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Market Prices

This has been replaced by a skin using for stock and share prices.

Get a working version here:->…

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Is it possible to change the font color and size of the "stock prices" title, only?

Amazing skin, thank you!! Can anyone let me know how I can add more lines please?

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No point adding lines to this skin as it doesn't work anymore. Please use the link given above.

I can not thank you enough, this is truly a great Skin, It has become my desktop must-have for everyday use Mordasius 
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I'm surprised to hear this skin is still working.  I haven't dared to look at any market prices over the past week ago.

Hi Mordasius, the skin is great and very useful! To show my portfolio, I would just like to have the stock price times the amount of stocks. Is it possible to change the amount of stocks in the ini file? Like 10 or 100 times.. etc.

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This version of the skin doesn't work any more.  Please check the Get a working version here: -> link above.

As to having a skin that shows the value of your portfolio rather than the price of individual stocks, that is very possible and I have a skin that does that on my desktop.  I'll see if I can't tidy it up a bit and post it on deviant art over the weekend.

Hi Mordasius, that is really great! Thanks a lot! I already have a skin at the moment with some stock and ETF prices, but the next step would be to show the portfolio overview. Kind of like a platform computergame, but then for real ;) Have a nice weekend!

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Does this do what you want?             Rainmeter - MyPortfolio by Mordasius

Yes, thats perfect! Great! However, the downloadlink does not work to download the files..

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The download link on the DA page is working for me.   Left-click on the image above then left-click on the [Download] button in the top-right of the page.
Hi Mordasius, thank you for an excellent skin. Looks like it has finally stopped working, I guess changed something. I understand that this is an old skin, but it has proved extremely useful to me and I'm sure I speak for many others too. So, if you have some time to spare, please consider an update.

Thanks again for everything that you do!
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Yup. I see what you mean.  I'll take a look at it over the weekend.  Thanks for the heads-up.
I love this skin, thanks a lot! Nod Nod 

I've been trying to add an additional ticker. It is fully functional and retrieves data, but its name doesn't show.

Any idea what's wrong?
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What stock are you trying to track?   I noticed that the label for the S&P 500 (^GSPC) is also missing.  It's been a long time since I looked at this skin but if you let me know what you are trying to view I'll see if I can get it working.…

It's like this. The stock that at the bottom is Unilever PLC (UL). But it is never the same stock. Whichever stock is located at the bottom loses its name.
However, I can still click where the name should be and be directed to the right yahoo finances page.
I cant figure out how to get it up to 16 rows. instead of 8.   Attached (I think) is the link to the ini file.   I can get all 16 rows to show up but everything is blank.… 
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Looks like an error in the expanded URL you've used.   I've sent you a PM giving some hints on how to get it working properly.
HI Mordasius,

how if we change default stock label from bloomberg to like this:
Nindex2=FTSE 100…

because datafeed is realtime.
but when i change it on it doesn't update new data.

your help will be appreciate

Thank very much for your help
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Unfortunately you'll need a completely different regular expression to read data from
If I want it, how must i pay..?
i just want it realtime price second per second because if it from the delay 10 minutes.
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Sorry I don't do Rainmeter skins on a commission basis.   Also hitting a website every second to get price data would probably get your IP banned.
OK. thanks you
it's great skin
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