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Korra the Riveter
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Published: January 14, 2013
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another thing for :iconelee0228:

I really hope Korra gets some character development in season 2. Zuko and Aang were more fleshed out. I don't mind that she's a selfish brat. Aang was certainly stubborn about not killing Ozai, but we understood why. Korra acts like an asshole and we don't know why. That bugs the crap out of me. Seriously, the show was supposed to be about non-benders vs benders, and the person that is supposed to represent balance shuns her love interest and almost kills herself (she was at a cliff, it was implied) when she can't bend. Suddenly she can bend again, and she considers herself worthy of Mako. She associates a person's worth with bending prowess. How is that a balanced point of view when the issue is non-bender oppression. It just makes her an asshole who hasn't checked her bending privilege. (Which doesn't make her a bad character. A character can be an asshole and still be compelling.)
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You can do me any old time.. BABY
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She`s a little better in the season 2 finale she seemed to mature a whole lot but only time will tell if she stays like this 
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"We can bend it!"
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RageTHHobbyist General Artist
Seriously, why didn't I watch you years ago....

This is awesome.  I like how muscular she is!
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AmrockProfessional Digital Artist
And I didn't fave this earlier why? Freakin' beautiful, man.
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theEyZmasterProfessional General Artist
Awesome!!! :love:
I really dig this pic, this would make one helluva awesome poster^^
Kickass work buddy!
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You know a Show ends badly when you think back months later and still get pissed off at it.

Thank god its getting a seccond season, other wise the serries would be irredeemable ruined.
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PaulSizerProfessional Digital Artist
Nicely done!
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there may not be a why. thats what personality is. traits people are born with.
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I thought it was implied that she was at the cliff because without her bending she was unable to fulfill her role as the avatar and was considering killing herself to restart the cycle. Might be a stretch but that's how I saw it (which of course has the opposite effect: it makes Kora seem much more mature than a silly seventeen year old girl with self worth issues).
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A classic, and rather fitting considering Korra lives in an industrial era.
Although, a young woman willing herself because she's not worthy of her man isn't exactly an image of pregressive thought.
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Yo, Korra is ballin'! And I agree, Korra needs some character development, but there's only so much you can do with so many characters in 12 episodes over 60. Yet why not work on Korra first and foremost. Unless that was the plan from the beginning, or at least since they heard they were going to get more than one season out of Korra. Of course, there's always the possibility that it could all go horribly wrong =)
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CatsTuxedoHobbyist Traditional Artist
Nice guns as always ;)
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She's more rash and has more attitude. Obviously without training from a monk this would happen. Tenzin helped her with that and she'll continue to get better under his direction.

About the bending thing, imagine that you've been told that your destiny as the Avatar is to master all 4 elements and balance the world. She showed that she was very excited by this possibility and by the end that dream has been taken away from her.

Before the cliff scene she loved Mako but that was the last thing on her mind. Then she gets her bending back and she's happy so obviously she'll now kiss Mako.

I think one of the greatest things about Korra's character is her naive look on the world. She's only been to the South Pole and didn't need any money, meeting Bolin and Mako is eye opening to her at how ordinary people can struggle for money. She was also naive about the Equalist movement.
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NonosamaStudent Filmographer
I would say she's.... undeveloped. Needs her "click" Moment. people with stubborn heads need more time for that.

Aang was a monk, so he was fully open to everything new and every opinion etc...

Korra is simply not Aang, but she'll find her way to being an Avatar. Someday...

But anyway, nice drawing :)
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Avatar Riveter...Rosie the 4th to last Airbender? And Rosie Korra. I like Rosie Korra.
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at least the love triangle is over and the shippers must be satisfied, and we can hope for more character development in season 2.
there's no new love triangle in season 2 that will take the spotlight, right ? right ?
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She's a teenage girl in an animated series. The mood swings aren't entirely unexpected. :P
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ms20Student Digital Artist
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DaeDreaStudent General Artist
I completely agree with you.
Though, her "association with a person's worth and bending" is really what drew me away from her character (that's just my personal opinion). I LOVE the Kiyoshi warriors and anyone that could hold their own without bending (Sokka!) from the original series, to see the main character of this one be so.. I don't know, dependent on the concept of bending (?) kinda disappointed me. People may argue that it'd because she IS the Avatar, but like you said, that's hardly balanced point of view. /shrug

I hope she gets more development in Season 2 as well, hopefully not through a love story.

And beautiful artwork by the way! c:
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She associates her own worth with Bending, because that's how she's judged.
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