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Oui! There is another OC!
Name : Albert

Nicknames : Zero

Species : Inkling

Gender : Male

Age : 22

Default Ink Color : White

Personality : A Normally Calm and collected type, he almost never lets his emotions get the better of him, he is quite intelligent when it comes to planning and carrying out strategies / tactics, and is unusually selfless to the point that he could get himself severely hurt while saving others, but such selflessness usually pisses off a lot of his comrades, and might be extremely hard to be able for him to trust others, due from the natural competitiveness of inklings.

Sexual Orientation : Heterosexual ( single )

Likes : Organization, Honesty, Inklings who act under a noble cause, studying Archaic tactics used by previous civilizations prior to the Mollusk era.

Dislikes : Watching his comrades get hurt, Comrades who are willing to betray one another just to get an edge, having pieces of history (mainly from the time prior to the extinction of humans) be wiped out or destroyed.

Weapons of Choice : at times he would use a slightly modified E- Liter 3K, but only when he is from afar, to take the first shot, but when he is up close, he has a dualie squelchers to handle the problem, but if he is unable to use his ranged weapons, he has a Ink Brush to answer for the melee problem.

Nationality : German
hey Look, an OC.
Name : Ursula

Nicknames : The First Lieutenant, The Black Overseer

Species : Octarian ( subspecies : Octoling )

Gender : Female

Age : 22

Default Ink Color : Black

Personality : A Wild Card for the Octarian Army, She is manipulative to the point that characters could unknowingly trust her, only to have them backstabbed at the last minute, has a strange sort of superiority complex, and her agility and ferocity in combat proves so, and she considers the weak to be useless And unneeded and should be exterminated off the face of the world, But, She occasionally gets lost on where she is going, and can be outmatched those who have a higher level than her, and behind closed doors, she plots of unheard of ideas, ideas that are not ever thought of by the higher ups...

Sexual Orientation : Heterosexual ( refuses to have a form of relationship whatsoever )

Likes : to purge the those who are useless / ineffective for combat from the face of the world, and replace them with the strong, even if it means to exterminate a portion of her own kind, and To manipulate others to assist her with her goals.

Dislikes : being outmatched, outclassed, and Loathes those who get in her way of her goal., and deadlines

Weapon of Choices : At melee range, she uses a Octobrush Nouveau, but for ranged combat, she uses two weapons, one of which is a modified version of an octoshot, along with a heavily modified sploosh-o-matic

Nationality : British



Made with pride by the DeviantArt community BROWSE ALL ART

I can't believe that this is my anniversary of existence-

let me check the memories I made-


thanks WestwardEggplant for dragging me to Jojo hell.

I'd better next up thank myself for dragging myself to a million other hells.

Id like to thank a lot of people who I met-

by the ways, I thank WestwardEggplant, and TheHeroZzz  for dragging me into splatoon hell-

but on a shorter note, Thanks everyone!

i hope all of you have a spectacular Day, Week, Month, and Year!

one last note..!

i sincerely recommend you guys to watch BaselZmediacenter, WestwardEggplant!
 These two are really good people and its best you guys take a look, and their art styles are really good, and each are improving on a lot of things!

so i suggest you take a look!

But anyways, I hope you all have a fabulous day, week, month, and years to come!

signed, your Friendly Neighborhood Firebending Trash.
  • Listening to: Jojo Sono Chino Sadame but its ear rapingly loud
  • Watching: A Compilation of Ora Ora Ora vs Muda Muda Muda
  • Playing: Team Fortress 2
  • Eating: Steak
  • Drinking: Mountain Dew


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Edward the Egg
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Greetings, I am your friendly neighborhood Firebending alchemist that is also a Medic, that is a mixed hybrid between an inkling, A fucking nation, somehow a robot, a gem, and is sexually identified as an attack helicopter~

((Jkjk, so, welcome to my profile!))

I am a person who draws for the sake to sate my boredom.
Criticism is allowed on everything that is under my gallery, and I understand people have different opinions so you don't have to cause a flame war over opinions.

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