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     “Nora… Nora, wake up.”
     She awakened. Legolas was shaking with her.
     “Come, breakfast is on the table.”
     “Really? So soon?”
     “We awakened early.” Legolas smiled at her. “Come, we have to remove this shelter before you and Rael have to go…”
     Breakfast was fine and trio of elves removed their work from yesterday in no time. While Rael was discussing his new fighting knife with Legolas, Elenora took the advantage and borrowed legendary Felo’melorn. It had no covering now and felt heavy in her hands. She was fascinated to hold such a weapon. She had heard about treasures of Sunstrider dynasty and this sword was appearing in some stories about Dath’remar. To her surprise she could feel his touch on the blade’s handle. The blade felt like it was alive, as if it could feel her too.
     “Careful, this is much more than just a sword with value of history and symbolism.” Rael was standing in the door. “And you hold it wrong, this way you cannot use it effectively. Didn’t Lor’themar teach you, how to hold a sword?”
     “Right,” She moved her hands and held the sword correctly.
     “Better.” Rael stood close to her. “It suits you.”
     “Indeed,” Legolas agreed.
     “Lift it,” Rael ordered and then with finger made Elenora to hold it almost directly up. “Let your energy flow through the sword.”
     Elenora closed her eyes and allowed the energy to flow, she felt need for it and allowed it. It felt amazing.
     “Yes, let the sword to become part of you. Calm down, Elenora, it is intensive, but keep control. Feel it. Good girl. Allow its energy into you, into your heart. Slowly. Good, imagine that you’re phoenix.”
     “Do as I say, no questions. Phoenix.”
     Elenora sighted, but did her best. Soon she really felt the flames and fire wings… She was a phoenix and felt even more connected, not just with the sword, but with those, who held it before her.
     “Good.” Rael smiled. “Say, who you are.”
     “Your name and bloodline. You know it.”
     “I’m… Elenora of Sunstrider dynasty.”
     Rael then continued and Elenora was repeating: “I want this sword to be my aid in serving and protecting elves of this kingdom. I swear to use it with honor and to use it for the good only, to let it be tool of justice. I swear this to all who were using this sword with honor and to Al’ar, the phoenix lord. I, Elenora, swear it.”
     Elenora felt as flame covered her, even when she was herself again, but she felt different. The sword was still heavy in her hand, but she felt fine with it. And she knew that she wants to learn to use it and to fulfill her oath. She felt the responsibility and felt that she can carry it. When she finally opened her eyes, she looked at Rael and Legolas and she couldn’t believe it.
     Both elves were looking at her with deep respect. Rael bowed his head and Legolas too, honoring the upcoming heir to the throne. And Elenora knew that it means a lot. Not just for them, but for her too. But now is not the time to accept that responsibility.
     She took sword to both hands and handled it to Rael. “I’m not ready.”
     “You are, and will be even more, when the time comes, I’m sure.” Rael smiled. The sword was serving him too, he could use his magic the same as Elenora now and he was still its real master.
     “Ehm, it is time for you two to go, don’t let the class waiting.”
     “True.” Rael returned the sword into scabbard and both left…

     Legolas choose to stay and for that he had to get himself to use. And crazy thought came to his mind. He headed to the palace. However he was no Elenora, who could dare to go anywhere in the palace. He waited in the throne room, soon realizing that Lor’themar, although regent, didn’t have manners of kings. Quel’thalas was kingdom ruled by a warrior now. Knowing that Legolas left the throne room. There was place much more promising meeting with Lor’themar. And of course Lor’themar was on training ground. Elf was keeping himself fit. That made Legolas smile.
     Once Lor’themar noticed stranger, not just because of alarmed guards, he stopped hitting dummy.
     “Hold,” he stopped his guards. “I know him.” He smiled. “And he’s going to learn something about me.” He pointed at the ground in front of him, inviting unwanted stranger to be beaten in battle.
     Legolas smiled. “I wondered that Elenora might use some extra fighting lessons and I’m now in lack of income, so friendly fight might give me better chance to give the job. Don’t be shy if you lose most of the time, my hands are not used to my blades, and so you’ll be winning much more that you should against me.”
      Even under their masks, three spell breakers had eyes opened wide enough to be noticeable.
     Lor’themar smiled wide. He loved to punish bold ones. Then Legolas grabbed his knifes turning them multiple times. He stopped smiling. Legolas surely meant that he is out of practice, Kael had one of his knifes for quite a time, so he might get soon back to it...
      “Just out of curiosity, what replaced that second blade, when you didn’t have it?”
     Legolas smiled. “A sword. Wasn’t easy to fight with a sword and a knife, but was worth the training.”
     Great, that meant that his hands are able to in fact use swords instead of those knives. But also that he’ll be worse in measuring the distance. His first advantage against him. Lor’themar held his sword loosely now, but adrenaline was already running through him. This will be a challenge…
     The guards were still smiling, but Lor’themar felt, that he deeply underestimated his opponent. That was obvious, when Legolas charged and Lor’themar after dodging evaded both blades to save his hands. He attacked foot and made Legolas step back too. Lor’themar attacked in an instant, was blocked, but moved his blade perfectly out of hold and second, fifth covered by false move… Lor’themar was fast, forcing Legolas to dodge attack after attack, not leaving him a chance. But Legolas kicked his hands from bellow with leg, forcing his sword high and almost got knives to his neck if he didn’t swiped with sword from the side, turning it on his hands. He had to defend, but was able to make it again into attacking salve. This elf was too defensive to really beat him. Lor’themar got him to the wall. Then Legolas turned, jumped, rebound from the wall and after meeting blade with knives he kicked Lor’themar to his belly.
     Strider however held up, his body used to such hits. But it slowed him down and he bought cut on the side, not deep, but bleeding a bit. That was outrage, to realize that this elf wounded him and worse, first! Lor’themar attacked without hesitation…

     “By the gods…” Rael sighted, seeing Lor’themar and Legolas patching and sewing their wounds. “What the hell were you doing, Legolas?”
     Elf smiled. “I was trying to get a job.”
     Rael rolled his eyes.
     “And I got it.”
     Rael hid his face in a palm for few seconds. Then he looked at Lor’themar with black eye. He was lacking the words so he only desperately gestured with his hands, showing his mode and then sat, waiting for them to finish their mending.
     They were fast, both experienced from many fights. Thanks to that they had no serious wounds.
     “Who won?” Rael asked suddenly as he wasn’t able to tell from their appearance. Lor’themar’s face with black eye, Legolas liming on right leg… “Looks like a tie.”
     “He won.” Lor’themar hissed. “Hey, Legolas, rematch? After a week or two?”
     Legolas smiled. “Better two weeks, our wounds need rest.”
     “Which you will surely get while training the princess.”
     “As if regent lord rested even a day. Make it three weeks.”
     After a moment Lor’themar agreed. “And we must set some rules too…”

     Wounded leg removed Legolas’ elegancy, but he promised walk with Elenora, so he couldn’t deny her. They went into the forest and spoke about many things. One of them was the connection Elenora felt with Legolas.
     “It must be awakened by your magical blood,” Legolas wondered. “My father has this ability too, he could look at you and say if you have blood of any other elf present. I don’t have it, the more it is surprising that you can actually feel that. You might be able to develop it further.”
     “Really? To what?”
     “I don’t know. You have to find yourself, I don’t know much about it. I don’t know much about magic in general.”
     “How is that possible? Rael is such a good mage… You surely got influenced.”
     “Yep, and he tried to convince me into study magic. But this is out of his reach too. He doesn’t even know.”
     Elenora smiled. “Wow, I… interesting… You know, wonder… How did shanbael looked before he turned wretched?”
     This time Legolas smiled wide. “Oh, you don’t need to ask, you know that.”
     “Nonsense, how would I be able to know that? I know him only as wretched Rael.”
     “No, you see him every day in his full glory.” Legolas stopped and turned at the city gate and pointed at giant statue, that dominated it, statue of elven prince in his war robes, with three green orbs around his head. “Him?” It was obvious that Kael in front of her was the one she knew and yet it was totally new information for her. “Of course… him.” She was looking at statue, now she really understood, who her father was, with all god and bad, that was part of it, of him. “You want to go back?”
     “It would be better for my leg.” Legolas admitted… “It is getting worse, so we really should go back.”

     Elenora was glad that they finally got to Rael’s place. She had to support Legolas on the way. Surely a reason why she seems to be much like Lor’themar, when it comes to wounds. Legolas seems to be of similar nature. But this was good to know. Rael seemed bothered by Legolas and his leg, which now ached constantly. But he didn’t say much about it as he had his own wounds that needed to heal. So he ended this all with kissing Legolas.
     Without any complains Elenora left them. They deserved privacy, they surely had a lot to talk about. She went out and while the stars were beginning to appear on the sky, she was looking at them, not really wanting to go home now. But she did. Lor’themar was home, this time resting on the sofa and mending himself with healing potions. She loved him, he was her father no matter what. Now she knew everything and yet…
     “I understand, who I am…” She looked seriously.
     Lor’themar lifted his head unbelieving. “Really?”
     “Yes… I’m your daughter, dad.” With that she hugged him. “Wanna help with those wounds?”
     “That would be great, you need to train your first-aid skill. You took after me…” He hesitated.
     “I did took after you.” Elenora smiled and took another potion, lying on the table. “I love you, father…”
     “I know.” Lor’themar smiled. “I love you too. Ever since you came into my life...”

     “You lied to me.”
     Lor’themar turned at Syana. “Did I?”
     “You knew all the time, who is Elenora’s father. Why do you convince her that it is Rael? It was the Sun prince, or not?”
     “You… how did you... find out?”
     “Lor’themar… you were convincing liar, but I noticed too well, that you were crying whole nights, sitting next to Elenora, caressing her and speaking to her… You cared about her. Only other person you cared so much about was the prince you were back then mourning for. So it was obvious to me, that it is his child. So, why Rael?”
     “Fine.” Lor’themar shake his head. “But you must keep quiet, I don’t need another incident like palace on fire. Rael… is Kael’thas, Syana. He survived, leaving some elf imitating him behind as a decoy. That gave him a chance, to both him and Elenora. His wretched state was getting worse… he gave her to me to raise so he would not kill her in his state of half madness… He played dead so I didn’t know… that he survived…”
     Syana sighted. “So… that is how it is… Doesn’t matter, she is our beloved girl, right?”
     “That she surely is.”
     Syana smiled. “How is she dealing with it?”
     Lor’themar smiled. “Like my daughter would…”
     “Like a warrior,” both said at once and smiled…

The end
Elenora realise her herritage, Leglas fights to get good place among the Sin'dorei and Lor'themar with Syana reveal the last secret... And that is the end.

Elenora is adoptive daughter of Lor’themar. She never knew her parents and all her childhood she wants to learn something about them. Now she finally gets to an age, when her father promised her his help with this task. However digging in the past can end any possible way. During her research she must also pay attention to her study of Magic with Rael, wretched elf, who never smiles and whose past is totally unknown… And that is not the only mystery…
Pairings: Elenora/Rael, Lor’themar/Syana, Lor’themar/Kael’thas, Kael’has/Legolas, Legolas/Azariel
male pregnancy, alternative storyline, alternative universe, crossover

First chapter:…
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