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May 18, 2012
Self Portrait by ~morganpenn
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Self Portrait

Self Portrait
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Sinar AG
Sinarback eVolution 75, Rollei
© 2012 - 2021 morganpenn
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Wow, love the vibe of the painting. It gives me an idea that an artist is kind of a magician that creates unbeleveable things. Totally loving it.
Graeystone's avatar
What a picture.
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NarNym's avatar
i love it...i mean the creativity, given, but the eyes..perfecto
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portvoller's avatar
Brilliant. Loved your work on star portraits too.
Devilfire-Dragon's avatar
(( OCC: Your pose is epic! )) 
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MorganDrawings's avatar
One of my favorites of yours Morgan  
TheChasRobin's avatar
oh. my freaking. god.
trentrobertjohn's avatar
Very creative. Kudos
CELEVH's avatar
amazing work, i feel like i know you just by viewing this piece of true art. if you are able to capture that sense... brilliance.
is-kill's avatar
YOU, sir, are an amazing artist! :iconclapplz:
RacerH's avatar
0.0 whoa ...
smashersasha's avatar
Brilliant. Wow. Really love this.
iHootie's avatar
Magicccc -angels sing-
beatnig's avatar
well done sir
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