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Evil Raven Laughs at...



your tiny penis.

Slight explanation:

I saw this image of raven "trigon-ified" and thought it was one of the best images I had seen of her, so I decided to do a rendition myself. The problem is, I don't have the image on hand, so I did it entirely from memory. A couple of specifics may be missing.

There is one part intentionally left out though. Now, in the image, she's wearing a black t-shirt that says "i'm not goth, I'm just drawn that way." (or something like that) and I just couldn't make the text work on this image. So instead of putting the text on and making it look like crap, I left the text out and made it a plain ole black t-shirt.

aside from the basic sketch, this is 100% done with a mouse.
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