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Dark Senshi Chapter 16
Chapter 16: Reunions
The four guys saw Mamoru standing at the doorway and smiled. Jadeite got up from where he was sitting, walked over to Mamoru and punched him right in the mouth knocking him backwards. Zoicite and Kunzite jumped up from where they were sitting and rushed to help Mamoru up.
Glaring at Jadeite, Kunzite said, “What the hell was that for?” as they helped Mamoru to the couch.
“He was standing there not saying anything with that dumb look on his face. He was pissing me off,” said Jadeite.
“This must be a dream,” said Mamoru.
“Plus he deserved it. He has had our stones this whole time and never once tried to revive us,” finished Jadeite annoyed as he sat back down.
“You know he could not have revived us. He did not have the power,” said Nephrite.
Sleepily Usagi and Serenity came down the steps and into the living room. “What is all the noise?” asked Usagi and Serenity blinking trying to adjust t
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Dark Senshi Chapter 18
Chapter 18: The Dark Senshi’s Plan
When Dark Saturn got back, Dark Moon had figured things out. "What did you think you were doing?" yelled Dark Moon.
"I was trying to bring Hotaru to our side," said Dark Saturn.
"Usagi would be a nice addition too," said Dark Chibi Moon standing behind Dark Saturn. "That is of course if we could turn Usagi back into Black Lady and Hotaru back into Mistress Nine."
"Don't anger me and don't you two do anything stupid," said Dark Moon as she stormed out of the room.
"It could have been worse," said Dark Saturn.
"It just got worse," said Dark Uranus.
"Uh Oh!" said Dark Saturn.
"Uh Oh is right," said Dark Neptune as she stepped out of the shadows beside Dark Uranus.
"Dark Moon told us to take care of your punishment. She was too pissed and thought she might try to kill you," said Dark Uranus.
"She maybe is a pain but she is not stupid," mumbled Dark Chibi Moon. Then looking at Dark Neptune and Dark Uranus said, "Well since you don't need me I w
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Dark Senshi Chapter 15
Chapter 15: The Shitennou
As they were getting into bed Serenity paused and said “Mamo….”
“What is it Serenity?” asked Mamoru. “When you say my name like that and look at me with those eyes I know you want something.”
“It is not for me,” said Serenity looking at the floor.
“Well who is it for?” asked Mamoru trying to go to sleep.
“Ami, Rei, Makoto, and Minako,” said Serenity.
“And,” Mamoru said just wanting to get the conversation over with so he could go to sleep. One thing about her he would never understand is why it took her so long to ask a question.
“They wanted to know if they could borrow the Shitennou’s stones. The more they remember about their lives during the Silver Millennium the more they miss the ones they were supposed to be with. We were the lucky ones Mamo-chan. I know if I were anything of them I would be going crazy not being able to be with you,” said
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Dark Senshi Chapter 10
Chapter 10: Dark Chibi Moon
The girl that stood before her had long pink hair like Usagi’s but was a darker shade of pink and tipped with black. Her dress but was a darker shade of pink and where it should have been trimmed in gold was trimmed in black.
“You look like me yet you are not me. You look to different and not old enough to be Black Lady,” said Usagi.
When the girl spoke Usagi could not believe what she heard as the voice that come out of the girl’s mouth was her own.
“Why Usagi don’t you recognize yourself?” asked the girl mockingly. “I am you,” she continued, “but I am more powerful than you or even Black Lady. When Wiseman controlled you as a young girl and brought forth Black Lady I thought it was finally my chance to be free and in control. The problem was that damn Black Crystal was holding me back and I could not take over then but all that is about to change very soon”.
“Black Lady is no lo
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Dark Senshi Prologue
It has been years since the battle with Galaxia. In the 30th Century, the people lived for hundreds of years, even thousands, because of Neo Queen Serenity and the power of the Ginzuishou. The Senshi were all leading normal lives but they knew that true peace would only be attained when Serenity ascended the throne. Serenity still could not believe that one day she would be queen of Earth. However, those days were still along way off, as ChibiUsa had not been born yet.
After the last great battle with Galaxia, Usagi started calling herself Serenity. Sometimes Serenity could not believe that she and Mamoru had been married for so long now. It seemed like only yesterday they had gotten married. Serenity took care of the house while Mamoru finished school. Mamoru became a doctor and opened a practice with Ami. Serenity and Mamoru were as happy as newlyweds were and, although the other Senshi has not married yet, everyone was happy.
Serenity smiled as she thought about everyone Rei and Yuu
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Dark Senshi Chapter 19
Chapter 19:  Dark Venus
“How come Haruka, Michiru, Setsuna and Hotaru still hardly ever come to the Senshi meetings?” asked Minako.
“Well you know Setsuna stays at the Gates most of the time but at least she is able to come and help more than before,” said Luna.
“Hotaru and Usagi went shopping, I think,” said Serenity.
“Knowing Haruka and Michiru they have lost track of time,” said Rei to which everyone just looked at each other remembering back in the beginning when they met Haruka and Michiru how obvious everyone was to their relationship.
“What about your dream?” Luna asked Minako nestling in Serenity’s lap.
“Ever since we stayed at the cabin I have had this dream,” Minako said as she looked at Serenity and the other Inner Senshi. “The dream was about Kunzite and I but also about you guys too and the other Shitennou.”
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Dark Senshi Chapter 17
Chapter 17: Dark Saturn
The weekend was over and Jadeite still had not gotten Rei alone. It was almost like she was avoiding him. Jadeite had slept on the couch and the rest of the guys wanted to keep him company but he did not want to ruin everyone first time together in a thousand years.
On the drive back Serenity wondered the best way to tell the Outer Senshi that the Shitennou were back. Serenity remembered how long it took to convince them the Shitennou were good. Haruka had heard vaguely about them during the Silver Millennium but they only time any of the Outer Senshi had met the Shitennou was went Beryl invaded the Moon. Smiling to herself Serenity thought maybe she should just put the eight of them down in the training room and let them fight it out.
Two days later that is exactly what happened. Not only were the Outer Senshi and the Shitennou surprised not to find Serenity there but the Inner Senshi with the exception of Rei were not happy with Serenity’s trick.
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Dark Senshi Chapter 03
Chapter 03: Dark Jupiter
Makoto was walking back to her apartment thinking about what Serenity had told her and the others about her memories of Dark Moon. When Makoto got to her apartment and started to unlock the door, she noticed a rose at her feet with a letter. The rose was strange because it was almost black in color but she could tell it was a deep green. First Makoto picked up the letter as it was lying on top and opened it.
"It’s me!" was all that was written on the card.
This puzzled Makoto because the handwriting looks strangely similar to hers. As soon as she touched the rose, a wave of dark lighting crackled around her and Makoto passed out.
Makoto opened her eyes and saw she was Princess Jupiter from her past life in the Silver Millennium. She was walking in the gardens behind the Jovian palace. Wondering through the roses, she enjoyed strolling in the rose beds that bloomed in the vast garden using the time to think. The roses on Jupiter were different from
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Dark Senshi Chapter 01
Chapter 01: The Mysterious Ten Senshi
Serenity screamed loudly knocking over the contents on the bathroom counter including her porcelain rabbit toothbrush holder she had had since she was very young.
Running into the bathroom to see what was wrong with his wife Mamoru said, “Serenity what is wrong? What happened? Are you okay?” as he picked up a shaking Serenity off the bathroom floor.
Crying heavily Serenity tired to explain her dream to Mamoru. “I tried to just brush it off as nothing more than a dream but then when I came in here to wash my face off and calm down,” pausing Serenity looked at the mirror. Taking a deep breath trying to calm herself she then looked at Mamoru and said, “After I splashed cool water on my face I looked up as I was drying my face and the girl from my dream was staring back at me from the mirror. I did not mean to scream and wake you up or worry you but I was so surprised,” finished Serenity.
Mamoru looked at his
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Dark Senshi Chapter 06
Chapter 06: Preparing For Battle
"Only four hours left until we have to meet the Dark Senshi on the top of Tokyo Tower and we are no closer to a plan than when we started," said Serenity with a sigh resting her head on her knees.
“Well we all know that talking to them will not work,” said Rei.
“Why do you rule out the possibility out?” asked Mina.
“Has it ever worked before?” Rei fired back.
“No,” said Mina lowering her head. “I guess you are right. Fighting is the only way. I just wish that the fighting would finally stop.”
“Well we loose the element of surprise since they are the ones who contacted us and wanted to meet us,” said Haruka.
A wave of horror washed over Serenity’s face and she went pale. Serenity was barely whisper to the words, “They know who we are.”
“You are right Serenity,” said Ami. “I had not even thought about it but they did leave the note on Serenit
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Before Crystal Tokyo: Serenity
“I thought having to tell mom and dad about another bad test was hard,” thought Serenity. “I have to tell them everything about being Sailor Moon, the Silver Millennium, and Crystal Tokyo. I guess I will break the ice by telling them that we are going to finally have a baby and that it is Usagi. Shingo might believe me since he has been near some of the battles. I wonder what Naru and Umino will say. I know we have drifted apart but I did not want to keep putting them in danger.”
“Usako we can’t keep standing here on the steps,” Mamoru urged her.
“I know Mamo-chan but this is worse than having to give mama another failed test,” answered Serenity. Taking a deep breath Serenity knocked on the door.
“Coming,” Serenity and Mamoru heard Ikuko yell from within the house. Opening the door Ikuko immediately pulled her daughter into a hug. “I know I should be used to it but I still can’t get use to the house being so quiet without
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Dark Senshi Chapter 11
Chapter 11: Dark Neptune
Princess Neptune was one of the three Senshi dedicated to keeping guard in the outer solar system making sure intruders did not get to the inner solar system and the Moon Kingdom. Sailor Pluto was in charge of the time gate and has not been on her home planet of Pluto in many years.
Unlike the other princesses, Princess Uranus was off fighting in a war. Princess Neptune thought that if she could bring Princess Uranus home that they could possibly be together. So Princess Neptune went to the Oracle of Neptune to ask if Princess Uranus would come home from the war.
“Great Oracle of Neptune,” said Princess Neptune, “Will Princess Uranus come back from the war safely?”
“Princess Neptune one day you and Princess Uranus will be together but it will not be in this lifetime. Princess Uranus will die,” said the Oracle.
The Oracle was not the true Oracle of Neptune but she was one of Neptune's personal servants who had fallen in
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Dark Senshi Chapter 07
Chapter 07: The First Battle
The Senshi of the Moon faced the Dark Senshi and both sides ready for battle.
“How do you like our choice of battlefield?” asked Dark Moon. “Pluto here used her Time Warp to bring us all to this dimension.”
Eternal Uranus looked at Eternal Pluto and said her “Could you get us out of here if you needed?”
Eternal Pluto shook her head, “No I can’t,” she said. “I only can move forward and backward through time. I cannot transcend other dimensions. If we are in trouble, I might be able to use Time Stop but since this is not normal time, there is no telling what would happen. My Time Stop may work or it may not work. Using Time Stop could kill me or it could not kill me. I do not know the answer since we are not dealing with normal space,” said Eternal Pluto.
“Why are you doing this?” asked Eternal Sailor Moon.
“Why? Why?” screamed Dark Moon. “We fight for life.
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Dark Senshi Chapter 02
Chapter 02: Dark Moon
At the meeting a few days ago, the Senshi had decided to try to figure out why these other Senshi had reappeared after all this time. None of the Senshi remembered much about these other Senshi except they now all had this tugging in the back of their minds that they knew there was something they should remember but could not remember. The girls knew that as with their other memories they would remember everything in time. The Senshi lived their lives as normal and a few weeks went by since the reappearance of "Sailor Moon.” She has not made any more appearances since then and the rest of these other Senshi had not made an appearance at all yet. So maybe for now the others had not been reawakened or reborn or whatever was happening. Serenity sure did not know and the other Senshi were confused as well.
Serenity wanted answers and she thought that maybe Rei could. Serenity went to Rei’s door and knocked on the door but got no answer. “Rei i
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Dark Senshi Chapter 05
Chapter 05: Dark Mars
The note said “10:10 meet up at the top of Tokyo Tower” and though it unsigned everyone knew who had sent the note.
“This only gives us six hours,” said Mamoru.
“Wrong,” said Serenity, “You are not coming with us.”
“She is right Mamoru. The Dark Senshi only want us not you,” said Haruka.
Luna sighed, “We do not need to put our future King in unnecessary danger.”
“What about MY unnecessary danger?” asked Serenity.
“You have to be there. You are Eternal Sailor Moon. Plus we will be there to protect you and lend you our power,” said Setsuna as she walked through the door.
Luna said, “We need a plan but first we need to do what we came here to do and that is to hear what Rei saw in her vision.”
“Right Luna,” said Makoto, “but if they only want to Senshi then that mean that you, Artemis, and Diana much stay with Mamoru”.
Sitting dow
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Dark Senshi Chapter 09
Chapter 09: Enter the Asteroid Senshi
Usagi dreamed of her past in Crystal Tokyo when she first met the Asteroid Senshi. Something did not seem right. She did not meet the Senshi at school. She pushed her way through the never-ending void of her dream looking for her real memories. Usagi saw a pedestal with a glowing black crescent moon floating above the pedestal. When she reached out and touched the black crescent moon images washed over her. Usagi saw memories she knew but they no longer felt right to her. Then she saw memories long buried deep within her mind, which she confused her.
Many years after Black Lady, ChibiUsa was back in 30th Century Crystal Tokyo. She had been saddened to leave Usagi and her friends in the past but they and her knew she must return to her time. Unknown to ChibiUsa, in the past the Senshi were fighting their toughest battle yet which was against Galaxia, the Golden Senshi.
ChibiUsa was remembered when she first met the Asteroid Senshi. ChibiUsa h
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Dark Senshi Chapter 23
Chapter 23: Dark Uranus
Princess Uranus used to be a normal princess. When she was younger she had dolls and a crush or two on some boys but she never chased the boys. When she was thirteen she realized that she started seeing the Princess of Neptune as more than a friend. She knew this would not be accepted by her mother and tried to ignore how she felt toward the aqua haired beauty. Princess Uranus never told Princess Neptune how she felt. One day Princess Uranus and Prince En were in his room and they started kissing. He started touching her and she knew he wanted more than she wanted to give him.
“Come on baby please,” he said moving his hand up her leg.
“No,” Princess Uranus replied, “I am not ready for that kind of relationship.”
“Please?” he asked again. “It won’t take anything away if you just let me feel it.”
“No. Let me go,” as she was trying to get away.
He grabbed her gold colored shoulder
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CTAFT Prolouge
Princess Lady Serenity was no longer called Small Lady but now insisted on being called Usagi. She was going to marry Helios at some point in the future and Neo Queen Serenity had transferred the power of Sailor Moon from herself to her daughter. Now that the power of Sailor Moon had been transferred to Usagi she was no longer Eternal Sailor Chibi Moon but was now Neo Sailor Moon defender of 30th Century Crystal Tokyo. She had her own guardians, the Amazon Quartet, to help her plus the original Senshi still had their powers if they were ever needed.
All the Inner Senshi had married by Usagi’s fifth birthday. After a few years Rei finally quit being stubborn and gave in to Jadeite. They started dating and finally got married. Hotaru started dating Perle after Usagi came back to the 30th Century after the battle with the Dark Senshi. Eventually Hotaru married Perle with Haruka giving Hotaru away, Usagi was Hotaru’s Maid of Honor, Helios married them, and the res
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Dark Senshi Chapter 13
Chapter 13: The Past and Future
Serenity had a mixed dream that night of the past and visions of the future. Remembering who Dark Moon was and fighting her opened a doorway to other memories of her life during the Silver Millennium. She was Princess Serenity of the Silver Millennium and heir to the Ginzuishou. Serenity lived for her people and in turn was loved by her people. She had fallen in love with the Prince of Earth and from what she could tell her guard had fad fallen in love with the four men assigned to protect the Prince. Princess Uranus seems to distrust Endymion because there had been rumors that the Earth was gathering forces to attack the Moon but then again Princess Uranus distrusted everyone. One day Endymion came to the palace to visit Serenity and he brought her an Earth rose.
“This is the most beautiful flower I have ever seen,” said Princess Serenity.
“The flower pales in your beauty,” said Prince Endymion.
Serenity hated that they li
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Dark Senshi Chapter 22
Chapter 22: A Doomed Meeting
“Did Setsuna just say what I think she said?” Ami thought.
“What?” yelled Serenity, “How can that be? I saw Mercury, Mars, Jupiter, and Venus kill the Doom and Gloom Girls! They took their own lives in the process so I could go on to fight Beryl.”
“I do not know how or where they are but they are here,” said Pluto.
Ami noticed Michiru turn away as she heard her saying, “What is going on?” with Haruka turning to look at Michiru.
“Michiru what is it?” asked Haruka.
Turning back to her communicator Michiru said, “Everyone we need to meet with Ami, Zoicite and Setsuna.”
“Yes!” said everyone cutting their communicators off.
Minako and Kunzite were the last to arrive because they had to stop by their apartment and drop off all of Minako’s packages. When everyone was gathered in Rei room Serenity looked at Pluto with so many questions but forced herself to
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Dark Senshi Chapter 04
Chapter 04: The Note
Sitting in Rei's room Makoto was quietly in thought about her dream where she and Nephrite were lovers.
“How could we have been lovers when just a while ago we were enemies?” she though to her herself, “Nephrite was defeated before I joined the others.” Makoto still pondered.
Makoto startled the other girls by speaking aloud and they looked at her questionably. Her face turning red Makoto said, “I was thinking about my dream in which Nephrite and I were lovers back during the Silver Millennium.”
Rei said, “Were they dreams or memories I wonder? Anyway in my dream I was in love with Jadeite!”
Mina said, “Why would you two have dreams that you were in love with guys from the Dark Kingdom?”
“Well Mina if you remember the Shitennou from the Dark Kingdom were really Prince Endymion guard as we are Princess Serenity’s guard,” said Ami.
Shocked Mina looked at Ami and said, “So that
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Dark Senshi Chapter 08
Chapter 08: Death of the Eternal Senshi
The Senshi lay on the ground battered from their first meeting with the Dark Senshi. All is quiet on top of the smoking Tokyo Tower as Luna stares wide eyed at the Senshi. Luna got to the roof of Tokyo Tower the Senshi did not appear to be breathing but then slowly a light begin to shine around the Senshi.
Luna did not notice where the blue light was coming from until she saw Eternal Sailor Mercury’s body floating off the rooftop. Luna noticed that the same thing was happening to Mars and Jupiter. Artemis arrived just as an orange ball of light was coming from Venus’ chest about where her heart crystal came out when they were fighting the Death Busters.
The same thing was happening to the rest of the Senshi. At the same time, a colored ball appeared from their chests about where their brooch was and their tiaras disappeared replaced by their planet symbol.
Looking back at Mercury Luna noticed that the blue ball of light began t
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Dark Senshi Chapter 20
Chapter 20: Neo Queen Serenity Appears
Dark Venus and Dark Jupiter watched as the Senshi entered the Harwika Shrine. “Once we figured out Sailor Venus was Anio Minakoko and Sailor Mercury was Mizuno Ami it was easy to figure who the other were,” said Dark Venus.
“Saturn has seen them meet here more than once,” said Dark Jupiter.
“Also Mercury said that she has gotten very strong energy readings from this place,” said Dark Venus.
“This place has to be larger than it looks,” said Dark Jupiter. “I wish we could just go in there right now and take them out,” she said as she punched her fist in her hand.
“Yeah what kind of treatment do you think you would get? There are more of them than us right now. Plus do you want to end up like Neptune when she failed,” said Dark Venus. Dark Venus and Dark Jupiter both cringed as the image of Dark Neptune hooked up to the machines. When Dark Moon found out that Dark Neptune
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Dark Senshi Chapter 21
Chapter 21: A Time Before Doom
“Are you sure you can defeat the Senshi of the White Moon?” asked Dark Moon.
“We killed them before,” said the teal DD Girl.
“Sailor Moon herself was not killed. Her protectors died because they sacrificed themselves to kill you and died in the process,” said Dark Moon.
“We were not ordered to kill Sailor Moon,” said the leader. “Now that all my sisters are with me we will have no problem taking care of the Sailor Senshi.”
“Just do not get to sure of yourself,” said Dark Moon. “Remember Sailor Moon did defeat the most powerful Senshi in the galaxy.”
“Everyone has a weak point,” said the leader before disappearing.
                                      *        *        *        *
Serenity and Mamoru sa
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