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Mr. Wrinkles - Belt Buckle

One Creepy Ass Belt Buckle
Freshly scrapped off the highway, he is fleshy and meaty....and the eyes glow.

sold here:…
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University students be like:
MsHowllet's avatar
Wow. On a side note why did I think this was a Halloween cookie? Lol
ToxicBear333's avatar
That is so creepy but I love it!
I thought it was a really well made cookie for some reason
Nathrix's avatar
What have you brought upon this cursed land
Karutahi's avatar
Ohhhhh i love Mr Wrinkles Omg so cute 
PlagueKidd's avatar
Monstro's cousin
TheLiveingTrashPanda's avatar
That wasn't help the fact it's 2:00am now and I have school
Eyefoeye2's avatar
This will forever be in my nightmares.
Daddybiscuit's avatar
Imagine that when u go to sleep and see this
healed-hearts's avatar
Awwwe he looks so happy
zukaziki's avatar
That's so cool
SaintOfTheDragons's avatar
When you order a potato but they don't cook it first.
Katloveshorrorgames's avatar
ngl i thought it was monstro from the binding of isaac--
But its prettY NEATO BANDITO
Pigducks's avatar
How you see another person's dog when they tell you "nah my dog doesn't bite"
Deppychu's avatar
looks like me tbh
YaBoiBelowAverage's avatar
Would there ever be a person in the world that could looks at this and say, "Yeah, I want that on my waist"
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