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"Is this some kind of a joke? This looks like it was made for a doll!"
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"Listen, normie-my friend and I are full grown Titanesses. I remember what it was like being you when I was in my teens before I got The Treatments. Those dishes would be fine for you and other normies-but LOOK AT US. You think this is really going to satisfy MY hunger? It's ok,don't pout, it's a simple mistake, no biggie. Just go back to your kitchen manager and tell him or her that you have 2 hungry, full grown Titanesses outside and you need portion sizes for THEM. If you need help carrying the plates, ask for it. Can you do that for us, honey? If you do *takes her glasses off and smiles in the waitresses' face, whose a bit intimidated by the giant blonde's beauty and deep, powerful voice*-I'll make sure you get a Titan size tip." *the waitress smiles and runs back to the kitchen*

*her friend frowns at her* "Trish, you're WAY too nice to the hired help. I'm SURE we're not the first Big Gals to order in this place. She just didn't want to take the time to go back to the kitchen and correct the order."

"Yeah,but so what, Lisa? Never hurts to be nice to someone, does it?"

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Yes... I can see where that would be a problem! :-)

Thanks for another great pic!

Pick up the waitress and slap her!

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Big Gals NEED big helpings!

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Nice! I wonder how strong are the chairs, to support the two ladies =P