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[MMD Newcomer] 707!! Download

707 Mystic Messenger 8 

here he is guys!!! i hope everyone enjoys him!! now as for rule, its the same as always, you may edit and redistribute so long as i am given credit :) 
Also his password is his birth name

I would say more but i have work in the morning, ciao everyone~ 
707 Mystic Messenger 6 

Seven belongs to Cheritz co
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so good and thx^^

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downloaded thank you

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Looks amazing, and ahah!!!! I love how you made the password that xDDDDD
That way only people who played the game, or the cheaters who google, can access.
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Dld! He looks so cool!
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aaaa i hope u dont mind,,,, but i used the jacket on my model here??? ;;
[dl] a wild kiwi appears !!
i'll be more than happy to take it down and remove the part if it isnt okay !!!

hes a rly lovely model btw, honestly one of the best sevens ive seen ! and im definitely going to use him soon ! ♥
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707 Mystic Messenger 2 707 Mystic Messenger 8 707 Mystic Messenger 5 707 Mystic Messenger 9 love the video, thanks for using my model!   
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The jacket's texture doesn't show up for me ;_;
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First check to see if the jacket.bmp is in the 707 model folder. If it is in there i would then open up pmxeditor and check his jackets material tab and see if the jackets texture file name is typed in correctly! :) if that doesnt help please reply and ill help you 
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This one's the best 707 model I've ever seen!! Please make the other boys too! 8D
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wow good job : ' )) < 3 i hope that i can get zen model someday too >w< < 3
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Can I use the jacket for my Seven pls?…
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Sure go ahead, i let people edit and redistribute my models all the time!! just all i ask is that you credit the parts you use to me in the final model!
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Thanks. I thought that you would mind if it was the same character.... lol
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naw youre fine hun, :)) it brings joy to my heart to see people use my models
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Thanks I thought that I couldn't take the jacket if the model was the same character....
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naw i encourage editing, i wouldnt be making models if it werent for the time i spent in my youth editing models :) so i dont wan editors to havy to worry about using parts from my models
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Thanks again (a little late sorry)
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oh my goodness im in love ♥o♥ you did such a good job!
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thank you very much :))!
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He looks great! Good job.
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