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Hearts (+ Love) Plz Account List
Last Updated January 7, 2013
:iconplz-sama:Plz-Sama 126 28 More Like This
Commission Info
Headshot icon : 450 :points: (850 for linked)
Small Pixels (100x100) 600 :points: (+550/extra oc)
Chibi (nonpixel) 500 :points: (+400/extra oc)
i can try to do fullbody icons or bustshot pixels if ya want just ask i havent done those yet so its gonna be new but ye
-pay me when i give you the okay
-i will refund you if i havent strated it yet or only done the sketch, not beyond inking
-i do gore but if its anything much i will filter it
-i mostly do canines, felines and anthros, if its something else dont be afraid to ask me abt it!
-please do not complain about the price 
-please tell me if something is off! i really dont mind at all and i would love to fix it!
-if the colors are too dark or too light i will tweak them a little bit
-not too complicated characters bc they kill me sorry
:iconsweaterkat:sweaterkat 207 131 More Like This
//screamsyeAH so I'm re opening my commissions!! This time with new stuff yay
Just send me a note with this order form and I'll work with you |D

Order details: 
Pose and expression: (optional)Sometimes I get stuck on what pose to put someone in// help me out and tell me exactly what you want!
Extra: (optional) Any extra bits u wanna tell me!!

Smol Chibi

$15 per chibi
(Opening up at the same time as my Twitter commissions, so slot number may decrease at one point! Get em' while you can!!)

Please send a note if you're interested!:iconaaah-plz:
-Offensive things 
-Buff or too Manly things(I prefer drawing women and shota's//smacked bUT bishounen are fine as well eheh)
:icontorurii:Torurii 81 31 More Like This
Commission Prices 2017. OPEN
11/ 01/ 2017: OPEM AGAIN
INFORMATION FOUND HERE: (it's a slight wip, Im going to be adding more pics to it and stuff but there you go!)
Just ask for what you want down below and I'll give you a form for what you ordered :33
Also, I will not start anything until the payment has been sent! Ask me for sketches of the work if you'd like to see it before I post it please. Also, I will work on commissions in order of who has paid first, if you've paid before someone else then you're commission would be ahead of theirs.
Commissions tend to take around 1-4 weeks, keep in mind that I do work weekends, other than that I should be able to get them done in no time thanks to summer vk
:iconkalo-is-gone:kalo-is-gone 53 234 More Like This
| fav or comment for a starter |
aahh i am suffering pls help me get my muse back up
:iconthxrns:thxrns 27 5 More Like This
Onion Tou Plz Account List
Last Updated January 21, 2013
:iconplz-sama:Plz-Sama 88 15 More Like This
Contest: Draw Lynn! Win 10USD/800pts (CLOSED)
UPDATE: Deadline has been extended to May 31st because some people need more time to finish their entries.
Hello, I have decided to make a contest of my cute OC, Lynn, because I would like to see her in different styles and to help cheer me up. :) All I have is this messy, sketchy pic of her. I've drawn her a lot traditionally though.

(Click on the image to read about a bit about Onponnes and Lynn's personality! But it's probably awful because I have a severe headache atm and can't think straight XD)
The black thing on the front of her dress at the top is a bow. Just saying in case it's too hard to see.
EDIT: Here's another pic I did of Lynn; it's an animated gif :P

Another reference of her! :D

Okay, enough babbling!
Contest Details
Objective: Draw Lynn (Pictured above) as cute and awesome as you can!
:iconpoopyinactiveaccount:POOPYINACTIVEACCOUNT 60 217 More Like This
TLECs First Annual Training Show - JUDGED - EDIT
I missed an entry for equitation, so it has been added and rejudged. sorry for the inconvenience.
Hello, Hello! Welcome, Welcome! TLEC has opened its doors to the public once again! We are proud to announce that TLEC will now be holding a yearly training show followed up by a yearly full show. We know a lot of you have just gotten back into school and are very busy during the weekdays, so there are several ways to enter this show. We will explain below. Until then, we hope to see you and your horse here to partake in the fun!
Want to enter, but dont have time around school or life? No problem! Here are some 'Your Horse Heres' I have available: 
temporarily out, sorry, will make some more soon
- No fighting or harassment, we ar
:icontimberlakelaneec:TimberlakeLaneEC 78 383 More Like This
DHC Never-Ending Training Show
:new:Flat racing, poles and barrel racing were added a couple months back. We have no added Pas De Deux (all-around, any discipline.) The show is up and running smoothly!:new:
Well, I've decided to host a show :la:
The judging is RNG, headshots ARE allowed.
thank you to Napier for the idea. I hadddd to make a mini show.... to further fulfil the need for shows ^.^
DHC's 1st Annual Ongoing Training Show
R u l e s -
NO reusing entries/lineart
Only ONE entry per image.
You MAY enter more than 1 horse per class (except for pas de deux)
You MAY NOT enter the same horse in a class set twice! (except for pas de deux)
Fantasy and Semi-Realistic breeds are allowed
Class runs as soon as it's full.
Host may enter
R e q I n f o -
Horse Name:
Class Entering:
Link To Entry:
5th place by bedfordblack
:iconbedfordblack:bedfordblack 88 314 More Like This
Quince Event **OPEN**

Time to upload new entries :giggle:
Deadline : 02.27.18

This Event will be evaluated randomly. Totally randomly. (this made this event open for me, too.) It will be judged with La la la la
The Eventmotto is -autumn!La la la la
General Rules:
-Pre-Registration isn't a must.
-You may enter as many horses as you want in every class.
-No free linearts
-No commissions
-No photo backgrounds
-Background is a must! (No bg = disqualification)
-No headshot entrys in the regular classes.
-Riders and horses must wear correct tack. Safety first!
-Tracing is allowed. Please link the photo!
-You're totally free to design the obstacles and the weather
-Your Entry mustn't be shaded.
- FOR THE AGAIN CLASSES: Your entry must be placed 4th or lower :)
:iconrqsf:RQsf 17 41 More Like This
Foal Training Course
For all those ambitious people among us, we now have the Foal training course! Of course this is completely optional and if you want, you can skip right onto the Horse Course!
Bullet; Yellow Bullet; Yellow We require only five images to complete the foal course. However, feel free to make as many as you like! Bullet; Yellow Bullet; Yellow 
1.1. Weaning from the Mother
1.2. First time eating hay in an separate stall*
2. Wearing a Halter
3. To be lead
4. Accepting the feel of a blanket
5. Foal Inspection
*This is mainly for wild horses, orphans and youngstock between the age of 1 and 3
Are you done with your mandatory images? Well, we would love to see these as well! Show off those foals and get them ready for their future careers!
:iconequibreak:equiBREAK 112 170 More Like This
Variation 5
1. Chores
2. Happy
3. Life
4. Relationship
5. Play
6. Toy
7. Video Game
8. Computer
9. Famous
10. Emotion
11. Run
12. Fear
13. Gamble
14. Christmas
15. Animal
16. Wild
17. Morning
18. Loneliness
19. Friend
20. Pet
21. Grow
22. Japan
23. Britian
24. World
25. America
26. Flag
27. Cigarrette
28. Man
29. Earth
30. Boredom
31. Sweet
32. Smile
33. Pray
34. God
35. Love
36. Hold
37. Hug
38. Wings
39. Wrong
40. Right
41. Tears
42. Hope
43. Night
44. Star
45. Courage
46. Police
47. Ice Cream
48. Pup
49. Ireland
50. Jungle
51. Plains
52. City
53. Farm
54. Horse
55. Woman
56. Mother
57. Father
58. Grandparents
59. Mad
60. School
61. Freedom
62. Eagle
63. Falling
64. Dream
65. Reality
66. Purple
67. Blue
68. Red
69. Pink
70. Rainbow
71. Rain
72. Snow
73. Park
74. Fall
75. Lake
76. Ocean
77. Under
78. Pay
79. Adulthood
80. Teenager
81. Capital
82. Contentment
83. Numbers
84. Space
85. West
86. East
87. Tropical
88. Wind
89. Fly
90. Tree
91. Ka Ching
92. Chengosam
93. Kimono
94. Tradition
95. Vulne
:icon100themeschallenge:100ThemesChallenge 464 166 More Like This
Draw my Personas Contest ($100 prize OPEN)
UPDATE: 12/27/17
I'm extending the deadline by a month for you guys.
the new deadline is March 25/ 2018

UPDATE: 12/5/17
A character has been added for those who wish to draw another character. My other Persona is now added to the contest. Also the prize has been lowered a little only to give the 2nd place winner a little bit of a cash prize. The 1st place winner will get $70 while the 2nd place winner will get $30 

Hello and Welcome!!!
Now I love my characters a lot, I love to get art of them and have fun drawing them and all that Jazz. I have two persona's that i like to use a lot. My dainty Fairy and my main persona Rogue. Both hold a very large place in my heart and i wan't to show my love for them by getting them some beautiful art of them in all their glory. So i'm shelving out my own money to make this fun contest for those who wan't to draw them or maybe just wa
:iconrogue-incubi:Rogue-Incubi 286 147 More Like This
Kawaii text faces 3
= ✧w✧=
(╯⊙ ⊱ ⊙╰)
(~♥ ̄▽ ̄)~♥
(づ ̄ ³ ̄)づ
( (ミ´ω`ミ))
( ⊂(・(ェ)・)⊃
(● ̄(エ) ̄●)
♡ ・㉨・
:iconelladarkwolf3:EllaDarkWolf3 1,943 97 More Like This
Kawaii text faces 4
∞:;;::;;:*:;;::;;:∞ :;;::;;:*:;;::;;:*∞:;;::;;:*:;;::;;:∞:;;::;;:*:;;::;;:*∞ :;;::;;:*:;;::;;:*∞
( =^・ェ・^= )
♪ ılıll|̲̅̅●̲̅̅|̲̅̅=̲̅̅|̲̅̅●̲̅̅| llılı ♫

:iconelladarkwolf3:EllaDarkWolf3 1,527 159 More Like This
Starter Call
( Revamped for new watchers )

Favorite for a SCRIPT | Comment for a LIT
:iconhidxn:Hidxn 21 5 More Like This
Variation 3
1. Blink
2. Wedding
3. Fantasy
4. Lock and Key
5. Heart
6. Poison
7. Fairy
8. Panties
9. Stitch
10. Manga/Comic Strip
11. Dragon
12. Mario
13. Edgar Allen Poe
14. Mask
15. Sword
16. Web
17. Vampire
18. Zodiac
19. Bones
20. Phoenix
21. Deviantart
22. Eygptian
23. Anthro
24. Cosplay
25. Chains
26. Action
27. Chibi
28. After A Battle
29. Art Trade
30. Original Character
31. Realistic
32. Moonlight
33. Holiday
34. One Shape
35. Fruit
36. Midnight
37. Elf
38. Pageviews
39. Henshin (Transformation)
40. Fear
41. Under Water
42. Future
43. Mascot
44. Wings
45. New Art Medium
46. During A Battle
47. Vortex
48. Progress
49. Upside Down
50. Unseen
51. Flag
52. Princess
53. Prince
54. King
55. Queen
56. Sharp
57. Fading
58. No Color
59. Censored
60. East Meets West
61. Hologram
62. Tattoo
63. Dirt
64. Dinosaur
65. What If....
66. Portal
67. Lace
68. Envy
69. Study
70. End of the World
71. Graffiti
72. Silhouette
73. Robot
74. Tutorial
75. Death
76. Movie
77. Bird
78. Fun
79. Teeth
80. Jewelry
:icon100themeschallenge:100ThemesChallenge 506 245 More Like This
Art status PLZ |PlzCatalog
This is official PlzCatalog group's PLZ listing. Visit our page to find more lists.
If you know more or spot any errors please send us a note or comment below.
SweetDuke's set:
:iconplzcatalog:PlzCatalog 117 11 More Like This
Kawaii text faces 2
(╯°Д°)╯︵/(.□ . \)
(〜 ̄▽ ̄)〜
*・゜゚・*:.。..。.:*・'(*゚▽゚*)'・*:.。. .。.:*・゜゚・*
hi aki .
so  cute
:iconelladarkwolf3:EllaDarkWolf3 1,968 99 More Like This
~OC Art Contest! Over $55 in prizes!!~ Ends Jan 22
EDIT 2: The contest is being extended one final time, due to several requests from people! The ending date is being moved to Sunday, January 22nd! This will give everyone two additional weeks, plus it'll end on a weekend instead of a Tuesday!
EDIT: The contest deadline has been extended by a month! sstwinz and I realized that we won't be at a place with internet on the 3rd of December, and then with school finals and the holidays coming up, we decided to put it off until after New Years to give everyone plenty of time to complete their entries!
Also in other exciting news, we reached 30 participants, so prizes have increased by five dollars for each place!! Now you can win even more money, so make sure to enter if you haven't yet!! :heart:

Hi guys!!
I’m running another contest!! This time, though, there will be real money prizes (omg!). And I’ll be running this along with my sister sstwinz!

This is going t
:iconsstwins:SStwins 137 326 More Like This
No u PLZ
:bulletblue: Comic Meme
:bulletpink: Funny Plz
:bulletyellow: Pedobear
:bulletgreen: Random
:bulletred: No u!
:iconohuplz: :iconwhomeplz::iconyesuplz::iconwhymeplz::iconi-d-kplz::iconi-noplz:,:iconbcuzplz::iconusuckplz::iconoshitplz::iconfuckuplz::icontransparentplz::iconpwntplz::iconnoeveryoneplz::iconohuplz::iconuhoplz::iconohgodplz::iconnouplz2::iconnomeplz::iconnousplz::iconnothemplz::iconnouplz::iconnoblooplz::iconnoyouplz::iconnojewplz::iconnowhoplz::iconnouplz2::iconnouplz::iconnousplz::iconnouplz2::iconnomeplz::iconyesmeplz::iconnowhoplz::iconohuplz::iconuhoplz::iconohmaiplz:::iconfuckuplz::iconohusplz::iconohmeplz::iconnomarioplz::iconnoeveryoneplz::
:iconplz-icon:Plz-Icon 143 63 More Like This
Other [MSN] Plz
MSN Emoticon Sections
:bulletblue: Onion Club
:bulletpink: Yoyo & Cici
:bulletyellow: Tuzki
:bulletgreen: Dragon Brothers
:bulletpurple: Lazy Cat
:bulletred: Pyong/Fox Plz
:bulletblack: Other
:iconcutehiplz::iconhikawaiiplz: :iconhikawaii2plz::iconsweethugplz::iconkawaiihugplz::iconhyperplz::iconbunnyloveplz::iconsaranghaeplz::iconnyappyplz::iconkittyglompplz:
:iconplz-icon:Plz-Icon 143 24 More Like This
Variation 4
1. Life
2. Youth
3. Content
4. Change
5. Dreams
6. Pessimistic
7. Pirate
8. Novel
9. Doom
10. Garden
11. Sadness
12. Confusion
13. Freedom
14. Inevitable
15. Idle
16. Vampires
17. Convention
18. Roleplaying
19. Skull
20. Pain
21. Joy
22. Time
23. Warmth
24. Voodoo
25. Insomnia
26. Solitude
27. Zombies
28. Heaven
29. Evil
30. Weary
31. Candyland
32. Robot
33. Old-school
34. Puppets
35. Flight
36. Movie
37. What if...
38. Batman
39. Dance
40. O RLY???
41. Play
42. Uh-oh...
43. Duel
44. Sound Effect
45. Caption
46. Photo
47. Pants
48. Red
49. Fiesta
50. Percent
51. Soap Opera
52. Underwear
53. Stress
54. Froof
55. Mutation
56. Skeleton
57. Rock
58. Lies
59. Ninja
60. Message
61. Bugs
62. Effort
63. Bandaid
65. Imaginary
66. Fly Me to the Moon
67. Discovery
68. What?
69. Adhesive
70. Underworld
72. Mecha
73. Random
74. Video Game
75. Crisis
76. Insanity
77. Ice
78. Working Hard
79. Hardly Working
80. Sandwich
81. Clone
82. Clumsy
83. Keyboard
84. Hope
85. Song
:icon100themeschallenge:100ThemesChallenge 548 167 More Like This
Body/Head PLZ
:iconplz-icon:Plz-Icon 135 157 More Like This