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I have been absent from most of my account for about half a year now. I simply have not had time to even clear out my email account. So, now that things are slowing down a little I can offer some insight into my current life situation and what has been happening.

~Please note before you read on that it’s not a happy read and that I am in no way looking for sympathy, I am just putting the current situations out there.~

The end of last year (2015), I was planning on taking some much needed time off to get personal and health matters in order before starting back work and commissions.
Well, that didn’t happen.

For those of you who missed the soap opera, here’s the recap:

December 24th I was down for about 2 weeks with strep and a cold/flu virus which left me floored for about a month after.

January 2nd, my 11 year old Pomeranian fur baby, Mousse, died after being ill for a few days.

January 7th, my Stepfather died unexpectedly, also at which time my mother got seriously and permanently injured. While trying to help my Stepfather, she damaged her sciatic nerve along with other muscle and tendon damage.

   -This situation also left my mentally/physically disabled mother without any income, and as a result she was losing the home and pretty much everything.

February, I and my husband had been dealing with trying to help with paperwork for my Mum to apply for assistance, and we found out that she had been without any sort of heat all winter because the bills were all in my Stepfather’s name and the propane company wouldn’t talk to her or let her pay the bills.

So then it was up to us to try to find out a way to get things straightened out so she could have heat and pay bills and get her assistance so she could pay her bills.

Also in February, while my Mum was going through tests about the injury they found a mass in her lower back, they didn’t know any more than that.

March 20th, one of my few close friends and honorary sister unexpectedly died from heart failure.

More in March, further tests showed that the mass in my Mum’s back was likely moving to the spine and could be cancerous. She was still in debilitating pain from the injuries, none of the medications the docs were giving her helped and she was not a woman to tolerate not having full independence, which I think was worse than the pain for her.

Since at this point I had lost all comprehension of dates which are mostly irrelevant anyway, my Mum went for many scans and tests, the last one was a biopsy of the mass in her spine.

There was nearly a month delay in hearing back about it, apparently the results were being ping-ponged around doctors and specialists.
Omitting many other depressing details, the mass was large, fast growing, certainly a tumor and certainly cancerous.
It was some rare type of cancer that they still didn’t fully identify, but it had undoubtedly metastasized and was larger than they had thought.
Rather than growing toward the spine, it had actually been growing out of her spine and was deteriorating the vertebra.

The first 2 weeks of April, I was down with another round some sort of flu like illness and was so dazed I wasn’t really ‘here’.

My Mum was not able to drive and at this point the car registration had expired and she was unable to have it renewed because of everything else going on with her.

April 28th, my husband and I took my Mum to Hersey Medical for further tests.
The doctors were trying to find the source of the original tumor, they thought it was likely in her chest and had moved down her spine, probably some sort of lung cancer.

That was a hell of a day, my Mum’s doctor had really messed things up as far as necessary pain management for her even to have the PET scan. We drove down to pick her up which was about a 2 hour drive and then another nearly 2 hours to Hersey from where my Mum was staying. We get there and she doesn’t even know what all they were going to do. So she had IV contrast and she had to sit in a room for over an hour while she drank more dye for the imaging. She was in so much pain but the doc told her not to take anything. Well, after all of that, nearly a 6 hour ordeal for her the technicians brought her out and told us that they can’t do the test unless she can straighten her legs and that she needed to take her pain medication so it would peek around the time of the test. Her general practice doctor should have had extra pain medication and given her an additional one for that day. So we had to go back home. We’d all been up for about 2 days straight and all exhausted.  

We had also been doing what needed to be done to have Power of Attorney for her so that we could talk directly to her doctors and to anyone else so we could handle her paper work and not have her need to deal with that extra stress in all of this. So we stopped off on the way home and got that notarized.

The next day, April 29th I got a call from my uncle. My Mum had fallen in the bathroom and was refusing to let anyone in to help her. He wanted to know what to do because she wasn’t letting anyone help her and had the door locked. I got him to hand the phone in under the door and talked to her and told her to just let him take her to the ER. I told her we were coming down and to just go to the ER. She hadn’t been eating or drinking much and so it made sense that she might need IV fluids. She was telling me that she just needed to lay there for a few minutes and get her strength back, she’d be fine.  She didn’t want to go to a hospital or emergency room.
My uncle called an ambulance and after much fighting between her and the paramedics my Mum was being taken to the nearest ER.
Well, she got her way in the end, she never did get to the hospital.
She died in the ambulance.

Since then it’s been one thing after another and we had to clear out her trailer which is a 2+ hour drive for us.

My Mum was still in the morgue and I had to go to the funeral home and sign the papers the day we went down to start clearing out the trailer. She rented so we only had a month to do this. When we got there someone was already there. Stepfather’s disowned son had people clearing out stuff already. He had no right to be doing so, he also changed the locks so I couldn’t even get in my mother’s house.
We finally got in after we got the landlord involved and we still don’t know how he knew she was dead because none of the neighbours did, it was only myself, my husband, grandmother, aunt, and uncle that knew.
Well, after all that this man I had never met before kept sending us messages threatening to take us to court because he claimed that all his father’s jewelry and coins were missing and the we ‘took anything of value and ran’. We never saw these coins or jewelry, I was only going through my Mum’s things, I had no need to time to even touch my Stepfather’s stuff. His family had over 3 months to have claimed anything they wanted and I needed to deal with my Mum’s things and to get the things of mine she was storing. Well, a lot of my stuff was missing too. As far as anything of value, my Mum’s used dog grooming clipper blades are about it. She had cut yards of fabric, open paints, used paint brushes, thrift store clothes for scrap fabric, used sketch pads and open sheets of paper, sewing thread and so on. Nothing even in packages, all used or open. My Mum made things, so it was of value to her and I, but not anything worth claiming in monetary value like this person seemed to think. Yes, I took a lot of stuff, half dried up paints that I could salvage, fabric scraps, and broken costume jewelry she had kept for parts to make stuff from.
So I was having anxiety attacks every night, couldn’t sleep and had to get a funeral together for my Mum yet in only 2 weeks from when she died.

I never did get everything out of her home and I found out later that a bunch of my things that I thought I needed to collect from my Grandmother’s place was actually in the shed out back and that the landlord had had someone come pick it all up and dump it after the lease was up. No one told me, all I was told and all I knew was that the shed was all my Stepfather’s tools and I was told that it had already been cleared out before we got there. There was no reason to check it and I was far too overwhelmed already.

After that I’ve been trying to get my house cleaned up. I can’t work, it’s not healthy and we desperately need a new mattress which there is no room to even get in the house. I have been in so much pain from sleeping on it.
We’re working on cleaning and repairing the basement so we can put up shelves and then I have more sorting to do. I hope I can have things together by the end of July. Time has been going far too quickly for how much has been happening.

And so my absence is explained.

I have only now returned to my accounts trying to post listings of my jewelry and some vintage clothes along with the family’s crystal stemware trying to clear space and help with the debt my Mum left in all of this.

I will be leaving my ArtFire shop on March 20th.


I have my entire shop set at 45% off ALL LISTINGS including original pieces and remarque art prints.

The sale is only good until MARCH 20th and then my store will be deactivated permanently.…
I am posting this up becasue I am in need of fundings via the sell of my items so that I can finish a costume for this year and to cover the costs of moulding up some new sculptures that I will be selling before the Halloween season starts.

So I have over 70 original one of a kind handmade items for sale on Ebay.
Most of the items I have listed for up to half their original price!

I plan on adding more every week.

Go have a look!
I am still around, I have been overwhelmed with work, health, and life.
I have a back log of nearly 10,000 deviations, but I do still check in daily.

I am working on finishing up my last commission for the year, I have to figure out where I am going to go with them in the future.

I have been looing into reproducing some styles of diadem and a few other sculptural costume pieces , but I have not found an affordable and practical way of doing so as of yet. I have looked into moulds/castings and digital scans/3D printing, neither have panned out as viable. If anyone has any input on this subject and info would greatly be appreciated.

Lately, things have been going down hill one after another, everything is breaking, there have been a lot of car issues including 2 crashes, and on going health and other issues, and financial issues as a result.

I am not posting like I used to, but I am still here.

As always, if you wish to keep up to date with my work and/or me, I am on FB;…
I support bat charities and believe in the worldwide importance of them in all ecosystems. I have personally been donating what I can, I want to help to do more, but my family currently doesn't have a lot money to spare.

I am putting nearly everything in my shop on SALE for between 18% and 35% off!
I will be donating 100% of profits from any item listed with a 'SALE' banner to Bats Qld and Bat Conservation and Rescue Queensland.

Over the last few days, there has been a heatwave that is devastating the wildlife of Queensland, Australia. It has reportedly reached temperatures as high as 122F!
Hundreds of thousands of animals have been dying every day of heat exhaustion, stress and dehydration.
There are rescuers working tirelessly to collect the few still living animals affected and are in need of supplies such as hydration fluids for the dehydrated animals, towels, food, milk and so much more. Most of the surviving bats are orphaned new bornes and juveniles, so they require a lot of care and have a lot of needs.
Sadly, I have yet to read a report from any of the rescue groups stating that have managed to have a single adult and have it recover, but they have so far been able to take over 200 babies into their care that are now recovering and at least there have been a few adults that have been able to have some comfort before they succumb. The rescuers are literately gathering up any bat they can and have been pulling still living babies from their mothers' bodies. No living thing should have to die like that if it can be helped, and for some of the babies, it can.

I rarely have sales as I try to keep my prices as low as I reasonably can due to material costs and work time, but I am trying to help a cause that I dearly believe in and time is precious, so don't waste it! I won't be offering this sale long, the more successful the sale is, the longer I will keep it going but I won't be having another sale any time soon.

You can also donate directly to the cause here:

Bats Qld.: <a href="…" class="" target="_blank">…...</a> (DONATE HERE: <a href="" class="" target="_blank"></a>)

Bat Conservation and Rescue Qld. <a href="…" class="" target="_blank">…...</a> (DONATE HERE: <a href="…" class="" target="_blank">…</a>)

And also, Australian Bat Clinic & Wildlife Trauma Centre. The vet center that over 450 severely dehydrated babies are being treated and cared for need donations as they are overwhelmed with animals from this. <a href="…" class="" target="_blank">…...</a>
(DONATE HERE: <a href="…" class="" target="_blank">…</a>)

NOTE: I am not officially affiliated with any organization, however, I have cleared the sale and donation plan with Bat Qld and Bat Conservation and Rescue Queensland.

Just a reminder that I offer gift certificates which are good for use on all my listed items in my ArtFire shop.

They are available in the amounts of $25.00, $50.00, $75.00, $100.00, and $200.00.

I have a few different image designs to choose from, all available in printable formats for gift giving.

Bullet; Green Bullet; Red Bullet; White This way to the  Gift Certificates ->…Bullet; White Bullet; Red Bullet; Green 

My in-laws are going through a rough time of it now. My husband's grandmother has been ill for a long time now and was recently diagnosed with multiple cancer throughout her body and has been living with them and his brothers for many months now in their row home as she went through chemo therapy. The youngest of the brothers has been staying with us during this time but there is only so much room over there and everyone is on edge. Just a few weeks ago his grandmother got pneumonia on top of everything else, which was about the 5th time she's had it this year, since then they've stopped her chemo as it did no good and she is now living over there in hospice. Her mind is going now due to the medications or the stress or any other reason I could speculate but are irrelevant. The point is his family has always helped us out, I would like to take them out to eat and just to get them out of the house for a day while the grandmother's medical caretaker is over there. The problem is my husband and I barely scrape by sometimes and money is really tight right now, we simply can't afford it.

This was some of the motivation behind my newly posted shop certificates, to try and get money for this.
To me money is relative in value, it is worth more to have it when we need it then to have it when we can manage.

I have also just listed up one of my hammered textured made-to-order horned diadems available here:…
The money from the sale of this particular piece will go towards helping out the family.
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For a limited time I am offering a number of shopping certificates at a reduced cost that are good for most items currently in my ArtFire shop and future items including all made-to-order Diadems and Horned Diadems, Corvid Skulls and other costume pieces.

I will be offering the Discount Shopping Certificates for one week only (September 9th-September 16th) Any remaining un-sold certificates after that time will be removed from my shop.

I am offering 3 different styles of images for anyone who would like to give them as gifts.

Certificates may be used at anytime in any increment of the balance and you may transfer or gift them!

Discount Shopping Certificate may be purchased in the usable value amounts of $25.00, $50.00, $75.00, $100.00 and $200 at a purchase price reduced up to 30% off face value.

Here's how this works, just go to my ArtFire Shop [] and purchase a listed Discount Shopping Certificate
in the amount you want, there is no limit to how many you can purchase or how many you want to give as gifts.
The holiday season is quickly approaching!

I will have all the terms, conditions, rules and restrictions in each listing so you know that it's all safe and legitimate!
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I ordered some Smooth-On Mold Max 25 silicone rubber compound for casting some of my diadem sculpts and never used it as I decided to use something else and now I have no immediate use for it and need to get rid of it because it does expire. It should be good until at least the end of the year though.

I am selling it for the price I purchased it for including the shipping costs I paid.
Please refer to the etsy listing if interested.…
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Later today I will have the first of my new diadems up for pre-order!
It will be what I have been referring to as "The Gold Standard" as it's been the most requested design base for custom orders.
I will be taking pre-orders on the piece for two weeks and then it goes to get moulded and I can start running them off.
I will be offering a new design every week or until all six designs are up.

I will be offering each of my new made-to-order diadem designs at a drastic discount as pre-orders to my Facebook fans only.

I have been working on sculpting five different designs of diadems that are compatible with the addition of horns and I offer your choice of paint colours.

The pre-order costs will hopefully cover the starting material costs and I have hired someone to professionally make high-detail silicone moulds out of each diadem, which I might mention is not cheap, the purchase cost of each diadem will likely not even cover the cost of the moulding process for any one of them but I am hoping if I get enough pre-orders it will cover the moulds and the materials used to make the finished pieces as the materials I have used so far have been out of pocket.

After trying many types of materials I have devised my own mixture of castable epoxy based materials that provides a very strong yet extremely light weight piece but requires me to order 4 different mediums.In other words, I have put a lot time and my own money into the making of the master sculpts and I now need funds to take the next step in streamlining the production process without loosing any quality. I simply refuse to make and sell an inferior product, I aim to achieve a very high standard balance of visual appeal and workmanship quality.

The diadems will be available as diadems only or for an additional cost, I will offer the option of horns, the horns on the horned diadems are individually hand sculpted as the pieces are ordered and attached to the diadem base. They are not moulded nor is the socket they are mounted onto the diadem with so each horned diadem is unique.

I will also offer the option of textures, either polished smooth or hammered metal, the hammered metal is an additional step in the production and will be added after the casting and unmoulding so each 'hammered' piece will be unique in its patterning.

Each diadem will be painted to your specifications, you may also request other embellishments such as rhinestones or designs for a small fee based on the type of addition you request. I will be willing to do any sort of faux texture painting techniques as well.

The diadems close with a set of Velcro straps depending on style of the diadem and all diadems are padded with a memory foam layer and felt lining to reduce slipping and increase comfort of wear.

The diadems are designed to be worn with a wig, but custom decorative straps can be added as a custom order on a limited basis.


Basic Diadem: $50.00 / Facebook only Pre-Order Price-$35.00

Basic Textured Diadem: $65.00 / Facebook only Pre-Order Price-$45.00

Horned Diadem: $145.00 / Facebook only Pre-Order Price-$105.00

Horned Textured Diadem: $165.00 / Facebook only Pre-Order Price-$125.00

Please ask about additional customization costs and availability.


             -Prices do not include shipping fees-


Please allow approximately two months for you piece. Due to the moulding process, which is out of my control as I am taking the sculpted pieces to a place to have the moulds made. I find it unlikely that it will even meet the two month mark but I am making a high time estimate to be safe.

I will notify you if the time frame changes and give you the option of canceling if it seems that for any reason that the production time may miss any deadline you may have.

I will be accepting payment through Paypal only and will include documentation of the terms in the invoice.

Please message me if you have any questions.

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I just ordered 2 new types of epoxy putties to give a try, I should have them by next week.
This month I will be making hopefully 2 styles of Loki and another Norse style diadem I will be making duplicates of.

Soon I also hope to have a wearable realistically accurate crow skull.
I am hoping to be able to modify the beak after a mould is made to offer both crow and raven styles. But I realize there may not be too many people who actually care about the technical differences between a crow and a raven. I also have a bunch of other mask and headdresses in mind that I will be working on while my commissions are busy drying, curing and otherwise indisposed.

It will be a very makeshift project with the moulds, bare minimums with the casting so they will be more of a template.
Each pre-made piece will be slightly different as a result which I am ok with and actually prefer. I will be offering each style as a made to order piece with a specified production time. I will be selling them through ArtFire and maybe Etsy but then I will have to include the etsy fees in the cost. Once I have the masters finished I will be offering pre-orders and a discount on first orders to my FB fans so if you're not a fan go 'like' me!…
And do please give me some feedback on the relevance of having both a crow and a raven skull helmet available. By default it will be a crow as the original sculpt is part of a personal project. I will also offer various sizes of them, all larger then life ranging from about 9 inches from beak to the base of the skull to about 5-6 inches long.

And all of this while I am working on a Lady Thor for October's premier including making a body, legs and arms cast out of Hydrocal so that I can sculpt the armour right on to the body forms AND I still have my own costume I need to get back to...eesh.
More news later.
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It has come to my attention that there is an ebay seller who is making exact copies of one of my diadem pieces.…
Please be aware that this is a ONE OF A KIND piece and any replicas or you may see in NO WAY have the permission to use this design. If you find this headdress being sold elsewhere please report it. This piece was NOT based on ANY comic Loki design so any piece that is an exact or close copy of this design IS NOT taken from any other source.
Further more this was not only a one of a kind piece but the customer did pay extra for exclusive rights to the design.
Thank you.
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Beginning this Sunday (April 7th) I will be starting commission work on a full breastplate, scalemaille sleeves and sculpted wool fabric cape for a customer who is going to the Hollywood premier of Thor 2. I will only have about 6 work weeks to pull this off so I will not be working on any other commissions until mid June and then I will begin to work through my backlog. I do apologize for the delays, there has been a lot of life upsets since last September that are just now starting to settle down...somewhat. I will get to each of you in time, hopefully sooner then later but I have not been ignoring anyone, I've just been busy with life and finishing previous project commitments.
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After I complete the current commission I will be unable to continue doing these types of pieces in the materials I use due to health reasons. I am looking into other options for materials but as it is I have reactions to the epoxies and they are only worsening with time. Gloves are not a solutions because they don't make them small enough for my hands and whatever I sculpt while wearing them ends up having a crinkled texture as the cloves are rather like plastic bags on my hands. I have been being stubborn about this and have continued using the epoxies and just dealt with the chemical burns and blisters but it's gotten too bad and I know I have to stop using it for large projects. A few details here and there should be ok but not for full projects. I should be ordering some thermoplastic at the end of the month and I have some test subjects lined up so I am really hoping that works well for these types of pieces. I am sorry, but if you could see my hands and what's happening from absorbing the chemicals all the time I'd hope you all understand.
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I have had so many people asking how the headdress was made so here it is for everyone. Do forgive if it doesn't read smoothly, it's a collection of copy and pastes from previous replies.

The diadem was moulded over a white domino mask to begin with in layers about 1/16-1/8th inch thick. Each layer was smoothed while still wet and let to cure. The base was then cut with an Exacto knife off of the plastic mask, the epoxy fused with the plastic of the mask so it was then one piece.
Each layer was then sanded with a coarse grit emery cloth or a medium grit sand paper depending on the need. As it was built up the details and shapes were more defined and due to the texture of the clay a lot of the details were sanded and scraped with ceramic tools and various Exacto and straight razor blades. Toward the end the details were being built up in quarter to pea sized bits of the clay. Once cured it was all scrapped down, basically a tedious carving to make sure everything was as symmetrical as I could get it. The horns were attached and reenforced by the sockets which are made out of epoxy putty (Procreate brand) which is nearly unbreakable under normal circumstances. After the full piece had its hard cure it was again sanded with a fine grit sandpaper (about 400 grit) and then again with a finer grit (600 grit)sandpaper, after that it was polished down with a sanding pad, it's sort of like extreamly steel wool only not steel. That was used to buff everything to a smooth finish before priming and painting. So that's why it's so smooth. About 35-40 hours of work not including curing times.
The 'V' design on the front was separate and attached later, the horns were attached last and the sockets were built up last with Procreate epoxy putty for extra strength. In between layers it was dry sanded with different grits of sand paper, carved and cut down with various Exacto blades and when it was all done it had another full sand down with a medium grit and then ultra fine grit sand paper and finally buffed with a sanding pad until it was smooth and somewhat shiny. After that it was sprayed with 3-4 coats of ModPodge gloss sealant, then a few coats of red Krylon spray paint and about 3 coats of Krylon Speciality Metallic spray paint in Gold.

The horns have an almost wire thin core of tightly twisted 'heavy duty' aluminium foil in about a 9 gauge thickness. This can't support the shape of the epoxy though, it just gave a base length to start with. While the epoxy was about a forth of the way cured is when I put the final curves into it and then exaggerated them even more in each layer. While curing the first layer I had them draped over different forms to support them and keep the curves from going flat. I used 3 layers of epoxy clay for each horn. Between each layer I scrapped them down with a bent razor blade and sanded and then a finishing sanding once all was done. One thing to remember, the epoxy clay is heavy and must have a VERY secure way to attach at the base of whatever you're putting it on. If what you're making is going onto a leather mask I would say to try the paper clay or polymer clay over a thick base of aluminium foil. There's also some really sturdy variations of paper mache these days that finish like clay. I had my reason for using the material I did for the horns but in other applications and designs I would use a different material. The epoxy clay (Magic Sculpt) is also rather expensive.

The diadem is designed to be worn under a wig attaching to the head with 2 sets of adjustable straps made of 1" wide black velvet ribbon that fasten with a set of 4 metal snaps set in Velcro on each set of straps. One set of straps around the top of the forehead and one just above the ears and around the fullest part of the head. The inside of the diadem is lined with a thin layer of foam covered 100% jersey fabric.
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As promised here is the information on the headdress commissions.

This is general information I am sending out to everyone who has asked about a diadem or helmet commission, it's rather detailed for all of those who have asked related questions.

I have been looking into a lot alternative materials as the epoxy clay used for the original design as very expensive and is a bit heavy for general costuming, also, it is a little more prone to damage then I would like with such a delicate piece, I know cons can and do get pretty rough and in tight spaces with many costumes and people the unexpected can most always happen. I have been trying out many materials on the market for suitable strength even at the thinnest pieces. None were quite good enough that were reasonably priced. I of course favour the epoxy putties that are about $20 a pound average which are also a little on the heavy side due to density but some of them are actually made to repair boat hulls, car bodies and even heavy steel machinery. Absolutely awesome stuff but not for the casual cosplayer. So, I've been formulating my own mix of things which I am fairly pleased with as a general base material. It greatly reduces the material cost and the weight of the finished pieces and is also extremely durable. Testing its cured strength, about a 1/4th of an inch thick piece can take a few hits with a hammer before cracking and seems to not be able to chip at all, just clean breaks. So, with a basic style diadem or helmet a few short falls on a convention floor or a random trampling by a squad of Stormtroopers should be something the helmets and diadems should, in theory, be able to survive. Though, I do not recommend head butting or ramming anyone with it. The down sides are: it doesn't take detail at all, so all details including horns will be made out of an epoxy putty, not the machinery repair grade but one that is still extremely strong and chip resistant.  Which isn't a bad down side really.

If you need a piece that for whatever reason can take extreme abuse and cost is of less concern I can use the epoxy putty for the entire piece and it will nearly insure that it will never need repaired other then an occasional paint touch-up. This however will be more expensive then the epoxy clay.

Diadems: The diadem style is designed to be worn under a wig attaching to the head with adjustable straps made of wide black velvet or grosgrain ribbon that fasten with a set of 4 metal snaps set in Velcro. One set of straps around the top of the forehead and one just above the ears and around the fullest part of the head. This keeps it very secure and as many times as the original one has been worn and for 10-17 hours at a time the cosplayer has assured me that it's still an excellent fit and has had no problems with it slipping. The inside of the diadem is lined with 100% jersey fabric for comfort and to be further slip resistant. The original design was actually the first run and prototype as it were, from that I am adding a few adjustments to the construction, I will be adding to the inside a layer of thin foam under the jersey material for even further ease of ware.

The straps can be made with pleather and any sort of ornaments if you wish the strap to be visible and worn over the hair. These can also be made in a corset fashion where the straps would lace together with eyelets and cording. I actually would recommend this type opposed to the snap/Velcro, it allows for a wider adjustment range and can be done in place of the snap/Velcro on the hidden straps as well.

Helmets: I am also taking commissions on helmets, which as you can imagine take far more material then the diadems therefore take longer to make and are of a much higher material cost. As for the diadems they can be made of either material depending on your requirements.

The insides of the helms will be lined with thin batting under cotton jersey or a layer of fleece to provide a better fit and be less likely to fall off or slide at awkward angles. They will be top heavy after all.

Every piece made is a sculpture, no moulded parts, all hand sculpted in layers just like a statue or figure so each piece is tailored to the specifications of the person ordering it. If you have a design in mind or if you wish to have a unique piece designed, anything goes. The only exceptions are that the design of the original diadem is not to be duplicated. The design was created specifically for the cosplayer who now for all intents and purposes holds ownership of the exact design. All future pieces may be a similar piece or a derivative of that one but never an exact copy.

Also, I am not exclusive to the design of Loki based headdresses or costume pieces. I used be a mask maker and I have made a few helmets and headdress a long time ago. Do feel free to ask about any sort of headdress, mask, armour or costume piece.


Diadems start at $375.

Depending on detail/work time they will increase in price, these would be highly detailed pieces.

If you would like a decorative set pleather straps add $15.

Helmets start at $475 for a basic horned helm.

Depending on detail/work time they will increase in price, these would be highly detailed pieces.


I also must note that prices are for the finished pieces only and DO NOT include shipping, packaging materials used, insurance, VAT or any import fees. All of this is country specific and will be estimated on a piece to piece basis based on the finished size, weight and country of destination. It is up to you to provide any fees to include insurance, which I do very strongly recommend as I cannot offer refunds or replacements of any lost, damaged or stolen parcels. Once a piece is out of my hands I no longer have any control of situations that might occur and I cannot accept responsibility for actions by other persons or issues outside of my knowledge.  

Payment for the piece must either be paid in full or at least a minimum of 50% of the price BEFORE the start of work on the piece.  I accept PayPal and money orders only.

Now, for the sake of keeping things in order I ask that everyone who wishes to confirm their place in queue send an e-mail to me at

Please include:

-Your name:

-Your deadline:

-Your country:

-Whether you are wanting a diadem or a helmet and the details about the piece.

I am currently booked up until the beginning of next year, but if you send me your information I will see what I can do about working you in or at least give you an idea of when I will be able to start working on your piece.


If there is anything I have not covered please ask,

thank you!


(I will be updating this information soon as I am in the process of moving and will actually have a place to work.)
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This is a general information message to all the people that have contacted me in the last two months regarding costume commissions and to anyone whom is interested in doing so.

I have received nearly 30 requests for various headdresses and full costumes, so instead of replying to each of you individually with more or less the same information this saves time that I could be using to work on your commissions so it works out better for everyone.

I am making a list and so far I pretty much only have user IDs and what you are interested in. What I need now is to know who is still interested in the commission they asked about and everyone who is.

If you have not done so yet, please send me an e-mail at with your name, the ID I know you by, your deadline (if you have one) and your country for estimated shipping times and approximate shipping cost information.

I know I have mentioned this to a few of you already but I will repeat for those who don't know the situation I am currently in with were I am, work space and timing.

I've been in a very tiny apartment for the last 5 years with no space for costuming, the Loki costume was a very special situation so I did what I could with the space I had. I have literately a 4-foot-by-5-foot space to work in, that includes cutting and ironing, sewing, sculpting, sanding, carving, painting, etc.

Sometime between late June-early August I will be moving into a small home we'll be renting. It has a basement that I will be setting up as a studio and costume shop but until then I am very limited to what I am able to make and keep the timing and price reasonable being that the smaller the space the longer it takes, not to mention I loose things easily in the clutter for lack of storage. and then take a long time looking for them which isn't fair to have to charge anyone for that time spent looking for things or clearing space. But it also makes it so that I even more limited time.

Now, yours is the earliest deadline I currently have, followed by the 15 in October which does include some full outfits.

I have been making crafts for the last 5 years and no matter how much I have been trying to promote and post them I've just not had much luck. I guess I've been making the wrong things. Anyway, I never expected this sort of response so I am a bit overwhelmed with everything at once. Normally I wouldn't have an issue with all the deadlines but as you just read, the living situation makes it just a tad on the imposable side on a lot of what people are asking for.

Also, under normal adequate working situations I would take people based on the order in which they contacted me, but due to my current circumstances I am basing the order of things on deadlines and when I can viably get things done.  I won't risk having to rush things and end up with something shoddy, under-detailed or have something look unfinished. I would rather not take a commission if things look like for whatever reason I wouldn't be able to do them the best I can. Things that are rushed frankly aren't worth whatever time is put in them nor the money.

I will be figuring out timing and price quotes and letting everyone know this month.

I will be picking up bits of alternative materials for some of you and trying out different mixes of some materials to make them stronger.  

So please send me those e-mails with your information and I will be getting back to you, likely sometime after Mother's Day.

Thank you and I do look forward to being able to work on all of your projects. I will do my best to meet all of your deadlines but I will let you know well in advance before I start if it looks like I will be unable to complete a project in time for what you need it for!

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Finally finished with the Lady Loki costume commission.
I am now working on uploading photos of it and will hopefully have some more photos of it on the cosplayer by next month.

I am also finally slowly getting photos taken of all the lace and cameo chokers I made last year but had yet to post up. I have so many different ones and haven't had the time to get any decent photos of them since getting a new camera. It's just been one thing after another here trying to make me go crazier.

In other news we should be moving in a few months so I will have more then a 3 foot by 5 foot space in which to work. I am now taking up a queue of costume commissions for once I am set up with proper work space. I am hoping to be ready to start things in September so please feel free to contact me if you are interested in having anything made and I will add you to the list!
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I'm still around, I've just been working on a rather detailed commission costume the last few months. I hope to have some photos up soon!
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Deluxe Maki Nigiri Glitter Sushi Ornament Sampler by MorganCrone
I now have all my Christmas Sushi ornaments listed at my ArtFire shop… Go check them out!

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