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Prodigy Ace
Ratchet was working as slowly as he could without being suspicious. He knew Megatron was just using his research, and he knew his reputation was well-known among the Decepticons. The cranky, grumpy, cantankerous medic Autobot that'd toss a wrench at your helm if you weren't careful. He could work slowly if he felt like it, and they'd face his anger if they didn't like it; and hopefully the slowness would give Optimus and the others time to find a way to rescue him.
Raf was a little kid. This was obvious to anybody that met him. As such, he tired eventually and needed rest. And after working almost two days straight on the homing flyer they were gonna use to find Ratchet, he was exhausted. Optimus was looking at him worriedly as the human groaned, rubbing his eye as he fought to stay awake. "Rafael, if you require rest then I think it best if you did so now. While there is a period of silence."
The brunette shook his head, wobbling on his feet as he
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Hanging Balance
Rafael was only nine when it happened. In retrospect, nine isn't that far from twelve. Three years, actually. Three years since it happened. Raf's grades had gotten him noticed again, and his parents were fighting, again. He could smell the alcohol; Dad always had a beer when he was wound up. Oh, but he never got violent. He got angry, shouted yeah (and that'd develop into a niche for Raf when he got older) but he never got physical. His dad was big, grumpy, and kind.
He'd pick Raf up and bounce him after the fights, grabbing his mom and getting the three of them on the couch. They fought, yeah, but parents do fight. His mom would get everyone something to snack on as they watched a movie to calm down. Raf could identify what kind of beer his dad drank, after so many years and a slightly sporadic menu to memorize. This time it was a weak one, something that he recognized as what the local teenagers drank when hiding at the edge of Jasper. Their town was sleepy, quiet. It hardly ever ra
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Home Is Where The Spark Lies
Warning: Spoilers for the final episode of Transformers: Prime! DONT READ IF YOU DONT WANT SPOILERS
He was staying.
The moment that sunk in, Raf stilled, staring up at Ratchet; more specifically, at the side of his helm. Bumblebee was zipping around, saying anything and everything that came to mind to anyone listening, excited to have his voice back at last. He sounded as young as the kids, but they knew he easily dwarfed their ages by millennia. When Bumblebee finally zoomed over, standing next to the edge of the platform that Raf stood on, Raf eagerly leaned in, smiling in a watery way. His best friend had slain Megatron straight through the chest; so cool.
The words were short, sweet, everything Raf loved about talking to Bee. There was no need for big, patriotic speeches about how they'd stay friends; they knew it'd be impossible for them to NOT be friends, ever. And there was the promise that Bee would return.
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Patient Confidentiality
Raf yawned, rubbing at his eyes as he paused in his work. The computer was turned to a very exact between setting for brightness so his eyes couldn't be damaged. He'd been working on codes ever since Jack and Miko left earlier, and as Ratchet was his work partner, the Autobot was staying with him to make sure the work had a second opinion.
Huh...His eyes were getting heavy now. He slipped the keyboard up, folding his arms to lay his forehead down. Just...Just close his eyes for a little bit...
Ratchet was grumbling under his breath as he readjusted a few digits and tried again, idly glancing over to see Rafael had fallen asleep. He glanced back to his work, content by the silence. Rafael was always quiet, compared to Jack and especially compared to Miko. Not that he minded any of them by this point. With Optimus and the others on the newly restored Cybertron, he preferred the children's company to any other he could've had. And Raf was no exception; in fact, though he'd never say it ou
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Chaud pokes Yai by forestchick501 Chaud pokes Yai :iconforestchick501:forestchick501 51 10 More Like This
Ratchet was NOT pleased. It was only because of Optimus's 'robots in disguise' rule that he wasn't blaring his agitation to everyone within a twenty mile radius. He was en route to the local hospital where Jack's mother, June Darby, was working late. He'd been told to pick her up, as Agent Fowler had suffered yet another hit by the 'Cons. Idiot; he wished the agent had the sense of the children to stay with their assigned guardian. Oh...right...He'd forgotten, in his irritation, that Fowler didn't have a guardian. Unlike the children, Fowler only appeared to them when the government asked him to.
He pulled into the parking lot, heading for the docking station after checking his scanner. He parked himself at the dock, waiting for June; while waiting, he took the chance to look over the building. It was impressively large for a human-built structure, and Ratchet wasn't able to immediately count how many humans were rushing about. One was surely June Darby, so he sat back on his tires and
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The Strong Bond
Nobody moved.
Megatron looked Optimus square in his optics, "So Optimus, what's it going to be? The keys or your pets?" He said with a small smirk.
Miko pounded on the glass yelling, "Don't worry, Boss Bot! Just keep the keys!"
"Miko?!" Bulkhead yelled in concern.
"Bulk, we're fine. We've been through worse." Miko said adjusting her uncomfortable position.
"Jack!" Arcee called, "Are you guys okay?"
Jack paused a second checking his body over, "Yeah, I think."
Bee reached out towards Raf as he pressed his face against the glass calling Bee's name. He tried to clam himself down, but he was having trouble. If he lost it when the 'Bots left them in that control room the first mission, then being threatened by Megatron would surely get to him.
Raf couldn't help it when his breathing became rapid and tears were making his vision blurry.
"Raf!" Jack called looking towards the young boy. Raf turned his head and wiped his eyes slowly. "You need to calm down and slow your breathing. We're locked
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A Lesson in History
Thursday afternoons always seemed to be the most stressful to Jack. So close to Friday-and by association, Saturday- and yet so far away. There was minimal homework to be done save for the consistent decree of generic studying, which seemed like a fruitless effort given the choice of scouring the small print of an out of date text book and playing Miko in a friendly rematch of Speed Demons II on the Gamestation. Gamestation always won out in the end. Unless something more interesting came about. Which was often. There never seemed to be a dull moment or a frame of time in which something interesting was not happening- be it an alien medic commandeering their science fair projects, an attack of small cannibalistic metal munchers from space, or an enemy sneaking into the base disguised as a beloved comrade from long ago – the ultimate wolf in sheep's clothing!
All in all, Jack would have to say that the past few weeks had been keeping him very busy. So it was understandable that he
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Kindred Sparks Part 1
Chapter One
Rafael glanced patiently at the wall clock.  Five minutes to five.  His torture was almost over.  
"Mr. Esquivel, detention does not let out until I tell you.  Please keep your eyes on your desk," the teacher said sternly.
"Yes Mr. Manhym," the boy replied sheepishly, ducking his head and casting his eyes downward quickly as his fellow detainees snickered.  Not for the first time today, Raf cursed his poor luck.
He felt a sudden, squish-splat sound from a spitball impacting the back of his head, but resisted the urge to react to it.
'He's at it again,' the little genius thought glumly, already knowing who his assailant was.  Vince had been picking on him all day for some reason, so Raf wasn't all that surprised the teen delinquent would continue during their shared punishment.  Being bullied was nothing he couldn't handle; it was simply something
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Transformers: Prime 'Bully'
(edited version )
For the first time in what seemed like months, Ratchet was at ease and very content with his surroundings. Aside from himself, the base was utterly lifeless and empty, not to mention quiet for once. Sighing softly in satisfaction, he picked up a large wrench and tossed it cheerfully into the air and caught it in his servo once again. "Finally," he breathed to himself in relief. "Some peace and quiet. I stand by what I said before about house guests being bothersome. Humph. Things seemed less complicated back during those…preferably quieter times." he opened a panel on the side of the Ground Bridge generator and crouched down on one knee to get a better view of the inside. "Now where was I?" he narrowed his optics and stuck his helmet inside, grunting as he squeezed his right arm in as well. He scowled at the snug fit and started to mutter. "Incoherently sized, primitive, faulty piece of scrap metal…"
A small, unexp
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It was quiet.
Optimus Prime walked through the halls of the Autobot base, checking over each of the Cybertronians residing inside.  Bumblebee was watching Rafael as the boy drove his remote controlled car around the room.  Smokescreen and Jack were discussing some human customs, the new recruit cracking jokes when he deemed fit.  Optimus had yet to see the other Autobots, though he was more concerned about one of them.
Bulkhead had left suddenly, disappearing into the farthest corners of the building.  That had been expected, as the former wrecker was upset earlier that day.  A larger concern was that his human partner had vanished as well.
Optimus stepped into the main chamber, where two other Autobots stood.  Optimus greeted Ratchet with a nod, which the medic returned, before Optimus walked over to Arcee.  Arcee heaved off of the wall she was leaning on at her leader's arrival.  She waited for Optimus to
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Operation: Family Chapter 1
Operation: Family
A Transformers: Prime Fanfiction
Chapter 1

Bumblebee dodged another blast before taking cover behind a rock next to Arcee. The two of them were attempting to get the latest unearthed relic from the Decepticons before they had a chance to use it. But it seemed that the 'Cons weren't going to make this easy for them, which most likely had something to do with the fact that Megatron was there.
"Do you know what that relic does 'Cee?" he questioned.
"No idea, just try not to get hit by it."
Glancing at the rocks around them the scout remembered how he had used the dust and dirt from them to trick Airachnid once. Maybe he could do something similar to give him enough cover to snatch the relic. Quickly he shot at all of the rocks, stirring up a large cloud of dust as a cover before sneaking out to try to get the relic before the 'Cons could leave. Bumblebee thought he was doing a good job when he suddenly felt himself get blasted in the chest.
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Spark of a Wrecker
Jack Darby opened his locker, exchanging the textbooks in his hands for the ones he would need for next period.  There was no real need to hurry; the break between classes still had a good five minutes left to it, but the young man was not a fan of the local scenery.  By whatever joke of the universe that was being played on him, Jack had found his locker to be rather annoyingly close to the one belonging to Vince, Jasper High's resident Jerk with a capital "J."
The red haired teen was currently laughing about something in the center of a group of friends, more than likely completely oblivious to what time it was.  Not that Jack was particularly interested in reminding him.  Closing his locker, and giving the combination dial a spin for good measure, the young Darby prepared to leave.  Before he'd taken his first step, something new caught his attention.
Miko Nakadai had just turned the corner of the hallway, a questing look on her face
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Don't Laugh at Me
Raf's POV
I kept my eyes screwed shut as I scrubbed the remains of shampoo out of my hair. I finished up and wrapped a towel around my waist before I made my way to my locker.
It was just after gym class and we all had to take a shower; school rules.
I skipped a few grades in my lifetime which was why I am with Miko and Jack in the high school.
I walked slowly towards my locker avoiding any shoves that kids were giving each other. I sighed in relief when I made it safely to my locker, or so I thought.
Before I even turned the dial on my lock, some kid came running up to me all out of breath.
"You're the kid?! I am so sorry." He said covering his mouth. I have no idea what he is talking about so I stayed silent. "Vince." Was all he said.
I groaned. "Scrap." I muttered under my breath. He's been a bully to everybody since he was probably a baby. But, he made sure I got it worse maybe because I was a 'nerd' as he called, maybe because I was friends with Jack, or maybe both, I have
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A Transformers Prime Fanfic
Based after the events of Episode 23
     Engine purring a yellow muscle car pulled smoothly into the cavernous interior of the abandoned missile silo. A door clicked open to disgorge a moving pile of, something. Petri dishes rattled in a plastic bag, beakers of various sizes clinked in a cardboard box, and at least two microscopes peaked out of a backpack. The car waited patiently while the moving pile of scientific paraphernalia waddled over to a table and collapsed around a brown haired boy. Raphael Esquivel was smiling and humming to himself as he hurried back to the car for another armful.  
     "Raphael! You're back." A gruff voice called eagerly from across the base.
     "Just in time too! Mrs. Darby and I were just about to start calibrating the new bio-analytical array." The smile slipped momentarily from the boys face. He glanced around quickly for a plac
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Duct Tape
It was a night like many other Arcee has spent inside the safety of the Darby's home garage. June was kind enough to offer the alien robot full run of the garage as a protective sleeping place, while the beat up white family car remained outside in the driveway, standing firm against the elements.
Although grateful for the garage, though it was still far to small for her to fully stand up in, Arcee often found herself bored, as many do when recharge escapes them. Having grown curious of Jack's work bench, she decides to to whittle away time examining the primitive human tools. Keeping to one knee, the two wheeler flips into her biped form, blue and pink optics adjusting to the dark surroundings with ease. First, she look towards the door leading into the house proper, audios straining to pick up the smallest sound. Nothing but the soft hum of the air conditioner outside rang through the night.
Satisfied her gracious hostess and partner are sound asleep, she reaches out with one clawed
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