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Comm: Oh Deer


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Werewolf Sketch


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Majin Buu render 2 [DB Legends]

Majin Buu

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Never Change


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Ocellus the Cutest Changling

Changelings - MLP

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Comm: Oh Deer

MLP Fan Stuff

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Pointy Ponies: Big Mac

Big Mac

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Spinosaurus gooTF

nesise's TF Arts

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Favorite Pokemon Type Meme: Psychic

3waycrash's TF Arts

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Cyber the Hedgehog - Pew pew!

Sonic Fan Art

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Pokeumans Remastered Chapter 1

TRANSFORMATION When I close my eyes, I can feel it. I am a powerful Lucario, locked in battle against a towering Steelix, gazing down at me with its cold, steel eyes. I can feel my trainer’s heart beating in time with my own. "Steelix," commands the opposing trainer, "Use Flamethrower!" The Steel-type Pokémon, slithering towards me, opens its maw to spit out a stream of hot fire. I don't need my trainer's command to dodge it perfectly, jumping to the side and rolling away without a single scratch. "Nice job Lucario! Now use Aura Sphere!" I close my eyes, gather my energy and focus it into a ball in-between my paws. With one sw


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Dragon Transformation part 15

Clashmecha's Series

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Tails da fox


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Hug O' Death

Teddie Persona 4

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A present! Pg 2 - Morgana (cat) TF


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Before Creation (6) - Beerus TF

Lord Beerus

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Roughraff, Babblong and Noway

Roughraff and Roughgraff

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Revali - Zelda TF Month


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Getting Lucky Again (Oswald The Lucky Rabbit TF)


TF Stories 1

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Warner Bros. Sister Pics

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Direct Reload (Asriel TF)

Fighting-Wolf-Fist's TF Arts

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Walk Like An Egyptian

Sgt Frog Fan Stuff

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Bloodied Garnet 9.24

Bloodied Garnet

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Texan is viking


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Halloween 2014 Johnny Kimba Tf

Jonesycat79's TF Arts

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ThePurpleSmeargle Request p3

I-SW-IDH's TF Arts

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Transformation Dump

Mildrakin's TF Arts

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A Worthy Tribute 07

Rex-equinox's TF Arts

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The Anthro Blackwiz mage drake's iAzure draconer


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Vaporeon Goo TF

Vaporeon And Grovyle

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Red Metal Dragon TF

Random TF Arts

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Bendi TF

Random TF 2

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Goodra TF

Random TF 3

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Jasper Rolls' Mini TF Stories Set 008: Lazehbones2

Mini 029 - By Any Other Name The rose stood out from the rest of the greenery, as it was the only thing there that was red. Noah had never noticed it before now, and he couldn’t remember seeing it before. He’d taken this path home a hundred times and never had his eye been drawn like this. There was something about it. If asked, Noah would be tempted to say it was like it was glowing, but that wasn’t right. There was nothing about it that seemed to glow, yet it was that same kind of attraction, like a moth drawn to a flame. Something was compelling him to pick it. He knelt down, reached out, placing his fingers carefully so

Vector the Crocodile

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Red Zac Potion : Takuya TF


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Gax Suit TF

Ben 10 Alien TF

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Getting Lucky Again (Oswald The Lucky Rabbit TF)


Oswald the Lucky Rabbit

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Wolf O'Donnell Cosplay WIP

Fox McCloud Wolf O'Donnell

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Ask Ganon - Food?

Ganon Art Stuff

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The Omnitrix

Science Fiction

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King Dedede TF

King Dedede

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Veemon Digivolve family


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TF Centre - Victim 001 - Mrdrawinglover

Digimon TF Stuff

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Armour Evolved Lucario

Riolu and Lucario

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DIYS Part 2

Random Arts

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Goat of lightning

Random Arts 2

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Diablo's a Big Boy Now

Random Stuff 3

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Transformation series #2[Crappy magic]

Final Fantasy TF Stuff And Stuff

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