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Outrage has erupted over Disney's monitization of the Vader fanfilm, much like that which erupted over CBS' lawsuit over Star Trek: Axanar.  There has been much chest thumping about "fan's rights" and "corporate greed" and a general sense of "how dare "they"?!?"

It's really simple: "they" are the owners.  We fan artists have a bad habit of mistaking the forbearance of IP rights holders as an abandonment of their legal rights under US and international law.  Put simply: all fanart is infringement. Every pin up. Every fan-design starship. Every new Bridge. Every film. Every fanfiction.

Fanart operates at the tolerance of the businesses that legally hold the IP rights.  For many years, there has been a "gentlemens' agreement" that let fan artists operate within an understood set of rules as to what could and could not be done.  The First Commandment of Fan Artists is: Thou ShalL Not Make Money.  This is the Commandment that Alec Peters broke with Ares/Axanar Studios.  This is the Commandment that the guy behind the Vader fanfilm looked like he was edging up on violating.  This is the Commandment that every artist who accepts paid "commissions" while working with other people's IPs is violating.  (Full disclosure, I have, on one or two occasions, been tempted to pay for a commissioned piece of fanart, though I have never actually done so.)

I could carry on for several more paragraphs about this, but I think I have made my point clear.  To sum up: Their sandbox. Their toys. Their rules.  We are guests in their intellectual houses.  Please let us not become obnoxious ones that get thrown out permanently.


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