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FAQ #217 What are "Stock and Resources" and can I use them in my submissions?

*Credit and Link
*Contact for Commercial Use
*DO NOT redistribute my stock
*Be Creative
*Have Fun!

*Please credit me and include a link to my DeviantArt Morf-Stock profile if you have used my stock.

FAQ #81 How can I create links to other deviants, deviations, or websites?

*Please send me a link so I may see what you have made. I love seeing the results of what is made!

*You may post artwork containing my stock on other websites or in tutorials on two conditions.
1) A stock credit is always visible and a link to my DeviantArt profile Morf-Stock so others may find my stock as well.
2) I am to be shown all websites and places where my stock is being used in any way (including WIP's and detail shots)
If you use my stock for reference in real world galleries, shows, schools, etc... just let me know.
Again, I love seeing what has been made and it inspires me to know I have helped inspire someone else to do creativities!

*Do Not redistribute or resell my stock in any way, shape, or form. My stock is only available on my DeviantArt Morf-Stock account. You may not make stock out of my stock, including but not limited to tubes, textues, etc.
*You may sell prints on DeviantArt of your artworks containing my stock.

*NO COMMERCIAL USE without written permission from me first. If you would like to use my stock for commercial work please contact me first by sending me a note or email: and telling me about the project and some basics (will it be sold? where will it be sold? will I be credited? will I be compensated financially? can I receive a copy?)

*Be Creative with my stock and most importantly have FUN with it!! Do not just run a filter or change a color and repost it as your own. Use the stock to make something really cool! You owe it to your fellow deviants... :D

If you have any questions or anything just send me a note.

I reserve the right to change/modify/add/alter these rules at anytime i feel it is necessary without prior notice. Any change that is made will be effective immediately unless stated otherwise.
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