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It's been a while since I've put up new artwork, and longer since I've put up a new journal. Things keep coming up, as they do. Hopefully I'll have some new artwork up soon, and not just the wallpapers. But it's the wallpapers that are the subject of today's post. There are some questions that keep coming up regarding them, and so I thought I'd put up a post that I can link to from the wallpapers' descriptions to help address some of the common ones. (And aside from a few logical extensions of questions asked, yes, these are all questions I've been asked a few times.)

General Questions:

Can I use this as my wallpaper on my desktop, laptop, phone, etc.?
Yes. That's what they're for.

What size is the wallpaper?
As of 2017, I'm only uploading wallpaper in my own screen's size, of 1600x900. This is probably good enough for people to adapt to their own screen sizes in most cases. For most of the older wallpapers that come in zip files, the zip file contains wallpaper in three sizes: 1920x1200, 1280x1024, and 1366x768 (my previous screen size). A few will be lacking the 1920x1200 size or the 1280x1024 size, for reasons having to do with the constant change in common screen sizes.

Can I get it in a different size?
Generally no. I could create them in all sizes, of course, but that would get tedious. I used to produce them in three standard sizes, but frankly even that got to be a bit tiresome.

How do I download the wallpapers?
There's a download button for each zip file on the right side of the deviation page, just above the "More from MorganRLewis" section.

Usage Questions:

May I upload the wallpapers elsewhere?
No, you may not. While I know that it's the internet, and people are going to do it anyway, I'd rather people be respectful.

I think I've seen some of them elsewhere...
It's certainly possible. I started making these on another site, and there were more than a few people who grabbed the wallpapers and then uploaded them elsewhere without permission. There's not a lot of point in going after them, but if you see one of my wallpapers elsewhere, and it's not my website or blog, just know it's not supposed to be there.

May I use your wallpaper to make my own fan-art image?
You may -- if you're making significant changes, and aren't simply doing what I normally do. So just doing a color-swap, or doing a neon rendition of one of my symbol wallpapers isn't OK, but using it as the basis for a new style wallpaper, or as a background element in an image is fine. If you do use one of my wallpapers, I require that you provide credit and link back to my page or the image's page. Further, it cannot be used in images which promote hate speech, or which are obscene (if you have doubts, ask.) Also, please note that this permission is only being granted with regard to the symbol wallpapers and creative resources; my other artwork remains off-limits for re-use.

May I use your wallpaper to make my own commercial product, image, or logo?
No. Remember, these wallpapers are (with perhaps a very few exceptions) works of fan-art. The logos and symbols used in the fan-art wallpapers all belong to other companies -- companies such as Disney, Warner Brothers, Universal, and other big conglomerates that none of us want to get on the bad side of. I don't work for any of these companies; I'm just a fan making fan-art. I don't have the authority to grant you permission to use it in a commercial context.  (And yes, I've been asked this a few times.)

May I use it to make something for charity, a club, a convention, etc.?
Sorry, no. Again, I don't have the authority to grant you that permission.

Questions About Creation:

Who made all of these?
I did: Morgan R. Lewis. All of these wallpapers are entirely by my own mouse-wielding hand.

When did you create them?
Although I didn't start uploading them on this site until May 2012, I've been creating these wallpapers since 2003. I started making them on a Heroclix forum I frequented then, and later on a comic book forum. A very large portion of the wallpapers come from before I was uploading them to dA. If you look at the upload date here, if it was uploaded on or after July 27, 2012, it was created around that date. If it was uploaded before then, it might be anywhere from a few months to a decade older than the upload date.

What software do you use to create these?
My main program is Corel PaintShop Photo Pro; currently using version X7. I've been using PSP since version 3, back when it was made by Jasc. The 3D logos are usually modeled in trueSpace 7.6 and rendered either in tS or DazStudio before being processed in PSP.

Why don't you use Photoshop/Illustrator?
Cost, primarily. In order to do everything that I can do in PSP, I'd have to buy both Photoshop (for raster effects) and Illustrator (for full-featured vector controls) -- the full versions, too, not the "Elements" package. At least, that's my understanding based on the last time I checked. And those full versions would run about $650 each, for a total of $1300. By contrast, tS and DS were free, and PSP cost me about $50 originally and about $50 per upgrade (I think the full price is $120 nowadays). Even after all these years and upgrades, I still haven't spent as much as I would have on a single version of Photoshop. And I still get to use Photoshop-compatible filters. (This is, incidentally, also a large part of why I don't use a Mac; as there is no Mac version of PSP, I'd have no choice but to buy the Adobe products, which would add considerably to the cost of switching.)

How are the wallpapers created?
Nearly all of them start out as vector paths. I decide on a logo I want to create, and put a few points at critical bends and cusps; usually it's all straight lines at first, and then I go through and add Bezier curve handles and position them appropriately. In many cases, the black outline is simply the stroke of the vector shape I've created, with a fixed width. In some cases, however, it's a separate black vector shape that closely follows the other. This is more difficult to do, given the necessary degree of precision, but it means that if I resize the shape, I don't have to manually select a different stroke width. Some of the logos are made of a single vector object, some are made of several. The Hulk text logo is made of 110 vector objects -- I'm pretty sure it's the record holder right now among my wallpapers. After the vector is created, I size it appropriately, center it, do whatever I feel like with the background, add a few super-subtle watermarks and rasterize it.

If these start out as vectors, are they traced?
No. I do eyeball a source image in many cases (since I'm trying to recreate a specific symbol, after all), but all plotting is done by hand. In fact, given that many of these are logos typically drawn on a character's torso in an action pose, I couldn't trace most of them even if I wanted to. If you do a comparison, you'll usually notice subtle differences between my wallpapers and the original logo; sometimes this is a matter of altered perspective, sometimes it's an outright error on my part, and sometimes it's artistic interpretation. A good example of this is the Superman wallpapers; very few artists use a pentagon with the upper diagonals as short as I do, but that's how I like it, and I like being consistent with the variant Superman logos.

How are the other wallpapers made?
The neon wallpapers start out the same way -- in fact, I'm generally using the same vector image, it's just set to be invisible. I then use a Vector Tube script I got from a (now-defunct) blog called Pixelnook to apply my neon tubes to it. Other than a few cases, it's generally a simple process since I've already created the vector earlier.

The 3D wallpapers are a different story. Those I usually start out drawing a vector in PSP, exporting that via my VectorToOBJ or VectorToCOB script, and then doing further modeling in trueSpace. This is generally not a simple process. 3D modeling software almost never likes to bevel sharp cusps, and logos almost always include sharp cusps. Finagling 3D nodes by hand is tedious.

How long do the wallpapers take?
Most of them are fairly quick. A typical vector wallpaper takes me about 30 minutes, start to finish, nowadays. Some of them are faster, and some take much longer. The Spy Smasher wallpaper took only a few minutes; the Joker head wallpaper, Shadow wallpaper, and Hulk text wallpaper each took several hours. Neon wallpapers usually take only a few seconds in addition to the vector wallpaper's time; if I get fancy, though, it might be as much as ten minutes. The glowing ones are also about 10 minutes additional. The 3D wallpapers take a day or two of work to set up, and then a few hours of rendering. This is why there aren't many of them.

Do you take requests?
I'm certainly open to suggestions, but make sure I haven't already done it -- there are several hundred wallpapers in the gallery, and if it's not in there, it's probably really obscure, really work-intensive, or just really vague (you'd be surprised how often I get asked to do a symbol wallpaper for a hero who doesn't have a symbol). Also, if you make a request, I may turn it down if it's not something that particularly interests me for whatever reason. And in any case, it's likely that I won't get to it quickly -- I've got hundreds of potential ideas for wallpapers as it is, and the decision on when to make a wallpaper and what logo to create is largely a matter of whim. (Plus, my free time is limited.) As for what I'm open to, most of the wallpapers have been comic book characters, but I also sometimes do logos based on movies, TV, video games, rock bands and pretty much anything from pop-culture.

Will you design a logo for my webpage, band, tattoo, etc.?
Probably not. I could, sure, but I haven't figured out what sort of price I'd be setting -- except that it's likely to be much higher than anybody asking a random dA artist is going to want to pay. Based on prior experience, designing a logo from scratch to satisfy someone else involves a lot of back and forth and redesigns and trying to narrow down a vague description into the precise image the requester has in mind. I found it to be a hassle, and that was for friends. So while I might do it, I don't know how much I'd charge for it yet -- but it wouldn't be cheap.

That's it, that's all. If you have a question that hasn't been addressed here, feel free to ask.
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XenAylomen Featured By Owner Feb 10, 2018
Hello MorganRLewis!

I carefully read your FAQ, but I'm not sure it answer my question so here we go :

I'm part of a French Transformers Prime (the animated serie) forum here at transformersprimerpg.forumacti… , and we found your Beast Hunter Wallpaper (which, as the rest of your job, is gorgeous^^). We would like to use it to illustrate our announcement on the forum (the symbol only, not the entire image), and we would like to know if it's possible or not?

Obviously, if we're doing so, we will credit you as you ask in the FAQ.

Thanks for your response and keep up the good job!

(and sorry for my english, I hope I don't failed too hard x)
Earth-742 Featured By Owner Edited Jun 25, 2016  Student General Artist
I'm about 99% sure your symbol was the one I found on that blog and used as the basis for my avatar.  I'll compare my archived files to the one I saved from DA and if enough detail matches up, I'll know it's yours 100%.

Please be patient though, I have a heavy workload with school and stuff, but I'll try to get to it within a week or to.  Don't want the mystery nagging me to long; I got enough on my mind...

And I want to know for sure before I even consider uploading the full-size of my av; so I credit it as correctly and accurately as possible.

Thank You.
MorganRLewis Featured By Owner Jun 29, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I'm pretty sure it's the same as well. When I made my first Superman symbol, I made the "diamond" shape a little different than most depictions (shorter up top), and I've been consistent on that with all the variations. So with the proportions being the same, the odds of somebody else having things in the same position are really low.

Take your time on things, and try not to stress about relatively trivial matters. I saw your journal, and it's obvious you have a lot to deal with right now. I'm sorry to hear about your grandfather. It's never easy losing a loved one, and it takes time to heal.
irisgoddess Featured By Owner Sep 23, 2015
I used your Oracle and Black Canary logo wallpapers here
MorganRLewis Featured By Owner Sep 24, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Interesting! Thanks for sharing!
emptylord1 Featured By Owner Apr 23, 2015
I love the style of your mana symbols and decided that I would like to use them to make some mock ups to help me keep track of mana while playing.  So I made the images linked below.  I'm not using these as wallpaper so I feel as though I need to ask for permission before I use them.……
MorganRLewis Featured By Owner Apr 24, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Yeah, that's fine.
Gyaldhart Featured By Owner Jan 1, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Hey there, I took the liberty to use your Firestorm's neon logo for an artwork where I featured that character, I made some significant changes and of course, I added your credit to the image, I hope you like it:…
MorganRLewis Featured By Owner Jan 2, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thanks for letting me know!
Gyaldhart Featured By Owner Edited Jan 2, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Not a problem! What's fair is fair, and I tried to abide by the guidelines you established as much as possible. And of course, I provided your well deserved credit.

Also, your art is amazing, and I thought that your Firestorm emblem would suit perfectly to the realistic approach I was intending for my artwork :)
Knight22179 Featured By Owner May 9, 2014
Awesome faq. I love your wallpapers. ;)

And I do hope to see more art and wallpapers from you soon. :)
MorganRLewis Featured By Owner May 9, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thanks. Hopefully it won't be too long, though time is always tight of course. And of course, I did just spend a bunch of time going through and adding a journal link to 400+ wallpapers... phew...
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