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FeedReader II w/ sorting

This is an adaptation of the Reader skin by Kaelri…. It requires  Rainmeter 4.2  (r3111) or higher.  Get Rainmeter from

What sets this apart from most other RSS/Atom FeedReaders is that:

1) It sorts news items by date/time so that you only see the most recent items from sites like the BBC, the Guardian and the New York Times that don't sort their feeds. Other FeedReaders just show a mish-mash of new and old stuff that is not sorted chronologically.

2) It shows 'bullet-marks' for all items that are less than an hour old ( you can change the value for how old you want a 'new' feed to be in the [Variables] section of the skin), and

3) It trims Rainmeter Forum Feeds down to the topic titles.

If you have any problems with the skin, you'll get a quicker response if you raise them on the Rainmeter Forums… rather than with comments here.

Updated 04 October 2012 to use the more reliable Reader script by Kaelri…
Updated 08 February 2014 to allow custom feed titles (click on the icon in the bottom-right to edit the feed URLs and custom titles)
Updated 05 October 2018 to include the Wingdings and Webdings fonts that may be missing for those using Windows 10
© 2012 - 2021 Mordasius
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Is there a way when refreshing to not change bars? It seems to always go to the last one, or random some times
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No I'm sorry, but when the skin is refreshed it reads all the feeds to check if there are any new news items to display.  Some sites respond quicker than others so you can't be sure of the order in which they are displayed.  I suppose it would be possible to have the skin always display one particular feed after refreshing but I'd rather see it displaying the latest feed it has checked.
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oh , thanks for the reply. i see now how it works. is it possible though to add a feature to remember which bar you were when you hit the refresh, and switch back to it when all pages are done refreshing? it would be a nice addition in my humble opinion
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Is there any way to add timestamps?
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Could do but the question is why?  This was one of the earliest feedreaders that sorted the items by time and date.  It is all done in the Lua script because at that time, 2012, I don't think timestamp had been added to Rainmeter as a measure parameter.
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I apologize if it was a dumb question- i'm not much of a programmer. I've been working on modifying it into a tool I can use to help with market analysis for forex/crypto. It would just be more efficient to have a visible timestamp rather than navigating to the page :)
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You might find something closer to your needs amongst the more recent submissions in the Feedreader section of the Rainmeter Galleries…
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For some reason after moving to a brand new PC with factory installed Win10, the number icons are missing from my skin.  I've checked and made sure that the Webdings font is installed.  It's weird because the right and left double arrow icons are displaying and they should all be coming from the same font.  Any ideas on what to check next?

Clipboard01 by rpitera   
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You need to install the font "wingdings 2" I should have included it with the skin because it comes with Microsoft Office rather than being native to Windows.
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Awesome!  That fixed it for me.  For anyone else that needs it, I found it here:…

Thanks again for your help, Mordasius!
Another solid widget that's 95% of what I'm looking for.  I can't understand why it was not near the top of the queue when I searched for readers.

Another example that I will probably try to finesse into Rabra's Yosemite bar, with a good bit of help from your posts on Rainmeter forums as well as BlackThorne87's reader for a second exemplar.

Not tonight, though!
I'm wondering if there is a way to get more than 5 feeds?
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I've answered showing how to get more than five feeds on the rainmeter forum ->…
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Been searching for feed readers for half an hour now, all previous didn't work, this one finally does. Fav'd.
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Thanks.  I don't know if you already looked, but you'll find a bundle of other feedreaders in the Rainmeter Galleries.
Thank you very much for the update :)
Really nice reader Mordasius. 
Just one question, is there any way to have a custom feed title for each feed?

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Download the latest version to get an option to add custom titles by clicking on the icon in the bottom-right :-)
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Do you mean that instead of the actual feed title "BBC-News Home", the title bar would display a custom title like "News from the BBC" ?
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working good, thx
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Super Skin but the problem is that in Poland rss feeds in 98% look like this:


Is it possible to open it with the tip of xml feeds?
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Done. I've updated the script to handle feeds like those you listed.
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I speak quickly just a RSS ^^
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