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FeedReader II w/ sorting



This is an adaptation of the Reader skin by Kaelri…. It requires  Rainmeter 4.2  (r3111) or higher.  Get Rainmeter from

What sets this apart from most other RSS/Atom FeedReaders is that:

1) It sorts news items by date/time so that you only see the most recent items from sites like the BBC, the Guardian and the New York Times that don't sort their feeds. Other FeedReaders just show a mish-mash of new and old stuff that is not sorted chronologically.

2) It shows 'bullet-marks' for all items that are less than an hour old ( you can change the value for how old you want a 'new' feed to be in the [Variables] section of the skin), and

3) It trims Rainmeter Forum Feeds down to the topic titles.

If you have any problems with the skin, you'll get a quicker response if you raise them on the Rainmeter Forums… rather than with comments here.

Updated 04 October 2012 to use the more reliable Reader script by Kaelri…
Updated 08 February 2014 to allow custom feed titles (click on the icon in the bottom-right to edit the feed URLs and custom titles)
Updated 05 October 2018 to include the Wingdings and Webdings fonts that may be missing for those using Windows 10
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Is there a way when refreshing to not change bars? It seems to always go to the last one, or random some times