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Batman Poster - Robin Williams as The Riddler

Created this for fun...I love Nolan's Batman films but I'm absolutely gutted that Robin Williams never go his chance to play a role...personally I think he would have rocked as the Riddler...

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You are an E Nigma! ;)
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God..he would have been great as the Riddler. R.I.P :(
hey, how have you got the letters ? i wanted to do something like that too, but i didnt find any good ones for photoshop .. :) thx
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could actually work. robin can do creepy shit when he wants to (one hour photo etc)
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I think a more tempered role would suit him as the Riddler actually. Something like The Night Listener. Make him human but a little unnerving.
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i see him being crazy, but niot loud Joker crazy. like quiet, menacing obsessive crazy, like he did in one hour photo
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I really need to see that movie.
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Agreed, Robin would be an excellent Riddler, though you have to admit, the one they chose is sexy~ :icondragonshy2plz:
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