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Steel plates with pipes: Rainmeter Dieselpunk HUD

By Mordasius
This is an updated and de-rusted version of the Rusty plates and pipes Steampunk-HUD.  The rust has gone and a few other tweaks and updates take the collection into the 20th Century.  Just move your mouse around and click every now and again to see what has changed.  The skins included in the .rmskin package are:

A Wallpaper Frame:- this gives the top and bottom plates along with screw rods on the left and right to provide background for the skins which can be slapped on top of any wallpaper of your choice.
CPU:- shows a line-graph of CPU usage (linear and logarithmic scales) plus separate tube gauges for up to six cores.  Also shows the process grabbing most of the CPU resources.
FeedReader:- An RSS/Atom feedreader built around Kaelri's Reader.lua script. Feed items are sorted by date/time and anything less than an hour old is bulleted.  Number indicators to the right show how many 'new' items have been posted on each feed.
HDDs:- Gauges show the used space on 1-4 hard drives. Left-click on the gauges to open the drive. Right-click on the skin to change the drive letters. A button towards the bottom-left opens the recycle bin.
Launcher:- There are eight buttons in the bottom-center of the screen that activate / close various skins.  Right-click on the skin and you can make changes to launch programs or open folders.
Music player:- A basic music player that works with a variety of media players. Right-click anywhere on the skin to change the music player being used.
Network:- shows the current upload and download speeds on a line-graph along with the latest ping return time.  Right-click on the skin to set the best up and download speeds for your network.
RAMpage:- gauges showing RAM and Pagefile memory usage combined with a spectrum analyzer and volume control.
Spectrum analyzer / Volume Control:- Displays levels of audio output using the Audio Level Plugin by dgrace.  The under-slider can be used to mute or change audio volume (use the center mouse wheel).  Mute by clicking on the 'Volume' button.
StormQuake:- shows the location of tropical storms and recent earthquakes having a magnitude of 4.5 or greater on the Richter scale. Click on the "sun" button to toggle the world sunlight map on and off.
Weather:- Weather skin showing the current temperature, barometric pressure, wind direction and probability of precipitation.  Click on the bottom right '3-Day' button for a 3-day forecast from the Weather Channel. Right-click anywhere on the skin to change the weather settings for your location.

User Settings: Change the settings such as Weather Code, Feed URLs, HDD letters, Music Player Name, etc. by right-clicking on the skin and looking under 'Custom Skin Actions'.

Note: these skins were intended for use on a 1920x1080 display.  I can't find where the wallpaper included in the .rmskin package came from, but you can use any wallpaper you like and it will show through (in places).

You will need the latest .Beta version of Rainmeter to run these skins. Get it from here:->

Updated 14TH May 2016: Modified the weather skin to get the updated feed from
Updated 11 August 2018: Updated TopProcesses and Disk read/write to use the UsageMonitor plugin - much more efficient.
UPDATE 7th April 2020 - Added a settings skin to set weather variables - Right-click anywhere on the Weather skin to change the settings.
UPDATE 1st December 2020 - Updated the weather skin to incorporate the latest patches by jsmorley.

© 2015 - 2021 Mordasius
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looks Awesome !

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Thanks for this SilverAzide.  I have incorporated your patch in latest version which can be downloaded above..
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The weather portion isn't working. There's an issue with The Weather Channel and all skins that use it for data are borked. Sucks, neat looking skin otherwise but since what I wanted it for isn't working..... *sigh*

Mordasius's avatar

People are looking for alternatives One alternative is….   I will try to adapt this to the Dieselpunk HUD theme at the weekend.

Hey there... any luck on updating/adapting the fix to the Dieselpunk and Steampunk HUDs as of yet? I use a tweaked version of your Steampunk HUD and all I need is to get the weather going again. :)

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I'll be working from home for a while and will probably have time to come up with a working version over the next week or so.
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I went with DeluxeWeatherTimebar. It's not really the asthetic I was going for but it's at least working. So I've got a modern and olde style blend and it's eh... okay but hopefully wxdata returns at some point.

Deluxe Weather Time Bar
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Woowwww.....Siippp Bro.Maknyuusss.

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Well thanks.  I hope most of it is still working but many of the skins are due for an update to keep up with the latest additions to Rainmeter.
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This is amazing,

ive been using it with a animated wallpaper of Volumetric clouds that i altered to slightly rotate/shake so it looks like i am flying.

The Ram Spectrum doesn't work for me however, it just stays empty. Any idea what could be the problem?
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Have you tried clicking the left-hand "pause" button?  That toggles the analyser on and off.
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Very nicee !!!
Mordasius's avatar
Thanks.  However, I suggest you download it again as I have just updated a couple of skins to be more efficient and use less CPU.
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Hi, I am new to the rainmaker.  As a retired Air Force guy, this skin (theme) really caught my attention.  I have 3 monitors so how can I stretch Wallpaper Frame over all three?
Mordasius's avatar
I've never had three working monitors at the same time so I've no experience of that type of thing.  How about… or…
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This skin uses a beautiful wallpaper background
Very nice. Thanks.
Very well done, I really like it.
Palliden7's avatar
Cool wallpaper.
nightrocker70's avatar
Bitchin! I dig it:)
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Awesome,I havent d/led a full suite in years but this caught my detail seeking eye.Thank you so much for all the labor.
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where did you get the cloud background? or is that included?
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