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Emoticon by Me (Nichijou)
Okay, I'm just seperate it....
Hope you enjoyed it....

Nichijou © Arawi Keiichi

Aioi Yuuko Emoticon
Shocked ver.1 :iconyuukoshockniplz:
Shocked ver.2 :iconyukkoshockedniplz:
Feel sad??? :iconyukkosobniplz:
There are makes you happy??? :iconyuukoblingniplz:
Failed??? :iconyukkocryniplz:
Confused??? :iconyukkoconfuseniplz:
Ano... ummm... :iconyukkoshyniplz:
Let's go on!! Keep your spirit!!! :iconyukkoganbatteniplz:
AHA!!! Idea!!! :iconyukkoideaniplz:
Evil Smile... :iconyukkoevilsmileniplz:
ROFL :iconyukkoroflniplz:
HEAAAAAAAAAAH!!! :iconyukkopowerupniplz:
OTL :iconyukkootlniplz:
LIKE!!! :iconyukkolikeniplz:
Confidence! :iconyukkoconfidenceniplz:
Whoaaa :iconyukkowhoaniplz:
Kyaaaaa!!! :iconyukkohappyniplz:
GOD IS DEAD!!! :iconyukkogodisdeadniplz:
Hmmm.... :iconyukkothinkingniplz:
Very sad.... :iconyukkoverysadmadniplz:
Too sad... :iconyukkotoosadmadniplz:
I'm not stupid!!! :iconyuk
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TLECs 2nd Annual Training Show RESULTS UP
So, this is a wee bit late, please ignore the huge time gap. XD
TLEC has decided to once again, open its gates to the public for another large training show. This time, it was to be run a little differently. Last time was stressful, and thats not the point of a training show. With that being said, they set up the new list of classes and decided on a different judging style. This time, there would be playful classes as well, to make it more family oriented. 

- No fighting or harassment, we are an equal opportunity stable 
- All breeds may enter, but no unnatural powers may be used to get an advantage
- Judging is simple, both effort and rng for performance (guide will be listed below)
- Linearts, Photomanips, Trades, and Commissions may enter (tracing is allowed, at the very least list you have used a ref)
- Old entries may be submitted, but will receive a penalty for not fitting the setting
- No extra
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fave for a script starter!
comment for lit!
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Title System
What is the Title System? UPDATED
This is an ongoing event, meaning it has no deadline and you finish the drawing whenever you want.
Some competitions that give out titles like "Tracking Dog Excellent" are hard to find on dA. So below is a list of some titles that TKC provides.
APPROVALTo get an entry approved just submit to our folder "Title trials", if the deviation is accepted into the gallery the dog was accepted for the title.
 RULES1 headshot and/or 1 semi full body is ok per title series, not per level of title. 2 headshots are allowed if the event requires more than 4 images. (i.e one headshot and three fullbody images will get you MACh)
All images MUST have a background with at least three elements (i.e sky, ground, and foliage)The background may be part photo, the rest must be drawn.You may not re-use old lines, each drawing of the dog MUST be new.
If its a training picture the dog will not get the title.Dogs depicted as blobs of col
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Draw my OC Contest 2000+ Points Close
Winners will be featured on the front page of the group :iconKawaiiChibiAdopt:
Optional Group Raffle: 
*Added Early Bird Raffle (Raffle will be rolled 3 times. The 1st roll is the number of entries, 2nd will be the number of the 1st roll, 3rd will be the number of the 2nd roll, and the winner will be the number of the 3rd roll. Example 20 entries, 1st roll (1:20) rolled 17, 2nd roll (1:17) rolled 9, 3rd roll (1:9) rolled 2, so the winner is the 2nd entry. You will have a higher chance of winning if you submitted earlier than the others.)*
*Contest entry folder added ( )*
Advance merry Christmas and a happy new year to all. This contest is created so I can have new outfit for my characters.
Deadline: 31 JANUARY 2015 (extended IF THERE ARE LEss THAN 20 ENTRIES)
How to participate?<strong>
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Commissions CLOSED
-I am much more comfortable drawing females than males. Meaning that I'm more inclined to take your commission if you have a female character.
-I only draw humans or mostly-humanoid creatures. Meaning, I will not draw furry anthro. Tibumeru is PERFECTLY fine <3 In fact, I prefer to draw your tibus~
-I will not draw without a reference. 
-PROVIDE AN ACCEPTABLE REFERENCE {for more info on this, please scroll to the bottom}
-I do not work on descriptions.
-I do not draw hentai
-I do not draw canon characters
-I do not draw detailed backgrounds

-I now WILL draw (at most) two people in one picture. I will NOT draw ship-stuff though. (Can draw three people in one picture IF and ONLY IF they're doing nothing but really just standing there and posing)

-I can now design c
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124 Watcher Contest [CLOSED]
Hello and Welcome to my second ContestRacing Girl Emoji (Heart shot wink) [V3] 
With the Contest i would like to say thanks for 124 Watcher. Any from you are amazing:bademoticon: 
So as in my first Contest I do not know again, what else I can tell everything to the rest, the rest still follows. Is probably  that I do not want to stop talkingSweating a little... 
Ah, before I forget, thank you again to all participants and donors hug 

Thank you for your interest and GOOOOOOD LUCK~!
If you are Interested-so you can Join!

 Create an original piece specifically pic for this contest.
Submit it in my
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Lakeside Event **CLOSED** JUDGED
Lakeside Event

Running: from now

Deadline: August 15th 2017
Yeah! Finally a new event on RQS grounds!
It's running at spring and summer. It will be a big event. It will run a whole week.
Three Day Event, Dressage, Show Jumping, Cross Country, Halter

General Rules: 
Bullet; Blue Will be judged two times. Effort based and RNG. (RNG will be judged on
Bullet; Blue pre-registration isn't required.
Bullet; Blue Every class have own rules. Please read them, too. 
Bullet; Blue No photo backgrounds.
Bullet; Blue No free linearts.
Bullet; Blue No commission entries. 
Bullet; Blue Tracing is allowed, please give a link to the reference in the description of your
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Rider Training Course
I think everybody has a similar problem when they work on creating a stable: new riders.
There are plenty of training courses for the horses, but who is going to train your green riders?  Equibreak has stepped up to the challenge and has created a rider's training course!  This course is open for everyone and anyone; all humanoid species are allowed, provided they are physically capable of riding a horse.
Bullet; Yellow Bullet; Yellow Just like the horse training course, the rider training program also requires five images.Bullet; Yellow Bullet; Yellow 
- Grooming
- Leading a horse
- Riding their first lesson
- Riding Alone
- Final: Discipline Training
Of course, there are many other things to do to train your riders.  While the possibilities are endless, we've listed a few suggestions below.
:iconequibreak:equiBREAK 64 63 More Like This
{ starter call . }
{ favorite for a script starter ! - comment for a lit starter ! }
{ - i accidentally deleted a majority of the previous starter requests ??? feel free to re - favorite or comment again ! - }
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ATLA OC Couples Contest || Winners Announced

Update: We are now in the process of judging the entries. We hope to have the entries judged and the winners chosen by Tuesday Feb. 21st.
My friend theblindbandit1 and I are going to host a contest. She's been asking to do one together for awhile; and we finally decided which couples people can choose from (we have so many!). We want one of our couples drawn together in a valentines/love type pose.
- Anyone can join. Even if you don't think you are good enough. Try!
- Visual entry only (traditional, digital, animated)
- You can enter up to two entries. But only one can win.
- Must have 15 entrants or this contest is cancelled.
- All work must be your own (credited pose references are allowed)
- NSFW is allowed
- The entries will be judged by me and my friend theblindbandit1 and will be given scores out of 120 points.
Draw one of our couples
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Daily Life Contest!~ (CLOSED)
Anime Daily Life Contest!
Time for our May Contest. I hope many of you will enter. We didn't get any entries for our Cosplay Contest but I think many people were confused about that...Nothing confusing about this!
NOTE: There will be no extension for any contest we host. If no one enters, that contest is voided. If only one preson enters, that person wins a cancellation prize!
:star:--------------------------[CONTEST INFO]--------------------------:star:
:bulletblue:THEME: Daily Life Contest! Draw your favorite anime character(s) in their daily life. What do they do every day, train? search for treasure? write in a death notebook or just hang out? Be Creative!
:bulletblue:MEDIA: Traditional/Digital/Written/Sketch/Painting
:bulletblue:START AND END DATES: May 4th- July 4th
- Must be a member of AnimeContestGalore
- Must be a NEW drawing submitted after May 4th
- Can only enter once. No
:iconanimecontestgalore:AnimeContestGalore 21 63 More Like This
I thought trying to hold a contest would be interesting, so here we go!!
You don't need to be watching me to enter, but if you are watching me and you win, you might get a little extra prize! Don't watch me just for the chance of an extra prize though.
All art mediums are acceptable, and you're welcome to enter multiple times if you wish!
You're allowed to use bases for your art if you'd like, but note that it will not do as well in judging as a completely original piece. If I find out you have traced any of your entries, you will be disqualified from this and all further contests.
You’re allowed to do NSFW artwork if you’d like, but make 100% sure you run it by me first(telling me what character you’re planning on drawing and how you’re planning to draw them). If I tell y
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TKC Point System
What is the Point System?
The point system was created to give something back for those drawings you make and the titles you earn. You dont have to do this, it's only for fun. Point systems are made to encourage people to draw their dogs, and also to have a goal to reach for. The points are not the dA currency points, it's just a made up system, think of it as experience points just like a game.
SIMPLE GUIDEFor example, if you created a new dog without any parents, the dog starts with 0xp, every single thing the dog earns and every drawing you make of the dog gives the dog xp, eventually when the dog has gathered enough xp the dog may be awarded one of our 5 ranks. XP may also be passed on to offspring.
TERMS OF USEPlease reply to the appropriate comment of the Rank Approval journal if you want your dog ranked-checked.
You can not earn a title from TKC if the drawing was made for an unaffiliated group or contest not hosted by TKC.
NEW! As of 16/3/1
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Artist Alley 101: The Basics/Applying for a Table
Artist Alley 101: A Practical and Fun Guide to Selling Your Art at Conventions
Hello everyone! After being a member of several artist alleys for many years, I thought I should share my knowledge with you in a practical and (hopefully) fun guide!
This is meant to be a good start for those who have never been a part of an artist alley before, as well as a nice refresher to those of you who are veterans of alleys everywhere! I will try to be as detailed as possible while making the information easy to reference and read through.
I will be submitting this in parts with links to the previous and next parts. I also am working on getting more pictures up so you can have visual references as well.
Hope you enjoy, and feedback is definitely appreciated! Let me know your thoughts, reactions, some of your own alley stories, as well as suggestions I can add! I definitely haven't thought of everything, so if you have new ideas to share, I'd love to hear them!
Let's get started!
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Foal Training Course
For all those ambitious people among us, we now have the Foal training course! Of course this is completely optional and if you want, you can skip right onto the Horse Course!
Bullet; Yellow Bullet; Yellow We require only five images to complete the foal course. However, feel free to make as many as you like! Bullet; Yellow Bullet; Yellow 
1.1. Weaning from the Mother
1.2. First time eating hay in an separate stall*
2. Wearing a Halter
3. To be lead
4. Accepting the feel of a blanket
5. Foal Inspection
*This is mainly for wild horses, orphans and youngstock between the age of 1 and 3
Are you done with your mandatory images? Well, we would love to see these as well! Show off those foals and get them ready for their future careers!
:iconequibreak:equiBREAK 110 173 More Like This
The results!

[Update 3: More prizes + NEW CHARACTER]
[Update 2: More prizes + 3rd place added]
[Update: more references + alternate outfit]
Be creative! Go with whatever theme you would like!
You can enter as many times as you want!
Use the references as a guide, but you don't have to follow them exactly~
Can be traditional or Digital!
Fiction/Fanfiction is accepted!
Bases and Doll makers are not allowed
Please no mature tag
Visual Art only (no literature)

will increase over time

1st Prize:

  800Sweet Points by Sukiie from Cerosuu
Tiny Heart by socksyy 1 Month Premium Membership (or the equivalent in points)
Tiny Heart by socksyy  1
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Negative Smilies PLZ Guide!
Last Updated: 1/20/15

:iconcasey-star:Casey-Star 291 35 More Like This
Icons accessories PLZ |PlzCatalog
This is official PlzCatalog group's PLZ listing. Visit our page to find more lists.
If you know more or spot any errors please send us a note or comment below.
Check out fast version here.
Bottom part:
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DARPG Personality Maker RNG
To Use:
For each category simply open up and put 1 in the min section and the max number given next to each category in the max section and hit generate. Do this with all or only some of the categories, if you don't like what you get you can always re-role.
Works best if you add multiple quirks and fears.
Made by
:iconLivid-Star: :iconMeg006: :iconKique7:
Base Personality 1-50
1. Lazy: I don't focus. Being a couch potato is more appealing.
2. Energybomb: ZIP! ZOOM! WEEEE! I'm hyper active and that means I'm really hard to train and getting my attention will take a lot of patience. I will need a lot of activation to tire me out.
3. Snob: Hmmpft…You're not good enough to command me .
4. Bipolar: WOO I'm focused! I'm happy! I'm annoyed and refuse to do anything you tell me.
5. Nervous: I heard something out there…I'm pretty sure I heard something…*perks ears and stares intently*
6. Dumb: Remembering all of those commands and obstacles is hard. You'll have t
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Artist Alley 101: Things to Consider/Resources
Hello everyone! Welcome to the 4th and final part of my Artist Alley tutorial!
This is meant to be a good start for those who have never been a part of an artist alley before, as well as a nice refresher to those of you who are veterans of alleys everywhere! I will try to be as detailed as possible, but make the information easy to reference and read through!
Hope you enjoy, and feedback is definitely appreciated! Let me know your thoughts, reactions, some of your own alley stories, as well as if you have any suggestions to add to this tutorial! I definitely haven't thought of everything, so if you had new ideas to share, I'd love to hear them!
Here are the links to Part 1 Part 2 and Part 3
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Artist Alley 101: Displaying Your Work/DOs n DONTs
Hello everyone! Welcome to Part 3 of my Artist Alley 101 guide!
This is meant to be a good start for those who have never been a part of an artist alley before, as well as a nice refresher to those of you who are veterans of alleys everywhere! I will try to be as detailed as possible while making the information easy to reference and read through!
Hope you enjoy, and feedback is definitely appreciated! Let me know your thoughts, reactions, some of your own alley stories, as well as if you have any suggestions to add to this tutorial! I definitely haven't thought of everything, so if you have new ideas to share, I'd love to hear them!
Here are the links to Part 1 and Part 2 if you'd like to take another look!
Part 3
Displaying Your Work/DOs and DONTs When Runnin
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TKC Health Test [CLOSED]
What is the Health Test?
We have adapted the health test to correspond to the breeding rules that are seen in the majority of the kennels here. Among those most commonly seen rules are 'only realistic colors' and no hereditary illnesses'. If your dog passes this test, he, or she is sure to be accepted as a breeding partner in the majority of kennels here on DARPG.
The TKC Health Test was made to encourage kennels to keep a proper check on their pedigrees. It is also a breedable dogs list with more of a stricter selection, where only healthy dogs with well-recorded bloodlines are listed to make it easier for breeders who want to stay clear of inbreedings to pick their partners. You can also health test litters, giving an extra boost of xp.
The TKC Standard
One part of the health test includes the breed standard and how well the dog corresponds to it.
Our mods will look at all standards from the major kennel clubs in real lif
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TKC Puppy Training Program
TKC Puppy Training Program
The TKC Puppy Training Program is a new program designed to get dog owners and their pups off to a good start.
The program is an incentive for loving dog owners who have taken the time to take their puppies through a basic training class.
The classes will teach you how to best communicate with your puppy. Organized training classes also provide an opportunity for your dog to socialize with other dogs. In classes aimed at earning the TKC Puppy Training Program Certificate of Achievement, you’ll be able to get information on all of your puppy-raising questions including housetraining, chewing, and the most effective way to teach practical skills such as coming when called and much more.
Each user will be allowed to have 2 pups tested every week.You can not re-test your puppy.Only puppies from the ages of 8 weeks - 1 year will be allowed to participate.Puppies must complete 3 tests in order t
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