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Human Heart Pendants

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does anyone know what material is used for this
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I want to purchase one of these Magnificent hearts. How do I go about do this and what is the cost for a commission ?  Peace
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will you be making more of these? 
crazyskullz1021's avatar
and if so, just wondering how much they would cost?
grawr-dinomasaur's avatar
what is this made out of? it's freakin sweet and so realistic
blue-moon402's avatar
Amazing work. I would love to own one of these...any chance you can ship to outside of USA?
xXHollowLittleSoulXx's avatar
is it bad that I want this.....
MurderInkLastResort's avatar
dude...this is like the stuff i would be making know...i had talent...
Twen-Threestar's avatar
Holy crap, it's so realistic!
TheVaultsofMcTavish's avatar
Mmmmmm........ chewy! :)
BioVass's avatar
Have you tried to "mutate" something... big? Like a guitar or drum, or maybe trumpet?
cassandra667's avatar
That is disturbing.
TheElementAlchemist's avatar
....I'm intrigued...and perhaps in awe.. cool... :)
Schacher's avatar
This is fantastic :-)
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Disturbing... I LOVE IT! 
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