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The Crimson King Attacks

So I got a crit on my last crimson king, and I changed it. Then I noticed inconsistencies between my crimson king and the dark tower, so I changed it some more.

Finally, after an hour or so of adjustments, I decided that this was basically a new painting. So instead of editting and getting rid of the other version, here is a new deviation.

Old Version [link]
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I didn't mind his final form, but I wanted to see what was the extent of his full power, since he had ties with the prim!
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oh shit hes playing long basketball
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The other version is very cool too :)
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Hehhehheh Crimson King: GET OFF MY YARD! (throws grenade)
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Accused son of Eld! I shall destroy thee with...EXPLODING GOLD BALLS! EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!

Crimson King: Biggus Baddus Letdownus

For a character with so much build up of awesome, how did he end up being a demented santa claus with literally sneeches from harry potter.

Awesome pic though.
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totally bitchrod
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This rocks hard enough to make me want to see how you would attempt to re-create the other epic-yet-un-illustrated scenes from the series.

Say, Blaine crashing into the Topeka Station, or the majestic Cradle of Lud, or perhaps the lobby of 2 Hammarskjold Plaza.

Either way, though, this is just plain awesome.
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awesome u really caught the evil he portrays
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Very nice in many respects. However, since I haven't (read the book?) my first thought was "Undead Dumbledore released the golden snitch."
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You're right about the golden snitch. Wrong about the character.

Stephen King actually incorporated the golden snitch in to his mythology even crediting the source material. When they find the ammo these lightsaber wielding robot wolves dressed like dr. doom it says something like "Harry Potter" on the side. It's kind of funny, because the characters from the "real world" are from the 80s so they recognize the lightsaber and the dr. doom attire, but they haven't heard of Harry Potter so they assume that Harry Potter must be a marvel comic. Except these snitches are like futuristic grenades that gruesomely tear apart the target.

This guy is the main antagonist of the series, and he has many different forms, from a were-spider to this guy, a crazed old guy who kinda looks a little like santa claus

so you were half right
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Very Cool Excellent Artwork.
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