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Space Dream



EDIT: This is a video file. Download using the download button.

From a dream I had.

The star of god strode across the heavens
touching the planet of demons in its conquest
scorching the skies blue, clearing the darkness covering the planet.

The goddess' castle touches down with an explosion of
destroying the demons, but she leapt from the castle at an
extreme speed hurrying to the heart of their lands, confronting and defeating their lord, the Lord of the Darkness.

Sealing the demons in one half of the world, creating genesis in the other, it would come to pass that the first elves now existed.

Copyrights of Mordaedil.
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very neat, the colours and light especially. ^^ though the flare on the right makes the "seam" of the star background look a little obvious.

what programs did you use for this? max and photoshop?