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Deviation Actions

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Traditional Art:

:bulletgreen: If you would like to commission me for either sculpture/accessories or any type of two-dimensional art, please contact me and we can discuss the details.
As far as three-dimensional art goes, I make boxes… , Jewelry… , Hair sticks… , General sculptures… and more.

Computer Art:
:bulletgreen: $5 for three seperate 50x50 pixel icons. $1 for each additional icon.

:bulletpurple: $40 -CG, Detailed rendering of your charecter or concept with partial background.

Dont be afraid to ask if you want something not listed here. Im flexable.

When requesting art, I encourage you to be as specific about what you want as possible, or Ill have to just make things up as I go along.

E-mail me at with your commission requests.

Payment Method:
I use paypal, and I cannot accept credit cards.
I would also be happy to discuss prefered delivery methods or any other concerns/details you may be curious about.

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how much for just a inked art work?