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Mort and Empty

By morda-creap
oils on canvas

Happy New Year to everyone here!
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good work !!!
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beautifully done :)
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You did a very good job, I like the way you painted the wall! :)
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I like your painting :aww: it's the general impression created by toned colours, balanced composition and serenity of the theme. Beautifully done - I don't know why but I connot take my eyes off the wall in the background :)
morda-creap's avatar
I don't know why but the wall is the only thing that everybody likes in this still life.
JoB-Art's avatar
:) I like colours as well :) it is a realy good art work :nod:
luckyraeve's avatar
i am in love with the colours and textures on the wall! :love:
and the entire painting is so deliciously moody for a still-life. :)

happy new to you too! :hug:
morda-creap's avatar
thank you. it's a part of my fine art study.
chikocassett's avatar
very goooood!!!!
NicoleCijsFantasyArt's avatar
I agree with everything mysticnova7 said. Very different and pretty! It just has that something :)

How did you took this photo?
My oil works always give ugly light reflections when I photograph them ...
morda-creap's avatar

regarding photo itself usually I have this ugly light effect as well but this time I tried to get rid of it somehow. I put the painting so that it was lit from one side by room windows. The weather was cloudy so this light wasn't very intensive. And I even turned the painting a bit away from window, away from straight light, getting overall room ambient light to be the main light source. I think that was the main point. If your source light isn't too intensive and it's more ambient than a point-kind then it should help.
NicoleCijsFantasyArt's avatar
Oh, I will try that! Thank you so much for answering my question this way. It's much appreciated!

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One of the few still-life portraits that I have seen. Interesting composition and atmosphere... so nostalgic and at the expectation.
Nice work!
morda-creap's avatar
thank you. I tried to make it a bit oldish.
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