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Preview: Two cities chapter 4 by MorganCygnus, literature

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Preview: Two cities chapter 4 by MorganCygnus, literature

Two cities - chapter 1 by MorganCygnus, literature

Two cities - chapter 3 by MorganCygnus, literature

Vi - Buried Alive - Part 2 by MorganCygnus, literature

Two cities - chapter 2 by MorganCygnus, literature

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Vi - Buried alive by MorganCygnus, literature

Two cities - Vi and Caitlyn by MorganCygnus, literature

A family again - Vi, Powder, Caitlyn by MorganCygnus, literature

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I am a writer (in my italian language) and now in english too, a penciler, a 3d artist, and only sleep or death can stop my mind and my hands.

I like to refer to myself as "The Creator of Worlds" (Il Creatore di Mondi) because despite of all my creations, in my mind there are many billions awaiting, entire galaxies, a universe full of life, expanding.

TIP:all my renders are story-based, so if you wanna read the stories you should begin from the first render (usually is named "xxxxx 00")

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Favourite Movies
Star Wars (all the 6), most of Marvel movies, Fear and loathing in Las Vegas, Lock'n'Stock, all Lord of the rings, many Jhon Carpenter movies, and a many more.
Favourite TV Shows
Arcane, The Witcher, The Mandalorian, Buffy the vampire slayer, Firefly, Friends, Scrubs, The Simpsons, Futurama, Doctor Who, Patlabor, Ghost in the shell
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Rockets, Rage Against the machine, Queen, Metallica, Caparezza, Elio e le storie tese, Daniele Silvestri
Favourite Books
Shannara Saga, Dune saga, Hyperion and Endimion, the Idiot, books regarding Incas civilization, Che Guevara Ideario, Belgariad & Mallorean saga, Conan tomes, Eudeamon, Giulio Cesare: de bello gallico et civili
Favourite Games
Life is strange, Dreamfall Saga, Fallout 1 & 2 & tactics, Battlefield bad company 2, Syberia 1 & 2, Lost Crown, Sims 3, Gray matter, Warhammer 40k: dawn of war, Call of duty 2 & 4, worms: armageddon, SoulEdge
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An endless fantasia (imagination), eyes and hands to model and create reality after my imagination.

Figuring stuff

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So yeah, i'm on page 24 of Two cities - Chapter 4 and still writing: yep, gonna be longer than chapter 3. I had some difficulties with Vi's speech, trying to stick as close as possible at her Arcane canon. That said in the series we never seen her doing something like this, so i had to figure out myself how to. I'm also thinking about what's next for this project: i know already how to start the next chapter, i think things will be different from the current arc, it will be the start of a new phase, not saying more to avoid spoilers. Thinking about the future i narrated in "A family again" and the more i think about Jinx and what she's done... i don't know if that is the future that will happen here. It was meant to, but now i'm not so sure anymore. Well, anyway is something to think about it, we'll see. Well' that's all, i'll leave you with a dark excerpt from Chapter 4 that i wrote today: "When you kill someone, something unlocks inside you, Cait. Something that was meant to be
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Oh my fucking god! Arcane Voice actors being shown dubbing s2!! If the dubbing is going that means the episodes are ready! We're getting s2 sooner than expected?! Ore they're dubbing a trailer? Anyway great news! I'm so fucking ready!!! Two cities chapter 4 is 14 pages and going: there will be a lot of Vi and Ekko together: they're leading the assault to break Zaun out of shimmer's hold, all in one long night. A lot of siblings relationship bonding between them. There will be Vi's final fight with Sevika, raids, battles, deaths, Victory! All the while we'll see how Caitlyn is faring without Vi, working at the changes she planned for the Force. Ending up with a well deserved reunion and the beginning of a new era for Piltover and Zaun. Getting my hopes high for Arcane season 2 while writing my version of it! Ah, i'm so fucking happy!
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How do you feel about sex depiction in fanfics? (Vi & Cait) but also in general. Comments encouraged!

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Hello my friend. I hope that you're safe and sound and in a somehow Corona free zone- Well that impossible these days- but some places are lees effected than others. So stay safe and sound and take good care.
Hello, my friend. Yes i'm safe, i live in Lombardia region but far from the red zones.
Sometimes i'm scared to death, not for me, but form my father: we live in the same house and he is 76 year old. Of course he don't have any illness (sometimes i think he's younger than me) but i'm nonetheless scared sometimes, i shouldn't be, but there's nothing i can do about it.
Our government acted greatly so far, and  all of us behaved (apart some usual idiots). At least one of my oldest friends live in front of me, so we can chat, keepeng the distance of course^^
We can only wait, behave and it will pass.
On the bright side, with all the free time i have now i'm cleaning the house, getting rid of old clutter around the house, inside armoires, maybe posting some stuff here.
When we get out of this i'm fucking ordering pizza every evening for an entire week, buying pastries for a pair of weeks, and i will return to my home only for night sleep!!
:phew: That's good to hear.
I've heard that some places are worse than others- it's so up here too.
I live out in a small village, so hopefully we go free. But still only go out when I'm in need of something- like bread or food to Pjevs, else I do nothing much- hurrae for the pc, internet and television
I know that feeling... Actualy take away are allowed up here yet. But no one bring out in my little village
Food oreding and deliveries keep going, even many shops that had to close organized theyr own delivery services, even some confectionery. But i don't wanna risk for now, i know they will take every preacution, but for now i want to avoind any unnecessary risk. I live in a small town too, 16.000 inhabitants, and all of our 7 supermarkets are open and well supplied, observing every government decrees. We have also a commercial center with a ipermarket inside were usually i go food shopping, so we prefer go there to buy food. Every other shop in the commercial center is closed, so there is only few people who goes there only for food shopping.
We also live in a.. we call it village, but it is a condominium, not a single building but a conglomerate of 63 terraced houses, with our streets, near the woods on town's brink, so is not a trafficated place, and we can chat in the backyard or the front street from house to house: that make us less lonely thankfully :)
Yes, thank the goddess for internet and tv and pc games!
Your'e doing the right thing, go out of when really needed and stay safe!
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Thank a lot, my friend: i'm older but far from wiser Laugh Dignity Laugh :DrunkBummy: 
You're very welcome- I know that feeling. You know age is just a number