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Layout producenta jachtów motorowych.
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Bardzo mi się podoba
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Fajny projekt, prosty i elegancki zarazem, oby klientowi się spodobał ;)
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Projekt nie był robiony na zlecenie. Wpadłem na dość ciekawy pomysł układu strony, pokombinowałem troszkę i oto co powstało. ;)
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W takim razie efekt udany ;)
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Everything is cool but that shadow from blue part to white one is too bad. Maybe some more colorization and lightening of that shadow will correct the situation. Cheers!
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I wanted separated this two parts because, blue part is more important. The transition was supposed to be visible. ;)
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I understand that but I'm talkin' not about the separation itself but about the way you choose to do it. In my opinion shadow's looking like a dirt, not like a shadow and it is out of the rest style...
However it's only my thoughts about your design and I can be wrong =)
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It's probably better if the shadow was on the bottom part not the upper one and that the shadow was white so it keeps with the style, because there was not much of black in the design that it might of made the shadow look out of place.
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