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Prelude to Calamity ch. 1
     Gandalf was sitting, holding a tea in his hands. Elrond joined him with his usual glass of wild wine.
     “We didn’t have time to discuss the outcome of your friends’ quest to the Lonely Mountain yet.” Elrond said calmly.
     “No. But it wasn’t the first time I misplaced my trust. And not the last time either. But I fear that the time is too dire to blame me for that, now we must discuss more pressing matters.”
     “True.” Elrond sighted. “The secret meeting will be tomorrow and we have many guests for it. Lindir was singing to the Valar when he did hear that we’re having dwarves visitors again.”
     “My lord…”
     “Speak of the balrog and he appears.” Elrond said. “Yes, Lindir?”
     “Nolosa has arrived too.”
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space dragon by MorellAgrysis space dragon :iconmorellagrysis:MorellAgrysis 6 2
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The Drowned Phoenix 2 - 10 :iconmorellagrysis:MorellAgrysis 0 0
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The Drowned Phoenix 2 - 9 :iconmorellagrysis:MorellAgrysis 0 0
Original Invoker WIP 8 by MorellAgrysis Original Invoker WIP 8 :iconmorellagrysis:MorellAgrysis 4 0
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The Drowned Phoenix 2 - 8 :iconmorellagrysis:MorellAgrysis 0 0
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The Drowned Phoenix 2 - 7 :iconmorellagrysis:MorellAgrysis 0 0
The Drowned Phoenix 2 - 6
     That afternoon elder elf came to Rael and his students. Rael’s heart skipped a beat, which wasn’t visible, but he felt it hard. He’s getting really weak.
     “You know me?”
     “Damn yes I do…” Rael stopped himself. He should not reveal himself to another elf, although he was angry at this one for taking big part of blood elven army in outland and turning them against burning legion and half-mad prince he was back them. “What do you want?”
     “I volunteered to take your students under my wings.”
     “Really? And do you know, what it takes?” His students giggled to support that.
     Voren’thal shot him with look of a killer. “I believe that you are still having a lesson, right?”
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The Drowned Phoenix 2 - 5 :iconmorellagrysis:MorellAgrysis 0 0
Tarotizer - vampire tarot deck by MorellAgrysis Tarotizer - vampire tarot deck :iconmorellagrysis:MorellAgrysis 0 0 Firebloom with love by MorellAgrysis Firebloom with love :iconmorellagrysis:MorellAgrysis 5 0
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The Drowned Phoenix 2 - 4 :iconmorellagrysis:MorellAgrysis 0 0

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Be good...
...while I am gone on a business trip :D. I'll be back on Sunday. Unfortunately I don't have access to dA over my business laptop, so I can't check things in between =P.
See ya :hug:
Edit: So, WTF! My plane was cancelled for a none existant hazardous storm and so I did not return until today (monday). In all my life I have sat in so many planes flying through thunder storms and even in a plane struck by lightening... whats the big deal X-(?
And the f**** airlines did not get me a hotel for the extra night stay :grump:!
So I am back and tired and 5kg fatter! Believe it or not, but staying in the USA for 5days gave me an extra kilo a day and I did not pig out on food! WTF goes so wrong in that country that such bad foods are served???
I have had the hotel breakfast only the first day and then skipped to my own Cheerios and 1%-fat milk. The hotel breakfast included NO normal breads, but sweet sugar-coated rasinbread, but otherwise only muffins and croisants. People were spreading their pe
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Morell Sunweaver
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Czech Republic
I appreciate every constructive critique on any my art.

I'm papercrafter, digital and traditional artist. I love making papercrafts from Wold of warcraft, DOTA 2 and paper movie replicas.
I'm also fantasy writer, I love to write fan-fictions as well as my own original works.


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Sorry, but yes, I'm quite inactive now as I moved but my PC stayed bhind and is waiting for me to move it into my new home, which will take a while. So for now I'm not working on anything, except Prelude to Calamity, which I can continue again finaly. Everything else must wait as I require my PC and software for it...

Have patience, this will take me a while...
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Tagged by Indiliel  My 10 favorite characters !Tagged by Uren-Arionn
Rules :
1 : Ten different favorite characters from 10 different fandoms.
2 : Tag 10 different people.
3 : Explain why you like those characters!
The numbers do not give the order:
    1.       Finrod Felagund (Tolkien’s Legendarium)
Definitely my fave in entire Arda. He is just such a nice guy, caring for his siblings, being wise and selfless. But also he is in some way such a sad character since he left his love and parents behind to aid his people in place of his father. He is a role model for me.
    2.       Vanus Galerion (Elder Scrolls)
To pick one single character from the entire fandom is too damn hard =P. I also have Talos, Ysgramor, Shalidor, Martin Septim, Erandur and of course Nerevar Indoril. However, I thought I would pick Vanus, because he is the first character I admired, because his biography w


Rules :
1 : Ten different favorite characters from 10 different fandoms.
2 : Tag 10 different people.
3 : Explain why you like those characters!

So, I should let some fun to show... some might be surprised.

1. Invoker (DOTA 2)
Also nice described in fas story More Than Light to Share. Invoker is narcist n. 1, but I really like his talent for amgic and that his narcism is only psychological damage he gets from his incredibly long life. Somehow he shows some very bad but also some of the best possibilities human can reach as he is human, just enchanted huimself with imortality.
And due to his narcism he simply must be first to mention. LOL.

2. Batman (DC universe)
Deal with it, he is the most dangerous of the superheroes he works with, although he has no superpowers. I like that he is in fact quite dark character and especialy I loved the moment when other heroes are very carefuly trying to give him their advices but get scared once his eyes turn on them. That makes him mysterious gothic character, really atractive, he also shows from time to time as a vamp!

3. Kael'thas Sunstider (World of warcraft)
Amazing guy, prince of the blood elves fascinates me with his sad story and in fact strength and wil to do anything he can for his people. Also he is great with magic. Can't get pass that Blizzards made him die in Wow. Well, sh** happens.

4. Diva Plavalaguna (The Fifth Element)
I wonder if it would be possible to make more operas for this lovely character. She is gentle tlephatic woman, who sings opera in modern style. Until I saw her in the movie singing her cool song, I didn't thought that I might actualy like opera music. It was hard to choose, as there were very cool caracters in this movie. but they are the coolest together.

5. Obi-wan Kenobi (Star wars)
There ore only few more Jedis who were so fine with the life of the Jedi. Obi-Wan was 100% perfect for it and enjoyed it. I like that he smiles and has sense of humor. One must be fascinated by the fact that he actualy lives the life he wish to. I like him for that.

6. Alucard (Castlevania universe)
It was hard to choose between Alucard and Dracula, both have fascinating stories, but I went here for the tragic prince. Alucard lives happy life until fate turns his family to ruin and Alucard chooses to stand against his father, however he must fight him for ethernity as Dracula is true immortal. Mo matter how many times he dies, he always comes back and Alucard must again and again stand up to him to protect human kind. Amazing silver blonde warior, yep, I really like him.

7. Altaïr Ibn-La'ahad (Assasins creed)
Hard to choose, which assassin is the best, but I went for the original one, still with a lot of the Prince of Persia influence. I was guessing that there is some even before I knew, not just because of the white robes. Altair is bit foolish at the start, but has good heart and bright mind, which allows him to become the most legendary of assassins. All later assassins in the games have lineage beggining with him as his parents are unknown. I really enjoyed playing the game with him.

8. Lister (Red Dwarf)
Among deep space startrek universes Red Dwarf is interesting exception. Lister is in tragic situation you know, 3 bilions years in static field made him the last human in existence and he has only few "friends" to be with for the rest of the life. And none of them is genial or anything, they don't even exactly like each other. Just four loosers and Lister is one of them. And he just lives on as he can, which is not much. He's in quite xscary situation. I couldn't decide who of four main characters to pick, so in the end I picked up Lister.

9. Bender (Futurama)
Oh yeah, baby! That's just Bender, not care, not fear, not anything, he just takes what he wants and enjoys his life at 100%. Even that is needed sometimes and I like him for it. It makes a lot of funny situations... hey, where's my wallet?!

10. Melkor (Tolkien's legendarium)
Well, Invoker took n. 1, so Melkor gets 1 with 0. Lol! Melkor is really damaged character you know. First he looses Varda to Manwe and that sends him on very dark path, deeper than anyone else into darkness. And he looses more and more. Where and when will it end? my poor beloved Melkor finishes the list. Although all other Valar and many many more characters I like there too.

Other good fandoms and characters worth attention:
Alien and predator
Marvel (loki, Nuada)
Simpsons (Burns, Lisa, Homer, ...)
Heroes of might and magic 3 (Gelu) and 5 (Raelag)
My fanstories and well, uncountable more

I'm tagging:
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Thank you so much for the :+fav:! :love:
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You deserve it. By the way, what software do you use for rendering? (curious)
WolfjeLina Featured By Owner Oct 7, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
I'm using Blender. It's free software, but just takes a bit of time to get used to. I'm still a beginner though ^^;;
MorellAgrysis Featured By Owner Oct 7, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
Another Blender bender. XD Yes, bit hard, but I use it too, just for papercrafting. Never was much good with renders, but wow models are quite fine importabel into Blender, even world objects, Amamzing program.
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Hello friend! I made a couple new renders!
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Are you a Satanist by any chance? I’m just curious.....
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No. Although there may be similarities. I'm dark mystic, but rather pagan, connected loosely with vikings and Atlantis.
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Oh ok. I see.
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