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EYE ball point pen

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Wendig0Girl's avatar
More pens! I would die for that!
weekend4lust's avatar
this is amazing.. when will you be making more pens?
rainobwchicky87's avatar
Omg. Please help me. I just need a little tips. I'd die a happy girl lol
VostokLucini's avatar
I would go to school with that between my fingers so it would look like I'm carrying Satan's freaking eye. Love the paintjob!
Vacqs's avatar
Soul Edge pen!
Euphausiacea's avatar
I think I'll quit the habit of biting the pen.
vanillb's avatar
I dont know why but i would love to bring this to school and scare the living essence out of everyone
TheGurch's avatar
Hahaha thts super great love the word play too! :) 
OriginalNick's avatar
haha!! Eye ball point pen.. twisted and hilarious!!

kaijusaurus387's avatar
Beautiful, beautiful work. 
TheVaultsofMcTavish's avatar
That's disgusting.......LOVE IT!:D
bloodyhorrorlove's avatar
oh i love it i was wondering do you use polymer based clay by any chance ?
bloodyhorrorlove's avatar
thats what i thought thank you !
oaoMMH's avatar
Seriously Realistic. To the point that it's a liiiiittle freaky.Shiver 
AgentBlackBlood's avatar
My two favorite things! Pens and eyeballs...
Ahahaha Awesome!
DisasterAng's avatar
Great as always <3
15t's avatar
that's awesome man! and the eye reminds me of the lord of the rings.
12starlings's avatar
looks infected, so cool!
MorgansMutations's avatar
Too cheap!  I'll have to change my prices this year.
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