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DIGIMON - Yagami Hikari

Hikari (Kari) & Nyaromon ^^

8 digidestined project done!
Welcome back Digimon Adventure
can't wait for the new series!!!! XDDDDDDD *squeee*
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How beautiful my waifu looks. Kari

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HIKARICHAN!!!! SO PRECIOUS!!! :happybounce: 
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Nyanmon looks precious
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Kari!!! My favorite character from back in the day :D
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Cute little Kari!
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She was my favourite DigiDestined when I was younger - very cute!
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i'm going through all your stuff
your f=drawing is amazing
i'm even more excited for tri then before :squee:
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my god, this is amazing. <3
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Wasn't Salamon/Plotmon supposed to be that size?
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This is wonderfully done :)

I can't wait for the new series either :D
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Give her a Death Note, and she'll take over the world in no time!
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Looking good! I am SO excited for that new season, omg! :excited:
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Amazing, I love the small details in this drawing.
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I do love the delicate colors on Kari!
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My fav characters in whole series. I love her so much :heart: I'm so glad you draw her. And I can't wait for new series <3
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Cute :heart:

My all-time favorite Digi-girl!

Did I mention that I admire your style?
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