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Hello Mordasius, I am a Brazilian fan of your work and I need to know how to set up your

BB'B Steampunk / Weather (Rainmeter) to show the climate of my city, Rio de Janeiro Brazil (Weathercode BRXX0201). I tried to add the code above in the file weather.ini and it didn't work. Can you help me? Thanks for the help, great work.

I have removed the rainmeter skin and will soon create my own and upload it. Thanks for the support.
Welcome back. It has been a while.
why did you comment on my account for favoriting stolen art for?
Moradusius, u commented on my profile earlier asking me y I added artwork that was stolen 2 my favorites. I was not informed that they were stolen & only added them 2 my favorites was because I liked the art. & I don't me to be rude but my favorites r none of yr business. ~Yosei-Tachi
The reason I posted a comment on your profile was that you favourited the artwork on December 16, 2017 which was two days after I posted a comment drawing attention to the fact that it was stolen artwork and giving a link to the original work.  My comment was sitting there at the top of the comments in bold and there are at least seven other comments further down the list warning people that it and all of the other works in the "artists" collection are stolen/copied.   

You were one of quite a few Deviants flagged as "joined today" or "joined this week" who had favourited the stolen/copied works in the past couple of days.  Hence the second sentence of my comment asking "Are you just a Deviant created by the offender?"  I accept that you probably weren't created by the offender as you took the trouble to reply to my comment - unlike another who responded by closing his/her account!  

Please don't take offence at my comment, or this reply.  I simply don't like the idea of Deviants posting copied/stolen artwork with the expectation that it will be viewed and favourited by other Deviants.  Plagiarism should not, IMHO, be encouraged, condoned or supported on any forum and certainly not on a site such as Deviant Art.
I agree with the fact that art should not be stolen or plagiarized. I will try to keep my eyes open to spot any other stolen work.