That name is so funny, but i will give him another name, so... anybody an idea? 

he has mostly brown fur and some white parts (mostly in the face xDD)

Oh, you dont know how happy i am right now... Well, see ya... 

Need to go to bed, cause i have school tomorrow

~ Morgenfluegel
my other laptop need now hours to start (stupid home help programm frustrated ) can believe that i have to wait over 1 hour till i can use it again... and i only started it for transmiting some programms to my USB-Stick... hope i have the nerves to wait!!! 

lets see, if i can use it more than 10 minutes, after the programm has done it's job...

~ Morgenfluegel
really a great contest! Two different parts!
Part 1: Game Cover/Title Contest
Part 2: YT Account Title Contest

you can do both if you want!

so, is anyone of you interessted? Then go ahead...


EDIT: since 1h i have internet agin La la la la i really hope everything is ok now... -> finally able to upload! :happybounce: 

sorry, for my inactivity, but i dont have internet since last week... i hope it will be fixed soon!

I think I've fainted.

i will try to come online at school and on my mobile phone (maybe unable to upload something there)

~ Morningwing
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-> (BG for pages)

-> Prizes for this:
1. Winner: animated JD
2. Winner: Halfbody
3. Winner: Headshot

-> Entry for Ocequa 's Contest ( )

-> Song Challenge:

-> 100 Theme Art Challenge (… )

-> Animation for a story ( )
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Hazel-Nutty holds a giveaway...
Look at these Prizes:

100 :points:
A Custom Adopt
3 Open Adopts

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inspired from the challenges from :iconninja-eevee-turtle: and :icon5tar-dust:

well... i am going to use my WoK- Characters (which are my OC's too) and some adoptables that i have never drawn (a deer, a pony, a Husky and 3 Cats ^^)

EDIT: still need 7 songs for the start, so if you know some good, draw-able songs, let me know ^^

WARNING: Till the 19th song, all songs are german... mostly from Oonagh (cause i love this band and their new album)


  1. Nan Úye by Oonagh:  1. Nan Uye - Oonagh by Morgenfluegel

  2. Faolan by Oonagh
  3. Falke flieg by Oonagh
  4. Vergiss mein nicht by Oonagh feat. Santiano
  5. Gäa by Oonagh:  Song Challenge 5. by Morgenfluegel
  6. Das Lied der Ahnen by Oonagh
  7. Das Spiel by Schandmaul
  8. Euch zum Geleit by Schandmaul
  9. Dein Anblick by Schandmaul
  10. Wo fang ich an by Silly
  11. Himmel auf by Silbermond
  12. Eisblumen by Eisblume
  13. Wölfe in der Nacht by Juliane Werding
  14. Wilde Rose by Faun
  15. Schrei es in die Winde by Faun
  16. Diese kalte Nacht by Faun
  17. Walpurgisnacht by Faun:  17. Walpurgisnacht by Morgenfluegel

  18. Kein Zurück by Wolfsheim
  19. Der Himmel muss warten by Sido
  20. Song from a Secret Garden
  21. If today was your last day by Nickelback
  22. Moonlight Shadow by Mike Oldfield
  23. It's my life by Bon Jovi
  24. Alive by DaBuzz
  25. Fireflies by Owl City
  26. The Call by Regina Spektor
  27. Shooting Star by Owl City
  28. True Light (D.N.Angel OST)
  29. Whispers in the Dark by Skillet
  30. Thousand Years by Christina Perry
  31. Seven Days to the Wolves by Nightwish
  32. Fight by Natalia Barbu
  33. Angel in the Night by Basshunter
  34. Angel of Darkness by Alex C. feat. Yasmin K
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