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DaylightStormQuake for Rainmeter


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The DaylightStormQuake skin started out as an amalgamation of Brian's EarthQuakeMap… with a typhoon tracker and a sunlight map.

The skin shows the location of any active tropical storms along with the most recent earthquakes having a magnitude of 4.5 or greater on the Richter scale. The larger icons represent stronger earthquakes and the most recent earthquake is highlighted by the crosshairs. Click on the storm or earthquake icon for a link to more information on that particular event.

Click on the bottom-left icon to toggle the world sunlight map on and off.

You will need the latest Beta version of Rainmeter to run the skin. Get it from here

Updated: 28th January 2021 - Changed images to shapes and revised the lua script to get storm information from the latest feeds on
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New to Rainmeter, what's the best way to adjust the size to make it bigger? Every time I try and tweak values, it causes everything to mis-align, any guidance would be greatly appreciated!