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Spyro 3D Model Download

By Morganicism
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This is a download for my Spyro the Dragon model. You can see the model in use here: Spyro Looking Over a Cliff
Here is some useful information on the file:

It is a Blender file.
It is has a skeleton.
It has a mirror modifier.
The diffuse and normal maps are included.
It has an edge split modifier.
It looks good subdivided because it has edge creases.

You may use this model for whatever you wish, as long as you give credit to its original creator of the model (me).
I hope that this detailed model will serve as a great resource for Spyro fans.
I do not own Spyro the Dragon.
© 2014 - 2021 Morganicism
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Wonderful model! I know it's been up for a while now, but it is pretty neat to see that it's been done! I've had a lot of fun posing it! Sure, the rig could benefit from some constraints or maybe IK for the legs, tail, or what have you, but it's a heck of a lot more than any model I could do!

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Glad you liked it! It's a little rough, but it was one of the first rigged models I had ever made.

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Where can i download this? :0

edit: wait nvm sorry XD

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That print looks really good, much larger than I would have expected! No wonder it took a few days.
I'm glad the model was useful! :)
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Hey I would absolutely love if you could make this one into SFM. ;_; I really need myself a nice Spyro model now in honor of the reignited trilogy and all! Wanna make lots of posters of our favorite dragon.
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Don't worry, we've got that! I didn't upload this to SFM, but someone else did.…
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Thank youu!! ^^
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This one is incredible!
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Thanks for the Spyro model! I am making a Spyro game myself, with it's own story line and original characters (except for Spyro and Cinder)
I am mostly just downloading it for testing because I can't make my own models XD
Do you think you could possible make a model for me? I already have her designed completely. (She is the child of Spyro and Cinder. I could send you a picture if you want.)
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I'm sorry, I'm not going to make a model for you. But I hope this model helps you with your game. Good luck! :)
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That's all right. Thanks for the model and for the luck!
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This is something worth printing out.
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I can't tell you that, I can't reveal all of my secrets! :)
But, thanks for watching me!
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xDD Totally cool with me man!
And no problem! I look forward to seeing
more of your coolness!
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This is amazing,but could you help me figure out how to open this in Blender? I just installed Blender today (been working with Maya some and thought I'd try blender)

Update: Nevermind, figured it out X3 I forgot to extract the files. Still,awesome model. So cute :3
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Hey, this is brilliant, but I don't see download link ? :(
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Instead of the download link being in the description, it's the download button on the right side of the screen, the one that you would normally click to download images (this one contains a ZIP file). Glad you like it, and I can see why you might be confused! :)
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Thank you so much a lot of amazingly talented people are what makes Devintart stand out
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no you deserve it
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That's is super cool! Also, isn't that available on Gmod (workshop)?
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