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Custom belt buckle

Epoxy, polymer clay, wire, and an old flat belt buckle.

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keep all your belt buckles away from me.
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disgusting, i love it.
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kinda freaks people out and they like:"he murder someone and took out the eyes and put on his belt!!!!"
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I'm sorry if I'm late to the topic but do you sell your work? XD I love it.
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its look at me... 0_o
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Soul Edge, is that you?
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super awesome love the clay sculpturing details on this belt buckle ! and the way you tinted with some clear gloss it give it the shiny effect on this masterpiece :clap:
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You did a great job! its so realistic its hard for me to look at :p
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The new iBelt, fantastic.
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that is just so freakyOMFG - Emote 
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That is NOT a belt buckle O_O
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Wow! Just wow... :jawdrop:
Really awesome work! :clap:
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omg that is disgusting, i fucking love it. <333
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Woaw. This is so cool. :D How long did this take you? 
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Thanks.  Not sure how many exactly, I worked on a few evenings.
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Do you actually wear it? If you do that'd be awesome. Anyway, you're a very skilled artist and your attention to detail is extraordinary. The use of color is great as well :D
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Thank you very much. :)
I have not worn this one.. It's for sale.
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Oh my Gosh, that's so realistic! :omfg:
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