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Today I'm streaming Karaoke!! You can join me and sing too!! it's online!!
And I will play IB too >.< See you at 17:30!!
Hi there!! 

Do you want to play with me? I stream from tuesday to saturday from 17:30 to 21:30 (GMT+1) here ->

I play LoL. Hearthstone, some scary games, tetris... who knows xD 

See you!!
Hi there!! Here is the tutorial of my LeBlanc Cosplay from League of Legends!! Hope you like it!! ^.^…
Hey dudes!! Wanna se how I made my Elise Cosplay? I have released my first videotutorial explaining how I made it!!

Check it!!…
You can enjoy all my work and all my craziness wherever you want!!…
I've released my website!!! I  hope you like it!!!
You can find me in Facebook and Twitter too!