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Hijri Calendar / Prayer Times



This Hijri Calendar also shows the Islamic prayer times for your location. Left-clicking on the minarets will switch the calendar between Arabic, local names and a Gregorian calendar with Windows 'locale' settings. You can change the local names using either Latin or non-Latin scripts (like Arabic/Persian/Pashto) for names of the days and months in the Months& file.

The moon shading changes with the date. The background image can be changed by clicking in the top-left of the calendar. Clicking on the date will show/hide the prayer times. Clicking on the prayer times will show a 'prayer times' panel which can be customised with local names for the prayers. The Adhan can be toggled on/off at the bottom of the prayer times panel.  Click on the settings icon (bottom right) to edit the file.

The Fajr angle, Isha angle, Juristic method and method for calculating Fajr and Isha at higher latitudes can all be adjusted in the file. Please note that, as the prayer times are based on calculation rather than observation, you should allow +/- 4 minutes for Fajr, +/- 1 minute for Dhuhr, and +/- 3 minutes for Maghrib.  Please check with your local mosque to get the most accurate times.

The .rmskin file is quite large at 5.8 MB because of the Adhan.wav file which is a converted ringtone by Hafiz-Zeeshan-Kasimuddin….
The moon shade images are from Visions+ by sgtevmckay…

If you have any suggestions or questions concerning the skin, you'll get a quicker response if you contact me on the Rainmeter forums….

UPDATED:  6 Dec 2013 - Added settings to change the Hijri date at sunset and allow manual adjustments to the Hijri date (both in the in the file).
                 7  Feb 2019 - Changed the pop-up skin used to set your location, latitude and longitude.
                 26 May 2021 - Corrected error for fractional time zones
                 4 November 2021 - Added ability to switch between 12hr am/pm format and 24 hr format
                                                 (right-click anywhere on the skin and use the 'Change Convention' option)
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