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WSHtpc-Mordred 0.8.0

After several months and a few revisions, this theme is starting to mature. You must possess some knowledge of how to setup foobar themes on your own, because I don't have the time to create a simple drop in theme at the moment.

NOTE: This theme is intended for running on a HTPC media front end. The purpose is to display LARGE album art as well as some meta information, and provide basic control of what's playing. It includes a playlist viewer/switcher, but you're typically going to want to search your library. I recommend using foo_http_control, or adding some CUI Filters or Facets to another panel. Everything in this theme goes in a single WSHPanelMod window that you can place anywhere.

To install, unpack the RAR to your foobar configuration folder (typically "C:\Usersname\AppData\Roaming\foobar2000"). Install the fonts. Create a layout with a main WSHPanelMod window. Under foobar "Preferences >> Tools >> WSH Panel Mod" make sure Safe mode is unchecked.

Configure the WSHPanel by clicking on it and replace the code in the window with the entire contents of the WSHtpc-Mordred.txt file (should be 11 lines or so) in the root of the rar file. Hit okay, and pray that everything works. 


1) Fonts are included in the theme. Install as needed.
2) There are TONS of settings/options. About half are available from the Properties menu, the rest need to be edited in the WSHtpc-Mordred.js file.
3) Paths (for images/lyrics/etc.) are typically hard coded as arrays which will be searched one at a time. You'll probably want to edit those in WSHtpc-Mordred.js.
4) CD/Vinyl art must ALWAYS be .PNGs and must use one of the following file naming styles: CD.png, CD1.png, CD2.png, vinyl.png, vinylA.png, vinylB.png, etc. The theme does not support double digit CD art (i.e. CD10.png won't work).
5) I added a lot of title formatting things to the properties so you can replace standard fields with your own fancy versions.
6) If you access your library wirelessly, or just not on the same computer, you should probably turn on image caching. It will save you tons of network traffic. 

CDart/vinylart uses the 1000x1000 transparent PNG size specified by where I'm a moderator. I recommend using AlbumArtDownloader with the script which I authored to download these for your library.

Image Packs

The theme uses several different image packs. You can choose which ones you'd like to use. There are a lot more Low-Res Band logos than HQ ones, so I recommend grabbing them both, although a lot of the low-res ones suck. They all need to be unrar'd into a folder called images in your configuration folder. (i.e. the path should be "%fb2k_profile_path%\images\recordlabel")
Record Label logos - 20MB:
HQ Band Logos (800x310) - 53MB:
Low-Res Band Logos (160px wide) - 52MB:
Codec Logos - 61kb:
Country Flags - 200kb:

I created a lot of the logos myself, and uploaded them to Everything but the Low-Res logos and the Country Flags can be found there. 

The original inspiration for this theme (and still the basic bones) comes from Odjo's excellent HTPC Fullscreen Panel themes (…. The Playlist manager was stolen and modified from eXtremeHunter's excellent CaTRoX theme.


0.8.0 - August 30th, 2014
  • Queuing tracks immediately refreshes tracklist
  • Added border to pause button so that it doesn't disappear on completely black artwork
  • Improved record label logo positioning (particularly with CD/Vinyl art) and multi-logo handling
© 2014 - 2021 MordredKLB
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The Dropbox links give 404
Hi, this is a great foobar2000, it is the one I use the most. I have a question: I don't understand how to integrate Cd art in this skin. When you say Cd art do you refer to the *software* Cd art display? I don't catch it...
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Sorry for the late reply here. cdArt refers to images stored in the folder with your music that take the form cd.png, cd1.png, vinyl.png, vinylA.png, etc. The cdArt (or vinylArt) must be transparent pngs, and the images are typically obtained from
HI there,
I am truly appreciative of the theme you created. I have managed to get everything except for one thing, the transport control buttons are not showing correctly; instead of the stop, back track, pause, forward track symbols etc being displayed, I have the numbers 3, 7, 2, 8 being displayed. I probably missed something important. I am hoping you can give me a pointer as to where the problem might be.
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That means that you haven't installed the fonts needed for the theme. Check in the fonts directory and install "Guifx v2 Transports.ttf". That should fix the problem.
fixed that. Thanks.
Hello, first off I'd like to say I absolutely love this theme. Second, I'm a complete newbie at this stuff and how I got it to work is beyond me. The only question I have is how do I get the record label logos to show up? I've created the images\recordlabel folders in the foo2k configuration folder and put the images for the recordlabels in there. Then I created a new field (this is probably where I went wrong) in the metadata called ''recordlabel'' (I also tried just ''label'') and nothing seemed to happen. I can't really figure out how this is supposed to work, could you maybe help me with this? Other than that; great theme, I'll be using it for a long time.
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Are the band logos working for you? For record labels, it looks in both the "Publisher" field and the "Label" field as they are both fairly common and then removes duplicates.

My guess is that the path you extracted the labels to is probably incorrect. They need to be in %fb2k_profile_path%images\recordlabel\ which on my system can be gotten by entering this path in Windows Explorer: "%appdata%\foobar2000\images"

If the path is correct and all the images are there then it's possible you were testing a record label that I don't have an image for. Try a simple one like Columbia or Epic. What the script does is take whatever label it finds in the tag and then removes "Records" "Recordings" and "Music" from the end of that string and then searches for the label image. That way "Columbia", "Columbia Records" and "Columbia Recordings" will all find the exact same image. Let me know if you're still having problems.
Hey, sorry for a stupid question: How to configure the WSHPanel?
UPDATE: after I import the txti received an error.

Scripting Engine Initialization Failed ({3A25ABC5-07B0-42F4-88C9-82F38F44C454} by Mordred, CODE: 0x80020101)
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Can you clear the console, and then paste the text into WSHPanel. And then copy and paste the entire error contents of the console here? I'm guessing there might be a missing component or something.
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Just uploaded version 0.8.0. I think I can say we're out of beta.

  • Queuing tracks immediately refreshes tracklist
  • Added border to pause button so that it doesn't disappear on completely black artwork
  • Improved record label logo positioning (particularly with CD/Vinyl art) and multiple record label logo handling
Hi! Thanks for such a good skin. I only have one question: Is there a way to spin the "CD" or "Vinyl" the whole time while is playing?
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Unfortunately there's not a great way to do this. It could be done by rendering 36 different intermediate images and then rotating through them, but that would take up a lot of time and memory on song load, would be slow, and would slow down the processing of all the other crap the theme does.
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The skin looks really good, though I'm having some problems with it, did all that was informed on the instructions, but the WSH panel shows nothing but a white screen (am I missing something?), here's the image of how it is…, even with only the wsh window nothing loads from the script, I put all of the files at the configuration folder as the instructions say.
I'm getting this as well. Not sure what I'm doing wrong :(
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The issue is presumably that the script can't find the files in the directory they're expected to be in. I'd check the console, and see where it's looking for those files and make sure the theme is installed properly.

Do you guys have a portable install set up? That might be the issue... I don't know for sure where the %fb2k_profile_path% points to in that case.
I'm using a installed setup at "C:\Program Files (x86)\foobar2000". So I don't think that's the cause for my problem.

EDIT: Messed around a bit and turns out %fb2k_profile_path% points to "C:\Users\User Name\AppData\Roaming\foobar2000". I think I misunderstood the instruction you gave above. I originally extracted the files to "C:\Users\User Name\AppData\Roaming\foobar2000\configuration" since you mentioned "unpack the RAR to your foobar configuration folder".

Thanks for your time and sorry for the trouble ^^
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Glad you got it working! Sorry for the delay in responding!
Please, help! How can i get view like on screen shot (without main menu and status bar)?
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You have to install the WSHPanel in Columns UI. Under Settings > Columns UI > Main Tab -- uncheck 'Show Toolbars'.
Under Settings > Columns UI > Status Bar -- uncheck 'Show Status Bar'.
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Great choice of music :)
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How to display the national flag, I is the MP3 format songs,MP3 format should be embedded in which one tag to display the national flag.THK
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Is it just me that can't find WSHtpc-Mordred.txt file in the root. I would like to try this out but I can't atm.
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